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    Tool Grinder Machine uses a grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece for high processing efficiency. Internal grinding machines are suitable for applications where surface grinding is required in generators, tools, bearings, magnetic materials, refractory materials, molds, mold blanks, machinery, and other industries. Tool Grinder Machine Advantage 1. Cutting speed is fast. When cutting metal materials, the cutting wheel has a cutting speed 10 times that of other cutting methods. 2. Cutting size accuracy is high. With the grinding wheel cutting, the width of the slit and the flatness of the cutting surface are generally better than the metal sawing. 3. The cutting surface is smooth. After the grinding wheel is cut, the surface often does not need to be finished, and the cut surface after sawing is obvious. 4. Tool Grinder Machine can be used for the cutting of hard materials. Such as hardened steel and metal carbide and hard and brittle non-metallic materials cutting process. 5. During the use of the abrasive tool, the self-sharpness is good and no trimming is required. 6. Low cost. The cost of cutting with a grinding wheel is significantly lower than other cutting methods. 7. Other applications. Such as narrow groove cuts, or slits of hardened steel or superhard non-metal parts. Tool Grinder Machine Operational Considerations 1. Wear labor protection products according to the regulations. 2. The hydraulic system of the machine tool, protective insurance, and lubrication, electrical comprehensive inspection of the machine can not bring disease work. 3. Check whether the suction of the disk is effective at any time, whether the workpiece is sucked up, and the flying object is prevented from injuring people. 4. When using the vertical and horizontal automatic feeding, the stroke safety iron should be adjusted and tightened first. 5. When grinding, make the grinding wheel gradually contact the workpiece. When using the coolant, install the baffle and the protective cover. 6. If the machine tool is found to be abnormal, stop it immediately and look for the maintenance personnel to check it. 7. After parking, move the handle to the empty position, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine, and organize the environment. Technical Parameters of Tool Grinder Machine Spindle and Grinding Wheel The diameter of the Grinding wheel 150mm Power of grinding spindle 3KW RPM of Grinding Spindle 0~3,000RPM Changeable Clearance Angle -5°~25° Grinding wheel center hole 40mm Spindle Center Height 150mm Grinding Wheel Oscillation System(X-Axis) PLC Numerical Controlled Oscillation and Control on the Panel Max. Oscillation Range 30mm Max. Oscillation Frequency 60times/minute Oscillation Position is Controlled by Screw and Starting From Center, Left, Right CCD Monitoring System Max Magnification of Optical Microscope 4 times Magnification of CCD Measuring System 100times 15Industrial Displayer 15 “ CCD Image Resolution 1280*1024 Feed and Rotation System Quick Approach Withdraw and Precisely Feeding 3mm/turn;0.5mm/turn The compressor of Air Braking on Rotation Axis 6bar Longitudinal Transverse (X-Axis) controlled by PLC 400mm Horizontal Transverse (Y-Axis) Driven by Hand Wheel 70mm Rotation Transverse(B Axis) Driven by Hand 360° Linear Encoder Resolution (X-Axis and Y-Axis) 0.001mm Rotation Encoder Resolution (B Axis) 0.010° Power Supply and  Dimensions Coolant Tank with Filter Paper about70L Electrical Supply 12Kw Voltage Requested 380V/Three-phase /50Hz Overall Dimensions L╳W╳H 1700╳1150╳1970mm Weight With Coolant Tank 2000Kg
  • Cutting Tool Features And Applications Impact Factor

    With the development of China machine industry, the tool industry has been an unprecedented development, a substantial increase in production for many companies, but this increase did not have much to rely on technological progress, but mainly in our country cheap labor-based.For the tool industry, there is no doubt that the ability to innovate must be improved. Either copy mature foreign products, such as lack of product innovation, or lack of homogeneity of characteristics, so the competitiveness of its products will naturally deteriorate. However, the transformation of the economic development industry must catch up and exceed the international level, and the development of innovative products is an inevitable requirement. Without innovation, we can only become market followers but miss the opportunity to become market leaders. It is also necessary to have this innovative ability to improve the quality and level of our management personnel, technicians, and operators. In the tool industry, this is an important strategic direction. The tool is the consumption of tungsten, cobalt, titanium and other resources in a large industry, how to reduce the consumption of these resources in the entire life cycle of the tool to reduce the carbon emissions in the entire life cycle, and how to establish the cost of low emissions, The high-capacity tool industry is worth pondering.Features Of Cutting ToolsNow we have been developing new