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  • The Mechanical Component Of BT-150D Four-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    Overall, the BT150D machine is mainly made up of a bed (almost all parts are mounted on it). A water shield (with an alarm mounted on it), an electrical cabinet (mainly installed with electrical components). A control panel box, and a cooling water tank. The following components are the main parts: Grinding Spindle The system, composing of the direct driven spindle (3A000)and the bracket where the direct driven spindle(3B000)is assembled. Offers a grinding force for the machine. The operation of the motor spindle can start and stop via the control panel. The software can adjust the RPM of the spindle and tilting angle can also be adjusted depending on tilting angle adjusting the motor. The software can control the angle size is set. Swing Table The system, composing of swing worktable (1B000), ball screw, servo motor(1C000). Enable the grinding wheel to swing left and right. The swing range and frequency can adjust to ensure even abrasion of the grinding wheel and therefore the high quality of the cutting edges. Feed system The system, composing of feed sliding table(2B000), slow pneumatic feed handwheel and rapid pneumatic feed rocker. A servo drive mechanism (2C000) and weight mechanism, can feed the tools to grinding wheel precisely and steadily. Rapid feed and rapid retraction can also achieve high productivity. Worktable The system, composing of cross worktable (2A000)and fixture(8A000). Can clamp all kinds of tools (lather tools, inserts and dynamic balanced tools, etc). It is possible to move the tool radius center to the rotation center of the working table by the means of the two manual operated screws. Video system The system, composing of CCD bracket, microscope, CCD camera, LED light and industrial pc. Can display the video and machine coordinate in real-time and all kinds of software facility can apply here. Control System The system, composing of electrical cabinet, control panel and industrial PC, can control the electrical and mechanical components to achieve grinding performance. The outside of the electrical cabinet is equipped with air conditioning to adjust the temperature inside the cabinet to prevent the temperature of the electrical cabinet from being too high, thus ensuring the stability of the operation of the electrical components. When the machine fails, the tower alarm will promptly report the alarm. Wheel dressing system The system consists of a dressing wheel and a pneumatic motor.  Measurement system It is realized by the probe, and the tool can measure online. The measurement deviation can use as the “correction amount” input program to finally repair the qualified tool.  
  • Lathe Tool

    Lathe tool shape and usage Generally used tooltip types include the following: 1. Rough turning tool: it is mainly used to cut a large number of redundant parts so that the diameter of the work object is close to the required size. Surface luminosity is not important when rough, so the tooltip can be ground into a sharp peak, but the peak usually has a small roundness to avoid fracture. 2. Fine turning tool: the blade can be polished with the sharpening light of the whetstone, so as to produce a very smooth surface luminosity. Generally speaking, the round nose of the fine turning tool is bigger than a rough turning tool. 3. Round nose turning tool: can be used for many different types of work is a common turning tool when the grinding flat top surface can be left and right turning can also be used for turning brass. This turning tool can also form an arc on the shoulder corner, can also be used as a fine-tuning tool. 4. Cutting tool: only the end of cutting work, the tool can be used to cut materials and grooves. 5. Screw turning tool (tooth cutting tool): it is used for turning screw or nut. It can be divided into 60 degrees or 55 degrees v-type tooth cutting tool, 29 degrees trapezoid tooth cutting tool and square tooth cutting tool. 6. Boring turning tool: used for turning holes drilled or cast.For the purpose of reaching the optical dimension or true straight hole surface. 7. Side turning tool or side turning tool: it is used for turning the end face of the work object. The right-turning tool is usually used at the end of the finishing axle, while the left turning tool is used at the left side of the finishing shoulder Beijing Demina's diamond tool grinding machine can grind many types of lathe tools.
  • Work Precautions Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder

    Features OF CNC tool grinding machine The potential replacement market for diamond tools is huge and demand is growing at a high rate. The downstream of diamond tools include building materials, machinery, mining, electronics, photovoltaics, and other major fields. It is expected that the market penetration in various fields will step and good structure will develop in turn. Photovoltaic, LED and other fields will achieve breakthroughs from scratch. With the rapid growth of the industry, it will grow rapidly. The automotive machinery and other fields will mainly achieve breakthroughs in the Chinese market. Traditional areas such as stone materials and building materials will continue to grow steadily. The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has the common characteristics of the diamond and ceramic bond. Compared with ordinary corundum and silicon carbide abrasives, it has strong grinding force, low temperature during grinding and relatively low wear of grinding tools. The role of the coolant. The shape retention of the grinding tool is good during grinding, the precision of grinding the workpiece is high. The grinding tool has more air holes, which is good for chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding. Is not easy to block and is not easy to burn the workpiece. The self-sharpness is better, the trimming interval is longer, and the trimming is easier. Therefore, the use of ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels in some developed countries abroad is increasing. The equipment used to cut diamond wheels is the BT-150D CNC tool grinder. BT-150D CNC tool grinder is a grinding machine for sharpening all kinds of oblique or straight inserts. It has the characteristics of short grinding time, small grinding amount, high grinding precision and sharp edge. It is a small printing. The ideal sharpening equipment for packaging companies and individual users. Work Precautions OF BT-150D CNC tool grinder BT-150D CNC tool grinder is indispensable mechanical equipment for grinding straight edge blades. Good grinding machine equipment can not only greatly improve the working efficiency of the working machine, but also the work of the grinding machine is simple and convenient. But precisely because it is a high-precision instrument, what should we pay attention to when working with a tool grinder? Let's make a brief introduction to everyone. Note on the work of the CNC tool grinding machine: the air pressure should be above 2kg/cm2. The machining feed rate should not be too large, otherwise, the grinding wheel will wear too fast, and the grinding tool will not sharp. The number of teeth of the blade must clarify before processing. The number of teeth input must match the number of teeth of the blade. The running speed of the back and forth board cannot adjust too fast, too fast will cause the sharpened tool to not sharp. Reasons for choosing a CNC tool grinder CNC tool grinders are equipment used to trim tools. They are used by general companies to trim high-speed steel tools. And a small number of tools are used to trim hard alloys and other super-hard materials. But do you know why companies like to use tool grinders? That's because the BT-150D CNC tool grinder increases the strength of the blade, increases the blade's service life and processing capacity. And the sharpened blade is in a straight line. Another important reason is that it can save costs. BT-150D CNC tool grinder is not only beautiful in appearance, novel in structure and good in performance. It is used for milling cutters of various diameters, shapes, and angles, and the corresponding model according to the proportion of the die. Therefore, the equipment is necessary equipment for computer engraving machines and engraving and milling machines and is specially designed for sharpening and milling machines. There are many , so I will not give you a detailed introduction here. If you want to know more about this device, you can log in to our official website to view it. Or contact our customer service staff who will give you a detailed answer. Looking forward to your arrival.
  • Usage And Precautions Of Tool Grinding Machine

    Maintenance tips of tool grinding machine PP-50 universal tool grinder a machine tool that grinds the surface of a workpiece with a grinding tool. As with most machines, there are some big and small problems that take a long time. In order to ensure that the machine can run well, it is still necessary to maintain the tool grinder. Demina will tell you how to carry out the tool grinder. Regularly check the circuit and the power grid. After all, it is a powerful device, or pay attention to some power safety. Safety first, no matter what you do, you must first have a safe working environment. In the event of a malfunction, a safety accident will not only damage the machine but also bring personal safety. There are also some sundries, dust, etc. on the machine. Some people may think that it is a little dusty. What's the big deal, the machine doesn't touch the gray. However, they understand the mistake. As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. It is this small, undetectable dust that affects the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up. Don’t be afraid of trouble, you should be meticulous. After each use of the machine, remember to oil on all parts of the machine, so as to ensure the high-speed operation of the machine. It must be ensured that the suction pipe is clean, otherwise, it may cause burning, safety accidents or even personnel. Casualties, this is something that no one wants to see. Some parts that are extremely rusty are rust-proof. It can be seen that there are some very simple measures, as long as you are willing to do it with your heart, this can also ensure your safety and the life of the machine is longer. Instructions tool grinding machine is a kind of tool grinding machine. It is also a kind of machine suitable for sharpening various small and medium-sized tools. It has high precision and good rigidity. So now the tool grinder is used in a large number of workshops for various manufacturing tools, but this is also a very sharp machine. So you need to pay attention to the specific operating specifications and what precautions should be taken when using it. When using, according to the diameter of the end mill that you need to grind, select the appropriate milling cutter, then adjust the angle. After the angle is aligned, start grinding the bottom surface, align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel, and then complete the tool setting step. Grind the underside of the milling cutter, trim a blade and replace it with another cutting edge. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in turn. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter, use the tip to hold the spiral groove of the milling cutter, align the grinding wheel, and push the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter. Use precautions of tool grinding machine Anyone who controls the machine must be a person with a professional staff certificate. Check the voltage and frequency on the motor nameplate before work, and check that the power pins and sockets are securely fastened, no loose or no. Contact phenomenon. Do not abuse the wires, the wires should be kept away from hot, greasy places. In the event of a malfunction, the power should be turned off immediately. It is forbidden to operate the machine without being used. It is necessary to stop the machine. In order to prevent clothes or hair from being caught in the machine, girls are not allowed to wear hair when they go to work, and they cannot pass through loose clothes. Demina's professional PP-50 universal tool grinder manufacturer, our tool resharpening machine can be used to grind various tools, the equipment performance is good, and the price is reasonable. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Operation Notes Of Tool Grinding Machine

