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  • Introduction To The Program And Thinking Of CNC Tool Grinder

    Program overview of CNC tool grinder BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder Economical accuracy is IT6~IT7. The surface roughness Ra of the machined surface can control within the range of 1.25~0.08μm. It can use for inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, finishing of inner and outer conical surfaces. Although productivity It is low, because of its versatility. It is widely used in single-piece small batch production workshops, tool workshops, and machine repair workshops. main feature of the process is that the cutting force is relatively small. So it is necessary to effectively improve the grinding force of the tool. The equipment first needs to be on the grinding wheel frame during the inspection process. The spindle is inspected and then adjusted for the clearance of the bearing bush. This can effectively ensure that the data does not appear in the process of use, the oil on the spindle of the CNC tool grinder must also replace. Characteristics OF BT-150D CNC tool grinder CNC tool grinder main components. The bed is the basic support of the grinder, and it is equipped with a grinding wheel frame, a work table, a head frame, a tailstock 7 and a lateral sliding saddle so that these parts can maintain an accurate relative position during work. Oil tank for hydraulic oil. The head frame 2 is used for mounting and clamping the workpiece and drives the workpiece to rotate. The head frame is rotated 90° counterclockwise in the horizontal plane. The CNC tool grinder is used to support the grinding wheel of the grinding hole. Spindle, grinding machine spindle is driven by a separate motor. Reasonable thinking OF CNC tool grinder Technical analysis of CNC tool grinder. First, check the level. If the level of the machine's foot screw is not adjusted, it will cause the machine to resonate. Because sometimes the ground level of the processing site is not very good, it is necessary to adjust the horizontal screw to make the machine reach an uneven height. First, we must check whether each screw of the foot is put into place in the floor mat. Before and after the level is used, the left and right sides are horizontal and the screws are locked. BT-150D CNC tool grinder If the above action is taken, the vibration is still not eliminated. We should check if the ground floor space is empty if the ground is terrazzo or the floorboard is relatively strong, if it is cement level, the ground will Very imaginary will cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? Go buy a few black rubber pads, the thickness is about 6-10 mm, the size is 10 cm and the size of the floor mat is slightly larger. Loosen the anchor screw and put the rubber pad under the horizontal floor mat. Great shock absorption. CNC tool grinder If the above action is taken, the vibration is still not eliminated, we have to check the problem of the grinding machine sanding wheel and the grinding wheel fixing flange. The first is the grinding wheel. Because the quality of the grinding wheel on the market is uneven, there are generally two factors that affect the vibration of the grinding wheel: First, the particle size of the grinding wheel is not uniform, and the center of gravity is unstable due to instability; second, the inner hole is not standard. For example, our grinding machine flange hole diameter is 31.75, and if the grinding wheel is 32, it will jump up and down to cause vibration. When buying the grinding wheel, we must ask for the specifications. It is recommended to buy a good quality grinding wheel. The poor grinding wheel affects the processing effect, and the cracking and explosion in the processing and grinding process are dangerous. Poor balance of the grinding wheel will seriously affect the spindle of the grinding machine. life. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd A professional BT-150D CNC tool grinder manufacturer, we produce and sell various types of tool grinder equipment, welcome to the users who need it.
  • Why To Chose PCBN Metal Cutting Tools

    PCBN metal cutting tools can also be divided into welding PCBN tools and indexable PCBN blade two categories.Welding type PCBN tool is the PCBN insert blank welded on the steel matrix by grinding, mainly turning tool, boring tool, reamer, and so on. PCBN tools are mostly used for wear-resistant ferrous metal processing, so the tool Angle can not be too small, the tool rectangle is generally -5° ~ 5°, the back Angle is generally 3° ~ 10°, intermittent cutting is generally negative chamfering.PCBN insert of transposition structure (mainly for the lathe tool and milling tool) is generally in a corner of the transposition cemented carbide blade inset welding a PCBN insert blank, by grinding. In consideration of the more expensive and regrinding knife blank and other reasons, generally only made of a knife tip. With the improvement of welding process quality, the shear strength can reach 0.78kg/m². With the PCBN insert blank size smaller and smaller, not regrinding PCBN blade price also decreases. Because PCBN tools have high wear resistance and long life, it is also ground for many times, many customers like to choose PCBN metal cutting tools for product processing.It needs a tool grinding machine for grinding PCBN inserts. Beijing Demina PCBN tool grinding machine can grind and regrind PCBN cutting tools with high efficiency.
  • Grinding Processing

