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  • Cooling Medium For Machine Tools

    Let the coolant squirt in place Cooling medium for machine tools, they are not only used for cooling, but also for lubrication and quick chip removal. Reducing damage to the environment and the safety of contacts is a priority. 1.Cooling oil It provides good lubrication. The oil film attached to the workpiece and the tool surface can reduce the tool wear, but also can reduce the cutting force, the surface roughness of the processing also has a positive effect. But at the same time, there is a disadvantage, the viscosity of the cooling oil is larger, which is not very ideal for the requirements of the rapid removal of chips. Especially in the deep cavity, narrow groove and other processing scenes, the chip secondary processing will lead to a very unstable working condition, the surface roughness of the workpiece will become worse, the tool life will be shortened, so choose the right cooling medium for your processing is very helpful. 2. Emulsion It can provide good cooling, lubrication and chip removal function.Compared with the other two, there are also cost advantages, because the comprehensive advantage is obvious, so the use of the widest range. Because the emulsion has been recycled in the machine's water tank, so the impurities in the emulsion will be accumulated day by day, the lubrication effect will gradually become worse, timely clean up the impurities is necessary. Monitoring the quality of emulsion can also ensure the quality of processing. The first is the concentration of the emulsion. The emulsion supplier will generally provide the reference value of the emulsion concentration used. If the concentration is too low, the expected lubrication effect will not be achieved. In this case, the spindle load will increase, the tool blade will collapse, and the surface quality of the workpiece will become poor. Too high a concentration will cause a lot of foam in the emulsion, and the foam will accumulate until they overflow the tank and flow to the floor of the workshop. The amount of emulsion in the tank will also have a great impact on processing quality. In the have to the machine tool, we have a special function to show the amount of water, they can remind you to add coolant in time, to ensure the smooth processing. Emulsion in recycling, part of the tank for use, and are part of the water tank outside the space flow, once in emulsion began to increase outside the tank, water tank inside the emulsion may because didn't get timely supplement and let the water pump suction air, cause the insufficient water pressure when processing, thus unable to cooling in the location we want, the process will be very bad, in the process of high viscosity materials such as aluminum alloy, is particularly obvious. Therefore, timely cleaning of the cuttings in the machine tool, cleaning of the filter screen, timely adding of emulsion, these are the conditions to ensure normal processing, because these conditions can make the coolant flow more smoothly, thus reducing the problem caused by insufficient coolant. 3. The compressed air The ability to provide lubrication and cooling is limited but has excellent chip removal capability. Therefore, it is especially suitable for materials that are difficult to break chips, such as POM, nylon, etc. For the material like bakelite, they are very sensitive to humidity and dust powder, not only the ability to remove chips, but also try to avoid the change of material humidity, so compressed air is almost the only choice. Compressed air also causes some serious problems, such as chip collection and noise. This has relatively high requirements for the sealing of the machine and the filtration of the air inside the machine.
  • CNC PCD Tool Grinding Machine

    Demina CNC tool grinder consists of four axes, including the swing axis of the grinding wheel (X-axis), the tilt angle of the grinding wheel (B-axis), the rotation axis in the horizontal plane of the workpiece (C-axis) and the workpiece feed axis (Y-axis). The workpiece feed axis (Y-axis) is equipped with a grating ruler for closed-loop position feedback to ensure micron-level grinding accuracy. The machine is suitable for medium and large quantities of alloy blades, PCD blades, and CBN blades. As long as the center is completed, the system will automatically complete grinding under the action of the weighted gravity, realizing the ideal state of “constant pressure grinding, flexible feed”.Due to the high hardness of diamond material (PCD), the grinding wheel wears quickly. The system can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding for a long time.Host And General Configuration1) Spindle motor power: 3 kw.2) The electric spindle adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed can be adjusted at will from 500-4,000 RPM.3) The main shaft is cooled in circulating water.4) The sand wheel shaft can be adjusted at any Angle from -5° to 25° from the vertical plane.5) The maximum swing stroke of the grinding wheel is 30mm, and the maximum swing frequency is 60 times/min6)80 times optical CCD system7) Industrial control machine and grinding application software (including high-definition video display)8)A piece of ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel
  • Performance Of Grinding Efficiency Of PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