    The universal tool grinder is a straight-cut grinder. Mainly used for the cylindrical grinding of multi- journal cylindrical parts. The tool grinding machine adopts imported two-axis linkage numerical control system. Drive the wheel holder and the table separately. Features of tool grinder The grinding wheel spindle of the machine tool adopts imported high-precision rolling bearing, which has excellent rigidity and precision. The head frame is driven by an AC variable frequency motor with stepless speed regulation to adapt to the grinding of different workpieces. The machine tool has an automatic cutting of the grinding wheel, automatic jumping off the table, automatic measurement of the workpiece size. Automatic adjustment of the grinding wheel after two-axis linkage and automatic compensation after trimming. Automatic clamping of the workpiece device and automatic measuring instrument can be configured according to the user's needs. Therefore, the grinding of the workpiece can complete in addition to the manual loading and unloading of the workpiece. BT-200 universal tool grinder tool dresser. The utility model belongs to the technical field. In particular to a lip-tooth cutter dresser, comprising a cylinder, a connecting sleeve, a linear guide, a scale, and a diamond seat, wherein the connecting sleeve is T-shaped and has a T-shaped front end. The protrusion has a screw hole and is inserted into the front end of the linear guide. The rear end is a sleeve and is provided with a threaded connection cylinder. The inlet and the outlet at the bottom of the cylinder are respectively connected to the regulating valve through the pipeline. The upper surface of the linear guide rail is provided with a waist groove and a locking bolt is fixedly connected to the bed body at the upper part of the groove body. And a signal switch is arranged on the right end surface of the linear guide rail. A screw hole is connected to the rear end of the linear guide to connect the diamond seat. Operation note of tool grinding machine mainly grinds and grinds the workpiece with a grinding wheel to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the table, it can divide into the rectangular table and circular table. The main parameter of the rectangular table surface grinder is the table width. And length, the main parameter of the circular table is the work surface diameter. According to the different types of shafts, it can divide into a horizontal shaft and vertical shaft grinding machine. Operation instructions of tool grinding machine basic structure The new machine needs to replace with hydraulic oil after three months of use, and then replaced once a year, and the tank must clean. Check the hydraulic oil level every day, the oil level should between the low and the line. Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow speed control lever is in the closed position. The magnetic pressure must open before opening the magnetic pressure. Positioning Check every three months, adjust the level of the work surface, and tighten each foot screw. Grinding wheel It is forbidden to use damaged wheels. The new wheel must be balanced on the flange. The grinding wheel needs to be idling for 5 minutes before the formal grinding. Spindle Before installing the grinding wheel, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise. When starting up, you must first open the spindle and then start flushing. Lubricating device Confirm the fuel tank (pool) oil volume every day to ensure that it is above the line. Check the rail oil circuit for smoothness every week to prevent the rail from losing oil. It is recommended to clean the tank every three months. Grease is regularly refilled as specified. Left and right mechanism It is forbidden to adjust the left and right strokes while the table is in motion. When the workbench cable is loose, it should be adjusted immediately. Flushing and vacuuming device The filter box filter must clean every two weeks. The cold water tank must clean once a month. It is forbidden to use an air gun to clean the surface grinder. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd Professional BT-200 tool grinder supplier, available in various models of universal tool grinding machines. Welcome to come to the test machine.
  • CBN Grinding Wheel

    CBN (Cubic boron nitride) is an abrasive second only to diamond in hardness.CBN grinding wheel has many advantages such as high grinding efficiency, high machining accuracy, long service life, etc. In particular, the application of the ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel greatly promotes the grinding process and is also very suitable for the grinding of bearing parts. How to achieve high-quality grinding of CBN grinding wheel, equipment, tools, materials, grinding conditions, grinding fluid, processing environment and other factors can not be ignored.  And is a good device for grinding CBN grinding wheel. The grinding capacity of ordinary grinding wheels (the cross-sectional area of grinding per unit time) is generally 1 ~ 3 mm3 / (mm·s). It adopts alumina or silicon carbide grinding grains with a hardness of 2,100 ~ 2,500hk. The strength of the binder that consolidates the grinding grains together is relatively low. Due to grinding force and self-sharpening, the grinding grains often break and fall off. The grinding capacity of the CBN grinding wheel is 1 ~ 15 mm3 / (mm·s), and the hardness of CBN grinding grains is 4700HK. High strength binders (ceramic binders) are used to consolidate CBN grinding grains together, and the incidence of grinding grains breaking or falling off is very low. Therefore, with the progress of processing, the surface state of the grinding wheel changes very little and the grinding precision can be maintained for a longer time.
  • History Of Cutting Tools

