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  • Factors To Consider When Choosing A Tool Grinder

    Maintenance of tool grinding machine What is a tool grinder? In fact, it is a device dedicated to tool making and sharpening. It is widely used in machinery manufacturers and related tool manufacturers, and is generally purchased in large quantities. For the manufacturer, maintenance and maintenance are very important. The equipment is not cheap, so how do we do the maintenance work? Demina will give you a brief introduction. First, rust protection. Mainly for new devices. Sometimes the manufacturer buys more at a time, and the equipment will rust easily after a long time. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular rust prevention work. And adjust the rust prevention time according to different weather, environment, climate and other factors, so as to avoid affect the later use. Second, regular inspections. This is when the device has been used. After all, the device is worn out every time it is used. Especially after long-term use, the surface is easy to accumulate. The ashing time is too long or too thick, which will affect the . Grinder's work efficiency and effect, it is easy to fail, so check the operation regularly and clean up in time. Third, add lubricants in time. In particular, the ball screw, whether before or after use, must be guaranteed to have lubricating oil to ensure that the fitting is in a lubricated state. If it is not added in time, it will easily rust and damage, thus affecting the overall use of the device. Factors to consider when choosing a tool grinder First, understand the market demand: in addition to the need to consider the situation of the grinding machine, but also pay attention to the market demand. This is very important, because the product is too competitive, there are dozens of hundreds of models for the production of drill bits. So be sure to Pay attention to the commonly used drill bit models, and the selection of equipment must meet these standards. At the very least, the precision of the polished products must meet the corresponding standards. Second, the structure of the equipment: BT-150HG cutter grinding machine because of the different brands, there are still no small differences in the structure.The quality is also different, the same is the tool grinder, there are great differences in practicality and convenience. So it must be Familiar with the construction of the grinding machine. 1. Grinding wheel: The grinding wheel should consider its speed and stroke progress. The faster the general speed, the more expensive the price, the shorter the stroke interval, the better. 2. Grinding machine spindle: The grinding machine main shaft is the main component of the grinding machine and is washed with water before use. 3. Hydraulic device: The hydraulic device has certain requirements on oil quality and can control the timely supply of oil. 4. Lubrication device: A tank structure for lubricating oil supply, which mainly controls the use of lubricating oil. 5. Flushing and vacuuming devices: These two can be said to the supporting facilities of the grinding machine. Demina specializes in the production of BT-150HG CBN tool grinder, and welcomes users who need it to consult the price of the equipment.
  • Online Wheel Dressing Equipment For BT-150D Tool Grinder

    When the BT-150D tool grinder performs grinding work, the consistency of the workpiece size of the equipment depends largely on the consistency of the process system state. After the grinding wheel is dressed once, the thickness of the abrasive is reduced, and the end face of the grinding wheel is changed to the specified calibration position, which leads to changes in the state of the entire processing system and the size of the workpiece to be processed. Therefore, the consistency of the size cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is very important to compensate for the grinding wheel after dressing.The BT-150D tool grinder produced by Demina is equipped with an online grinding wheel dresser. The computer can be operated online, saving a lot of labor costs. When the equipment is finished grinding, it can be automatically trimmed and cleaned with compressed air. The dressing wheel can be arranged in the software interface. The dressing process of the grinding wheel is the mutual grinding of two abrasives. This is the result of a comprehensive effect. Not only the thickness of the abrasive of the grinding wheel is reduced, but the thickness of the abrasive of the dressing wheel is also reduced.When the grinding times of the equipment reach the set dressing interval times, the dressing module is automatically called in the NC program to realize the automatic dressing of the grinding wheel. The Demina 150D tool grinder has this function, which saves the operator’s time by replacing the grinding wheel. The grinding efficiency is very high, and users in need are welcome to come to the company for consultation and purchase.