    Processing features PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine The 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine is made of specially treated diamond and a small amount of binder sintered at high temperature and high pressure. The disorderly arrangement of diamond grains gives the PCD a uniform, extremely high hardness and wear resistance. The grinding of PCD and PCBN tools is mainly the result of a combination of mechanical and thermochemical effects. The result of the mixing of the two causes the PCD material to remove. Its grinding processing features are mainly. 1. The grinding force is very large Diamond is the hardest material among the known minerals. The wear amount of the paired metal and non-metal materials is only 1/50~1/800 of the hard alloy. The hardness (HV) of the PCD is 80-120KN/mm2. Second only to single-crystal diamond, much higher than cemented carbide. When grinding PCD with a diamond grinding wheel, the initial cutting strength is very high, about 10 times higher than that of cemented carbide (0.4MPa). The specific grinding energy can reach 1.2×104~1.4×105J/mm3. Therefore, the grinding force is much higher. For grinding cemented carbide. 2. The grinding ratio is very small Due to the high hardness and wear resistance of PCD (relative wear resistance is 16 to 199 times that of cemented carbide). The grinding ratio is only 0.005 to 0.033 when grinding PCD, which is about 1/1000 of cemented carbide. 1/100000. Grinding efficiency is only 0.4 to 4.8 mm3/min. Therefore, in order to ensure the cutting edge quality and removal amount of the cutting tool, the grinding time is long and the processing efficiency is low. In addition, when the hardness, content, and particle size of PCD are different, the grinding time is also very different. The grinding efficiency of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine At present, with the rapid development of technology and market, has widely used. Demina summarized the market's high requirements for grinding efficiency in PCD and PCBN tool grinder equipment, mainly as follows. 1. The proportion of the indexable insert grinding is increased, requiring special equipment, simple structure, and strong rigidity. With the deepening of the division of labor, more than 80% of customers use this equipment to mass-produce the same type of tool. Namely PCNB, PCD or alloy indexable inserts, welding turning tools, etc. For a single requirement, the machine structure can simplify and the rigidity of the equipment is greatly enhanced. This not only reduces equipment costs but also lays a solid foundation for efficient production. 2. The main part of the auxiliary time - the tooling time requirement is greatly shortened. The arc of the insert is formed by the rotation of the table. Adjusting the center of the arc of the tool to coincide with the axis of rotation of the table is a prerequisite for grinding. And the “knife action” runs through the entire process of tool grinding and is repeated. This is the fundamental reason why traditional machine tools can't get rid of manual operations. 3.2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine requires easy and reliable operation and does not rely on the operator's manual skills. In order to grind natural diamond tools, the traditional machine tools introduce the "flexible feed" and "constant pressure grinding" processes. Which has the effect of "knife" protection for the highly brittle natural diamond knives. Conventional equipment uses a cylinder feed to achieve this effect, which greatly sacrifices the grinding efficiency of PCD and PCNB tools. In addition, due to the lack of precision in mechanical manufacturing. This machine tool is very unstable and requires a lot of manual skills to exert its strengths.
  • Demina’s Primary Service

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional tool grinder manufacturer. Our company has a professional technical team and has rich experience in product operation technology and services. It can provide users with various tool grinding solutions. And we can also provide users with instructions and online guidance so that customers can better and faster use of equipment.At the beginning of its founding, Demina is an agent of all kinds of cutting tools and drill sharpening equipment in developed countries, which can provide the most suitable products for different users and provide comprehensive technical advisory services. Beginning in 2006, Demina set up a tool service center in Beijing, providing the carbide tool, carbide drill bit, and non-standard tool for the manufacture and regrinding for customers in Beijing, Tianjin, and surrounding areas. In 2009, the company began to produce BT-150 series PCD&PCBN tool grinder and CNC tool grinding machine, research, and develop control system and application software of tool grinder. In 2016, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Demina Precision Machinery Co,’ Ltd in Jing’an county, Jiangxi province, which is for machine equipment production and tool talented person training. Now our tool grinding machine has been exported to many countries, such as Korea, Thailand, India, The USA, Mexico, and so on. We welcome any customers to visit our company and look for more cooperation chances.
  • The Correct Operation Method Of PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

