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  • CNC Tool Grinding Machine Maintenance And Maintenance During Running-in

    BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine Due to the complex, precise and versatile work of BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine, we pay more attention to the life and maintenance of the machine. The service life can dive three stages, the new machine running-in period. The normal trial period and the state maintenance period. Just talk about the new machine running-in period that is easily overlooked by everyone. The maintenance of the new machine running-in period is easy to neglect. The maintenance of the new is about 24 hours. During the running-in period, the machine is running normally, reducing the machine's malfunction, and more importantly. It is to make the tool grinding machine last longer. Some people bring benefits to the rapid production of the machine and ignore the new machines in the running-in period. The losses received later are often more beneficial than this. Several characteristics of the running-in period, fast wear, poor lubrication, looseness, leakage, and many operational errors can cause different degrees of damage to the machine. CNC tool grinding machine Maintenance and maintenance during running-in New CNC tool grinding machine Maintenance and maintenance during running-in. Because of the special nature of the new machine, during the running-in. You should refer to the relevant instructions and materials, fully understand the machine performance. Master the operation of certain machines and maintain the experience of the new machine. The working load of the new machine tool during the running-in period should not too large. After working for a period of time, the machine should stop for a period of time to avoid the excessive temperature of the machine during the running-in period. During the other periods, you should check the use of various oils of the machine to ensure the timely addition of lubricating oil between the shafts to prevent wear. At the same time, keep the machine clean and adjust the loose parts. Adhere to the timely cleaning of the scraps on the machine after the daily work, to develop the habit of constantly checking the machine and adding lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. Coolant, etc., to maintain the normal machine operation, thereby improving the CNC honing machine service life. Application OF Grinding machine Nowadays, the grinding machine of BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine produced by the grinding machine manufacturer has become mechanical equipment commonly used by all industrial tool users and companies. Due to the appearance of the sharpening machine, all industrial tools have a new life. Bid farewell to the past one-time use. That is one installation, one disassembly, greatly improving the use-value of industrial tools. Extending the service life of the tool and reducing the production cost of all producers. However, with the increasing use of grinding machine sharpeners, the demand for use is increasing. And the user's improvement of the sharpening machine is getting higher and higher. Especially the core components of the sharpening machine - grinding head, grinding The improvement of the head is extremely demanding on the skill of the manufacturer. It is necessary to protect the advantages of the original knife sharpener, such as accuracy and speed, and to add other functions. First of all, the grinding head can add a grinding head from the base of the first grinding head. When sharing a grinding head, the large feed grinding and fine grinding. That is, adding a grinding head, the grinding machine runs. The cutter blade is quickly ground by the grinding head. And then the cutter liquid cleaning device is used to clean the tool after refining grinding with a fine grinding head until the spark is eliminated to meet the expected accuracy requirement. Secondly, it is possible to increase the grinding head, starting from the two aspects of power and contact surface. First increase the width of the sharpening machine body, enhance its rigidity, increase the size of the electromagnetic chuck between the guide rails. And then enlarge the casting part of the grinding machine. Increase the power of the grinding head motor and match the large-diameter grinding wheel. So as to avoid the tool clamping again, and ensure the straightness of the cutting blade section. First grinding with high power, then polishing with low power, one-time processing, saving time and effort.
  • About Rational Use Of Cutting Fluid

    The rational use of metal cutting fluid can effectively reduce the cutting force, reduce the cutting temperature and reduce the thermal deformation of the machining system, which can not only guarantee the machining quality of the workpiece but also extend the tool life and reduce the processing cost. The main functions of metal cutting fluid in mechanical removal are cooling, lubrication, cleaning and rust prevention. The effect of cutting fluid depends on the cutting fluid itself in addition to a variety of properties. It also depends on the processing requirements, workpiece materials, tool materials, and processing methods and other factors, which should be comprehensive consideration, reasonable choice, and correct use.Demina PCBN tool grinder uses micro electric water for grinding machines. The fluid can not become smelly. This cutting fluid is very environmentally friendly. It is water-based cutting fluid. When roughing, the cutting amount is large, produces a lot of cutting heat. In order to reduce the cutting temperature, they should choose the cooling performance of the good water-based cutting fluid. During finishing, the workpiece is required to obtain better surface quality and smaller surface roughness value, so the cutting oil should be used. The cutting fluid can be recycled. For the factory, it can save costs.
