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  • How To Judge Whether The Tool Is Worn?

    Method for judging tool wear 1. For the tool wear, the wear quantity size, listening is the most direct judgment method. If voice screaming is heavy or sharp, cutting tool machining status is not normal, this time can briefly analyze. Excluding the tool itself quality problem, the cutting tool clamping problem, problem of parameters with the knife, should able to judge the tool wear is at this time, need to suspend processing, replace the tool. 2. Through the machining machine tool, the motion states to judge the wear of the tool. If the machining parameters, cutting parameters and other settings are reasonable, machining machine vibration is very large, issued a "buzz", this can be determined that the tool has reached a state of rapid wear, the need to replace the tool. It is generally accepted in the hardware industry that too much money is spent on the wrong blades. Knowing that the problem exists, what is the solution? Most hardware companies are simply trying to buy cheaper blades. That does help, but it's not the solution to the problem. So why not opt for a more structured approach? Some buyers often spend considerable time negotiating lower prices. But the effect on overall production costs, let alone productivity, is negligible. Pragmatic research All factories have a collection point for waste blades. Nothing is more interesting than studying waste blades, which leads to a pragmatic view of how a blade is used (abused) and can be used to achieve cost reduction. Considerations should include the following easily measurable factors: How many different types of blades are used? What is the average number of cutting edges a blade has? What percentage of the cutting edge is used relative to the length of the cutting edge? How many cutting edges are worn, broken or unused? The content of this paper is based on the research of a large customer of mountain high cutting tools. The results of this study represent the kind of work that our company routinely does.   Difference of blade The first fact to be determined is that the blades used vary widely. In our sample, 638 different blades were used to run six CNC lathes. The good news is that every blade is a champion in every category. But 638 blades are packed in boxes of 10, meaning 6,380 blades are in stock. And all this is just to keep six lathes running. The next fact is that the number of cutting edges per blade is relatively small. In many workshops, the blades are still triangular or diamond. The possibilities offered by convex triangular blades with the best combination of cutting edges (triangular blades) and cutting edge strength (diamond blades) are clearly not well understood in many workshops. Old school In the 1970s, the best advice was to use large, strong blades. The hard cemented carbide used in that era was not strong enough. The strength of the blade is ensured by its size (large blade = thick blade = strong blade). A blade is required to have a cutting edge length at least three times the cutting depth. Two things have changed at the same time. On the one hand, the average cutting depth for turning has been significantly reduced. On the other hand, today's fourth-generation cemented carbide (TP2500, for example) has good toughness and higher hardness (wear resistance). This means that for today's blades, the relationship between cutting edge length and cutting depth can be radically changed. The latest generation (in MF5's case) of blade geometry clearly fits this new situation. Break an unused cutting edge When you look at the blades in terms of the way they wear in use, the situation really becomes clear. The correct form of cutting edge wear is safe, predictable and controllable wear on the back face. The cutting edge should not break. The cutting edge was broken because of improper use or improper selection of the cutting edge. The cutting edge must be "worn" before it is dropped into the box containing the worn cutting edge. The "new" cutting edges that are discarded before they are used for machining are always conspicuous. In addition to a good tool coated with a good cutting fluid, there is a new process of cutting off the thermal current loop. As is known to all, the metal cutting process due to chip deformation and friction, so that the cutting area produced high temperature, at the same time, because the tool and workpiece materials are different, formed a thermocouple of the poles and generate thermoelectric emf, produced a thermal current. Thermal currents can easily strengthen the oxidation process of the working surface of the tool and accelerate the wear of the tool. Under certain conditions, the contact area between the tool and the machine tool, the workpiece, and the machine tool, and the contact area between the friction pair of the machine tool itself will also generate thermoelectric EMFs -- thermal current. The cutting process also produces a thermomagnetic effect and electromagnetic effect, in the high-temperature contact area surface will also produce an electron emission - discharge phenomenon. In recent years, researchers at home and abroad have shown that the thermal current generated in the cutting process and other factors caused by the thermal current, the two thermal current are through the machine tool - tool-workpiece - machine tool system to form a loop. At the same time, local thermal current circulates in the limited contact area between the tool and the workpiece, thus exacerbating tool wear. Therefore, in addition to the above basic ways to improve the cutting performance and durability of the tool, a new way can be adopted -- namely, to combat the thermal current effect of strengthening the wear of the tool, namely, to cut off the thermal current loop. 