    Inspection work using PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine 1. Lubricate all parts of the machine before starting the grinding machine, check that the mechanical transmission is normal. The switch button is sensitive and reliable, and the grinding wheel is intact without damage. 2. Start the grinding wheel to the normal processing speed by jogging, and idle for five minutes. 3. Pay attention when installing the grinding wheel 1) Check the appearance of the grinding wheel before installation, tap the grinding wheel to hear the crisp sound. And ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and not damaged. 2) The flange clamp wheel should be covered with an asbestos pad. After clamping, the balance will be balanced for the first time. After the machine is trimmed, it will balance again. The new wheel needs to be idle for five minutes. 4. Reasonable selection of grinding amount is prohibited. Overload grinding is strictly prohibited. 5. before grinding, check whether the workpiece is sucked or clamped firmly. When clamping high workpieces and workpieces with the small bottom area, use the block to hold or special clamps to prevent it from happening malfunction. 6. When the machine is turned on, the front position of the grinding wheel is not allowed to stand. Preventing the grinding wheel from breaking out or flying the workpiece. 7. At the end of the work, the machine tool is wiped clean, the power is cut off. The parts are neatly placed, and the worksite is kept clean. 8. Find the fault and cooperate with the maintenance personnel for maintenance. If an accident occurs, keep the scene and report it immediately. Correct operation method OF PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine 1. After turning on the machine, let it idle for 3-5 minutes. And then check if the working conditions of each system are normal. 2. Determine the specifications of the fixtures to use according to the workpiece to the machine. And adjust the tightness of the fixture to make it easy to clamp and secure. 3. Adjust PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine: According to the length of the workpiece shape, adjust the appropriate tailstock position. Press the tailstock, retract the grinding wheel a certain distance, install the workpiece. Open the spindle, and rotate the workpiece. Check: Whether the rotation condition is normal, whether the fixture is in contact with the machine bolt. And stopping the spindle to check whether it is convenient and quick to remove the workpiece. 4. Trimming the grinding wheel: Trimming the grinding wheel forming surface according to the workpiece drawing (special attention: you must remember to retreat the grinding wheel before each repair. And return to the safety point that can separate from the diamond pen tip after entering the knife. Bring the grinding wheel closer to the tool holder, then slowly shake the dial to allow the wheel to slowly contact the diamond pen. And a small amount of feed trimming) 5. Toolset: Install the workpiece, adjust the position of the grinding wheel to align it with the position of the workpiece to the machine. To ensure safety, it is necessary to retreat the grinding wheel at a certain distance. Feed the knife and slowly touch the workpiece to perform the toolset. 6. Detection, processing vigilance! The cutting amount should not too large. Generally, the unilateral side should not exceed 10 wires. The cutting plate should retract every time the cutting process is performed. After the grinding wheel contacts the workpiece, the dial is slowly shaken to the processing designated position. Otherwise, it may be able to detonate the grinding wheel. Daily maintenance OF PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine 1. Before the end of work, grind the worktable of the grinder and the surrounding garbage. And observe whether there is oil leakage or water leakage around the grinder; 2. Check the lubrication of the grinding machine guide rails every week. If it is too big or too small, adjust the indicator according to the oil quantity adjustment. Remove the grinding wheel flange to prevent the rust on the nose surface of the spindle and the conical surface inside the flange to prevent the time to long. The main shaft and the flange are rusted; 3. Clean the grinding machine cooling water tank every 15-20 days, replace the machine tool guide oil every 3-6 months. Clean the lubricating oil pool and the oil pump filter when replacing the guide rails, replace the hydraulic oil every 1 year. The fuels tank and filter cleaning; 4. If the grinding machine is idle for more than 2-3 days, the work surface should clean and dry with anti-rust oil to prevent the table surface from rusting.  
  • PCD Inserts Introduction

    PCD blades have the following advantages: low friction coefficient, extremely high hardness and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, high elastic modulus, and other advantages, so because of their advantages are now widely used in various industries. It can be used for precision machining of non-metallic hard and brittle materials, such as graphite, high wear-resistant materials, composite materials, high-silicon aluminum alloys, and other ductile non-ferrous materials.Demina has produced PCD inserts grinding machines in China for ten years. The model BT-150H is suitable for PCD insert grinding of massive production. PCD is a hard and brittle material, which cannot bear the impact force (especially periodic). Therefore, the modified machine tool of our company has designed a “flexible feed” device with air pressure, which can effectively improve the roughness of the cutting edge when it is subjected to the impact force.If you are interested in our BT-150H tool grinding machine, please contact us.BT-150H tool grinding machine general configuration:1) One standard machine.2) Grinding cooling water tank.3) Main shaft cooling water tank.4) A set of random tools (provided separately when ordering the list, including an operation manual).5) One piece of the ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel.It is very popular for PCD inserts manufacturers. Welcome to visit our factory.
  • PCD Tool Manufacturing Process And Technology