  • Application Of PCBN Tool

    PCBN tool is suitable for automatic processing and difficult material processing PCBN tool has high hardness and wears resistance, can in high cutting speed for a long time to produce high-precision parts (small size dispersion), greatly reduce the number of tool changes and tool wear compensation downtime time. Therefore, it is very suitable for tools and a higher degree of automation processing equipment and can make efficient equipment can be given full play. In the application of difficult machining materials, the PCBN tool has also shown its excellent performance. Such as surface spray welding (coating) material processing, processing with other materials, tool life is very low, can not be processed by grinding method, and PCBN is the only suitable tool material. For example, the use of high alloy wear-resistant cast iron in petroleum power station equipment, the use of PCBN tool than carbide tool to improve the cutting efficiency of more than 4 times, the cost of a tool down to the original 1/5. In addition, in the cutting of sintered materials such as carbide, the PCBN tool also shows good cutting performance. Examples of application of PCBN tool Because of PCBN has high hardness and wear resistance, do not react with iron group metals at a high temperature of chemical inertness, so it is mainly used for high hardness material and machining of difficult-to-machine materials. Such as high-speed steel, quenched steel, high-temperature alloy, high alloy wear-resistant cast iron, sintered metal materials, surface spray welding materials and other difficult to process materials. 1. Machining hardened steel can play the effect of replacing grinding with a car, because the cutting depth is more than ten times greater than the grinding depth, so the processing efficiency is high, the surface does not produce burns. For example, when the variable speed sliding gear (20CrMnTi, HRC58 ~ 62 hardness) is machined by the car instead of grinding, the cutting efficiency is increased by more than 4 times compared with the original grinding. 2. Processing of high alloy (containing tungsten or chromium 18%) wear-resistant cast iron. Cutting speed than the carbide tool increased by more than 10 times, cutting efficiency increased by more than 4 times. 3. High-cobalt chromium-molybdenum has strong corrosion resistance. The processing speed of PCBN is 160m / min, which is 8 times that of hard alloy cutting tools. 4. Processing of thermal spraying (spray welding) materials, surface spray welding parts can not be processed by grinding, and the cutting efficiency of the carbide tool is very low. After the use of the can improve the processing efficiency, save more than 50% of the processing cost. PCBN tool can also be used for non-ferrous metal precision cutting and sintering metal cutting and so on. Beijing Demina's diamond tool grinding machine can grind the CBN tools with high fines.
  • Diamond Grinding Machine For Sale

    When precision diamond tools are performing grinding work, the grinding method is basically rough and fine grinding. The grinding machine is equipped with a high-speed rotating cast iron grinding disc, plus diamond powder to grind diamond tools. During fine grinding, the grinding disc is required to rotate smoothly, have no vibration. And the end beat is small in order to make the cutting edge reach extremely sharp without defects.Structure Of Diamond Grinding MachineAt present, the widely used precision diamond tool grinder is very simple in structure. The cast iron grinding disc is mounted on a shaft with a precise anti-center at both ends. The center seat is made of hardwood (mahogany or pear wood) so that it can automatically adapt to the center of the grinding disc shaft and achieve a high degree of rotation sugar. The shaft of the grinding disc is driven by a soft silk flat belt to rotate, so as to reduce vibration and make the grinding disc rotate smoothly. The grinding disc is made of high quality cast iron. The surface is required to be smooth. No sand holes or other defects are allowed. Generally, the diameter of the grinding disc of Tricholoma grinds is 300mm. And the grinding disc is mounted on the shaft at a speed of 2000-3000/min. After the grinding disc is mounted on the shaft, it is necessary to balance the fine mountains with the shaft to ensure the stability and no vibration during rotation.A certain load is added on the grinding disc, and diamond powder is added to the diamond for grinding processing. The surface of the grinding disc should be regularly trimmed to remove scratches left on the surface during grinding.The grinding machine can ensure the minimum run-out error of the grinding disc is 1-3mm, which can meet the requirements of the general precision diamond tool grinding. Due to the rapid development of ultra-precision turning technology for the requirement of increasing the diamond tool. Now requires precision diamond tool cutting edge blunt round radius r is 0.01 ~ 0.05 m or less. The original diamond tool grinding machine can not meet the requirements of the new air bearing grinding machine that has been made into use. It can guarantee the end of the grinding disc is below 0.5 nm, the diamond tool manufacturing technology and improve the step.We are welcome customers to visit our plant for more diamond tool grinding machines.
