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  • Technical Features And Standard Configuration

    1. The spindle DC motor power is 12KW; speed range: 1000 - 9000rpm. The spindle is equipped with a two-way converter. Three different grinding wheels can be installed on the same flange of the grinding wheel main spindle. 2. The water-retaining cover is made of 8 mm Lexan plastic, which is convenient for loading and unloading the cutting tools and internal lighting. 3. The working head is equipped by ISO40 standard, a diameter of 20 hydraulic expanding shanks, can avoid grinding interference, hydraulic expansion chuck contains six high precision fixture. (Standard diameters 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm, 16mm). 4. It contains a capacity of 50 liters of cooling oil tank, up to 15 L / min, and finally filtered to the 5-micron cooling 5. Electronic hand wheel precision has four kinds of 1mm, 0.1mm, 0.01mm, 0.001mm to choose. Accuracy 480 mm / min: 1 micron; Protection level standard: IEO IP X8 6. Heavy design, closed structure, good rigidity, high strength, good stability.   The operation method of Tool Grinder BT-100 1. First, determine the diameter of the tool grinder BT-100 milling cutter. If you want to grind the 8MM end mill, use the 8MM collet and lock the cutter to the 50D sleeve. 2. Set the angle, the milling cutter sleeve slightly swing 4 ° (the bottom angle of the milling cutter is between 2 ° ~ 6 °). 3. Start grinding the bottom surface. For example, tool grinder BT-100 milling cutter, align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel. Complete the tool setting step and then grind the bottom angle of the milling cutter, finish grinding one edge and then replace another cutting edge. Grind in order. 4. Grind the center of the milling cutter to the escape angle, and swing the sleeve to about 10°, and then grind the center escape angle of each milling cutter. 5. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in turn. 6. Grinding tool grinder BT-100 The side edge of the milling cutter, with the top end against the spiral groove of the milling cutter. Aiming at the grinding wheel, pushing the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter.  
  • Universal Tool Grinder For Sale

    Ⅰ. Introduction:General-purpose tool grinding machine pp-50 adopts a precise rolling guide table, which makes the table move smoothly and has little friction. The grinding wheel motor can be easily tilted and rotated 360° in the horizontal plane. These two functions can easily set the front Angle and the back Angle of the tool, expanding the range of use of the machine tool. Various optional devices can be used to meet the grinding requirements of various cutting tools. Such as:1.Attachment 50F, grinding tool2.Attachment 50H for sharpening reamer and gear hob3.Annex 50B, 50K, grinding drill, step drill, countersunk drill and tap4.Attachment 50E, grinding end tooth knife, end tooth ball head knife, R knife and ball head turning knife5.Attachment 50D, peripheral tooth (side edge) of endmill for grinding.Ⅱ. Product features:Different options can be used for different tool grindingSimple to set upEasy to operate,Grinding is fast and accurateObtain a CE certificate.Ⅲ. Technical parameters:Longitudinal travel of table: 230mmCross travel of saddle: 180mmVertical adjustment of wheel head: 120mmThe rotary angle of wheel head: 360°The rotary angle of the up-down spindle: 360°Working table area: 620 x 190mmSize of wheel:180 x 25 x 31.75mm125 x 50 x 31.75mmSpeed of wheel: 3,600 RPMMotor: 3/4 HP, 110V / 220V / 380VW. / G.W.: 280kgs / 320kgsPacking volume (length x width x height): 1,000 x 850 x 1,540mm
  • Economical Universal Cutter Grinder BT200