    Grinding processing is the grinding tool as a "tool" for the workpiece precision cutting processing.Compared with other cutting methods, grinding has many unique features, which can be summarized as follows: (1) during the grinding process, the number of abrasive grains participating in cutting is extremely high The grinding wheel contains a large number of grinding grains.According to the measurement, there are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of grinding grains per gram of white corundum abrasive.While a piece of white corundum grinding wheel with size of 300×32×75 (mm) weighs about 5kg, excluding 10% of the binder accident, the number of grinding grains per square centimeter of grinding wheel with different particle size and hardness is about 60~1400.But on the surface of the grinding wheel, the distribution of grinding grains is irregular and irregular.The number of grinding grains on the surface of grinding wheel is less than the total number of grinding grains on the surface of grinding wheel.If the working conditions during grinding are taken into account, the number of abrasive grains actually participating in the cutting (that is, the dynamic effective number of abrasive grains) is even smaller.According to the measurement, the number of grinding grains actually involved in grinding on the surface of the grinding wheel accounts for 10%~50% of the total number of grinding grains on the surface of the grinding wheel due to the different characteristics of the grinding tool and grinding conditions.Even so, the number of grains involved in grinding is still high.Therefore, the grinding process is the statistical cutting process of a large number of abrasive particles, while other cutting methods only have one or several cutting edges with certain geometric shapes participating in the cutting process. (2) the abrasive grains playing a cutting role have special properties 1) as a tool, the abrasive particles have a high hardness, so it can smoothly cut the high hardness of the workpiece materials.Especially for some high hardness and brittleness of the workpiece material with other cutting methods can not be compared to the cutting ability, and can obtain other processing methods impossible to achieve the processing quality. 2) the abrasive particles have good thermal stability and will not lose their cutting ability at high temperature 3) the abrasive particles have a certain degree of brittleness, which can be broken under the action of grinding force to form a new sharp cutting edge. 4) the shape of the abrasive cutting edge is irregular and the abrasive particles are squeezed into the workpiece at a large negative front Angle.Due to the different growth mechanism of abrasive crystals and the different grinding methods in the granulation process, the shapes and sizes of abrasive grains are various, and the arrangement in the grinding wheel is irregular.The total number of abrasive particles is cut into the workpiece at a negative front Angle, which is generally -15°~-60° or larger.The size of abrasive particles with the same size size is also different. For example, according to GB/T 2481.1~1988, F46 grinding particles are 100% through the mesh size of 600 × m no. 30 screen, and allow 30% of the mass force with no. 40 screen size (its mesh size is 125 × m) of the coarse particles, through the screen size of 60 (mesh basic size is 250 × m) of the fine particle mass is not more than 3%.That is to say, in the F46 grain, the grain size of soybean is between 250 and 600 liters.The edge tip of the abrasive has a certain center Angle and arc radius.At the same time, the surface and cutting edge curves are not smooth, there are small irregularity. (3) the cutting depth of a single abrasive is very small During grinding, the number of abrasive particles involved in cutting is large, and the number of cutting edges is even larger.Therefore, even in the case of high grinding efficiency, the workpiece volume under a cutting edge is only 10-4~10-5mm3. In the case of fine grinding, the volume of each grinding chip is even smaller.In milling, the volume of each chip is generally 40mm3, much larger than the grinding volume. (4) extremely high cutting speed of abrasive grains During grinding, the speed of the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel is extremely high, and the contact time between the abrasive cutting edge and the processed workpiece is extremely short, generally 10-4~10-5s.In such a short time to complete the cutting, grinding particles and the workpiece produced a strong friction, and produce a sharp plastic deformation, resulting in a large amount of grinding heat, grinding area to produce a very high grinding temperature (400℃~1000℃), and more than 80% of the heat will be transferred to the workpiece. (5) the mill has a self-sharpening effect The abrasive particles involved in grinding are constantly rubbing with the workpiece and gradually become dull, and the forces on the abrasive particles increase gradually. When the forces on the abrasive particles exceed the control ability of the binder on the abrasive particles, the abrasive particles will fall off the surface of the abrasive.The new and sharp grinding grains under the grinding grains are exposed to form the self-sharpening of the grinding tools;In addition, the abrasive particles in the process of interference with the workpiece and the grinding tool and the workpiece continue to be squeezed, if the extrusion pressure exceeds the compressive strength of the abrasive particles themselves, then the grinding particles crushing produces a new sharp cutting edge.This self-sharpening ability of the tool is not available to other cutting tools. (6) larger than grinding energy Because of the small power in grinding, and each grinding particle cutting edge to remove the chip volume is very small, the degree of grinding material subdivision, so the unit volume of metal removal (than grinding energy) is much larger than the turning.
  • Grinding Procedures Of BT-150N Tool Grinder