  • Superhard Cutting Tool Manufacturing Procedures

    In recent years, with the rapid development of CNC machining technology and the widespread use of CNC machine tools. The application of ultra-hard cutting tools that can achieve high efficiency, high stability. And long life processing has become more and more popular, and many advanced cutting concepts have been introduced. Such as high-speed cutting, hard machining, high-stability machining, car grinding, dry cutting, etc. Superhard cutting tools have become an indispensable tool in modern machining. Main types and characteristics of superhard cutting tools Superhard cutting tools can achieve high precision, high efficiency, high stability and high surface finish of non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant non-metallic materials by using the high hardness. High wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient of PCD materials. Such tools are mainly classified into welded PCD cutters and indexable PCD inserts. Development of superhard cutting tools In recent years, the fastest development of superhard cutting tools is PCD tools with standard shanks. Such as PCD cutter with handle, PCD boring tool, PCD reamer, etc. The shank type is mainly cylindrical handle, taper shank, and HSK handle. The tool is characterized by the small beating of the cutting edge (for example, the cutting edge of the HSK shank PCD milling cutter with a blade length of 30 mm is only 0.002 mm). Which is especially suitable for forming faces and holes of various non-ferrous metal parts. Large-scale high-speed machining such as stepped holes. For example, PCD high-speed milling cutters with aluminum base cutters have a maximum speed of 20,000 R/MIN and above. Cutting speeds of up to 7,000 M/MIN, making them suitable for forming surfaces for automotive parts. The indexable PCD insert is made by inserting a PCD blank on the carbide indexable insert and then sharpening it. It can be clamped on the tool holder, tool holder or cutter head of various CNC machine tools. High-reliability high-volume processing. With the increasing popularity of CNC machine tools, machining centers0. And automatic production lines, the use of indexable superhard cutting tools is increasing, and the tool durability can be increased by several times compared with cemented carbide tools. At present, PCD or PCBN is not used in the domestic manufacturing industry to make use of its high-efficiency processing characteristics but to pursue a good tool life. Which affects the rapid development of domestic super-hard knives to a certain extent. Even in such a fierce price competition, the domestic super hard is still moving forward steadily. Because from each processing link, the only advantage of imported knives, perhaps left time to accumulate the mature application cases.
  • Use Skills Of BT-150H Universal Grinder

    With the continuous development of the grinding industry, tool grinders are now more and more widely used, especially the BT-150H universal grinder. Because this type of grinder equipment not only has a wide grinding range but also has high grinding accuracy and high grinding efficiency, it is widely used. So how do users master the skills of using tool grinders when using them? Next, Demina will give you an introduction.Use Skills Of BT-150H Universal Grinder1. The 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine should be securely fixed with bolts, kept upright, and not overturned. The road should be dry and tidy, safe and unobstructed, well ventilated, and well-lit. The power cords should not be entangled with each other and should be kept away from high temperature, oily, and easily damaged places.2. Before starting the universal tool grinder, please read the manual of the machine carefully, and you can operate the machine only after you are familiar with the machine structure, handle functions, transmission lubrication system, and safe operation specifications.3. The power plugs and sockets of universal tool grinders should be installed firmly and reliably with good contact. Non-professionals are forbidden to install and repair the electrical system of machine tools.4. Before starting the machine tool, check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are consistent with the motor nameplate requirements.5. Check the reliability of the electrical system protective grounding before starting the machine tool; check the reliability of the electrical system protective grounding before the bed.6. The handle of the PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine must be locked before work. The workpiece should be reliably clamped. Before starting the machine tool, the workpiece should be clamped reliably. Before starting the machine tool, fix the protective cover of the grinding wheel and remove the wrenches and other tools left on the machine tool. The protective cover of the grinding wheel should be fixed and the wrenches and other tools left on the machine should be removed.7. It is forbidden to wear gloves to operate and be careful not to touch the rotating grinding wheel and workpiece with your hands to avoid injury.8. It is forbidden to install the workpiece and replace the grinding wheel on the running universal tool grinder.9. When operating the machine tool, employees should protect their hands, eyes, and face, and wear goggles, goggles, caps, and other protective equipment as required. Long hair should be tucked into the cap and long sleeves should be rolled above the elbow.10. Before maintaining and repairing the machine tool, be sure to cut off the power supply of the machine tool, and confirm safety before entering. Before maintaining and repairing the machine tool, be sure to cut off the power supply of the machine tool and confirm the safety before proceeding.11. Before turning on the power, make sure that the machine tool switch is in the off position. When the work is completed or temporarily left, make sure that the machine tool switch is in the off position before turning on the power. When the work is completed or temporarily left, please turn off the machine tool. Power switch; please turn off the power switch of the machine tool.12. If the universal tool grinder machine fails or makes abnormal noise during operation, the machine power should be cut off immediately, and the reason should be checked. If the machine fails or abnormal noise during operation, the machine power should be cut off immediately, the reason should be checked, and the failure should be eliminated. The machine tool can be restarted.13. Be vigilant when working, and it is forbidden to operate the machine tool after drinking and fatigue.
