Operation Precautions And The Adjustment Method Of Sharpening Machine
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Operation Precautions And The Adjustment Method Of Sharpening Machine


Adjustment method of grinding machine

When we use the sharpener, we must first adjust the high-quality APE-40 UP- sharpening machine. Let's talk about the adjustment method of the sharpener. Use the feeler gauge to measure the full length of the sharpening machine. At this moment, the oscillating flywheel makes the upper turret move up and down several times. Gradually tightening the bolts, nuts, and the gap value of the aligning cutting edge to reach the required stop. Adjust the other one without adjustment and adjust the knife-edge of the sharpener to zero. At this time, we have made fine adjustments to ensure that the three wires can not enter into the five wires. The grinding machine has a large number of the inorganic body, task table, electromagnetic table, grinding head, and electric appliance. The structure between the parts is compact, and the grinding head is evenly shaken. The equipment has the precision shaking, high efficiency and long operation time. Features, it is used in the processing of a variety of straight edge tools. When arranging the sharpener, adjust it from the beginning with a feeler gauge. The has different cutting gaps for various thicknesses.

Operation precautions of sharpening machine

It is easy to use the automatic knife sharpener to sharpen the blade. You can use a variety of different grinding wheels to grind the woodworking blade. What should we do when sharpening? What should I pay attention to? Should calibrate APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder grinding wheel and then tightened to the end of the grinding wheel. The abrasive turning should correct. When the effective radius of the abrasive is worn to 1/3 of the original radius, the new abrasive should be replaced in time. When the knife is sharpened, the amount of feed should not be too large. Generally, it is controlled between 0.01-0.02mm. If the feed amount is too large, the blade and the heat will be too high to deform the blade, so that the edge of the blade will not be in a straight line. When grinding the main flank, the main declination and the main relief angle should ground. When grinding the flank, the secondary declination and the secondary relief angle should be ground at the same time. When grinding the back, the rake angle should be ground at the same time. In the process of sharpening the sharpening machine, we must pay attention to the safe operation. Pay attention to the details such as whether the grinding wheel is cracked or the grinding wheel shaft nut is tightened, etc., to prevent problems during use. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializing in the production of sharpeners, now APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for sale. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
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