    Introduction of BT200 As the market and users demand more and more tool grinders, it is only now that they continue to innovate in grinder technology to keep up with the times. The economic universal cutter grinder BT200, which is newly launched, has a complete range of tools that can be repaired and grinds. The equipment is manufactured in China and sold in China for export. The kinds of tools that can be sharpened are: spiral edge of milling cutter, end face edge of end milling cutter, ball head edge of end milling cutter, three-face milling cutter, front face of  hobbing cutter, front and back Angle of tap cone, saw blade milling cutter, carving cutter, bit drilling Angle, bit transverse edge, turning tool, reamer, thin-wall drill, and woodworking drill, etc. Mechanical parameters of BT200 Maximum cutter diameter: 125 mm Maximum cutter length: 320 mm Table lateral movement: 300 mm Table longitudinal movement: 150 mm Distance from tool axis to the table: 120 mm Swing Angle of grinding head: ±40° Motor power and speed: 180 watts, 2800 RPM Size: 1300×780×950 mm Weight: 280 kg   Main machine of BT200 universal tool grinder (including tool cabinet), including: 1. Straight shank spindle (Φ 32 mm) 2. Universal support 200ZY (including 60° apex, 60° semi-imperfect apex, 60° fine apex, and Mohs no. 4 apexes) 3. Bowl grinding wheel (specification: 125×45×32 mm) 4. Disc grinding wheel (specification: 125× 32mm) 5. Instruction manual Optional device: 1. Drill grinding (200K) Max. Grinding diameter 32 mm; 2. Milling cutter grinder (200D) contains a set of 5C jig (6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm in diameter); 3. The electric head frame (200W) can grind the outer circle; 4. Tool fixture 200DF can be installed on 200F, used for grinding lathe tool. 5. Indexing head frame 200F and 3-jaw chuck shaft plate K1180 can be installed on 200F, used for grinding the end teeth of the straight shank milling cutter. 6. Grinding wheel corrector (including dressing pen). 7. Straight shank spindle (diameter specifications: Φ 16, Φ22, Φ27,  Φ 40 mm); 8. Taper shank spindle (diameter specifications: Φ 16, Φ22, Φ27, Φ 32, Φ 40 mm).    
  • BT-150N Tool Grinder Parameters

    Parameter Of BT-150N MachineMain DataPower Supply:Three-phase AC, 380V 50Hz;Grinding Spindle Power:3Kw;Maximum Current: 20A;Variable Spindle Speed: 0-3000rpm;Machinery DataVariable Swing: Amplitude 0-30mm;Variable Swing Speed: 0-60Hz/min;Variable Swing Position: 300mm;Variable Spindle Angle: -5°—25°±10’;Range of Feeds: 60mm;Feed: 0.2mm/rev. 0.001mm/div.;Table Transverse Travel: 70mm;Table Longitudinal Travel:65mm;Indexing Travel:(max) 100mm;Swivel Angle: ±135°;Spindle Center Height:150mm;CCD Transverse Travel:20mm;CCD Longitudinal Travel: 20mm;CCD Focus Travel: 70mm;CompressureAir Pressure: 6Mpa;CCD SystemWorking Distance of CCD:198mm;Mag. of CCD:10X-70X;FOV. of CCD: 17.6mm-3mm;CCD Image Resolution:1024*768;Encoder and MonitorMonitor Screen Size: 15inc;Monitor Screen Resolution: 1024*768;Linear Encoder Travel: 120mm;Linear Encoder Measuring Step: 0.001mm;Rotation Encoder Incremental: 360°;Rotation Encoder Measuring Step: 0.010°;Cooling SystemSpindle Cooling Tank Volume: 90L;Grinding Cooling Tank Volume: 55L;Spindle Cooling Flow Rate: 10L/min;Grinding Cooling Flow Rate: 20L/min;Dimensions and WeightOverall Dimensions L×W×H:1700×1150×1970mm;Weight:1800kg;
  • Use And Installation Tips Of PCD Tool Grinder

