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  • CNC Tool Grinder China Supplier

    CNC Tool Grinder, especially multi-axis CNC, multi-axis CNC tool grinding machines. High-quality grinding, manufacturing high-precision, complex-point cutting tools, high-precision, sharp-point key equipment. Is also a complex structure, automation level of various CNC tool grinding machines High-tech, high-precision. And high-reliability mechatronics high-tech products have considerable technical difficulties in research and development. Grinding of tools by CNC Tool Grinder must rely on tool grinding technology and programming technology. And the grinding technology and programming software of various complex shape tools is also secret technology in foreign countries. Features of CNC Tool Grinder The grinding wheel guide wheel is widened to 125mm, and the cutting amount is more stable and better. The machine layout adopts the single-sided movement of the guide wheel frame. The guide wheel shaft adopts the overhanging structure, and it is convenient to replace the guide wheel. The guide wheel adopts step-less speed regulation. The machine is equipped with a cutting mechanism. The machine can be equipped with a long workpiece through grinding bracket. The machine tool can be equipped with a variety of automatic feeding, loading and unloading devices.
  • Grinding Method Of PCD Tool Grinder

    Beijing Demina produces the PCD tool grinder generally adopts advanced module design such as international advanced data electrical control software system, fine guide rail, and screw movement system, fine grating and servo motor feedback positioning system.Therefore, these tool grinders are equipped with high-precision grinding motion control technology and powerful 3D machining simulation software. When in use, users can simulate the shape of the tool you want to process online according to their own tool structure and parameter planning requirements. PCD universal edge grinder is characterized by a simple structure and convenient operation and is mainly used in the production of non-standard special tools and manual tool grinding.Grinding Method Of PCD Tool Grinder1. Precision BT-150HG PCD tool grinder does not have high requirements on overall dimensions and precision, and the general shape of the blade is simple. The user manually grinds the edge with a general tool grinder. This kind of dressing method is characterized by high requirements on the operator and must have certain tool knowledge. The tool after dressing can only be used for roughing.2. Another type of dressing is a fine overall cutter with messy shapes and high external dimensions. The user usually entrusts the used tool to the tool manufacturer or a local tool professional refinisher for resharpening. The characteristic of this grinding method is that the tool grinding process is edited by a software program and the fine positioning of the probe. And the grinding is performed according to the original tool planning parameters and geometric angles. The performance and life of the finished tool can reach more than 90% of the new tool. Users can choose the above two methods for tool grinding and reprocessing according to different application requirements, which can save the use of hard alloy raw materials and reduce the cost of tool use. Therefore, the grinding and reprocessing of the cutting tool is not only economical but also environmentally friendly, which has high economic and social value.Beijing Demina specializes in tool grinder equipment for grinding various tools. The equipment we produce has a good grinding effect and good equipment performance. Welcome everyone to inquire about the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder price.
  • Characteristics Of Ultra-hard Tool Grinding Machine Structure

    Diamond tool grinder is used for manufacturing and grinding tools of PCD, PCBN, CVD, and other ultra-hard materials. These ultra-hard materials have high hardness (for example, the hardness of PCD is HV6000) and high brittleness. Therefore, it has special technical requirements for grinding. The grinding wheel swings back and forth In order to achieve the swing of grinding wheel, there are generally two ways: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and ball screw driven by the CNC program. The former is through the mechanical structure so that the rotation of the motor transforms into the reciprocating oscillation of the grinding wheel; The latter is controlled by the program. Online tool setting device Grinding to remove the material on the ultra-hard tool not only consumes time but also precious diamond grinding wheel. It is a high-cost work. In order to reduce the grinding margin as much as possible, this kind of machines is installed online tool setting device. Setting tool before starting grinding, that is, regarding the standard line on the microscope as a benchmark, adjusting the cross table to make it compared with the blade, That makes the grinding margin to a minimum. Heavy load guide rail Super hard tool grinder known as "strong grinding", refers to the whole grinding device (machine tool, grinding wheel and tool three parts) bear a lot of force when grinding,.This requires that the machine tool has a great bearing capacity.
  • Technical Characteristics Of APE 60 – Sharpening Machine

