Our Model BT-150N PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder Is Made Of 3-Axis
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Our Model BT-150N PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder Is Made Of 3-Axis


Working principle of resharpening machines

The resharpening machines produced by many companies in the market do not use electromagnetic chucks but use vacuum chucks. Here is a brief introduction to how the grinding machine works. Resharpening machines currently sells popular products for manual grinding tools on the industrial market and is divided into common fixtures, electromagnetic chucks, and vacuum chucks according to the different tool fixing methods of the automatic upper robot. Of course, the vacuum chuck sharpening machine is there are at least a few grinder robot fixing methods in the market, and only a few manufacturers will produce them for special tools. Electromagnetic chucks and jigs are still the mainstream of robots in the resharpening machines market. The vacuum chuck is the main actuator of the vacuum equipment and is made of nitrile rubber to withstand large braking forces. The tube is connected to the vacuum device and then contacted with the item to be conveyed to start the vacuum device to extract the air in the suction cup so that negative air pressure is generated in the suction cup so that the atmospheric pressure can be used to start the carrying work. When the item to be transported has reached the destination, the air can smoothly flush into the suction cup, and the negative air pressure therein becomes zero or positive air pressure, so that the suction cup falls off. The function of the vacuum chuck robot is still very large. In the industrial operation process, as long as the tool with a smooth surface and less dust can be easily and quickly absorbed and transported. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources and improves work efficiency. The most important thing is the other two. Compared with the other methods, the operation is simple and rapid, the degree of automation is high, the use cost and the procurement cost are low, so it is favored by some users.

Characteristics OF Diamond tool grinding

Previously, our company's technology research and development department gave a reply on whether the resharpening machines can use the angle automatic adjustment device. The resharpening machines can't use the angle auto-adjustment device. If it is a diamond tool grinding resharpening machines? First, a brief introduction to diamond tool grinding resharpening machines, diamond tool grinding resharpening machines is a professional grinding machine for grinding various specifications of circular blades. Widely used in the paper industry and the plastic film industry. During the machining process, the diamond tool grinding resharpening machines need to fix the round knife with the tool holder back and then adjust the tool holder angle to rotate to the tool edge angle. Therefore, unlike the diamond tool grinding and sharpening machine, the diamond tool grinding resharpening machines need to adjust the angle of the tool holder before using it. In this case, the angle automatic adjusting device can use for a long time. Greatly reduce the time required for adjustment. In addition, diamond tool grinding resharpening machines do not need to adjust the tool suction cups of several meters or even ten meters like resharpening machines. The adjustment resistance is large, and the diamond tool grinding resharpening machines only need to adjust their own tool holders. The resistance to be overcome It is very small, and its chassis is a regenerative cooling dressing liquid, which must be always closed. So whether it is a closed-angle adjustment device or a semi-closed angle adjustment device can be directly installed on resharpening machines without considering whether it is used for a long time. Will be affected by dust deposition. Finally, some customers may question: Will the automatic angle adjustment device use on the round knife sharpener to produce more and more precision errors as the use time increases? The resharpening machines only need to adjust the tool holder automatically. The resistance to be overcome is very small. Therefore, the wear caused by long-term use is almost negligible. If you worry about the service life of the automatic adjustment device, it is completely unnecessary. In normal use, the automatic adjustment device has the same age and even longer life as the device itself.          
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