  • Tool Grinders

    Features of BT-150N tool grinders 1.Mechanical Structure: The base of the BT-150N tool grinder is made of solid casting with high quality. This type of tool grinder has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid does not spill everywhere. It can meet the grinding requirements of any hard material. 2. The optical CCD camera is properly protected from splash by a metal cover. The machine is equipped with lights and the bedside lamp inside. The cross-work table is adopted with precision guide rail and two tightening screws. This eliminates the gap, can withstand greater grinding resistance without cutter back-off. 3. With high precision grinding spindle and frequency control speed, the spindle power is 5Kw, max speed is 8000r/min. The inside of the main shaft of the equipment is cooled by circulating water. The axial runout is 0.003mm and the radial runout is 0.002mm. 4. the guides rail with a high precision roller, the use of guide rail improves the accuracy, durability, and rigidity of the machine. 5. Our company developed grinding software and can set various kinds of grinding parameters. 6.Reciprocal pendulum mechanism of grinding head: During work, the grinding wheel consumes evenly, while ensuring the grinding accuracy and roughness. Grinding wheel swing is controlled by the PLC program and moves very smoothly through speed optimization. 7.Angle encoder: after cutting tool detection, it can accurately restore the grinding position of the cutter, and avoid multiple grinding tools does not reset, digital encoder angle resolution is up to 1'. 8. Grinding wheel spindle radial locking technology: This technology of the tool grinder keeps the two arc-shaped guide rails tightly fixed on the concave and convex portions and compresses the angle automatically in the control panel by means of a spring. 9.Fixture: this machine is equipped with a positioning fixture. It need not adjust the CCD camera position in the grinding of different thickness tool. So the work efficiency is improved. 10. Lubrication system: intermittent automatic lubrication system, users can set time and intermittent for oil, ensure the service life of the screw.
  • Processing Characteristics Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

    With the production and use of various tool grinders on the market, more and more users now use tool grinders for grinding work. Among them, the PCD tool grinding machine is more commonly used. So how much do you know about the processing characteristics of this tool grinder? Let’s summarize it with Beijing Demina.Processing Characteristics Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine1. Can realize rough machining with a large allowanceThe integrated PCD tool grinding machine can realize rough machining with large allowances. At this stage, the integrated PCD tool can reach a depth of 8mm, which can fill the entire blade, and the production efficiency is doubled.2.High-speed cuttingDue to the good performance of the manual PCD tool grinder, it can completely realize high-speed cutting. And it can perfectly combine with CNC machine tools, which enables efficient cutting of workpieces and greatly improves production efficiency.3. Dry processingBecause the PCD tool grinding machine has a high hot red hardness. If the coolant is added, the cutting edge is likely to crack due to the sudden temperature drop. Therefore, PCD tools generally use dry cutting when machining workpieces. Especially in the case of intermittent cutting, dry turning is not only environmentally friendly but also saves certain costs.4. Suitable for processing high hardness materialsPCD material hardness ranks behind diamond and PCD is an extremely hard tool material that is second only to diamond. So it is collectively referred to as a super hard tool with diamond tools. Generally works best with PCD hardness greater than 48HRC (PCD wears quickly when processing soft materials). Temperatures up to 2000 ° C are also excellent in redness. Properly tailored PCD tools can withstand the cutting loads of high-power roughing. The impact of intermittent cutting, and the thermal and wear properties required for fine machining.In general, PCD tools are currently the most ideal tool materials for processing ferrous metals. In the future, with the application of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, they will gradually become more widely used. In addition, the market share of PCD tools will gradually increase, and it will become the mainstay of the hard material processing industry in the future. A professional PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer in Beijing, our tool grinding machines are not only good in performance but also cheap in price. Welcome everyone to buy.