    Beijing Demina developed Precision APE 60-Sharpening Machine is a new sharpening machine based on the grinding needs of users. This equipment can speed up the drilling process and improve the grinding efficiency of sharpeners and is now widely used. Here is a detailed introduction to the device.Technical Features Of APE 60 – Sharpening Machine1.APE 60-Sharpening Machine the design of the machine body is changed from the original loose frame structure to a closed steel plate welded structure. Greatly improve the strength of the body, increase and extend its service life.2. This equipment adopts a full vibration aging treatment process for the collective of steel plate metal materials after welding. Which obviously eliminates and reduces the degree of natural deformation of the whole machine after processing.3. The driving part of the sharpener is changed from the original belt drive to a rack drive. This transmission method overcomes the uneven landing point of the walking speed and ensures its reliability and stability.4. The original design of the swinging rotation angle of the grinding head of the sharpener is 30 °, which is more than 90 °.5. APE 60 universal drill tool grinder adopts automatic feed design when processing the feed, which improves the degree of automation. Effectively save the manpower and time necessary for manual feed, and improve the labor level of the operator.How To Operate The APE 60 – Sharpening Machine1. Before use, first, adjust the equipment. Place the blade of the high-quality APE 60-Sharpening Machine on the knife table, and adjust the detection amount of the tool to be about 0.5-1.0cm. Turn on the magnetizing switch of the button of the electromagnetic device to make the knife attract to the knife table. Adjust the position of the angle between the grinding wheel and the blade. If you find that the blade is in contact with the grinding wheel, you should turn the knife handwheel to separate it.2. Then turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters the normal working state.3. The operation of the sharpener during grinding is also very simple. The operator only needs to turn the knife handwheel to advance the blade slowly and uniformly until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. Then adjust the tightness of the contact between the blade and the grinding wheel so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well.This sharpening machine is now widely used and has a wide range of grinding. Users in need are welcome to come to APE 60-Sharpening Machine latest price.
  • PCD And PCBN Tools Have Been Widely Used In Various Industries Of Mechanical Processing

    PCD and PCBN tools have been widely used in various industries of mechanical processing, such as the cutting of auto parts, laminate wood floor processing, greatly promote the rapid development of cutting and advanced manufacturing technology. Superhard tool material is a tool material that is harder than ceramic material. Including single crystal diamond, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) and CVD diamond. Superhard cutting tools are mainly made of diamond and cubic boron nitride, among which artificial diamond composite (PCD) cutting tools and cubic boron nitride composite (PCBN) cutting tools are dominant. Many machining concepts, such as green machining, turning for grinding, milling for grinding, hard machining, high-speed cutting, dry cutting, etc. are due to the application of the super hard tool, so the super hard tool has become an indispensable important means of machining. But for cutting tool manufactures, tool grinding machine is necessary for producing high-quality tools, especially for PCD and PCBN tools. Beijing Demina company produce high quality and strong rigidity tool grinding machines for PCBN and PCD tools. The tool grinder has high machining accuracy and low Ra of surface roughness. They have strict inspection standards for machine tools. Mainly according to the accuracy of all kinds of products, manufacturing, and acceptance of technical requirements and product quality grading standards, focusing on testing the accuracy and performance of products. Due to the high hardness of diamond material (PCD) and the rapid wear of grinding wheel, the system can automatically detect such wear and make compensation, which can maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding for a long time.  
  • Technical Breakthrough Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder

    The Technical Breakthrough Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder1. Grinding application software: the grinding software independently developed by our company can set grinding parameters such as tool Angle, arc size and feed speed. After the tool center is set, the grinding software can set the basic parameters, the machine can automatically grind out a high-precision tool. All the parameters of the machine are managed by the database system, through the processing program name call, convenient procedures to store and find. The software can display the tool image and the coordinates of the CNC axis and can generate calibration lines to show the center position of the rotation axis. At the same time, the software is responsible for the communication between the interface and the CNC system. The grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters and processing parameters (such as feed, feed speed and residence time) of the software interface can be comprehensively generated into the numerical control code (G code) and transmitted to the numerical control system so that the machine can finish grinding automatically. The software has four cycles for any combination: 1) middle edge grinding, 2) right edge grinding, 3) left edge grinding, and 4) all grinding. Can respond to all customer requirements and minimize grinding air time.2. Automatic dressing of the grinding wheel: the automatic dressing device of the grinding wheel is installed on the working feed shaft (Y-axis). Driven by the servo motor, the diamond grinding wheel is automatically dressed and cleaned.Online measuring device: the device is installed on the bracket of pneumatic folding contact measurement, to avoid interference with the work of the grinding wheel. The need to measure, by the driving of the NC program to measure after grinding tool, the actual measured value and the value of the difference between the grinding wheel wear, can automatically compensate to the thickness of the grinding wheel.
  • Boring Blade