technologies and new products, which have brought many new demands to the tool industry. The development direction of these tool industries is the R&D progress and technology of these customers, and the development of appropriate tool products and solutions is both an opportunity and a challenge for the industry. If we can meet the needs of these customers, many companies will be able to achieve the goal of central government transformation to improve the level of manufacturing and will remain competitive for a period of time in the future.In the metal cutting industry, in addition to the use of advanced technology options. The demand for future processing is increasing, and only advanced processing technology can meet these needs.In order to adapt to changing production requirements and increasingly challenging workpiece materials, cutting tool technology is rapidly developing. Today’s machinery and factories need to look at their cutting tools and tool suppliers in a different way.The role of cutting tools and tool suppliers is changing, faster than any other element in the machining process. In fact, the changes in cutting tools are so great that any aggressive machinery factory now needs to reassess their thinking about cutting tools. Not only do they need to study how to choose specific tools, but they also need to re-examine the basic concepts of workshop tools that affect the entire application. In these core concepts, as the rules of cutting tools have changed, some are now obsolete.Applications Impact Factor Of Cutting ToolsThe company’s engineering experts listed a series of factors that affect the function and application of cutting tools today, some of which include:(1) It is challenging to the workpiece material. Including alternative metal alloy materials and difficult-to-machine materials. Some materials are 1/4 less machinable than steel, and some materials can cost as much as hundreds of dollars per pound.(2) The geometry of the workpiece is increasingly complex. For example, thin-walled workpieces and complex-shaped aerospace components.(3) The workpiece size is large. In particular, the demand for turbines and various heavy machinery parts is constantly increasing. There is a huge demand for each of these high-cost workpiece machining.
  • Basic Requirements For BT-150E Cutter And Tool Grinding Machine

    BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine Grinding cylindrical steel parts into a precision concentric grinder with the grinding wheel as the center and the grinding wheel. The cylindrical grinding machine structure consists of the bed, the front, the rear, the grinding head. It is composed of components such as a transmission dust collector. The front part of the head, the angle of the grinding head, the special fixture for grinding the thimble and the chamfering of the top roller, the dynamic balance frame and the three parts of the top roller detector. Basic requirements for BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine To achieve precision grinding, the tool grinder used should meet the following basic requirements: 1. High geometric accuracy, precision tool grinding machine should have high geometric precision. Mainly the rotation precision of the grinding wheel spindle and the straightness of the guide rail to ensure the geometric accuracy of the workpiece. The main shaft bearing can adopt liquid static bearing. Short three-piece tile or long three-block oil film bearing, integral oil wedge type dynamic bearing and dynamic and static pressure combined bearing. At present, there are more dynamics and dynamics. The radial circular runout of the main shaft should generally less than 1um, and the axial circular runout should limit to 2-3um. 2. reduce vibration. If vibration occurs during precision grinding, it will have serious adverse effects on processing quality. Therefore, for precision grinding machines, structural considerations should take to reduce vibration. 3. The stability of the low-speed feed movement. Because the dressing lead of the grinding wheel requires 10-15mm/min, the table must feed at a low speed. Requiring no creep and no impact and stable operation. Features of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine 1. The tool spindle grinding wheel spindle bearing adopts the tapered forming oil wedge dynamic bearing, and the grinding wheel spindle still has high bearing rigidity at low speed. 2. The guide rail of the wheel frame adopts the cross-roller just guide rail. And the semi-automatic feed mechanism is realized by the rotary oil cylinder. 3. The tailstock shafting has the characteristics of no gap stiffness. And the electrical box and the hydraulic box cooling box are separated from the machine tool. 4. Rich grinding indicator and coolant filter. 5. The head frame speed has the AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation. 6. Electrical use programmable controller, with self-diagnosis function, maintenance is very convenient. 7. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine CNC end face cylindrical grinding machine can equip with an automatic measuring instrument.