  • Structure And Key Technology Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder

    This paper discusses the function and market demand of CNC tool grinding machine, the technical characteristics, structural form, key technology and important supporting parts of CNC tool grinding, and introduces the typical models of foreign CNC tool grinding, and proposes to accelerate the development of domestic CNC tool grinding. First, the market demand is broad In today's world, China has become the world's largest equipment manufacturing country. According to reports, in 2013, the output value of China's equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 20 trillion yuan, 2.2 times that of 2008, accounting for about one-third of the global equipment manufacturing output ratio, ranking first in the world. Among them, the output of power generation equipment is 120 million kilowatts, accounting for 60% of the world; the completion of shipbuilding is 45.34 million deadweight tons, accounting for 41% of the world; the output of automobiles is 22.12 million, accounting for 25% of the world; the output of machine tools is 960,000, accounting for 38% of the world. . In addition, the annual output of washing machines, refrigerators, motorcycles, air conditioners, televisions, mobile phones, etc. are among the highest in the world. The machine tool is the working machine of the equipment manufacturing industry. From 2002 to 2013, China has become the world's largest machine tool* consumer in 12 years, and the machine tool consumption accounts for 40%-45% of the total global machine tool consumption. It goes without saying that China is also a major consumer of CNC tool grinding machines in the world. It is reported that in 2013, China's CNC tool grinding machine consumption was 33 billion yuan, of which the imported CNC tool grinding machine was 11.5 billion yuan; the proportion of domestically produced tools (CNC tools) has risen from 15% in the early 11th Five-Year Plan to 25%. Showing a good posture, but the development potential is still huge. According to the relevant information of the tool industry, The rapid increase in the demand for CNC tool grinding machines in China has promoted the huge market potential of the CNC tool grinding machine industry. At present, CNC tool grinding machines mainly rely on imports. It is reported that the number of 4-5 axis CNC tool grinding machines imported by major tool manufacturing enterprises in China has reached more than 100 sets, and some medium-sized tool manufacturers have also imported dozens of such machine tools. Second, BT-150D CNC tool grinder Characteristics The modern CNC tool grinding and assembly of CNC machining technology is mainly reflected in: 1. Precision High precision is the embodiment of tool quality, which is directly reflected in the production quality of machined parts. Due to the high precision requirements of modern CNC tools, the corresponding five-axis CNC tool grinding has the precision of precision machine tools. The machining accuracy of the foreign five-axis CNC tool grinding reaches 2μ, so the machine structure is optimized and designed with functional components, which have good static, dynamic and thermal performance. 2. High speed The numerical control tool processing form is mainly high-speed, high-precision forming grinding. The application of super-hard material grinding tools such as diamond grinding tools and CBN grinding tools puts new demands on the high-speed performance of the grinding machine. For example, the grinding wheel shaft generally adopts an electric spindle, and the rotating speed exceeds 10000r/min. The machine is required to have excellent electromechanical coupling, servo optimization, and high acceleration performance. The application of direct drive components such as electric spindles, torque motors, and linear motors has become a new bright spot in the high-speed performance of foreign five-axis CNC tool grinding. 3. Compound Multi-axis linkage control and multi-process composite grinding are one of the main technical features of the five-axis CNC tool grinding. The five-axis CNC tool grinding can realize the complete grinding of complex profiles and composite tools in one loading. Because superhard materials such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PNCB) are used in CNC tools, it is not enough to grind such CNC tools with diamond wheels. Under the impetus of scientific and technological advancement, the technology of applying EDM and laser machining of CNC tools has emerged as the times require. At present, 5-axis CNC tool grinding is used for rotating EDM of polycrystalline diamond. The integrated grinding wheel is ground on the same tool grinding machine. It can be used for the double spindle and single spindle models with the electrode and grinding wheel replacement device. It is mainly used for metal and wood. The processing of polycrystalline diamond tools in the processing industries such as ceramics and plastics indicates that composite machine tools using EDM and grinding wheel grinding in combination with PCD tools have also matured. Special processing and compound processing have become an important development direction of CNC tool grinding. 4. Intelligence The five-axis CNC tool grinding is one of the concentrated models of intelligent technology applications. The foreign advanced five-axis CNC tool grinding equipment is equipped with a laser probe, grinding wheel probe, sonar sensor, CCD camera, etc. Its models generally have machine state monitoring and optimization, automatic compensation of dynamic and thermal states, anti-collision function, tool processing. In the machine inspection, the grinding wheel automatically repairs the calibration and dynamic balance functions on the line, which improves the intelligent level of tool grinding. 