  • The Application Notice Of Ceramic Superhard Grinding Wheel

    The application notice of ceramic superhard grinding wheel A round consolidated abrasive with a hole in the middle made of abrasive and binder. The grinding wheel is a kind of grinding tool with the largest amount and the most widely used surface. It rotates at a high speed when used, and can be used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, grooving, and cutting, etc.. On the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various types of metal or non-metallic workpiece. There are many kinds of grinding wheels. According to its shape, it can be divided into the flat grinding wheel, bevel grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup grinding wheel, disc grinding wheel, etc.. Because the grinding wheel usually works at a high speed, it should be carried out the rotary test (to ensure that the grinding wheel will not break at the highest working speed) and static balance test (to prevent machine vibration caused by work) before use. After working for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be dressed to restore grinding performance and correct geometry. The use of a grinding wheel is dangerous. For everyone's safety, the following are the precautions: The grinder is one of the most commonly used machines and equipment in a machinery factory. Whether it is reasonable to install, whether it meets the safety requirements. Is it used correctly and in accordance with safe operating procedures? These problems concern the personal safety of every worker directly because this must cause us to take seriously enough in actual use. Matters needing attention during installation Positioning problem: what position is installed in the grinder, is the first problem to be considered in the installation process. Only the selection of a reasonable and appropriate position, we can carry out other work. It is forbidden to install the grinder in the place directly facing the nearby equipment and operators or where there are often people passing by. Generally, the larger workshop should set up a special grinding wheel machine room. Balance problem: the imbalance of the grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccurate manufacturing and installation of the grinding wheel so that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel does not coincide with the rotating axis. The harm caused by unbalancing is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, when the grinding wheel rotates at a high speed, it causes vibration, which is easy to cause polygonal vibration marks on the workpiece surface. On the other hand, the imbalance accelerates the vibration of the spindle and the wear of the bearing. Therefore, the grinding wheel with great straightness greater than or equal to 200mm should be statically balanced first after being mounted on the chuck. And the grinding wheel should be statically balanced repeatedly after being shaped and trimmed or when unbalance is found in the work. Matching problem: According to the standard requirements, the diameter of the chuck of the grinding wheel shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the mounted grinding wheel, and it shall be replaced with a new grinding wheel when the diameter of the grinding wheel is 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck. In this way, there is a matching problem between a chuck and a grinding wheel. Protection problem: the protective cover is the most important protective device of the grinder. Its function is: when the grinding wheel is damaged for some reason during work, it can cover the grinding wheel debris effectively and ensure the safety of personnel. The shape of the grinding wheel protective cover is circular and square, and the maximum opening Angle is not allowed to exceed 90°. The protective cover shall be made of steel with tensile strength not less than 415N/mm2. When replacing a new grinding wheel, the installation of the protective cover shall be firm and reliable, and the protective cover shall not be disassembled or discarded at will. Stop the silencing plate is one of the main protective accessories of the grinder, the opening of the shield above the horizontal plane of the spindle is greater than or equal to 30. Its main function is to block the flying silence in the grinding process, so as not to hurt the operator. It is installed at the front end of the opening of the protective cover, the width should be larger than the width of the grinding wheel protective cover, and it should be firmly fixed on the protective cover. Bracket problem: the bracket is one of the common accessories of grinding machines. According to the regulations, an adjustable bracket must be set for a grinding machine whose grinding wheel diameter is over 150mm. The distance between the grinding wheel and the bracket should be less than 1/2 of the smallest shape of the part to be polished, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm. Grounding problem the grinder USES power lines, so the enclosure of the equipment must have a good grounding protection device. This is also one of the important factors that cause accidents easily. Matters needing attention in the process