  • Features Of 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine

    Features Of 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine1. Can be equipped with an advanced man-machine dialogue CNC system, not only can write G code but also can use tool software. The system is safe, stable, convenient, and resistant to electromagnetic interference. The program transmission between CNC and PC can be realized through an Ethernet interface and USB2.0, which can be started with one key in the shortest processing preparation time, thereby greatly improving productivity.2. Equipped with 3D simulation software, which can display the necessary parameters of tool processing in the form of dialog boxes. After entering the parameters, the tool simulation can display the 3D graphics of the tool and the grinding steps of the machine (different colors are used to distinguish each grinding step). Use the software’s anti-collision function to avoid collisions in actual processing.3. The corresponding software module can be used to process various tools. By selecting a probe, the workpiece can be automatically cycled to measure and compensate for tool wear, that is, production tool and repair tool.4. Make the blade diameter φ0.5 or larger, and change the cutter blade φ150 or smaller by changing the spindle power.5. Heavy-duty design, gantry structure, good rigidity, high strength, and good stability.6. Imported screw and guide rail ensure high precision, high sensitivity, and good stability.7. The imported high-precision worm gear and worm are installed on the rotating shaft, and the transmission is stable and accurate.8. The top and simple support points can be installed for long-term tool production.
  • 2-axis CBN Grinding Machine - Achieve High Performance Characteristics

    Features of 2-axis CBN grinding machine First, high speed and high precision 1) C-X simultaneous 2-axis controlled grinding The equipment achieves a reduction in idling and backlash through a lightweight grinding wheel table. A hydrostatic guide rail, and a highly responsive grinding wheel feed mechanism driven by a linear motor. Improve the accuracy and quality of the machined surface of the crankshaft. 2) High-efficiency grinding Through the adoption and optimization design of the direct-drive grinding wheel shaft. The "weight reduction" and "low center of gravity" on the grinding wheel table are realized. With such a design, the movement of the grinding wheel table is more responsive, and the machining cycle is shortened by improving the followability with the rotation of the spindle table. 3) Demina STAT BEARING As the grinding wheel shaft of the "heart" part of the grinding machine, we use the hybrid bearing "Demina STAT BEARING" with a combination of dynamic and static pressure. Because there is no metallic friction wheel shaft, it has a long service life. And high-precision grinding is realized by a structure with high rigidity and high attenuation performance. 4) Reduce processing defects with high-precision magnetic separator for high-precision grinding. The filtered cutting fluid can achieve cleanliness of 30 ppm, which also largely eliminates processing defects and equipment failure problems caused by cutting fluid impurities. Second, the improvement of production capacity 1) Shorter working hours With the standard accessory taper adjustment handwheel. The 2-axis CBN grinding machine makes it possible to make simple taper adjustments with a tool change time of approximately 1/10. 2) Increase in production capacity per unit area Space savings are achieved by means of compactness of the main device, the efficient configuration of the space, and the like. And because the processing cycle is shortened, the production capacity per unit area can increase by 2.3 times compared with the original model. 3) Save energy The grinding wheel bearing structure is further optimized for grinding resistance. And the power consumption of each shaft motor can reduce by 50% compared with the original model. 4) Automation correspondence The company can provide customers with a proposal for an automated system such as a robot transfer system in combination with the customer's production form. Third, peace of mind The standard is equipped with a new HMI in the IoE era. Through the large-scale operation interface, visualization, flexible operation, visualization of equipment status, etc.. Support the daily work of customers. Advantages of 2-axis CBN grinding machine Because of its wide range of applications, there are many features. Mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical inner and outer circular surfaces. It is suitable for processing single and small-batch parts such as machining workshop, tool workshop, and machine repair workshop. It can widely use in the grinding of fine parts in east and west factories, bearing factories, air compressor factories, and general machinery manufacturing plants. The domestic market needs strong grinding products, the output value is far from satisfactory, and the low-end is the main. In the process of operation, with an efficient control system and simple operation. Such grinders have useful and sophisticated skills, CNC grinding machines with high quality and high precision, low capital, and great operational economy. The surface grinding positioning accuracy and repeatability are high, and it is easy to ensure the consistency of the part size. As long as the process design and procedures are reasonable, correct, and meticulous. The accuracy of the required parts is guaranteed, and the quality control process is also facilitated. Different clamping and positioning methods are used depending on the material and shape of the workpiece. On the grinding machine, the machining process tends to concentrate. And it is very important to use the same benchmark. Facilitate the development and modification of new products. Grinding machines generally do not require a lot of complicated techniques and equipment. And can process complex shapes and high-precision parts through machining programs. When the product is modified, the design is changed, and the design tool is not required. As long as the program is changed. Therefore, the cylindrical grinding machine can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a quick way for the development of new products and product improvement. 