5. Application software “Half is hardware and half is software.” This is the basic feature of five-axis CNC tool grinding CNC tools. Without the support of CNC tool grinding software, it is impossible to process a variety of CNC tool products with various forms and forms. General grinding software includes machining standard tool modules and non-standard tool modules. The operator can apply the database or set the tool geometry parameters to form a 3D graphics simulation machining program. For the grinding of complex-shaped tools such as tapered ball end mills, foreign companies with strong strength can process them, because the machining of such tools requires high-precision multi-axis linkage CNC tool grinding machines and high-precision machining data calculations. Cutting software. It can be seen that the five-axis CNC tool grinding is one of the most complete CNC machine tools for software development and application. 6. Automation The robot is widely used in CNC tool grinding machines, which successfully solves the problems of automatic exchange of grinding wheels and automatic loading and unloading of workpieces, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency, precision, and consistency of the numerical control tool grinding machine. The organic fusion of industrial robots and CNC tool grinding forms an automated grinding center (FMC). In summary, the modern five-axis CNC tool grinding combines advanced manufacturing technology into one, becoming the carrier of contemporary high-tech integrated application. In addition, the five-axis CNC tool grinding can be used for precision machining of special parts such as medical parts, IT and aerospace. It is foreseeable that the five-axis CNC tool grinding, which is hailed as the “elf”, will play an increasingly important role in modern manufacturing. Third. The structural form of the CNC tool grinding machine CNC tool grinding mainly grinds complex CNC tools. In order to achieve grinding of complex surfaces, X, Y, Z, A or (B), C-- five-axis linkage is required for machine tool processing. The machine tool generally consists of a main moving part (grinding wheel), a feed moving part, an auxiliary port, a column, a stand, and the like. The layout structure of the five-axis CNC tool grinding moving parts is various, and it is divided into two types according to the main axis of the workpiece. Several types of machine tool structures commonly used at home and abroad are introduced. 1. The vertical layout of the machined part The main axis of the workpiece of the machine tool is vertically arranged to realize 5-axis linkage: X---Workpiece table lateral movement Y----Workpiece table longitudinal movement Z----The grinding head axis moves vertically up and down A---Workpiece spindle rotation angle 360 ​​degrees B---grinding shaft rotation C----Workpiece table horizontal swing Based on this layout, the grinding wheel can be approached to the workpiece at any angle from the front, the back, the left, and the right, achieving 5-axis linkage, and the workpiece can be fully ground in one setup. This grinding method is flexible and efficient, eliminates the influence of the center of gravity of the workpiece, and has high machining accuracy. 2. Horizontal layout of the workpiece axis, workpiece work table realizes A, C axis rotation The axis of the workpiece is horizontally arranged, the workpiece table has an X-axis, and the A and C axes are rotated; the spindle of the grinding wheel moves up and down and left and right to realize the Y and Z axis movement. The column can adopt the integral gantry type, the beam slides up and down the column, and the grinding wheel shaft slides on the left and right sides of the beam. The combined structure is compact and the rigidity is superior. The axis of the grinding wheel moves smoothly, the workpiece is in the same horizontal plane and the movement is stable, and the operation is convenient. 3. The horizontal axis of the workpiece is laid, the A-axis of the workpiece table rotates, and the B-axis of the grinding wheel spindle rotates. The workpiece axis is horizontally arranged, the workpiece table has X-axis, Z-axis, and A-axis, and the grinding wheel spindle has Y-axis and B axis. This combination is flexible, compact and efficient. 4. Horizontal layout of the workpiece axis, C-axis rotation of the grinding wheel spindle The horizontal axis of the workpiece is laid, the workpiece table has X, Y, Z, A-axis, and the grinding wheel spindle has C axis. This combination increases the C-axis stiffness and the running stability of the grinding wheel and improves the grinding wheel movement accuracy. The grinding wheel replacement is very advantageous; the workpiece table has more movement coordinates and a compact structure. Fourth, key technologies and important supporting parts 1. Key technology The five-axis linkage CNC tool grinding involves the following key technologies: (1) Finite element analysis and machine optimization design techniques for high-rigidity bed, column and main structural parts of precision machine tools for precision grinding; (2) High-speed electric spindle (grinding head) structure optimization and lubrication and cooling technology; (3) Virtual online dynamic balancing, detection and finishing technology for high-speed electric spindle grinding wheel; (4) Rotary shaft-A/B/C structure design and high-precision motion technology; (5) Linear axis-X/Y/Z design and repeat positioning accuracy control technology; (6) Five-axis linkage tool processing program preparation and system software application technology; (7) Automatic tool measurement and positioning system technology; (8) Injection of high-speed grinding coolant and filtration and cooling technology of high-pressure and large-flow cutting fluid; (9) Final assembly and commissioning technology of five-axis linkage CNC tool grinding machine. (10) Automation technology such as industrial robot application 2. Important matching parts (1) CNC system