    The manufacturing process of PCD tool The PCD tool manufacturing process mainly includes two processes: PCD composite piece manufacturing: PCD composite piece is made of natural or synthetic diamond powder and combined agent (which contains cobalt, nickel, and other metals) according to certain combinations in high temperature (1000 ~ 2000℃), high pressure (50,000 ~ 100,000 atmospheric pressure) sintering. In the sintering process, due to the participation of the combined agent, the diamond crystals form a joint bridge with TiC, SiC, Fe, Co, and Ni as the main factors, and the diamond crystals are embedded in the framework of the joint bridge in the form of a covalent bond. The composite plate is usually made into a solid disk of diameter and thickness, and the composite plate needs to be polished by grinding and other corresponding physical and chemical treatment. PCD blade processing: PCD blade processing tension including composite cutting, welding, blade grinding, and other steps. The best tool for grinding PCD blades is . Cutting technology of PCD composite slice Because PCD composite tablets have high hardness and wear resistance, special processing technology must be adopted. At present, the processing of PCD composite chip mainly accepts several technological essentials such as EDM wire cutting, laser machining, ultrasonic machining, high-pressure water jet and so on. Specific forces of PCD composite chip cutting process Process essentials - process characteristics Edm - highly combined pulse discharge energy, strong discharge explosive force makes PCD quality guessed metal melt, division diamond graphitization, and oxidation, division diamond fall off, good process, high efficiency. Ultrasonic processing - low processing efficiency, diamond powder consumption, dust pollution Laser processing - non - war processing, high efficiency, processing deformation, poor process. In the above machining essentials, the results of EDM are better. The presence of combined Bridges in PCD makes EDM composite plates possible. In the presence of liquid, the pulse voltage is used to make liquid near the electrode metal to form a discharge channel, and a spark is generated locally. The instantaneous high temperature can make polycrystalline diamond melt and fall off, thus forming the required triangular, rectangular or square cutting head blank. Electrical discharge machining efficiency and appearance quality of PCD compact by cutting speed, PCD grain size, layer thickness and quality of the electrode and the influence of such factors as the cutting speed in the appropriate choice is very crucial, practice shows that increasing the cutting speed is low processing quality in appearance, and the cutting speed is too low will produce "archwire" signs, and low cutting efficiency. Increasing the thickness of the PCD blade also lowers the cutting speed. The welding process of PCD blade In addition to accepting mechanical clamping and bonding essentials, the joint essentials of the PCD composite plate and cutter body are mainly determined by brazing essentials to restrain PCD composite plate on the hard alloy matrix. The main points of welding are laser welding, vacuum diffusion welding, vacuum brazing, high-frequency sensing brazing, etc. At present, high-frequency heating brazing with low investment and low cost are widely used in PCD blade welding. In the process of blade welding, the choice of welding temperature, flux, and welding alloy will directly affect the performance of the tool after welding. In the welding process, the control of the welding temperature is very tight, if the welding temperature is too low, the welding strength is not enough. If the welding temperature is too high, PCD is prone to graphitization and may lead to "overburn", affecting the combination of PCD composite plate and carbide matrix. During the actual processing process, the welding temperature (normally less than 700℃) can be controlled according to the holding time and the depth of PCD reddening. Foreign high-frequency welding more accepts automatic welding technology, welding efficiency is high, good quality can achieve continuous production. Domestic acceptance of manual welding, lower production efficiency, quality is not ideal. Demina produces various that can use for grinding and welding technology with high production efficiency. Grinding process of PCD blade The high hardness of PCD makes its material removal rate very low (even only 10, 000 percent of the removal rate of cemented carbide). At present, PCD cutting tool grinding technology mainly adopts resin combined with a diamond grinding wheel for grinding. Because the grinding between grinding wheel abrasive and PCD is the interaction between two materials with similar hardness, the grinding discipline-specific force is huge. For high particle size and low speed grinding wheels, the adoption of water-soluble coolant can improve the grinding efficiency and accuracy of PCD. The choice of grinding wheel combination agent depends on the grinding machine example and processing conditions. Since the EDG skill is almost unaffected by the hardness of the workpiece being ground, the adoption of EDG skills in PCD has a great advantage. The grinding of some bulky PCD tools, such as woodworking tools, also has a great demand for this dynamic grinding process. With the continuous growth of EDG grinding skills, EDG skills will become a major growth bias in PCD grinding.
  • Pneumatic Feed Mechanism Of BT-150H Tool Grinder