2-axis CBN grinding machine In NC programming, all points, lines, dimensions, and positions are based on the origin of programming. Surface grinding is able to clamp on multiple processing surfaces again, usually only first tested. So you can save a lot of intermediate machining time in the middle of the machine, the machining quality of the cylindrical grinding machine parts is stable. Bringing convenience to the subsequent process, the comprehensive efficiency is remarkable to improve. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD is a professional tool grinding machine manufacturer. In the future, we will also be the leader in the grinding machine industry, providing customers with high value-added equipment with high precision, high productivity, and high reliability. Continue to contribute our strength to the world's manufacturing industry. Now we also export 2-axis CBN grinding machine, welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Negative Chamfering Machine

    Introduction Of Negative Chamfering MachineThe equipment is designed for negative chamfering grinding of alloy blades and cubic boron nitride (CBN) blades. Through this machine, it is easy to grind high quality straight edge and arc edge by hand to ensure even width and smooth transition between straight edge and arc.The equipment has the following characteristics: 1. Through the feeding slide plate with an Angle, the blade support is controlled to achieve precise feeding. 2. Equipped with four Angle plates, such as 10, 15, 20, and 25, suitable for different chamfer angles, other angles are optional. 3. Equipped with an on-line grinding wheel dressing device to ensure the grinding wheel end face is smooth, clean, and sharp. 4. Equipped with a vacuuming device to ensure a clean working environment. 5. Simple and easy to operate with a handheld blade without any obstacles.Machine Specificationsize of machine: H460 x D360x W460 mmwheel center hole diameter of 40 mmbits of the machine weighs about:25 kgfeed resolution 0.01 3mm:wheel power 200 wAngle plate length:130 mmwheel speed: 1500rpmelectrical supply: 380 vDemina chamfering machine can help the PCD&CBN tool manufactures to do the chamfer. It is a manual type machine. Welcome to visit Demina company for more details. The customers can send us the CBN inserts for trial grinding by free.
  • BT-150J PCD & CBN Tool Grinders Is Easy To Be Operated Even If The Worker Has A Little Grinding Skills.

    Development of tool grinding machines The grinding performance characteristics of various tool grinding machines provide a good choice for tool manufacturers. Users can choose the right tool grinding machine according to their product processing characteristics and production scale. The continuous innovation of grinding tools and control functions of various tool grinding machines has promoted the continuous advancement of tool grinding technology. Providing a guarantee for complex blade structure design and geometric size control. However, the current threshold for the manufacture of cemented carbide tools has been continuously reduced. Which has promoted the continuous expansion of the tool manufacturing industry. Accelerated market competition in the tool industry. And also contributed to the continuous reduction in the production cost and sales price of precision carbide tools. As the cost-effectiveness of precision carbide tools will continue to replace the high-speed steel and carbide welding tools in the tool market. The market demand for precision carbide tools and their proportion of the market use of tools will continue to increase. While precision carbide the extensive use of tools will bring rapid progress and development to China's processing industry. And now tool grinders are widely used for mass production of ground PCD, PCBN and CVD inserts. User requirements for tool grinding machines As product competition continues to intensify, tool users have demanded tool manufacturers for stable tool performance, long life, low price, and fast delivery. Tool manufacturers have the following major tool grinding machines based on tool product structure and customer needs. Several requirements: 1. The machine tool is simple to operate and the tuning time is short. It can realize software online 3D simulation processing, reduce the technical requirements for operators. Thereby reducing labor costs and improving labor efficiency. 2. The product has high dimensional accuracy, high batch processing repeatability. And is suitable for large-scale high-precision automated production. 3. Freely programmable, used to develop complex non-standard shaped tools to meet the special needs of customers. 4. High grinding efficiency, short processing time per unit, reducing machine occupation time, reducing the production cost, shortening delivery time. Cheap equipment, low running cost, reducing the proportion of equipment in total tool production cost. Low failure rate to avoid unnecessary downtime and maintenance due to unnecessary.