High-performance five-axis CNC tool grinding requires a CNC system with the following features: open architecture; high-precision nano-interpolation and motion control; networked digital system architecture; surface machining performance; easy CNC programming and debugging. The numerical control system should have multi-axis and multi-channel control; it has high-speed, high-precision motion performance; digital bus communication; intelligent functions such as dynamic compensation and servo optimization. At present, foreign manufacturers generally use the FANUC31i system and the SIEMENS-840D SL system. This type of control system is highly versatile. Now tool grinder manufacturers are keen to develop special CNC systems and tool grinding software, such as ANCA's ANCA system, WALTER's HMC500 and HMC1500/200 systems, and Anton's AGATHON system. This trend indicates that the dedicated system can be used to increase the complexity and processing of the object, and the modular component can increase or decrease the processing function to achieve its sexuality and economy. The CNC programming technology of the tool grinder special system combines various mathematical equation expressions, thus enabling a wide range of interpolation: linear interpolation, circular interpolation, involute interpolation, exponential function interpolation, and spiral interpolation. Complementary, spline function interpolation and other functions can solve high-precision machining of various complex shape tools. (2) CNC tool grinding software The tool grinding software for foreign CNC tool grinders can be divided into two categories: one is software developed by a professional tool grinding software company, such as the tool grinding software tool kit-FESSIONAL developed by MTS in Switzerland, Switzerland. The tool grinding software NUMROTOplus developed by NUM; the other is software developed by the tool grinder manufacturer. This kind of grinding software includes not only the tool grinder manufacturer (the well-known tool grinder manufacturer is also well-known). The tool manufacturer's knowledge of tool grinding and machine tool manufacturing has incorporated its long-standing experience in tool manufacturing. Although the tool grinding software introduced by each company differs in functions, intelligence, visualization, etc., it generally has 3D simulation, graphic guidance, parameterized programming functions, open tool grinding expert library, etc., in order to realize numerical control. Tool design and manufacturing. (3) Features The main functional components include high-performance electric spindle (grinding head spindle), high-precision ball screw and linear rolling guide, high-precision linear and circular grating, linear motor and torque motor, high-precision rolling bearing, high-precision CNC rotary table, precision static bearing, static pressure rails, etc. (4) Other matching parts The cutting fluid system of the machine tool needs to be equipped with a high-pressure, large-flow filter cooling station. The machine tool requires an environmental safety device such as an oil mister and an explosion-proof fire extinguisher. The intelligent and automatic functions of the machine tool need to configure the workpiece (tool) and the automatic measurement and positioning system of the grinding wheel, the virtual online dynamic balance detection device of the grinding wheel, as well as the grinding wheel library or the automatic grinding wheel converter and the robot, the loading and unloading robot, etc., so as to improve the machine tool intelligence. The level of automation and automation meets the growing demand for CNC tools and high-precision grinding. Suggestions on accelerating the development of domestic five-axis CNC tool grinding Overall, the domestic has a gap in processing precision, efficiency, intelligence, automation, CNC and software technology, reliability and amenity compared with foreign advanced level, accelerating the development of domestic 5-axis CNC Tool grinding requires national industrial policy and science and technology policy support, and it requires industry efforts. To this end, the following recommendations are made: (1) Increase the support of the National Science and Technology Major Project of “CNC Machine Tool and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” for the research, development, demonstration and promotion of five-axis CNC tool grinding. (2) Focus on improving the technical level, product quality and reliability of the domestic five-axis tool grinding. For the production enterprises, it is recommended to implement the preferential policies of VAT pre-requisition and return according to the sales of five-axis tool grinding and encourage the promotion and application. (3) Vigorously develop the functional components required for the five-axis CNC tool grinding products, and provide support for the industrial chain for product upgrade and industrialization. (4) Support key enterprises to implement technological transformation, improve the manufacturing process equipment level and test and detection capability of five-axis CNC tool grinding. (5) Encourage the leading enterprises as the leading factor, take the market demand as the traction, combine the “production, study and research”, especially strengthen the cooperation between the leading enterprises of tool manufacturing and tool grinding machine manufacturing, and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Promoting the domestic CNC tool grinder to improve the technical level and industrialization, accelerate the development of domestic five-axis CNC tool grinding, to meet the needs of China's manufacturing industry, has become an urgent task for the transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry. We appeal to powerful enterprises and people with lofty ideals to contribute to the development of domestic five-axis CNC tool grinding.
