Notices To Be Aware Of During The Operation Of The Sharpening Machine
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Notices To Be Aware Of During The Operation Of The Sharpening Machine


The Semi-auto tool sharpening machine is designed to extend the life of your tools and increase the value of your tools for all tool users and companies. From traditional whetstones to today's sharpeners, the ever-changing technology has quietly occurred on the sharpeners. The emergence of these technologies has greatly facilitated the convenience of all prop users and businesses. So what do we need to pay attention to during the operation of the sharpener?

The operation of the sharpening machine

First of all, during the operation of the sharpener, all of our sharpener manufacturers emphasize the use of the customer's docking equipment. The sharpening of the tool must ensure its accuracy, so we must control the amount of feed each time. Small the feeds amount is reciprocally grounded many times. And the normal feed amount is controlled between 0.01-0.02mm. Which prevents the excessive feed amount from causing excessive heat. The tool softens and compresses deformation. And even causes the paste cutter to make the cutter edge, not at the same level. Secondly, we must pay attention to the maintenance and care of the sharpening machine. In fact, this aspect needs to be done very simply. But it needs long-term maintenance by the enterprise and equipment operators. If you feel that the equipment is used first, wait until the use time feels long and then go to the maintenance. Therefore, the accuracy and service life of the sharpening machine will be greatly affected. And the processing precision will reduce, and the whole equipment or core components may damage. Therefore, it is hoped that all individuals and enterprises that use sharpening machines can establish equipment maintenance rules. Regularly maintain maintenance according to maintenance requirements. And do small things to maintain equipment maintenance. So that sharpener can always play a big role, saving enterprises. More expenses and costs. Under normal conditions, the grinding wheel of the sharpening machine should operate and trimmed at a normal time interval. The trimming is performed with a diamond device attached to the top of the rod. The strut is connected to the arm, and the arm is provided with a feed bolt. If the blade device of the sharpening machine is fixed on the wheel plate, it is particularly necessary to trim the wheel when it becomes dull or its sharp corner is damaged. Otherwise, the surface roughness of the cutting tool is poor and the heat is burned out.

Wheel dressing for Semi-auto tool sharpening machine

1. Loosen the assembly of the clamping nut. And move the diamond dresser to the right and bring it close to the edge of the grinding wheel. 2. Adjust the distance between the dresser and the grinding wheel to about 1MM and lock the clamping nut D. 3. Turn the feed bolt until the shaper touches the grinding wheel. When the bolt is turned 1/5 times, the layer will be repaired by about 0.2MM. Any tool will wear more or less different degrees of wear during the process of use, and wear will occur in the subsequent tool grinding process. The greater the wear, the worse the sustainable use of the tool. But from now In many cases in the market, a large part of the overall wear of the tool is unnecessary. Therefore, we need to minimize the amount of unnecessary wear that may occur during the use of the entire tool. It is more durable and more efficient to use continuously. Conventionally, the high-speed cutting of the cutter tool wear is mainly divided into the front and the back, but the most frequently occurring wear condition is mainly the wear of the subsequent blade surface. As the main cutting performance surface, this part of the wear is inevitable. And with the use, time is getting longer and longer, and the width of the worn portion of the flank face is becoming larger and larger. Thereby reducing the cutting performance of the planer. Even in the process of intermittent high-speed cutting, the cutting knife will appear to be too severe in some parts, resulting in a small gap in the cutting edge, which is what we often say in the industry. If the previously selected tools are of high quality and good durability, these tools can still process continuously, or they can ground by a sharpener to restore their original sharpness, enhance subsequent processing and extend their use time. The more wear condition of another cutting knife will occur at the edge of the cutting knife. Compared with the single-sided force of the positive cutting tool, the single-angle force requires the support of the hardness and toughness of the cutting tool. In the absence of one, a large degree of wear at the corners of the corners may occur during subsequent processing.
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