    Blade in the boring cutter body has two installation methods of plain and vertical installation. The radial arrangement and installation of the blade along the cutter body are plain mounted, and the tangential arrangement and installation of the blade along the cutter body are vertically mounted. The clamping mechanism, force, and application of the blade are also different when the blade is installed on the knife body. 1. Blade paperback features: Large supporting surface for blade installation and force; The wedge is pressed tightly on the front or back surface of the blade, and the blade is clamped firmly. There is a knife pad or wedge under the blade, and it is not easy to damage the knife body when the knife is played. By loosening the screw and loosening the wedge, the blade can be taken out, making it easy to turn or replace the blade. 2. The characteristics of the insert vertical installation: The blade is arranged tangentially, and the blade itself bears a large section of cutting force. The blade is clamped by cutting force, and only a screw is used to fix the blade on the cutter body, which has a simple structure. Large chip tank, smooth chip discharge; The rear surface of the blade allows relatively wide wear area, and the adjacent blade is not easy to collapse and damage; The disadvantages, however, are that perforated blades must be used, blades must be angled or replaced, and the screws that lock the blades must be removed. PCD Blades and CBN Blades are not suitable for vertical installation. Because CBN Blade is not easy to open, and PCD Blade because of its very thin, is generally welded on the cemented carbide matrix by welding method. Demina tool grinding machine can grind the boring blades with high efficiency. You can search for for more details.
  • Features And Maintenance Of PP-60N Drill Sharpener

    The design of the PP-60N drill sharpener greatly increases the strength of the body and increases and extends its service life. Drill sharpener the original design of the swinging swing angle of 30 ° is greater than 90 °, which makes the upper and lower workpieces and the grinding wheel replacement more convenient and faster. The sharpening head of the sharpener uses an automatic feed design when processing the feed, which improves the degree of automation. Effectively save the manpower and time necessary for manual feed, and improve the labor level of the operator. And Demina produces the PP-60N drill sharpener can grind drill.Features Of PP-60N Drill SharpenerThe sharpening of the PP-60N drill sharpener is simple and convenient, and the sharpened edge is in a straight line. Compared with manual sharpening, the use of the blade increases the strength of the blade, increasing the blade’s service life and processing capacity. The machine tool is composed of a body, a table, a grinding head, and other components. The structure between the components is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable. The grinding head travels evenly and smoothly, and it is suitable for the processing of various straight-edged tools! The function and characteristics of drill sharpener are improved and optimized so that it can grind all kinds of high-speed steel and hard alloy engraving tools and single-sided or multi-sided tools that are similar to rounded corners or reverse taper angles.Maintenance Of PP-60N Drill SharpenerPP-60N universal drill grinding machine as high-precision grinding equipment, in order to prolong its service life, the equipment should be regularly maintained. After using the equipment, it should lubricate frequently with the track plate parts. Should clean the machine after each grinding. If the grinding wheel is broken or chipped, it should replace it in time.Beijing Dmeina is a professional resharpening machine manufacturer. We not only produce sharpener equipment, but also various CNC tool grinders. The price is cheap, manufacturers directly produce and sell, welcome customers who need to come to buy.
  • Pcbn Tool Grind