  • Demina PCD Tool Resharpening Machine

    When cutting, the cutter’s front face and chip, the back face, and the workpiece often squeeze and friction each other, producing a high temperature. Therefore, wear occurs on the front and rear knife surfaces of the tool. The front knife surfaces wear and form crescent depresses, while the rear knife surfaces wear and form wear belts. Usually, the front and rear knife surfaces wear at the same time and affect each other. In cutting, under the condition of high pressure, high temperature, and intense friction, the cutting edge gradually becomes blunt and loses its normal cutting ability.There Are Two Types Of Tool WearNormal wear: When the tool is designed, manufactured, and used properly, it gradually wears away during cutting.Abnormal wear: breakage (crack, broken edge, broken edge, etc.), winding edge (plastic deformation of the blade).About the  wear situation:1. Initial wear stageThe slope of the wear curve is high at this stage, which means that the tool wears away quickly.2. Normal wear stageAfter initial wear, a narrow edge surface is formed on the back of the tool, reducing the pressure. At the same time, the surface of the tool has been polished, the increase of wear slows down and stabilizes, and the tool enters the normal wear stage. 3. Rapid wear stageAfter the normal wear of the tool, the cutting edge becomes obtuse, which leads to the rapid increase of cutting force and cutting temperature. At this time into the rapid wear phase, this phase of the wear curve slope is very large, the performance of the tool wear speed is very fast.  Should be in sharp wear phase before sharpening or changing the knife, so that both reasonable use of the tool, and ensure the quality of processing.PCD tools are reusable. Demina company has produced the PCD tool resharpening machine. It can help the customer to reduce the cost of cutting tools. They can buy a PCD tool resharpening machine in their own company, which can repair the wear PCD tools with high efficiency.
  • Safety Precautions For CNC Tool Grinding Machines

    CNC tool grinder is an NC lathe that grinds and polishes the surface of the casting with the help of abrasive tools. The tool grinding machine has a wide range of applications. It can not only complete high-precision and efficient grinding but also grinding with a low degree of roughness. It is also suitable for grinding and polishing a variety of hard and brittle materials, so it is used in manufacturing Very popular. The important castings of CNC tool grinders are made of high-grade cast iron with rare metals. And after quenching, natural and flutter are used to remove stress, in order to ensure high precision and high rigidity and to enhance the equipment life. And now the scope of use of CNC tool grinding machines is becoming more and more extensive, so we still need to do some safety protection measures when using. Demina will take as an example to tell you about the safety precautions of the tool grinding machine. Safety precautions for CNC tool grinding machines When CNC PCD & PCBN Tool Grinder is started, it must first complete a comprehensive inspection of the machine's cylindrical grinder in detail. Including the inspection of control mechanisms, instrumentation equipment, and magnetic chucks. After the inspection is completed, lubricate again. After lubrication, make a trial run, check that everything is good, and then use it. When installing the casting, the card must be aligned and tightened. Looseness of the casting during the grinding step of the tool grinder will cause the casting to fall and hurt people or hit the wheel. When driving, use manual adjustment measures to make the grinding wheel slower and closer to the casting, and the cutting speed should be lower, and the force should not be too strong, so as not to hit the grinding wheel. When the iron is used to control the reciprocating operation of the operating table. It is necessary to precisely adjust the grinding length of the tool grinder according to the grinding length of the tool grinder to tighten the iron firmly. When disassembling and replacing the grinding wheel, first take an appearance check to see if there is any trauma, and then hit it with a wooden hammer or stick. The sound needs to clear and without cracks. The CNC tool grinder must comply with the prescribed measures and standard assembly when replacing the sand wheels. After the static balance debugging, the installation and commissioning should be carried out. After everything is normal, it can be used. Operators should wear safety goggles during work, and they must be completed stably when trimming the wheel to prevent collisions. Inspection of castings, change or scrubbing of tool grinders should be carried out after shutdown. When using a magnetic suction cup, the surface of the disc, the casting must be cleaned, tightly held, and sucked tightly. If necessary, iron can be added to prevent the casting from moving backward or flying out. Pay attention to the protective cover of the grinding wheel or the baffle of the CNC lathe, and the station should pass the front side of the grinding wheel with high speed. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD specializes in the production of various tool grinder equipment. The equipment we produce has good performance and high efficiency. Welcome everyone to come to buy.