  • Location Of Demina Factory

    Demina factory is located in Jing ‘ County, Jiangxi Province.Jingan County, belonging to the Yichun City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, in the north of Yichun City, between latitude 28°46 ‘-29 °06’ and longitude 114°55 ‘-115 °31’. It is adjacent to Anyi County in the east, Fengxin County in the south, Xiushui County in the west, Wuning County in the north, and Yongxiu County in the northeast. Jingan county covers a total area of 1377.49 square kilometers with a maximum distance of 37 kilometers from east to west and 33.1 kilometers from north to south.Jingan county terrain east and west long, north and south narrow, surrounded by mountains, central mountainous intermixed hills, but the southeast occasionally have a small number of valley plains, is a mountainous area.The climate of Jingan county has a humid north subtropical climate with late spring warming, long hot summer, fast autumn cooling, and cold winter with distinct seasons. The climate is mild and the temperature varies greatly from east to west. The average temperature over the years is 17.0°C.The non-ferrous tungsten in Jingan county is mainly distributed in the Areas from Maogong Dong to Shiyan in the Jiuling Mountains, and from Fogtang to Xinanli, which is a protective mineral stipulated by the state and is subject to the control mining policy. There are some minerals such as tin, copper, and molybdenum in tungsten. Tin is distributed along the eastern steep cliff of Jiulingshan, and three ore bodies are delineated, which are altered granite type tin tungsten bodies, mainly tin, with tungsten accompanying.The livable environment and rich mineral resources are the important reasons why we choose to set up the factory here. Welcome to the customers to visit our factory.
  • Performance Characteristics Of Micra-10 Small Drill Grinding Machine

    Performance characteristics of Micra-10 small drill grinding machine 1. Custom-grade high-end grinding head, from the mechanical structure of the grinding head to the motor matching. All follow the Demina special matching rules, the vacant space adjustment device of the shaft clearance part. And the gap-free device of the grinding head to ensure the smooth and vibration-free displacement of the transmission. The feed grinding amount is large, the equipment has a long service life, and the precision grinding wheel has high feed precision. The electromagnetic suction cutter head is used as a knife table. The high-power multi-coil suction cup provides super-adsorption force. It is equipped with a time-delayed demagnetization degaussing function. The tool placement is accurate and firm, convenient for users to operate, and the work efficiency is extremely high. At the same time, it matches the mechanized transmission of the worm and worm. And there is almost no noise during the operation to protect the user's physical and mental health. In addition, the turbine reducer is adjusted by the rack drive, and the precision transmission ratio is high. 2. Concentrated fueling device, after the end of the whole grinding process. One-time centralized refueling saves time and is convenient to operate. It is equipped with active liquid cleaning and cleaning device, filter slagging device. And the cleaning head is always cleaned with cooling liquid during the reciprocating process. There is no residue on the surface of the tool and the control accuracy is lost. 3. Micra-10 sharpening machine the frequency converter is imported from abroad and has stepless speed regulation. It can adjust the reciprocating running speed and the real-time speed of the grinding head motor at will. If it matches the polishing head, it can polish with a combined wool polishing wheel to enhance the gloss of the knife edge and extend the life of the blade. Imported high-end linear guides and high-precision ball screws ensure the smooth running of the reciprocating stroke. Troubleshooting of China Micra-10 sharpening machine 1. Check if the button is complete and intact. 2. Check the electrical components of the sharpener. If it is not perfect, then there is a problem. 3. Check if the relay is working properly. 4. Check the relevant circuit of the sharpening machine and refer to the working principle diagram of the electrical appliance. 