    Maintenance of Universal Tool Grinding Machine Universal Tool Grinding Machine's machine body, mission table, electromagnetic table, grinding head, and electrical appliances are composed of several parts. The structure between the components is compact. The appearance is reasonable, and the grinding head is even. The configuration is accurate and the mission obeys. High, long life and other characteristics. It is used in the processing of all kinds of straight edge tools. Its maintenance adjustment can measure with the feeler gauge on the full length of the blade of the automatic sharpener. At this moment, the oscillating flywheel moves the upper turret up and down several times. Gradually tightening the bolts, nuts and adjusting the gap value of the cutting edge to reach the required stop. The tool grinding machine manufacturer's products are used in a smooth and maintenance condition. Which ensures the normal operation of the tool grinding machine and reduces the occurrence of related problems. This is a skill that users must master when using them. BT-150 series PCD PCBN universal tool grinding machine as a cutting device, greatly help our production activities. In the time of application, we must adhere to the work environment every day, adhere to the tidy body. According to the equipment check card rules check the smoothness of each smooth part according to the rules of smooth drawing. Add high-quality smooth oil in time. Always replace the grinding machine and clean it. And thoroughly check and clean the grinding machine at the end of the year to prevent the growth of dust. And ensure the grinding machine the quality of the application. Usually, pay attention to the smooth maintenance of the universal tool grinding machine. Which can ensure that the grinding machine of the universal tool grinding machine manufacturer is in normal working condition at the same time. And can extend the service life of the tool grinding machine, which is a maintenance problem that cannot ignore the use of the tool grinding machine. When using the PCD PCBN Universal Tool Grinding Machine, the correct operation method is very important. So that the grinding machine can use better, so the correct operation method must understand and valued by the users. Use of Universal Tool Grinding Machine If the pressure is uneven during the application of the grinding machine, the blade will eccentric. And the sharpness of each tooth of the blade will inconsistent. When the blade is swayed, the uneven pressure will cause the blade to bulge. If the pressure is too small, the blade cannot be smoothly attached to the sharpening disc. Which is prone to eccentric wear, toothing and center protrusion. If the pressure is too large, the blade is easily annealed and deformed. And the blade life is shortened. The swaying speed is too slow, accelerating the wear of the blade. Shortening the life of the blade. And easily forming the blade annealing. Too fast, it is easy to scrape off the abrasive, easy to break the teeth. It is not easy to grasp the balance of the blade. And the uneven pressure is easy to occur and the center is convex. The tool grinding machine grinds the knife on the sharpening disc with the abrasive cloth too long. And the blade is easy to anneal and deform. If the sharpening stroke is short, the sharp blade will sharpen. And the center of the sharpening disc will quickly collapse. Shortening the application period of the sharpening disc, so the sharpening stroke should be as long as possible. Main Technical Parameters
  • Safe Operation Of Micra-10 Sharpening Machine

    With the growing demand for sharpening equipment in the grinding industry, Beijing Demina produces the China Micra-10 sharpening machine according to the actual needs of users. Once the device was launched, it was welcomed by the majority of users. Before using the Micra-10 sharpening machine, be sure to read the instructions carefully to prevent misoperation and cause accidental injury. So if it is a novice user, how to operate the device safely? Let’s introduce it to everyone.Safe Operation Of Micra-10 Sharpening MachineBefore grinding, check whether the three-phase four-wire power of the equipment is normal. And whether the running direction of the grinding head and the grinding wheel is consistent with the direction indicated by the travel button. During the operation, the track should be filled with oil at any time to prevent the track from wearing due to a lack of oil. During the calibration process, if there are left and right error, it can be adjusted by the adjusting screw on the knife holder.In the Micra-10 small drill grinding machine, care should be taken that the amount of feed is not excessive. Generally, it is controlled between 0.01-0.02mm to prevent the excessive amount of feed, which will cause the blade to be deformed due to excessive heat and heat so that the sharpened blade is not in a straight line. When the blade is sharpened to a certain extent, if there is a burr on the edge of the blade, the blade is sharpened. At this time, the operator should stop grinding, and no longer need to enter the knife, until the spark becomes smaller, remove the blade and deburr with an oil stone.When the sharpener equipment is not in use, the water stains on the knife holder must be wiped clean and grease or oil applied to prevent rust. In the process of sharpening the knife and in the process of loading and unloading the blade, the operator must concentrate on the same to prevent the danger of personal injury.Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional Micra-10 sharpening machine manufacturer. Our company produces sharpener equipment that has not only good performance but also cheap price. All the equipment we produce is directly sold by manufacturers to ensure the quality of the equipment. Welcome everyone to come to buy.
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