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  • Introduction To Accessories For Manual PCD Tool Grinder Model

    Track accuracy solution of Grinding machine Regardless of the Manual PCD tool grinder, surface grinder, gantry grinder, etc.. As long as the moving track associated with the grinder is dominated by V-row rails and parallel rails. Some dovetail rails, the track of the grinder is used in moving and running. The running-in can make the grinding machine move to produce precision. The bottom surface of the grinding machine is pasted with a layer of the wear-resistant piece. The cast iron on the upper track and the wear-resistant piece below are worn in. The wear-resistant piece under the shovel is smooth and accurate. Under the guarantee, the above point can shovel small and dense to achieve the overall precision of the grinding machine. Another point is to look at the experience and feel of the technicians. As long as these points are ensured, the accuracy of the grinding machine on the track can solve. Accessories Knowledge OF Manual PCD tool grinder A small precision used in the work of the matching tool electronic ruler, also known as the grating ruler. This plays a vital role in grinding the workpiece, you can see the detailed upper and lower knife data. Forward and backward the data can also use for tool size positioning, chamfering, cutting function calculation. A workpiece forming display depends on it, the frequency converter is used to modulate the spindle grinding wheel speed. In the case of higher polishing and cleaning requirements. Lower the height, in the case of grooving, you can raise the height and grind different materials. And the number of revolutions required for the shifting is different. You can adjust it manually with the button. A disk is also a tool for the Manual PCD tool grinder. If there is no disk, the workpiece cannot be fixed. When fixing the special material, some materials are not fixed by the magnetic force, so the small fixture is fixed on the disk. There are also some auxiliary tools, just according to the different needs of the workpieces made by the customer. It is necessary to use some tools to grind some small materials, and to use a punch grinder for grinding flat thimbles. It is necessary to use the universal punch former for repairing R. Some non-standard parts are also processed with perspective tools such as perspective punches and vertical punches. Grinding form OF Manual PCD tool grinding machine Internal grinding machines are divided into three types. Generally, internal cylindrical grinding machines require surface accuracy, smooth surface and workpiece diameter error. 1: Planetary internal grinding, the workpiece is fixed when grinding. The grinding wheel rotates around its main axis, and the circumference is supplied at a lower speed around the center of the grinding hole. And the grinding wheel feeds longitudinal and periodic transverse. 2: Centerless internal grinding: On the centerless internal grinding machine, the workpiece is supported on the support wheel and the pressure wheel by its finished outer circle. And is rotated by the guide wheel so that the grinding method is suitable for grinding. The inner hole of the thin-walled ring part. 3: Central type internal grinding, the workpiece rotates around the centerline of the main shaft of the spindle box during grinding. The common internal grinding machine and universal cylindrical grinding machine are all suitable for grinding sleeves, gears, flanges and other parts. The inner hole is clamped to the headstock by a chuck when grinding. How to improve the accuracy of manual PCD tool grinder model 1. The production precision of the main components needs to improve. 2. The precision of the whole machine installation is improved. 3. To improve the accuracy of the PCD tool grinding machine. There is also a need for improvement in the construction of the grinding machine. Firstly improve the rotation precision, stiffness and vibration resistance of the spindle frame and the headstock spindle assembly. Such as the integral multi-oil wedge dynamic pressure sliding bearing or static pressure bearing; the fine balance of the motor, etc.. Using the jointless flat belt transmission. Micro feed accuracy, avoid creep, improve the rigidity of the transverse feed drive chain. Directly drive the screw nut without gears, static pressure guide or closed tumbling guide with better vibration resistance. 4. PCD tool grinding machine stiffness and reduce oscillation, choose a double-walled bed, add anti-vibration pad under vibration source. Reduce heat and thermal deformation, heat source away from the machine tool, with preheater, condenser, machine tool placed in constant temperature workshop. Equipped with the high-precision automatic measuring instrument. With a high purification capacity of the coolant purification device, the coolant should clean.
  • The Tool Grinder From Beijing Demina Is Reliable In Performance