5. The button cable is connected. 6. Check if the three-phase power is normal. 7. Check the fuse for burnout or trip protector trip. 8. Check if the sharpener transformer is normal. Choose of Micra-10 sharpening machine How to choose the right Micra-10 sharpening machine equipment is determined according to the needs. Do not buy the most expensive, only buy the most suitable. According to the length of the blade to the ground, cutting precision, automation degree. There are big differences in the types and planning models of the sharpeners. For the sharpener blade material, length, cutting edge type, cutting material, cutting accuracy. And the number of blades that need to be ground daily, the grades of the sharpener used, the maximum grinding length. And the degree of automation is also different. So to buy different grades of sharpeners. There are mainly the following precautions for purchasing the sharpener equipment: The material of the sharpening blade of the sharpening machine, the domestic blade or the ordinary blade. The series of sharpening machine can ground. For the imported knife or hard alloy steel knife. We recommend the MSQ-D high precision end face sharpening machine. The length of the sharpening blade required for the sharpening machine, the maximum grinding length of the sharpening machine ranges from 1.6M to 10M. And can basically meet the plane blades of various lengths in the world. If there are more than 10M blades, it can customize. The cutting edge type of the sharpening blade of the sharpening machine is generally a single cutting edge. That is, it needs an angled sharpening, or multiple multiple sharpening by adjusting the sharpening angle. So the domestic end sharpening machine is also mostly single grinding head sharpener. Cutting materials and precision, different cutting materials, have different cutting precision requirements. According to different cutting precision, choose different types of sharpening machine grinding blades. Mainly for the strip-shaped straight blade, can cut packaging board, printing paper, copy paper, plastic film, plastic leather, wood, meat and other places that require straight blade cutting, used in printing, paper, wood, plastic, toilet paper, and other industries. The button of the sharpener is the first thing we need to know when operating the equipment. If you don't understand the function of each button, then you can't operate the sharpener. As for why it is said, it is because the button is not understood. If you don't know if it is turned on or off, then you still have to operate the sharpener.
  • Economical Universal Cutter Grinder BT200

    Introduction Of BT200 Universal Cutter GrinderWith the improvement of tool quality and tool cost, the grinding of drill bits and tools has become a common concern in the manufacturing industry. The newly launched economical universal milling cutter grinder BT200 not only has good performance but is also widely used, with the advantage of a complete set of tools that can be repaired and ground. The equipment is manufactured in China and sold in China for export.The kinds of tools that can be sharpened are the spiral edge of milling cutter, end face edge of end milling cutter, ball head edge of end milling cutter, three-face milling cutter, the front face of hobbing cutter, front and back Angle of tap cone, saw blade milling cutter, carving cutter, bit drilling Angle, bit transverse edge, turning tool, reamer, thin-wall drill, and woodworking drill, etc.Mechanical parameters of BT200 universal cutter grinder :Maximum cutter diameter: 125 mmMaximum cutter length: 320 mmTable lateral movement: 300 mmTable longitudinal movement: 150 mmDistance from the tool axis to the table: 120 mmSwing Angle of grinding head: ±40°Motor power and speed: 180 watts, 2800 RPMSize: 1300×780×950 mmWeight: 280 kgMain machine of BT200 universal tool grinder (including tool cabinet), including:1).straight shank spindle (Φ 32 mm)2). Universal support 200ZY (including 60° apex, 60° semi-imperfect apex, 60° fine apex, and Mohs no. 4 apexes)3). Bowl grinding wheel (specification: 125×45×32 mm)4). Disc grinding wheel (specification: 125× 32mm)5). Instruction manualIf you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me.
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