of use Side grinding problem: regardless of the type of grinding wheel, freely grinding the side of the grinding wheel, which is a serious violation of the safety operation rules and regulations. According to the regulations, it is not suitable to use the side grinding for the grinding wheel with the peripheral surface as the working surface. The radial strength of this kind of grinding wheel is relatively large, while the axial strength is very small. If the operator exerts too much force, the grinding wheel will break or even hurt people. Positive operation problem: According to the operation rules, when grinding the workpiece with the grinder, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel. And should not operate on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid the grinding wheel flying out or breaking and hurting people. Force operation problem: The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength, which is likely to cause the grinding wheel to break, or even fly to hurt people, which is also a behavior that should prohibit. Common operation problem: in the actual daily operation, there is such a situation, someone to catch up with the production task, grab the working time, two people share a grinder operation at the same time. This is a serious violation of the rules and regulations, which should strictly prohibit. When a grinder is not enough to use, it can be used to add grinder solution, absolutely do not allow the use of a grinder at the same time. Matters needing attention in the process of replacement Wear problem: any grinding wheel has its certain wear requirements, wear to a certain extent must be replaced with a new grinding wheel. Can not in order to save materials, the use of excessive wear requirements, this is a very unsafe violation. Validity issue: the new grinding wheel from the warehouse may not be a qualified grinding wheel or even the new grinding wheel bought from the manufacturer may not be a qualified grinding wheel. If it is used beyond the expiry date, it may not be a qualified grinding wheel. The only qualified grinding wheel can use". Texture problem: in the process of use, if a crack is found in the part of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should stop immediately and replace it with a new one. So as not to cause grinding wheel breakage and injury accident. Other matters needing attention Environmental problems: generally, the grinder machine room should set up for a special grinding wheel. And it is strictly forbidden to pile up inflammable and explosive articles in the grinding wheel machine room or near the grinder to avoid fire or explosion accidents. And other parts and articles should not place in the vicinity of the grinder. The management of the problem of the grinder should responsible for the special person. Who is not the unit personnel want to grind objects on the grinder, need to get the permission of the full-time person in charge. And strictly abide by the safe operation rules, no unauthorized use of the grinder without the consent of the person in charge. In addition, the replacement of the grinding wheel should also responsible for the person, prohibit others to replace, install the grinding wheel. Close the car problem: the operator should close the car immediately after stopping work. It is forbidden to idle the grinder when no one is using it or managing it. In addition, the use of the medium - wave turbine should be kept clean.
  • Grinding Wheel Dresser For Sale

    This machine adopts the principle of different materials and different rotation speeds of the grinding wheel and the dressing wheel to realize the shaped dressing of the grinding wheel.The machine itself can carry out simple and efficient dressing for diamond grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel and grinding wheel set composed of multiple grinding wheels. It can dress plane, Angle, arc and forming grinding wheel. This machine is easy to operate and accurate, with the following characteristics.Characteristics Of Grinding Wheel Dresser1. Precise linear slide rail and ball screw are adopted, and a digital display grating ruler is added to adjust and measure the positioning accuracy and width size at any time when the grinding wheel is dressed.2. The two rotating shafts adopt high precision bearings, which have achieved rotation accuracy and stability.3. The speed of dressing grinding wheel, the left and right swing speed, the size of swing stroke and the position of grinding wheel can be adjusted.4. The speed of the grinding wheel being repaired is adjustable, and the position of the grinding wheel being repaired is adjusted by the cross slide.5. A circular grating is added to the manual shaft so that the Angle of the dressing grinding wheel can be adjusted more conveniently and accurately. The display accuracy is 0.05.6. CCD photographic device, with 15 to 120 times of magnification, can measure and check the arc, Angle, sharp Angle and size of the grinding wheel at work.7. CCD and grating size device provides a simple setting and measurement of the width and position of the grinding wheel as well as inspection during or after dressing. The measuring accuracy can reach 0.005-0.01mm.