    The tool grinder from Beijing Demina is reliable in performance and it is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD, and PCBN inserts.  Grinding will be done automatically when the centering is finished. The diameter of Grinding wheel: 150mm; Grinding wheel center hole: 40mm; Power of grinding spindle: 5KW; Adjustable range of grinding speed(RPM): 0~3,000RPM; Servo motor swing, adjustable oscillation frequency: 0~50times/min; Grinding wheel movement range(X ): 350mm; Changeable Clearance Angle: -5°~25°; Max. Oscillation Range: 30mm; Max. Oscillation Frequency: 60times/minute; Table movement range  in feed direction: 130mm; Work-piece rotation range in axial direction: 360°; Linear scale resolution: 0.001mm; Encoder resolution: 1'; Max Magnification of Optical Microscope: 0.7~4 times; Magnification of CCD Measuring System, roughly: 80 times; Industrial Displayer: 12 “; Coolant Tank with Filter Paper: 70L; Electrical Supply: 12Kw; Overall Dimensions( L╳W╳H): 1890╳1650╳1980mm; Voltage Requested: 380V/Three-phase /50Hz; Weight With Coolant Tank: 2400Kg; The main machine and general configuration 1)  Spindle Motor Power: 5.0Kw, Variable speed (1000-8000 rpm); coolant system with circulating water; 2) Spindle Declination can be arbitrarily adjusted -5°-25°; 3)  Max oscillation length is 30mm, the max oscillation frequency  is 50times/min; 4) Optical CCD system with 80x zoom and 12-inch monitor; 5) IPC(Industrial Personal Computer) and grinding application software(including video display); 6) One Diamond Grinding Wheel. 7)Height fixture(optional); 8)Wooden packing; 9)Setting up and training in the customer’s place (5 Days). 10) Installation instruction.      
  • BT-150D Superhard PCD&CBN Tool Grinder

    BT-150D superhard tool grinder produced by Beijing Demingna Company can process and re-grind polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), cemented carbide and other superhard material blades and turning tools. It has high precision in design and manufacture and can grind blade edges and tooltip arcs with high precision and good quality. Automation and Tool Grinding Efficiency As long as the alignment is completed, the grinding is automatically completed by pressing the switch. The hardness of the diamond material (PCD) is high and the grinding wheel wears quickly. The system can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the grinding dimensional accuracy for a long time. In addition, the machine tool is equipped with a positioning fixture, so it is not necessary to adjust the position of CCD camera when grinding cutters of different thickness, so as to improve work efficiency. BT-150D tool grinder can form the ability of precision grinding and testing the following cutting tools 1. Precision end milling cutter, the form of tool end can be flat-end milling cutter; arc chamfering cutter; linear chamfering cutter; ball-end cutter. 2. Bits with standard drill point and plane rear angle, step drill and side-edge drill. 3. Hard taps, countersunk holes, flat bottom holes, and reamers. 4. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (PCBN), alloy blades and turning tools. Requirements for operators Operators are required to have experience in diamond tool grinding, preferably in the use of diamond tools. Meanwhile, operators are required to familiar with computer application software. Expensive cutting tools are a large part of the production cost, so the re-grinding of cutting tools has become a problem that can not be ignored in the manufacturing industry. Choosing reasonable tool grinding equipment can not only meet the requirements of modern mechanical processing equipment and technology for tool but also save production costs.
  • The Grinding Software Developed By Demina Can Be Used To Set The Grinding Parameter

    Grinding application software The grinding software developed by Demina can be used to set the grinding parameters such as tool Angle, arc size and feed speed. By setting the basic parameters through the grinding software, the machine tool can automatically grind the high-precision tool after the tool center is adjusted. All the parameters of the machine tool are managed by the database system, through the processing program name, convenient for the storage and search of the program. The software can display the tool image and the coordinates of the NC axis. At the same time, this software is responsible for the communication between the interface and the numerical control system, which can generate the numerical control code (G code) by integrating the grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters and processing parameters (such as feed quantity, feed speed and residence time, etc.) of the software interface into the numerical control system, so that the machine tool can finish grinding automatically. The software has four cycles of middle edge grinding, right edge grinding, left edge grinding and all grinding. And can respond to all customer requirements, and minimize the grinding of air time. BT-150D diamond tool grinder tool grinding application software package is divided into single edge tool package and single arc tool package. The single-edge tool package is used for typical diamond tool grinding. It can be used to grind the tip consisting of two straight edges and a transition arc. When grinding each straight edge, the swing position, swing frequency and swing amplitude of the grinding wheel can be set arbitrarily in the program. Feed speed, feed amount and dwell time can be selected according to the grinding wheel's durability and condition. The safety distance of each edge can be set to reduce the time of empty grinding. These parameters can be continuously optimized and stored in the database for future use. The single arc tool package is used for a single convex arc edge and a number of straight edge components of the tool, including hub tools, forming tools. The number of cutting edges can be arbitrarily added without restriction. The grinding sequence can be arranged arbitrarily, the process data can be edited, and these parameters can be continuously optimized and stored in the database for future use.  
  • Development Status Of The Mill Grinder Industry