  • Features Of CNC Cutting Tool Grinder

    Machine features of CNC cutting tool grinder:1, heavy design, high power, gantry type closed structure, good rigidity, high strength, good stability.2, the original imported screw, guide rail, A axis C axis and key parts, to ensure the use of high precision, high sensitivity, good stability.3. The rotating shaft is equipped with imported high-precision worm wheel and worm, which ensures smooth and high precision transmission.4, can be installed top and simple support point, used for long tool production.5, select the corresponding software module can process all kinds of cutting tools, through the selection of probe, automatic cycle measurement of the workpiece and compensation for tool wear, that is, can produce tools and can repair and sharpen tools.6, can be equipped with advanced man-machine dialogue type CNC system, both G code programming, and the use of tool software.The system is safe, stable, convenient and strong against electromagnetic interference.The program transmission between CNC and PC can be realized through Ethernet interface and USB2.0, which can be started with one button in the shortest processing preparation time and greatly improve productivity.7, equipped with 3D simulation software, in the way of dialog box to display the tool processing necessary parameters, parameters input tool simulation can display the tool 3D graphics and grinding steps.(Use different colors to distinguish each grinding step) use the anti-collision function of the software to avoid the collision phenomenon in the actual process of machining.
  • Cubic Boron Nitride Tool

    If the correct choice of cutting parameters, tool geometry parameters and other processing conditions. PCBN(Cubic Boron Nitride)is a high efficiency and long life tool, it can create high economic benefits, but if the use of the method is not appropriate, it will cause a lot of waste. Use attention of Cubic boron nitride tool 1. Reasonable choice of cutting parameters Cutting speed should be selected according to the processed materials, generally much higher than the carbide tool. Because PCBN cutting hard material is used to soften the metal in the small area in the cutting zone, the cutting performance of the PCBN tool cannot be exerted when the cutting speed is too low. Feed quantity shall not be greater than 0.2mm/r, and back feed quantity shall be less than 0.3mm. 2. Reasonable selection of tool geometric parameters Because the toughness of PCBN tool is higher than ceramic, lower than carbide, so the main consideration in the selection of tool geometric parameters is to ensure the edge strength, the tool front Angle is generally selected (0° ~ -10°), the rear Angle is selected small, about 10°. Except for special requirements, in order to ensure the strength of the tip, the tip Angle should not be less than 90°. The cutting edge should be ground to negative chamfering, generally take 0.2mm×(-15° ~ -30°), before use to use 30 ~ 50 magnifying glass to check the tool, to ensure that there is no blade breakage. 3. Cooling and lubrication For other materials of the tool, the use of cooling lubricant is conducive to improve the processing surface and prolong the tool life. But for the PCBN tool except for the extreme special case, without cooling, fluid can also achieve the ideal processing quality and long tool life, for the PCBN tool is afraid of soft or hard. If cooling fluid is used, water-soluble cooling fluid cannot be used because CBN easily hydrolyzed at 1000℃, resulting in severe tool wear. 4. Process system of machine tool Because the PCBN tool is mostly used for cutting hard materials such as hardened steel and wear-resistant cast iron, and the tool has negative chamfering, the radial force is relatively large. This requires the rigidity and accuracy of the is good, the system vibration should be small, the cantilever when the tool installation should be small, PCBN tool should not be used for surface processing. Advantages of using PCBN tool Although the price of PCBN tool material is higher than that of cemented carbide and ceramic tools, the tool cost per workpiece is lower than that of other materials. When advanced cutting technology is adopted, if the investment in grinding machine tools and other equipment is amortized into the production cost, the use of the PCBN tool will bring greater economic benefits. For the generally small and medium-sized enterprises, the grinding process of the finishing process is always the bottleneck of the manufacturing process. If the purchase of a good performance of lathes, the use of PCBN tools, the application of the car instead of grinding and other advanced cutting technology, can save equipment investment, improve productivity, but also greatly increases the flexibility of the processing process. In addition, due to the increase in personnel costs and environmental protection requirements, vigorously promote the use of PCBN tools, give full play to its potential efficiency, improve the level of cutting technology is also of great significance. Beijing Demina is suitable for grinding cubic boron nitride tools with high quality and the machine price is competitive in the market.  