    Usage precautions of PCD tool grinder 1.PCD tool grinder when grinding the tool, it is necessary to control the pressure of the grinding wheel. The tool is re-grinded. If the tool edge is eccentric due to uneven pressure, the sharpness of each part of the blade edge is different. Otherwise, the blade oscillates. There may protrusions in the blade. When the pressure of the grinding wheel during the whole grinding process is too large, the blade is easily annealed due to high temperature. And even the high temperature is softened and deformed by the pressure, thereby greatly reducing the service life of the blade. When the pressure of the grinding wheel is too small, it can not guarantee the smooth fit of the grinding wheel and the cutting edge. And it is easy to excessively grind the partial area to cause unevenness, the cutting edge of the cutting edge and the middle part have protrusions. 2. The grinding speed of the blade part should not too fast, otherwise the abrasive will easily squeeze and rotated at high speed to scrape off. It can not play the lubrication effect in the grinding process. The sharp tooth is easy to be broken, and the original blade is processed. The average state during the process is also destroyed, resulting in uneven grinding. It should not too slow, otherwise, the blade and the grinding wheel will be severely worn due to the resistance factor. Causing the temperature to too high and annealing. 3. Large must grind medium and large tools. If the stroke is not enough, the tool can't get full reciprocating grinding. Secondly, for small cutters, the suction of the electromagnetic chuck is not enough. The effect is not as good as the traditional fixed fixture, and the middle part of the cutter head will receive the short stroke processing effect. After repeated use, it will cause collapse and affect the service life of the cutter head. Therefore, it is necessary to grind the large cutter and have enough grinding stroke. This type of sharpener is recommended only. 4. The same knife cannot unilaterally hope that its precision is higher. And the amount of feed per time is reduced from the original amount to the small amount so that the tool continuity is in the high temperature of the grinding process. Annealing and the problem of deformation is easy to happen. Installation impact of 2-axis CBN grinding machine 1. The existing 2-axis CBN grinding machine transmission structure is a traditional mechanical transmission structure, which is connected by a V-belt to drive the power. Therefore, a high matching is required in the selection and matching requirements of the V-belt and the pulley. Standard, in addition, the installed V-belt needs to pay attention to moderate adjustment. The appropriate V-belt can not only have a long service life but also ensure that the sharp-knife achieves the best matching speed. Which is caused by the transmission factor. The low speed is easy to have a negligible effect on the grinding accuracy. 2. 2-axis CBN grinding machine the plane in which the sharpening wheel is placed must level with the ground. Due to the influence of gravity, even if the fuselage can provide perfect support, as long as the plane of the sharpening wheel can not be level with the ground. The tool will difficult to sharpen. In reality, it is impossible to guarantee that the floor of each customer's factory is level. If there is a little arc, the parallel state of the grinding wheel and the ground cannot guarantee. For this reason, our company independently develops the horizontal grounding adjustment device of the fuselage. Which can use for customers. When the factory's ground parallelism is insufficient, adjustments are made to ensure the level of the fuselage. Thus ensuring the precision of grinding. 3. The matching structure of the components of the sharpener is stable. The sharpening machine for precision grinding must ensure the compact fit of its own components. Any looseness of the wire may cause the beating or rocking during the grinding process. And all the sharpeners that can achieve the precision machining effect. The fastening connectors must firmly connect to provide a smooth-running environment, otherwise, the uneven grinding and serrated edges may occur. 4. Grinding wheel and cutter height adjustment. According to the actual investigation and inspection structure of our company, the optimal distance between the body of the sharpening part and the plane on the cutter head is 5.8mm-6.3mm. And the center must in the same vertical plane as the center point of the cutter head, and the length of the boom It must also control within the precise optimum length range. Otherwise, it will easily affect the sharpening stroke, resulting in deviation of the grinding position of the blade and insufficient sharpness. Grinding process of CBN grinding machine Part of the CBN grinding machine is different from the conventional one. In addition to providing cooling liquid for cooling, it is also necessary to mix abrasive particles such as silicon carbide in the cooling liquid. The micro-abrasive particles can enhance the effect of tool grinding and enhance the continuous availability of the tool. However, the amount of such abrasive particles must controll within an appropriate range. Otherwise, if the quantity is too large, the knife edge will produce a thick layer of sand. Which will not only make the tool sharp and sharp but will prone to wear. If the amount is too small, the polishing time is prolonged, and it is easy to cause deformation due to annealing.
  • Process Characteristics Of Diamond Tool Grinding