    Grinding Procedures Of BT-150N Tool GrinderAt first, set the grinding wheel inclination as the second clearance angle (normally from 0°to 18°), and turn the rotary table at a proper position so that the left cutting edge parallel to the X-axis of the hairline on the video displayer. That is the cutting edge parallel to the grinding wheel end face. Turn the fast feed handwheel to move the tool immediately in front of the grinding wheel end face, and then feed forward with figures screwing the micro feed wheel. The grinding wheel is removing the PCD&CBN material until you stop. Try it one or more times until the new cutting edge appears. Do the same to the second cutting edge.Secondly, center the tooltips again by turning the two handwheels on the cross worktable. Drive the grinding wheel quickly forward until the PCD&CBN tool is near to the grinding wheel, and then feed ahead while swinging the rotary table. Radius cutting tip is forming gradually. As soon as the radius cutting edge coincides with the two linear cutting edges stop the feeding. Finally, set the grinding wheel inclination as the first clearance angle (normally from 5 ° to 8 ° ), do the same to the tools so that a very narrow flat (roughly 0.02mm thickness) comes into being on the cutting edge. The way described above is a normal method, and a special and more reasonable method is highly encouraged and reported to Demina precision. Special fixture design and even emendation to the machine will be considered by Demina as innovation.
  • Introduction Of Micra-10 Self-centering Drill Grinding Machine

    The Introduction Of Micro-10 Integral Self-centering Drill Grinding Machine Accelerating technological progress has made the automation and precision of mechanical processing higher. Although the CNC machining center can accurately locate the drill bit on the workpiece. The dimension accuracy and coaxiality of the drill diameter often decrease because of the bad drill bit. The traditional method is to add a process of drilling a central hole before drilling. Which obviously increases the processing cost. Therefore, develope micro-10. It can grind high-speed steel and cemented carbide bits. In addition, it can also omit the process of drilling the central hole on the premise of ensuring the drilling accuracy. Micra-10 Integral drill grinder uses integral aluminum alloy as the lathe bed. Which has reasonable design, compact mechanism, excellent rigidity, and high grinding accuracy. The grinding wheel shaft and the bit clamping device are installed on the inclinable support. The position of the diamond dressing pen is fixed, and the grinding wheel can use as relative feed to grinding the wheel. Tool microscopy has dual functions: positioning before drill grinding. Monitoring of back angle and cross edge grinding process. In addition, after drill grinding, the geometric accuracy and positioning accuracy of the drill can observe and test. The clamping device of the drill bit is a high precision four-jaw clamping device. Which can clamp a straight-handled drill bit with a diameter of 6 mm to 16 mm. The optional clamping range is 16 mm to 20 mm in diameter. The clamp can stick on the cylindrical edge belt of the drill spiral groove. Which ensures the concentricity of the drill and the stable and reliable installation. The whole bit clamping device can move smoothly along the high precision linear guide rail.  
  • Vysokokvalitní pohodlná a protiskluzová gelová podložka na auto, kancelářskou židli, podložka na židli s kolečky, invalidní vozík a sedák z pěnového ledového gelu.

    Vysoká kvalita pohodlného a protiskluzového gelového autosedadlového kancelářského podložky na židli s ledovou pěnou gelového polštáře na sedadlo vozíku.Vysoká kvalita pohodlné a protiskluzové gelové sedačky na auta, kancelářské židle, podložky, chladící polštářky, invalidní vozíky, pěnové ledové gelové sedací polštáře.Vysoká kvalita, pohodlná a protiskluzová gélová podložka pro auto nebo kancelářskou židli. Zajišťuje chlazení a obsahuje pěnovou vrstvu pro maximální pohodlí. Podložka je vhodná i pro invalidní vozíky.Vysoká kvalita pohodlné a neklouzavé želatinové podložky pro automobilová sedadla či kancelářské židle, chladící podušku pro sedadlo tvořenou pěnovou hmotou a ledovým gelem pro pohodlné sezení na invalidním vozíku.Vysoká kvalita pohodlné a protiskluzové gelové autosedák kancelářský židličkový koberec podložka chladivá podložka pro židličku na kolečkách, pěnová podložka na gelovém polštáři pro vozík.Vysoká kvalita pohodlných a protiskluzových gelových podložek na sedadla do auta, kancelářských židlí, rohoží matrace, chladičových polštářů na sedadla a invalidních vozíků s pěnovým ledovým gelovým polštářem.Vysokokvalitní pohodlný a protiskluzový gelový kryt na automobilové sedačce, kancelářské židli, podložka pod křeslo, chladicí polštářek na kolečkovou židličku nebo pěnový gelový sedák na invalidní vozík.
  • Operation And Processing Range Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine

    Preparation of APE-40 drill grinder before purchase APE-40 drill grinding machine needs to do some preparatory work before purchasing the product, and it needs to take seriously and carry out because if this work is wrong, it will affect the correct purchase of the product. On these two issues, what is certain is that their answers are yes. 1. The preparation work of the drill grinder before a purchase is mainly based on two aspects. One is to have a clear understanding of the product use environment and user requirements. And the other is to understand some basic information on the product and the manufacturer, so as to carry out the multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration. Thus, to avoid erroneous choices. 2. Want to choose a good quality drill grinder, what aspects of the product must be considered? In order to choose a good quality drill grinder, one must do is to choose a professional grinding machine manufacturer. In order to ensure product quality and product performance. And, in turn, to ensure the use of the product, and based on this the concludes that can draw is that if you want to choose a good quality drill grinder. The product manufacturer must consider, not the product price. Operation of APE-40 drill grinding machine Do you need to have some expertise in the operation of the APE-40 drill grinding machine? Is there any benefit to using CNC technology in a drill grinder? The operation of the drill grinder requires mastering certain skills or mastering relevant professional knowledge. And familiarizing with and understanding the operating procedures and safe operating procedures of the drill grinder. So as to achieve correct, standardized and safe operation using the internal grinding machine. To avoid an improper or incorrect operation, to avoid danger or accidents. The use of numerical control technology on the drill grinding machine can bring some benefits. It can realize the continuous dressing of the grinding wheel. Automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheel, automatic conveying and clamping of workpieces and multiple worktables for the grinding machine to improve the working efficiency of the grinding machine. Processing range OF Drill grinding machine With regard to the drill grinder, the processing scale is relatively wide. And is possible to directly grind the cylindrical surface of the watch, as well as the conical surface and the end face of the watch. However, it's production and processing power is relatively low, which is suitable for use in the production of single-piece small batches. In terms of the structure of the ordinary cylindrical grinding machine and the universal cylindrical grinding machine. The difference is that the head frame of the ordinary drill grinding machine and the grinding wheel frame cannot adjust the viewpoint around the straight axis. And in the head spindle position, can't roll, no internal grinding tools. Therefore, the conventional drill grinder has a relatively narrow process scale. And can only grind the outer cylindrical surface and the outer taper surface with a relatively small taper. However, because of its main part, it has relatively few structural layers and is relatively good in rigidity. Therefore, it can process with a large amount of grinding, so the production power is relatively high and it is easy to ensure. The quality of grinding. Grinding method OF Drill grinding machine With regard to the bit grinder. During the post-grinding, the workpiece is not supported on the top or clamped in the middle of the chuck. But is placed directly between the grinding wheel and the guide rail, and needs to be supported by the guide plate on the guide wheel. And the surface itself to be ground by the workpiece, as the reference surface for positioning. There are two grinding methods for the centerless cylindrical grinding machine, which are the through the grinding method and the plunge grinding method. can also process a variety of appearances, such as cylindrical surfaces inside and outside. As well as cones, planes, involute profiles, helicoids, etc. Grinding machines can use for rough processing, roughing, finishing and superfinishing. They can process all kinds of high-hard and super-hard materials and can sharpen tools and block them. The process scale is very wide.
  • CBN Tool Application