  • Super Hard Insert Grinding Machine

    The BT-150N three-axis CNC tool grinder independently developed by Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is capable of manufacturing and grinding PCD,PCBN and CVD.This machine tool is suitable for medium and large quantity blade production.As long as the alignment is completed, the grinding will be completed automatically by pressing the switch.Even grinding wheel wear, the system can automatically compensate, maintain a long time of automatic production. It has more features.1.Double station design: it is easy to operate and observe at both stations of the machine tool.2. Optimization of vertical axis: the vertical axis, which is rarely adjusted, is integrated into the fixture of the workbench, greatly enhancing the stability and rigidity of the equipment.3.Stable feed: the user can set the feed through the grinding amount, so that the feed is more stable, effectively reduce the difficulty of work, improve the grinding efficiency, and ensure the quality of cutting edge grinding.CNC automatic feed mode with mechanical zero point.The grinding quantity of grinding wheel can be compensated at any time by adjusting the tool in manual mode to determine the position of grinding wheel.Production by automatic mode.Welcome to visit our website for more details.
  • Working Principle And Characteristics Of BT-150E 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    Working principle of BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder uses the flow of compressed air in the pipeline to drive the continuous flow of lubricating oil along the inner wall of the pipeline. Mixing and transporting the oil and gas to the spindle part of the machining center and other lubrication parts such as the screw. The dry compressed air is continuously supplied at constant pressure, and the lubricating oil is supplied quantitatively depending on the spindle lubrication. The screws lubrication or the fuel consumption of other parts. Therefore, each lubrication circuit must use a separate micro oil pump as the power source for the oil. After the oil comes out of the pump, it must first enter the oil and gas mixing valve. In the oil and gas mixing valve, the flowing compressed air blows the oil into fine oil droplets and adheres. An oil film is formed on the pipe wall, and the oil film flows along the pipe wall along the direction of the airflow. The thickness of the oil film gradually decreases during the flow but does not condense. Features OF BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine 1. Environmental protection and no pollution. Because there will be no oil and mist, will not pollute the surrounding environment. 2. Oil supply. By adding a regulating valve, the oil can deliver to the lubrication points such as the spindle and the screw according to different needs. 3. There is no problem of difficulty in atomization of high viscosity lubricating oil. Suitable for any oil product. 4. Automatic detection and monitoring. It can detect whether the lubricating oil is normal. If the lubrication is poor, it can stop the alarm and avoid the abnormal operation of the equipment. 5. It is especially suitable for the rolling bearing of the main shaft. It has a certain air cooling effect, which can reduce the operating temperature of the bearing and thus prolong the service life of the main shaft. 6. Low fuel consumption and cost-saving. Advantage OF BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder 1. Continuous processing, no need to retract the knife, clamping the workpiece, etc. The copying time is short and the productivity is high. 2. The bracket and the guide wheel positioning mechanism have better rigidity than the other tool grinding machine center frame mechanism. And the cutting amount can large, and it is beneficial to the processing of the elongated shaft type workpiece and is easy to realize high-speed grinding and strong grinding. 3. the workpiece is positioned on the positioning mechanism by the outer circle. The grinding amount is the margin on the diameter of the workpiece, so the wear of the grinding wheel. The compensation of the feeding mechanism and the repeated positioning accuracy error of the cutting mechanism the influence of the dimensional accuracy of the part. Only half of the ordinary tool grinding machine does not need to punch the center hole, and it is easy to automate the loading and unloading in advance. 4. Tool grinding machine through the mechanism, you can increase the processing allowance each time. In the cutting into the grinding can complex grinding surface or grinding wheel grinding, high productivity, a wide range of applications. 5. 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine there is no mechanism to ensure the relative positional accuracy of the ground and non-ground surfaces. And the roundness is poor when grinding the circumferentially intermittent outer surface. 6. Grinding the surface is prone to odd-numbered roundness. If it is large, it will often cause the illusion that the measured size is smaller than the physical size. Which will affect the assembly quality and working performance. 7. The adjustment of the grinding machine is complicated and time-consuming. It is necessary to adjust the height of the bracket, the distance and related process parameters for each workpiece with different diameters. Therefore, the adjustment technology is difficult, and it is not suitable for small batch and single-piece production.
