Notes For Tool Grinding
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Notes For Tool Grinding


Notes For Tool Grinding

When you use our super-hard tool grinding machine for grinding tools, please note them.

1) pay close attention to the contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece surface during operation. When the surface of the workpiece just contacts the grinding wheel, continuous sizzling sound can be heard, the water trace on the surface of the workpiece can be taken away by the rotating grinding wheel, at the same time, a faint spark can be seen, then the cooling fluid can be added. The saponification solution with a slightly higher concentration should be selected as the coolant. Then feed, each feed is 0.005mm/ each double stroke. When the spark disappears and the grinding is completed, then the transverse feed handwheel is pressed in the direction of feed so that the grinding wheel is slightly pressed into the workpiece, but no feed is made, which is equal to the polishing of the workpiece, in order to further improve the grinding surface quality.

2) when grinding is carried out at a high ambient temperature (such as in summer), the headlamp of the machine shall not be close to the workpiece to prevent the workpiece from being heated up and affecting the grinding quality.

3) if the workpiece surface is pulled, it means that the coolant is not clean or there is floating sand on the surface of the grinding wheel. The coolant should be filtered again or the floating sand on the surface of the grinding wheel should be brushed off.

4) in case of partial burns on the workpiece, it may be caused by insufficient cooling fluid, too much feed, or passivation of the grinding wheel.

5) if there are small ripples on the surface of the workpiece after processing, it may be caused by the loosening of the spindle, motor vibration, or other reasons, the corresponding measures should be taken to solve the specific situation.

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