  • Drill Bit Resharpen

    The drill bit shall sharpen the horizontal edge, the main cutting edge of BAI, and the chip cutting groove shall be sharpened to meet the following requirements :1. The bevel angle of the drill bit shall be between 50-55 degrees, and the width of the horizontal edge shall be equal to the 0.03-0.05d diameter.2.Grinding main cutting edge to be straight, combined in the grinding Angle of 118 to 135 degrees to ensure that.3. Repair and chip dividing slots are arranged staggered on the main cutting edge and the depth is about 0.2-2. Drill grinding machine grinding bit can adjust bit at apex Angle (apex Angle), escaped clearance Angle (Angle) after the size of the chisel edge, center, alternative center drill positioning, and is equipped with static point (center) size adjustment function, can do effective cooperation with drilling material, speed, can control the quality and precision of the workpiece and extend the service life of drill bit.In the face of most production scenarios, it must be unreasonable to remove all the horizontal edges, otherwise, the horizontal edges will not exist when the drill bit is finished.The Main Functions Of The Horizontal Blade Are As FollowsAfter the horizontal edge is sharpened, it forms a drilling point, which plays a centering role and is also a cutting edge on the drilling core.The transverse edge Angle is the most intuitive parameter to check the front and rear Angle of the bit. Too large or too small the transverse edge Angle will directly affect the cutting performance.The length of the transverse edge determines the cutting resistance and cutting edge strength.Therefore, if the grinding edge is not properly sharpened in the center, it will affect the bit centering and further affect the hole size.If the Angle of the transverse edge is too large, the cutting environment or resistance will become worse; If the horizontal edge is too short, the edge strength will be lower, but less durable.Demina has produced 150F drill grinding machine. It can regrind the carbide drills with high efficiency.Welcome to visit us for more details.
  • Design Features Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder

    The numerical control of the universal tool grinder not only reduces the operation difficulty of the machine tool. But also has an innate connection between the technology and the tool grinder. The complexity and variety of the tool can met by the flexibility of the software. Therefore, the control unit of the tool grinder should give up the commonality of many types of equipment to meet the special requirements of tool grinding. The adoption of software technology can reduce the complexity of the machine structure. And these mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle. Which greatly shortens the equipment development cycle and even reduces the cost. Secondly, in general, the user base of tool grinding machines is not large. The enthusiasm of manufacturers to store spare parts is not high. And the simple mechanical structure can also reduce the risk of equipment operation in the future. Product upgrades resulting from competition require equipment to be “flexible”. And software maintenance and upgrades can meet their needs. Conventional "CNC systems" and CAD/CAM software were not developed for these "non-mainstream" devices. Only dedicated and simple control units. Software technology plays a key role in the data processing and control of tool grinding machines. PP-50 universal tool grinder application During the development of the , the reciprocating oscillation of the grinding wheel that affects the cutting edge quality is a priority. We abandon the traditional crankshaft linkage swing mechanism and control the position. Velocity and acceleration of the swing by electronic intelligent components. Which greatly improves the motion accuracy and smooth performance of the swing. At the same time, it also brings other benefits such as short manufacturing cycle. Simple maintenance, and easy operation. As an economical device, the use of industrial monitors instead of computers as a means of monitoring not only reduces costs but also computers cause greatly reduces the failure rate. And is more suitable for the SME community. A light screen with multiple concentric circles is a common device for optical projectors. The diamond tool grinder has improved the device to make it a soft line consisting of a crosshair and two concentric circles centered at the intersection of the crosshairs. "Light screen. The position of the crosshair can move up and down by pressing the button. And the size of the concentric circle can also change. In this way, the tool can mount on the card to capture the center of the arc of the tool by pressing the “find the tooltip” button. So that the intersection of the cross line coincides with it so that the measurement can compare without moving the tool position. At the same time, unnecessary concentric circles are not displayed. Which makes the measurement more concise and clear. Design of PP-50 universal end mill sharpener PP-50 universal end mill sharpener As a fully automatic tool grinding machine. The monitoring system is the eye of the CNC unit. And the eye sees which CNC system goes. Its monitoring system weakens the function of the mechanical structure of the CCD mount. Cancel the