  • Cutting Tool Resharpening Service

    Our tool grinding center specializes in providing grinding and coating services for all kinds of drill, milling cutter, reamer, tap and other conventional tools and all kinds of CBN/PCD super hard tools.The center has Italian OCTOPUS 100 7-axis CNC tool grinding machine, IDEAL 6-axis 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine and BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinding machine, and provides tool technology and metal cutting consulting, training, until the complete solution.Within 10 to 15 working days after we receive the tools you need to resharpen, you will receive the tools we reground intact, carefully packed, we use door-to-door delivery service, to ensure that the reground tools quickly and safely to the production site.Tool coating service introductionCoated cutting tools have become the symbol of modern cutting tools, in the tool used in more than 50%.Various cutting tools used in machining, including turning tool, boring tool, drill, reamer, broach, tap, thread comb, rolling head, milling cutter, forming tool, gear hob and gear shaper, etc., can be coated to improve their performance.Coated knives come in four varieties: coated HSS cutters, coated carbide cutters, and coated cutters on ceramic and superhard material inserts (diamond or cubic boron nitride).But the previous two coating tool used most.The coating on the ceramic and super hard material blade is the material with lower hardness than the matrix, the purpose is to improve the fracture toughness of the blade surface (can increase more than 10%), reduce the blade breakage and damage, and expand the application range.Demina co., Ltd. cooperates with the world’s leading coating companies, excellent service and preferential prices are the key to win.
  • Application Software Package Of BT-150E 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    The Demina company independently develope grinding software can set the grinding parameters such as tool angle, arc size, and feed speed. After entering the tool, the machine tool can automatically grind the high precision tool by setting the basic parameters of the grinding software. Besides, all parameters of machine tools are managed by the database system and called by the name of processing program to facilitate the storage and search of the program. Software Package 1: Bit software package. This software package is used for grinding typical backhoe and double-plane backhoe bits. It can't open bit grooves and clean edges. Software Package 2: Milling tool software package. It is used for grinding end teeth of end milling cutters below four edges (including ball cutter and R cutter). The grinding sequence can be arranged arbitrarily and the process data can be edited. In addition, these parameters can be optimized continuously and stored in the database for future use. Software package 3: Gun drill software package. It can grind the end of the gun drill, including five small planes and chamfers. Software package 4: Tool grinding software package. It is based on design requirements and process requirements of customers. Of course, there is another choice for you to choose, which is developed by Switzerland. Software package 5: TOOLBOX tool grinding software package. Adopting the toolbox tool grinding software package of Switzerland and the EDP system based on Five-axis CNC tool grinder, the system has perfect functions and simple operation. It provides a powerful toolbox for the manufacture and grinding of high-precision tools.
  • What Kind Of Tool Grinder Does Demina Produce?

    Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., LTD., the development of nc diamond tool grinding machine tool sharpening the traditional skills and software technology closely integrated, digital and intelligent tool grinder sharpening skills based on popularity, greatly reduces the cutting tool equipment procurement cost of enterprise and the demand for skills, one guard multiple devices, has greatly raised Labour productivity.In addition, the accuracy, consistency and performance stability of the tool are greatly improved.The introduction of modular structure design and open software programming technology, the control technology, application software and a variety of sensors are integrated, the use of modular structure design, equipped with relative applications, to meet the needs of various grinding.2020 enterprise research and development focus is peripheral grinding machine.Ceramic blade has been paid attention to by many countries for its excellent cutting performance, and has been applied in many industrial fields, and achieved remarkable economic benefits. Many foreign counterparts are committed to the research of ceramic cutting tools, ceramic materials and ceramic blade processing.In China, carbide blade and ceramic blade are usually processed on the CAM profile grinding machine, but due to poor flexibility, low precision, CAM manufacturing difficulties and other factors, this processing means is difficult to meet the needs of ceramic blade, and the general numerical control system is difficult to be applied to blade processing.Therefore, we have developed a kind of interpolation algorithm suitable for ceramic blade machining, and a special numerical control system for peripheral grinding of ceramic blade based on this algorithm, which has been successfully applied to the indexable blade numerical control peripheral grinding machine.
  • Features Of Grinding Machine

    The sharpener is simply a device for trimming tools and is used to trim metal cutting tools made of high-speed steel. Part of the tool used to trim carbide and other superhard materials. Features of Grinding machine The sharpening is simple and convenient, and the sharpened blade is on a straight line. Which increases the use strength of the blade compared with the manual sharpening. Increasing the service life and processing capability of the blade. The machine body consists of six parts: the body, the table, the slide, the deceleration electrode, the grinding head, and the electric appliance. The structure between the parts is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable. And the grinding head is even and stable. It is suitable for all kinds of straight edge cutters processing! The sharpening machine provide with a machine base, a grinding wheel, a motor, and a transmission gear set. The motor rotates through the gear set to drive the horizontally arranged grinding wheel to rotate. And the base supports a long guide rail and a sharpening frame through the pillar support. And the guide rail provide with an angle. The adjustment knob is mounted on the guide rail. And the cutter holder is provided with a cutter platen and a fixed knob and a tool extension adjustment knob. A water tank is further arranged above the grinding wheel horizontally arranged on the machine base of the utility model. A water trap is also installed around the grinding wheel on the base. The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure, convenient operation and use. Adjustable protruding amount of the cutter, angle of the cutting edge, greatly improved the working environment and wide application range. And is an ideal sharpening machine.
  • Úvod k nabroušení brousícího kotouče na stroji

    Broušecí stroj na obrušovací kotouče slouží k provedení tvarového broušení obrušovacího kotouče pomocí principu různých materiálů a různé rychlosti mezi brousícím kotoučem, který se opravuje a brousícím kotoučem, který se upravuje.Stroj sám může jednoduše a efektivně upravovat diamantové brousící kotouče, CBN brousící kotouče a skupinu obrušovacích kotoučů, upravovat rovinu, úhel, oblouk a tvarový obrušovací kotouč.Stroj je snadno ovladatelný a má následující vlastnosti: 1. Používá přesné lineární dráhy a kuličkový šroub a je vybaven digitálním stupnicovým pravítkem pro nastavení a měření polohové přesnosti a šířky v průběhu obrušování kotouče.2, oba otáčející se osy používají vysokopřesnostní ložiska a dosahují přesnosti a stability otáčení.3. Rychlost, rychlost levovpravo, zpětná rychlost a poloha upravovacího obrušovacího kotouče lze nastavit.4. Rychlost opravovaného obrušovacího kotouče je nastavitelná a pozice opravovaného kotouče se nastavuje přes příčný posuvný stůl.5. K manuálnímu hřídeli je přidána kruhová stupnice, která umožňuje pohodlně a přesně nastavit úhel upravovacího obrušovacího kotouče.Přesnost zobrazení je 0,05°.6. Zařízení s CCD kamerou s množením 15 až 78krát umožňuje měřit a kontrolovat oblouk, úhel, ostrý úhel a velikost brousícího kotouče při práci.7. CCD a velikostní zařízení poskytují snadné nastavení a měření šířky a polohy brousícího kotouče a také kontrolu v průběhu a po upravení.Měření dosahuje přesnosti 0,005 až 0,01 mm.
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