    At present, the technical level of the world mill grinder is based on the production promotion knife sharpener. And the development in the next 20 years will still be the case. On the basis of further improving accuracy, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and networking. We will gradually transition to processing units and cutting-edge flexible manufacturing systems. After the development process of learning. Imitation and independent innovation, industry still has a considerable gap between precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence, environmental protection, and foreign advanced level. Development status of the mill grinder industry At present, there are few companies in the industry that can provide complete sets of services to users. And they lack the ability to provide complete solutions or undertake more complex engineering general contracting projects. The cost of product research and development is high. The difficulty of research and development is too great. And the willingness of enterprises to invest is not strong. The production capacity of the industrial-technological transformation project is too large. And the trend of large-scale and heavy-duty technology innovation projects is obvious. This makes the development of CNC systems and key functional components seriously lag, becoming a “bottleneck” factor that constrains the sustainable development of the industry. The result of OEM as the main production mode can only enable enterprises to maintain a simple cycle of reproduction. Unable to develop independent technology. The machinery industry is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive. The talent-intensive industry with many product categories, varieties, small batch sizes. High individualization requirements, high requirements for production experience. And long investment cycles. It is also important to build a corporate organizational structure that is compatible with it. Mastering more resources, but not being able to take the lead in transformation. Cannot have more achievements in technology leadership, resulting in technical homology in the industry. Low-level competition and overall economic efficiency of enterprises are low. Compared with other types of enterprises, traditional state-owned enterprises have obvious gaps in economic efficiency. Technological innovation, and meeting market needs. The phenomenon of obsessing with scale is widespread. However, if we have more resources, we can't take the lead in transformation. We can't have more achievements in technology leadership, resulting in technical homology in the industry. Low-level competition and overall economic efficiency of the company is low. In view of the current development status of the mill grinder industry. PP-100 universal mill grinder manufacturer Dmina has adopted a series of technical measures to deal with the changes in the current market. Constantly introducing advanced foreign technology, and innovating and developing it for the user. More high-performance mill equipment. Let's look forward to it in the future.
  • Principles And Features Of APE-40 Drill Point Grinder

    With the development of technology and the needs of the market, Demina introduced a high-yield APE-40 drill point grinder that can complete one bit grinding in the 20s. The grinding machine can manufacture high-speed steel drill bits with a diameter of 0.8-4mm on one machine, and independently complete slot grinding. Cylindrical back grinding and drill tip grinding of one drill bit, which greatly improves production efficiency and cost-effectiveness. produces a complete drill bit every 20s-25s, which is significantly different from the existing drill bits on the market. So far, the production of drill bits requires two or three separate machines, the investment required is large. And if the size of the drill hole is to be changed, it usually takes several hours and may result in scrapped goods, causing unnecessary waste. The APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder feature offers significant advantages in fast switching and reduced installation time, making small-batch production possible. The principle of APE-40 drill point grinder So far, manufacturers have no competition or product choices. APE-40 drill point grinder Manufacturers typically only use old machines and cam-controlled machines, and the wear and tear of older machines currently have little choice to upgrade or improve their capabilities. With extensive market knowledge and research and development capabilities, Demina provides customers with solutions and believes that the company can bring huge benefits to the industry through the new drill grinding machine. The APE-40 UP- sharpening machine will be completely controlled by 8-axis APE. It is based on the principle of a Swiss automatic lathe. It has multiple turret stations and can perform multiple operations at the same time. CNC system with ANCA MOTION, including AM5C driver, AMI5000 touchpad, commander, AMCore and drive reference. Features OF APE-40 drill point grinder 1. The grinding machine is a PLC-controlled automatic drill-edge grinding machine with high-speed and powerful grinding for grinding of standard and some non-standard drill blade backs. Simple adjustment and high production efficiency. 2. The automatic grinding operating system, including automatic loading/unloading, automatic trimming, and automatic indexing. 3. The automatic feeding and feeding of the workpiece can be realized by the box feeding system. 4. The wheel dresser can complete the manual dressing of the end face of the grinding wheel and the automatic trimming of the outer edge of the grinding wheel. 5. Using the "straight line indexing" principle does not require a special clamping mechanism and indexing, simple structure, easy to operate. 6. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system can extend the life of the machine 7. The grinding area is completely closed, wet grinding can use to avoid burns on the workpiece, and can prevent the coolant splash. The highlights of APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder 1. The shape and surface quality of the drill bit is excellent; 2. The adjustment time for batch production is fast, about 20min; 3. The machine setting is fast; 4. The grinding parameters can adjust during the grinding process to optimize the grinding quality.
  • Using The Program Of Tool Grinder