    The grinding of diamond cutting tools has its own technological characteristics. The most prominent characteristic is that the material hardness is high, which leads to the rapid loss of the grinding wheel in the grinding process, and the size is not stable. Secondly, most diamond tools are turning tools or blades, and the position of the grinding position relative to the machine tool is uncertain (such as the change of blade thickness), which causes the change of grinding point. Third, the grinding resistance is large, so that the processing system composed of grinding wheel, cutting tool, fixture, and machine tool has a relatively large elastic deformation, thus producing a relatively large “let the cutter” phenomenon.The three characteristics of diamond tool grinding are the realization of three “Land Rover” automatic grinding, which directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the tool after die cutting during the grinding work. The equipment used is that if this problem is not solved properly, it will inevitably lead to poor grinding dimensional accuracy and roughness consistency, reducing grinding efficiency, and not suitable for mass production. The application of voice control technology in diamond tool grinders can effectively solve these three problems.Demina tool grinding machine can grind the diamond cutting tools. They have a manual type, semi-automatic, and fully automatic tool grinding machine for grinding super hard PCD CBN tools with high efficiency. Welcome to visit their website. www.
  • Safe Operating Procedures Of Semi-auto Drill Grinder

    With the increase in the number of high-precision, high-hardness mechanical parts, and the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, the performance, variety, and quality of various grinding machines are constantly improving and growing. Among them, the development and use of semi-automatic drill grinders are becoming more and more common. Demina is one of the best drill grinders. Although this grinder is widely used, users should pay attention to some safe operating procedures when using it. Safe operating procedures of semi-auto drill grinder 1. The grinding wheel should be returned first, then should install the drill, and then angled. Put on the handle and then put it on the feed handle. It is strictly forbidden to drive the feed handle after driving. 2. After the drill bit rotates normally, the machine tool meshes well before grinding. The protective cover should be complete and normal before grinding. 3. The manual feed should be performed slowly, especially when the grinding wheel is just in contact with the drill. 4. After the drill is ground, the tool must be retracted and then stopped. After stopping, pull the clutch handle to remove the drill. 5. After the drill is loaded and unloaded, remove the wrench in time, and do not place it on the chuck. 6. When dressing the grinding wheel, put the feed handle in the neutral position, and then use the dresser after the grinding wheel rotates normally. The diamond should be clamped tightly, the feeding should be slow, wear protective glasses, avoid the head, the protective cover should be installed, and the suction device should be activated. Replacement of new wheels should follow the general safety regulations of the miller. 7. The workpiece should be properly placed to prevent injury from rolling down. Now Beijing Demina company Semi-auto tap grinder wholesale, welcome customers who need it to buy.
  • We Will Participate In The CIMT 2021