  • Application Of Sound Control Technology In Diamond Tool Grinding Machine

    Technological Characteristics Of diamond Tool Grinding The grinding of diamond tools has its own technological characteristics. The outstanding characteristics are the high hardness of materials. Which leads to excessive wear and tear of grinding wheels and unstable size in the grinding process. Secondly, most diamond tools are turning tools or blades, and their grinding position is uncertainly relative to the position of machine tools (such as the change of blade thickness). Which causes the change of grinding point. Thirdly, the grinding resistance is so great that the processing system composed of grinding wheel, cutting tool, clamping tool. And machine tool produces relatively large elastic deformation, which results in a relatively large phenomenon of "yielding knife". These three characteristics directly affect the dimensional accuracy of the tool after grinding. If not properly solved, it will inevitably lead to poor consistency of grinding dimension accuracy and roughness. Low grinding efficiency, and it is unsuitable for mass production. The application of sound control technology in diamond tool grinder can effectively solve these three problems. Application Of Adaptive Control Technology In Rough Grinding Friction between the grinding wheel and diamond cutter produces intense sound wave propagation on process equipment. Monitoring of sound wave can accurately reflect grinding conditions. Such as whether the cutter and grinding wheel are in contact. Whether the pressure between the cutter and the grinding wheel ( that is grinding resistance) is eliminated, etc. If the control system can collect and analyze this information in real-time so that the machine tool control system can adapt to it. It is like installing a sensitive ear on the machine tool, making the machine tool controller become a more intelligent adaptive system. The Application Of "Tool-setting Grinding Method" In Fine Grinding Although the wear of the grinding wheel is difficult to measure, besides, the height of the blade is difficult to measure within a certain range. The control system with voice control device can always easily record the accurate position of the contact moment between the tooltip and the grinding wheel surface. With this as a starting point, the relative feed can accurately control dimensional accuracy. Which we call "tool-setting grinding method". Of course, the prerequisite of "tool-setting grinding method" is that there is an accurate datum in the previous process. Or that the dimension before grinding can measure accurately, which can be achieved by on-line measurement system of CCD system.
  • Important Points For Use Of PCD & PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

    As the requirements of various industries for grinding technology become higher and higher, tool grinding machine manufacturers are required to continuously modify the tool grinding machine according to the needs of users. Beijing Demina manufacturers have produced PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine according to the needs of users. The device not only has good performance but also has many advantages. The following is to introduce the advantages of the device and the use of it.Advantages Of PCD & PCBN Tool Grinding Machine1. The cost of a tool and dressing is lower than that of a natural diamond.2. High impact resistance, can do the heavy cutting and intermittent cutting.3. High hardness and good wear resistance. Long tool life, reducing the number of tool changes and can process products with high accuracy for a long time.4. Extremely low coefficient of friction, reducing the generation of debris at the knife edge.5. Excellent surface finish can do rough and fine processing at the same time.Use Matters Of PCD & PCBN Tool Grinding Machine1. The cutting edge of the tool must be strictly adjusted to the height of the center of the product being processed. That is, the height of the center, and cutting below the center is strictly prohibited.2.2-axis PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine can process all kinds of non-ferrous metals. Such as copper, aluminum, zinc, alloys, etc. It can also process hard rubber, wood, fiberboard, etc. Very widely used.3. The maximum cutting depth of this equipment is preferably no more than 3/4 of the cutting edge.4. Cooling fluid is available for PCD tools for milling.5. But please pay attention when using, this equipment is not suitable for processing ferrous metal.Beijing Demina specializes in the production of various tool grinders. The grinders we produce are not only complete but also have good performance and high grinding efficiency. Now, BT-150H universal grinder for sale, welcome users who need it to buy.
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