    2-axis CBN grinding machine Mainly used for machining cylindrical holes, tapered holes or other special-shaped inner surfaces and hole end faces of workpieces. Internal grinding is generally divided into two types; one is that the workpiece and the grinding wheel are both rotated; the other is that the workpiece does not rotate, and the grinding wheel is used for planetary motion. The former is used for general hole machining, and the latter is generally used for hole machining of large workpieces. The grinding wheel spindle of has a long overhang and rotates at a high speed. It requires a high-speed motor and a spindle bearing with a long life. The CBN grinding machine is difficult to measure the hole diameter during machining. The coarse grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding are generally automatic. The measuring instrument can measure the spark measurement cycle. Using the program of tool grinder 1. Check the oil pool, whether the oil level of the fuel tank reaches the hydraulic pressure indicator; 2. Check whether the oil grade and material quality meet the requirements of the instruction manual; 3. Each operating handle (handwheel) should be placed in the closed or unloaded position, and the grinding wheel frame (grinding head) should be in the retracted position, and the moving parts should not collide with each other; 4. Check if the motor of the oil pump is running normally, and then check whether the pressure of the oil circuit, auxiliary oil circuit and lubricating oil line meets the requirements of the instruction manual. (The machine with the unloading function requires that the pressure of the main oil line should be adjusted to low, and the unloading operation handle should be turned to the stop position, and then the pressure should be checked.) 5. The machine should open the bleed valve, drain the air from the cylinder and system, and close the bleed valve. 6. The machine with hydraulic operating box should adjust the opening and closing valve and the table speed handle according to the provisions of the book, so that the table is slow and run back and forth several times in a short distance. After normal operation, it is gradually adjusted to high. Speed, check whether the operation and commutation are normal within the whole stroke (the machine with the table speed greater than 15m/min cannot be adjusted to a larger stroke immediately), with or without impact and obvious retention. 7.CBN grinding machine After the workbench is running normally, carry out the rapid advance and retreat and feed experiment of the grinding wheel frame. Check if the grinding wheel frame moves quickly to the end position. Adjust the feed amount within the range specified in the instruction manual. Check if the action is normal. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd Professional Export 2-axis CBN grinding machine, welcome users who need it to buy.
  • BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder

    BT-150N 3-Axis CNC Tool Grinder is a grinding machine for economically manufacturing and grinding PCD, PCBN, and CVD tools; manufacturing and grinding non-standard blades of cemented carbide and high-speed steel. When grinding standard or non-standard welding turning tools, machine clamp blades, boring tools, groove tools, and other types of tools, it is easy to grind excessive edges such as angles and arcs on these tools. Diamond tool grinders are used to manufacture and resharpen super hard materials such as PCD, PCBN, and CVD. These super hard materials have high hardness and brittleness and have special grinding process requirements. At present, a manual operation machine is the main equipment of super hard tool grinding. The complex grinding process requires the machine to be flexible enough for manual intervention by operators. The diamond grinding wheel used for super hard tool grinding machine and cutter rub and lose. In order to extend the life of the grinding wheel and minimize the dressing times of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is required to oscillate back and forth within the specified range to make the grinding wheel wear evenly in the direction of ring width. The design of most domestic CNC tool grinders has the following two characteristics: One is to sharpen PCBN and PCD tools while taking into account natural diamond tools; Second, it is mainly used for sharpening and welding super-hard turning tools and boring tools, and it also takes care of disk and shaft tools. Demina BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN tool grinder is widely used in China market. It is popular with tool manufacturers. Welcome to Demina to inspect their productivity.
  • Introduction To "grinding Process Layout System"