    Bt-150H pneumatic synthetic diamond (PCD) tool grinder is used to manufacture and repair PCD, PCBN, and CVD tools. It can grind standard or non-standard car blades and milling cutters. The boring, groove, and various other types of tools are also easily ground out on the machine.Pneumatic Feed Mechanism Of BT-150H Tool GrinderPneumatic feed mechanism: The machine adopts “constant pressure grinding” technology, that is, in the grinding process of the tool, the tool is always under constant pressure. The feed shaft is equipped with a pneumatic device, which can fast forward and fast backward and improve production efficiency. Flexible feed and constant-pressure grinding ensure the quality of the cutting edge.Constant air pressure, so that the grinding process is balanced and stable, the overall grinding efficiency is high. The cutter approaches the grinding wheel and returns to the clamping position after grinding. The two actions are pneumatic feed. The device realizes fast forward and fast backward, which can save up to 70% auxiliary time. The working feed is controlled by servomotor through electronic handwheel, so the grinding efficiency is high.If you want to grind the PCD tools with high quality, please chose Demina BT-150H tool grinding machine for massive production. They have independent research and development studios for the super-hard tool grinding machine. Welcome to visit the Demina factory.
  • CBN Tool And PCD Tool

    The different performance of CBN tool and PCD tool CBN main processing black high hardness metal, such as Cui hard just and cast steel (iron), can be high temperature (1000 degrees), hardness is 8000 HV, is to improve the production efficiency and good cutting tool material processing difficult-to-machine materials. PCBN inserts image: PCD is mainly used in processing non-ferrous metals, such as non-ferrous metals. It can grind a very sharp edge to get a better-finished surface, which can generally reach 0.2 finish. The main processing objects of CBN tools are cast iron and quenched steel. The application industry is also mainly in the automotive engine and bearing industry. Compared with the PCD tool, the CBN tool is easier to process, and with the promotion of energy-saving in the automotive industry, more and more car engines using aluminum alloy matrix, so, CBN in the automotive engine milling by PCD blade occupies a lot. PCD inserts image  Of course, with the decrease of CBN tool cost, in the field of the automobile brake disc, the CBN vehicle blade has also replaced the share of conventional carbide vehicle blade. It should be said that with the increasing number of CBN material grades, the share of CBN tools in the traditional hard material turning and grinding field will continue to rise. Beijing Demina has to produce the PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine for ten years. It can grind many kinds of PCD&PCBN turning inserts with high efficiency and high quality.
  • BT-150N Super Hard Cutter Grinder Introduction

    BT-150N is a four-axis CNC super hard cutter grinder, which is composed of four axes, including the swing axis of the grinding wheel (X-axis), the tilt angle of the grinding wheel (B-axis), the rotation axis in the horizontal plane of the workpiece (C-axis) and the workpiece feed axis (Y-axis).The BT-150N super hard cutter grinder is suitable for medium and large quantities of carbide inserts, PCD inserts, and CBN inserts. As long as the center is completed, the system will automatically complete grinding under the action of the weighted gravity, realizing the ideal state of “constant pressure grinding, flexible feed”.Due to the high hardness of diamond material (PCD), the grinding wheel wears quickly. The system can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding for a long time.Host And General Configuration1) Spindle motor power: 3 kw.2) The electric spindle adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed can be adjusted at will from 500-4,000 RPM.3) The main shaft is cooled in circulating water.4) The sand wheel shaft can be adjusted at any Angle from -5° to 25° from the vertical plane.5) The maximum swing stroke of the grinding wheel is 30mm and the maximum swing frequency is 50 times/min.6)100 times the optical CCD system.7) Industrial control machine and grinding application software (including high-definition video display).8) One piece of the ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel.
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