    The development of tools plays a very important role in the technical progress of human being. Throughout history, the development of tools has depended on the industrial revolution. As early as 28 BC to the 20BC in China, there have been a cone, drill and other copper tools. However, the performance of copper tools is not satisfactory. The rapid development of tools was in the late 18th century, with the development of steam engines and other machines. In 1969, carbide tools were produced by chemical vapor deposition at the Sandvik Steel Plant in Sweden. In 1972, Bosnia and Laguerre in the United States developed physical vapor deposition, in which they coated the tool surface with a hard layer of titanium carbide or titanium nitride. The surface coating method combines the high strength and toughness of the matrix material of the high hardness and abrasion resistance so that the tools have a better cutting performance. It was a revolution in the history of tools. Now, according to the needs of the development of manufacturing industry, multi-functional composite tools, high-speed and efficient tools will become the mainstream of tool development.In the face of more and more difficult to machining materials, the tool industry must improve tool materials. Research and development of new tool materials and more reasonable.
  • Congratulations To Successful Acceptance Check Of Our CNC Machine

    Recently BT150D CNC PCD& PCBN tool grinding machine designed and produced by Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has been successfully accepted in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. The customer there is very satisfied with the grinding effect of our machine. The customer purchased our machine for use of the big batch production of their company's PCBN tools. This effectively saved their labor cost and grinding time: for their standard tool grinding, it takes about 10 minutes for workers to finish it with a manual machine, but it only takes less than 5 minutes with our machine debugged. And it's very stable. This is not only one of the successful acceptance cases of our CNC machine in China. In recent years, the demand for CNC machine at home and abroad is increasing. This verifies the correctness of our development direction, because we have developed and produced CNC PCD& PCBN tool grinding machine since 2008, and have more than ten years of experience in this field. We believe that in the future our CNC machine will be imported to more countries and regions, to bring customers vital benefit there. Every staff of Demina will make his efforts for this goal.
  • Application Of "tool Setting Method " In Fine Grinding

    The main task of PCD fine grinding is to control the final dimension precision of grinding accurately and stable.Wheel wear, accurate positioning of edge tip grinding point and grinding resistance will eventually affect the machining accuracy. These factors have nothing to do with the movement accuracy of the machine but are related to when to start  (that is, to the point of the tool setting), finish grinding and other issues and the monitoring of grinding state is closely related. Although wheel wear is difficult to measure and the height of the insert (which affects the position of the grinding point ) is difficult to measure within a certain range, the control system with the voice-activated device can easily record the exact position of the insert tip and the wheel surface at the moment of contact. Taking this as the starting point, the relative feed can guarantee dimensional accuracy. We call this  " tool setting method ".Of course, the premise of "tool setting method" is that the previous process has an accurate reference, or the dimension can be accurately measured before grinding. This can be done by CCD online measurement system. In the industry, when using the manual machine, the grinding process of the first back Angle of PCD tool (i.e. polishing edge) is as follows: on the basis of the dimension of rough grinding, grind  0.02~0.03mm further to form the blade of 0.05~0.1mm. This also happens to coincide with " tool setting method ".
  • Comparative Advantages Of Demina's Machine

    Demina has devoted to developing the tool grinders for nearly twenty years, we have been improving our products all the time. Compared with other manufacturers, we have great confidence in our products. We draw some conclusions by making some comparisons with several manufacturers through the following aspects. Spindle Demina adopts motorized spindle with constant torque output. Torque output is large and uniform. Besides, radial and axial run-out are up to 0.002 to 0.003mm. As for other manufacturers, they adopt mechanical spindle and driving through the pulley. Its torque output is not uniform and there is vibration transmitted to the cutting edge and peak torque. Guide rail Demina adopts precision needle roller guide rail. While swinging by small range, friction is distributed, wear is uniform and torsion resistance is strong. Other manufacturers adopt ordinary cylinder roller guide rail, the diameter of the cylinder roller is large. Friction usually happens at the top and bottom of the roller and therefore elliptical cylinder forms after long-time swing. CCD support Demina adopts precision needle roller guide, which has zero clearance and smooth adjustment with a good feeling at the finger. Other manufacturers adopt ordinary dovetail guide, there is inevitably a gap. Adjustment with dry and stuck phenomenon often makes finger "ache" and is easy to make the image "run out". Marking line The electronic marking line of Demina is clear and high precision. Each marking line can adjust separately at the speed of 0.01mm/time and the line width will not change when the image is amplified. Other manufacturers adopt glass marking the line. Its scale is discontinuous and precision is not high. The line width will become "thicker" when the image is enlarged and the "line" is not accurate.
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