    Synthetic polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a kind of super hard material. Its high hardness makes it extremely difficult to be grand accurately. 1. Ideal state If the grinding wheel is sharp enough, the size of the grinding wheel is stable enough, and the tool fixture is rigid enough, the geometric accuracy of the PCD tool can be guaranteed. Practical problems But above is just the ideal state, in fact,the large amount of alloy scraps on grinding wheel make it lose its sharpness quickly, or even its smooth of surface. When it just finishes grinding the first side, haven't started the second edge , thickness accuracy of grinding wheel size  has been lost.The last suitable feeding and the feeding speed lead to obvious deformation of  tooling caused by the cutter back-off.All above is not including uncertain grinding performance of grand PCD material. 3.Numerical control problem For skilled and experienced operators, it is possible to observe, interrupt and adjust in a timely manner during the grinding process. Even so, there are certain difficulties in accurate grinding.Much less,it's a program that runs automatically in chronological order.To achieve this, the application software of machine must be flexible enough. 4.Application of intelligent software The "grinding process arrangement system" independently developed by Demina can freely arrange the grinding straight edges, grinding arcs, envelope grinding, probe measurement, grinding wheel dressing, grinding wheel cleaning, automatic compensation and sound-controlled edge finding (to be developed) according to the process requirements to achieve the desired effect.The parameters of each process cycle are set as follows (except geometric definitions) : 1) Grinding straight edge: straight edge position, length, single feed, feed times, dwell time, safe distance and compensation value. 2)grinding arc: single feed, feed times, residence time, safe distance, compensation value. 3) Probe measurement: set value, set value tolerance, measured value, alarm or not, end or not. 4) Grinding wheel dressing: dressing position, dressing times, swing, dressing interval and dressing date. 5)Grinding wheel cleaning: to be determined. 6) automatic compensation: compensation coefficient, compensation interval, compensation or not. 7) Voice-controlled edge finding: to be determined. 8) envelope grinding: envelope mode, envelope points. 5.Solution of the problem When grinding, as long as the PCD material, fixture, abrasive, machine and other elements are stable, on the basis of full test, the use of reasonable arrangement of grinding process can be mass production of PCD tools and ensure its quality (precision and roughness), in which the "grinding process arrangement system" plays a key role.
  • Grinding Of CBN Wheel

    Grinding effect of CBN wheel The key to high-quality grinding is surface texture grinding. Not only should surface roughness, straightness, roundness and other grinding accuracy be ensured, but also the aesthetics when light is reflected from the grinding surface. For CBN grinding wheels, even if the surface roughness is the same as that of conventional grinding wheels. It may be easier for chatter in the vertical direction to produce grinding striations (vibration patterns), and even scaly patterns in the grinding direction. The grinding surface is affected by equipment, tools, materials, grinding conditions, grinding fluid, processing environment and many other factors. In order to use CBN wheel to achieve high-quality grinding, measures need to be taken: 1. Establish a visual measurement technique/analysis method for surface texture. Add a variety of analysis methods to the measurement data with the optical interference non-contact 3d profilometer, so as to reproduce, measure and analyze the scale pattern in a real way. The actual change of the grinding surface is quantitatively related to the factors causing the bad surface texture, and the surface texture is improved effectively according to the contribution rate of the problem factors. 2. Analysis of the factors of bad surface texture based on grinding cross-section measurement, based on the equipment specification and grinding conditions such as frequency analysis was carried out on the surface irregularity, determine the cause of the vibration lines and squamous pattern, the results showed that the main associated with grinding wheel switch frequency, influence factors include: the vibration of the grinding wheel spindle rotation system calibration, grinding wheel, grinding condition, and the grinding force, etc.
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