    CBN tool of high thermal hardness, high wear resistance, and not easy to stick knife and other excellent characteristics, so in many metal cutting processing industries has been widely used. The application range mainly includes the following refractory materials: all kinds of hardened steels, such as carbon tool steels, alloy steels, bearing steels, die steels, high-speed steels, etc. Thermal spraying materials, such as Ni-based, Fe-based two series of products; Wear-resistant cast iron: such as V-Ti cast iron, high phosphorus cast iron, and chilled cast iron; Titanium alloy and heat resistant alloy and other materials parts.(1) Hard processing, to replace the car grindingBecause the PCBN tool has high hardness and red hardness, can make the processed parts with high hardness obtain good surface roughness, so the PCBN tool turning hardened steel can be realized “instead of grinding by car”. Applications such as automobile, motorcycle gear hole processing, such parts of the material are generally 20CrMnTi, carburizing quenching, the surface hardness of 60 ~ 62HRC, gear hole precision is IT6, the surface roughness Ra≤0.8 μm.The traditional processing technology is: machining – >;Heat treatment – & gt;Grinding.The processing technology of using superhard cutting tools “instead of grinding by car” is rough machining -> Heat treatment – & gt; Finish machining. The new process can greatly improve the processing efficiency, reduce the processing cost, the original use of grinding process class 1 can only process 100 pinions, now using PCBN tool turning (cutting parameters V=60 ~ 120m/min, F ≤0.12mm/r, AP ≤0.1mm, class 1 can process 400 pinions, in addition. The cost of machining each gear has also fallen.(2) High-speed cutting, high stability processingIn an automobile engine production line, the finishing of the cylinder hole of gray cast iron cylinder block is one of the key processes, which requires high dimensional precision, small surface roughness, and good stability. Due to the fast processing tempo of the production line, the cutting speed is required to be high (usually V≥500m/min), and the tool life is long.(The number of machining holes ≥1000), and chamfering, mouth stop, rough finishing boring, and other stations of the blade life should meet the requirements of durability. The high-speed cutting and high stability machining of engine cylinder holes can be realized by using the PCBN tool. The typical cutting parameters are: V=500m/min, F = 0.2-0.4mm /r, AP = 0.2-0.7mm;Machining surface roughness Ra≤1.6 μm, tool life >1000 pieces.
  • The Application Value And Significance Of Tool Grinding

    With the transformation and upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, the machinery industry has a more detailed social division of labor.The development of manufacturing service will be a trend.In order to meet the needs of market competition, large machinery manufacturing enterprises will implement strategic way of separate primary and secondary. On the one hand, their main business will focus on the investment and technical transformation , on the other hand ,they introduce tool procurement and tool grinding to the market competition mechanism, relying on professional and social services to reduce production costs. In this context, tool grinding service will be urgently needed in the manufacturing industry.The tool is the “teeth” of industry and all the process factors are reflected in the tool.So the importance of the tool for machining can be imagined.In addition, as a traditional and complex technology, tool grinding is less and less mastered by young people. Intelligent tool grinding machine is an indispensable key equipment in the manufacturing industry. As a manufacturing service industry, tool grinding (regrinding) industry permeates into the forefront manufacturing operations unit;It plays a key role in saving energy, reducing consumption, improving efficiency and improving quality.Therefor,we believe that the application value and significance of tool grinding will be more and more obvious in the future.
  • CNC PCD Insert Tool Grinder With Robot

    The BT-150D four-axis CNC PCD&PCBN tool grinder is composed of X-axis, B-axis, C-axis, and Y-axis. When grinding, these axes work together to ensure micron-level grinding accuracy. Users can also use this kind of grinding tool to grind various blades, with reliable performance and high grinding efficiency. The BT-150D tool grinder system can measure and compensate the average consumption of the grinding wheel during the grinding process, thereby prolonging the service life of the tool grinder and achieving long-term production. In order to improve the grinding efficiency and realize the intelligent machine tool, we have equipped the loading and unloading robot for the BT-150D tool grinder to reduce the loading and unloading time of the tool. The loading and unloading robot (manipulator) is combined with the CNC machine tool. So as to help users to realize automatic grasping of tools, workpiece loading, unloading, card loading, processing, and other processes, which can greatly save labor costs and improve production efficiency.Robotic Handling SolutionsThe Robot loading and unloading Robot system mainly includes 6 degrees of freedom Robot, manipulator claw, Vision positioning system, transition platform positioning system, hand changing platform, and other auxiliary equipment. As Labour costs increase, the application of the automatic up-down material production line is more and more widely, based on this system, for the development of other products accordingly gripper, complete the automatic up-down material production line, in the machinery industry, military industry, aerospace, and food and drug production and other industries can be widely used.The manipulator claw of the robot system adopts the pneumatic mechanical structure and adopts the form of double-handed claw and single-handed claw, which is safe, firm, and reliable, without the phenomenon of dropping parts, and can realize the power cut and the air cut workpiece clamping. Claw clamping workpiece, by friction and clamping force clamping, at the same time a positioning pin to assist in positioning the workpiece, when the clamping surface is blank surface, clamping block floating, to adapt to the shape of the workpiece casting deviation.
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