    THE 17TH CHINA INTERNATIONAL MACHINE TOOL SHOWShow Time: April.12 to April.17, 2021Exhibitor: BEIJING DEMINA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTDBooth number: E8-B501China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)-BeijingAddress: No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing, ChinaCIMT exhibition will attract more than 1500 machine tool manufacturers from 27 countries and regions. Among them, 13 countries and regions such as Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, China Taiwan, and Hong Kong will still organize the machine tool associations and trade promotion agencies. Due to the advanced communication with the exhibition group under the epidemic prevention state of the organization of the work plan, so that the exhibition group successfully participated in the exhibition, compared with the previous no change. Leading machine tool manufacturers from all over the world will be present with their latest technologies and products.BEIJING DEMINA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD will show machine tools on display:BT-150H pneumatic PCD tool grinder, using pneumatic feed way, simple structure, good stability. Equipped with grinding head lifting adjustment shaft; Vertical lifting device for grinding point for non-standard cutting tools such as V-cut cutters, dense teeth milling cutters, and tool front faces. Easy to operate.BT-150N three-axis CNC PCD tool grinder, with automatic mode and manual mode at the same time, automatic can be easily programmed, suitable for mass production; By pressing the button, the device returns to the manual state, and you can master the working rhythm by yourself.BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder is composed of five CNC axes, the machine is equipped with a German control system and mature tool grinding application software. Suitable for all kinds of rotary cutting tools (such as milling cutters, drill contour cutters, etc.).BT-150D 4-axis CNC diamond tool grinder, equipped with on-line grinding wheel cleaning, dressing, on-line probe measuring device. Various types of grinding procedures can be stored, and the enveloping grinding method can be realized. It is suitable for the manufacturing of hub cutters and slot cutters.
  • Standard Disk Configuration Of BT-150E 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    Performance characteristics of 5-axis CNC tool grinder 1. BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder is a five-axis five-link CNC tool grinding machine developed by Demina. It is a high-performance tool grinding center. The rotating shaft adopts DD motor, which has high precision, high speed, and long service life. It solves the problem that the fan wheel rod drive is easy to wear in the past. And the precision is poor and needs to replace. 2. The electric spindle has two shafts, which can equip with coarse and fine grinding wheels at the same time. After one clamping and positioning, the rough and fine grinding is completed once. Which avoids the precision of the double-clamping and the two-loading wheel. Inefficient problem. Scope of application: It is suitable for the production or grinding of milling cutters, drilling tools, forming tools and other types of tools. The machine tool adopts high rigidity, high precision, high power (9KW) direct drive variable frequency electric spindle grinding head. The grinding wheel flange can equip with 2~4 grinding wheels at the same time to meet the grinding process of the front, back and end faces of the tool. The machine adopts the Spanish FAGOR 8055 control system and servo unit and adopts the LP2DD precision probe from Renishaw. The standard configuration of 5-axis CNC tool grinder host, Spain FAGOR8055 CNC system and servo unit. MTS standard tool (bit, milling cutter) software package, UK Renishaw LP2DD probe, 9KW precision direct drive grinding head. Workpiece pneumatic clamping device, suction interface, grinding wheel blue. Automatic lubrication device, standard tools, and toolbox, automatic cooling device, and filter tank. The five-axis CNC machine tool has the characteristics of high technology content, high precision, and high efficiency. And plays an important role in the aerospace, military, scientific research, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries. Application range OF 5-axis CNC tool grinder The CNC five-axis machining center is mainly used in a variety of precision equipment, but also in the following industries: 1. Musical instrument industry: It can engrave large-scale musical instruments with three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting. 2. Mold industry: can be carved a variety of large non-metal molds, widely used in special cars, yachts, aviation, wind power, train mold industry. Understand the functional characteristics of the five-axis CNC machining center in order to better play its role. Advantage OF 5-axis CNC tool grinder 1. Intelligent processing cross-border protection function, five-axis machining center can prevent mechanical collision caused by over-processing of design files. 2. Z-axis stroke can be increased to 2.1 meters, processing width is large, suitable for super large three-dimensional surface processing. 3. The five-axis machining center adopts the European OSAI numerical control system. Which has powerful functions, simple operation, and high control precision. 4. Diversified control can control the processing speed, idle speed and falling speed respectively. Which greatly improves the quality and processing efficiency of processed products. BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder is a large-scale high-tech product that can customize according to customer needs and can greatly improve work efficiency. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Application Of Adaptive Control Technology In Rough Grinding

    The main task of a rough grinding diamond is to improve the grinding efficiency, that is, to set the safety distance as little as possible, to reduce the time of “grinding” air. The grinding allowance should be removed as soon as possible within the bearing range of machine tool rigidity. Identify early that the grinding allowance has been removed (indicating that grinding resistance is minimized).Friction between the grinding wheel and the diamond cutting tool produces intense acoustic waves that propagate on the process equipment. Monitoring the acoustic waves can accurately reflect the grinding conditions, such as whether the cutting tool and the grinding wheel contact, whether the pressure between the cutting tool and the grinding wheel (i.e., grinding resistance) is eliminated, etc. If the control system can collect this information in real-time and analyze it, so that the machine tool control system is adapted to it, it is tantamount to installing a sensitive ear to the machine tool, so that the machine tool controller becomes a more intelligent adaptive system. In fact, the development of the system was also inspired by the field workers sharpening inserts.When normal grinding, there are two kinds of acoustic frequency is obvious characteristics, one is the moment of contact between the tool and the grinding wheel, the other is when the grinding reaches the final size (the grinding resistance drops to the minimum), which is easy to understand. The former can be used as a fast feed end, start grinding feed boundary; The latter can be used as a sign of grinding completion.Even in cutting tools and grinding wheel in the process of “close contact”, the change of the sound wave frequency can also reflect the resistance between a cutter and grinding wheel, the “information feedback” to the machine controller, adjust the servo feed speed, the grinding in a relatively “constant” under the force of complete, for improving the grinding efficiency, extend the life of the machine tool has great significance.Demina PCD tool grinding machine can realize rough grinding and finished grinding in one machine.
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