lateral orientation rail of the CCD camera. Replace the tiny displacement of the camera with the movement of the scribe line drawn by the computer software. And set the operation password to ensure that the state of the tool after alignment unchanged. This design mainly comes from two reasons: in the front, the mechanical structure of the mechanical hand wheel driving the screw has a slight elastic deformation. And in the case of the middle and rear external force being withdrawn. The elastic deformation is restored to cause the center to deviate again. Second, there are four degrees of freedom on the small CCD holder. Any slight changes or inadvertent movements will cause the center to deviate. So the operator will frequently adjust and confirm the center alignment before starting the sharpening. The use of software technology not only greatly increases the rigidity of the CCD bracket. But also effectively maintains the alignment state. In the actual development process, it is very important for software developers to deeply study the process requirements of the equipment and the usage habits of the workers. The mechanical engineers should correctly understand software technology and control technology. Understand the status quo of newer technologies and their development direction because they often It is the person who asks questions and requests. Demina is a professional PP-50 universal tool grinder manufacturer. Our equipment is of good quality and cost-effective. Factory direct production, welcome everyone to come to buy.
  • The Manufacturing Method Of A High-Precision Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine

    When machining a workpiece, it is often necessary to grind the surface of the workpiece and process grooves and curved surfaces on the workpiece. When processing the workpiece, the grinding wheel will wear out. Therefore, after the grinding wheel has been used for a certain period of time, the grinding wheel must be dressed with the aid of a grinding wheel dresser so that the grinding wheel can regain the shape accuracy and sharpness of the surface. The existing shaping wheel dressing schemes generally use multiple equipment and instruments such as a grinding wheel dresser, an arc grinding wheel dresser, a sine gauge, a projector, and a trial grinding model, and these instruments and equipment must be used in conjunction with each other. The dressing of the grinding wheel can be completed by repeated dressing manually. The grinding wheel dressers used for forming grinding are mainly mechanical grinding wheel dressers. It adopts a prefabricated mold that is the same as the processed workpiece, that is, a diamond forming and dressing roller or a mechanical mechanism that causes the dressing pen of the dresser to generate the required motion track to dress a forming grinding wheel that meets the requirements of the processed workpiece. The trimming cannot be completed at one time, and the operator’s technical level is also very high. The tangent or intersection position between the modified line segments is uncontrollable, and adjustments must be made during product grinding, which will cause difficulties in product processing. The modification of more than three combined line segments and non-circular curves is even more difficult to complete. According to the above problems, a grinding wheel dresser was produced.The grinding wheel dressing machine is developed and improved on the basis of absorbing the technology of similar foreign machines. According to market demand, it focuses on optimizing functions, improving machine performance and efficiency, in order to optimize the cost performance of the machine. It is manual semi-automatic control of grinding wheel repair on the existing market. The most advanced product in the whole machine.The equipment is based on the overall vertical layout of the machine through two sets of bi-directionally movable cross slides, a rotating shaft with a rocker arm, and a rotating arm driven by a retractable motor to realize the dressing action of the grinding wheel working surface. On the working surface of the grinding wheel, it is possible to trim and form angled bevels, arcs, rounded corners, and other shapes, with high trimming accuracy, and a detection device (such as a projector) can be installed on the machine to directly perform trimming and inspection.PCD&PCBN tool grinder adopts the different materials of the grinding wheel to be dressed and the material of the grinding wheel and uses different speeds to achieve the function of dressing. The dressing of the surface shape of the grinding wheel is controlled by adjusting the axis and the rotation axis on the two cross slides, and the final effect is determined by the detection while dressing.An angle limit mechanism is installed on the rotating shaft of the machine. When the shape of the inclined surface of the grinding wheel is trimmed, the scale on it may be used to control the angle of the inclined surface. The detection device is controlled by a computer. The computer and the electrical part of the machine are installed in a separate control cabinet to achieve separation from the machine, which can better protect the electrical components and the detection environment from the impact of grinding wheel dust.
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