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  • ToolBox - Swiss ToolBox Software Is Adapted For Five-axis Tool Grinders

    ToolBox - Swiss ToolBox software is adapted for five-axis tool grinders with different coaxial configurations with a simple configuration. And all kinds of control systems can be seamless docking, forming a complete system. The software can be used for grinding tools with perfect function in the grinding process and can grind non-standard tools which can't be matched by standard software package. Features and applications of toolBox tool grinding 1.Characteristics of the application program The software with a graphical interface is suitable for any type of CNC tool grinder (at least five axes) and can be used at all stages of development. Operators never become proficient in just a few days of training. Each CNC axis can be configured with relative coordinates, direction, limit, workpiece clamping position, spindle mounting position, probe and tool blank, providing infinite possibilities for the overall layout of the machine tool. 2. The structure of the tool package The toolkit has a tree structure in which function nodes can be opened or closed according to the user's needs to enter or browse information. With instructions from the online help, users can quickly build tool data during operation.For the operation of the tree structure, we generally provide the following information: specific operation options, geometric parameters, machine structure, grinding process parameters, grinding cycle definition, parameter modification, specific process parameters, process input, and output skills.For example, for the treatment of the tool groove, the software not only provides the basic algorithm based on groove shape but also provides the supplementary processing of integrated grinding wheel shape.The various elements in the tool structure are dynamically established based on tool options.In contrast to the structure of the tool type, each tool has a structure formed by several operations.Such as both simulations can also be in the actual grinding machine tool. 3. Grinding wheel The tool kit can choose standard grinding wheel or molding grinding wheel, the shape of the grinding wheel, the size of the grinding wheel (or grinding wheel group) are defined by the three-dimensional geometry;Specific grinding wheels can be selected for each specific procedure, and specific processing conditions can be set, all of which are completed with graphical tips. 4. Introduction of grinding wheel/grinding wheel group The following are the standard functions of the software: setting the size of the grinding wheel, type, and function of the grinding wheel, axial position of the grinding wheel, rotation direction, material and composition of the grinding wheel group, etc. 5. Definition of grinding wheel shape The following are the standard functions of the software: geometric parameters of the grinding wheel, automatic drawing of the shape of the grinding wheel, and automatic generation of the shape of the grinding wheel according to the shape of the groove of the tool. 6. The definition of the cutter The software can define a variety of shapes of the cutter, including milling cutter, drill, deep hole drill, ball head, corner, and taper; The cutter body includes cylinder, cone, step drill, cross tooth, contour, and tap. The combination of these elements (such as the drill and milling cutter) can form a special tool. These tools can be any combination of left and right spirals and left and right tangents.Degrees can be equally or unequally divided. Each cutter body can grind different groove shapes (one or more of each tooth). The shape of the head is standard. 7. Database Every tool shape has a database to hold its data, and software systems have a universal database. Application databases support arbitrary searches and searches with given criteria. Users can define meaningful programs based on their personal experience, all with the help of graphical tips. 8. Graphic simulation In order to accurately reflect the machining state, all grinding operations have graphical simulation, the user can determine the shape and parameters of the tool, and then observe the same grinding process on the CNC machine.
  • Processing Accuracy Of APE 60-Sharpening Machine

    Precision APE 60-Sharpening Machine is a kind of grinding equipment that we often use. When we use it, we will make the necessary adjustments to it. So what do we need to pay attention to during this adjustment?Installation Adjustments Of APE 60-Sharpening MachineFirst of all, pay attention to the stability of the installation to prevent the occurrence of vibration. The fasteners need to be connected tightly, and the rotation of the sharpening disc should be stable, and the situation of jumping and swinging should not occur, otherwise, the blade will be worn.Secondly, it should be noted that the sharpening disc is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the position of the sharpening frame is 6 mm from the surface of the disc. If the position of the sharpening frame is incorrect, it will be prone to partial wear. In addition, for mechanically driven sharpeners, the V-belt should have a suitable tension and ensure the rated speed of the sharpener.Processing Accuracy Of APE 60-Sharpening MachineNo matter what kind of sharpening equipment, the accuracy of machining is a key factor that restricts its machining of the workpiece, so you should understand this well.APE 60 drill tool grinder if there is a measurement error, it is usually caused by the error caused by the measuring tool and the measurement method. When adjusting the error, if the adjustment method is used for processing. The measured sample cannot fully reflect the size dispersion of various random errors in the process, which affects the correctness of the adjusted size, resulting in dimensional error tool errors and tool wear. Repeated positioning accuracy of the positioning mechanism, feed error, thermal deformation of the processing system. Workpiece installation error, drill tool grinder spindle rotation error, drill tool grinder guide rail geometric error, and the geometric relationship between the feed motion and the spindle is incorrect.In addition, there are APE 60-Sharpening Machine transmission errors, forming motion principle errors, tool errors, process system stress and deformation, workpiece residual stress, and process system thermal deformation.Beijing Demina is a professional manufacturer of sharpeners. The equipment we produce has good performance and high grinding efficiency. Everyone is welcome to inquire about APE 60-Sharpening Machine’s latest price.
  • The Grinding Wheel

    The abrasive grain of grinding wheel Grinding grains of different materials are suitable for grinding tools of different materials. Different parts of the tool need to use different sizes of abrasive particles to ensure the best combination of edge protection and processing efficiency. Alumina: used for grinding HSS tools. The grinding wheel is cheap and can be easily modified into different shapes. Silicon carbide: used to correct the CBN grinding wheel and diamond grinding wheel. CBN (cubic boron carbide): used for grinding HSS tools. It is expensive but durable. Internationally, the grinding wheel is represented by B, such as B107, where 107 represents the diameter of the grinding particle. Diamond: used for grinding HM tools, high price, but durable. The grinding wheel is represented by D, such as D64, where 64 represents the diameter of the grinding particle. The shape of the grinding wheel For the convenience of different parts of the grinding tool, the grinding wheel shall have different shapes. The most common ones are: Parallel grinding wheel (1A1): top Angle, outside diameter, back, etc. Disc wheel (12V9, 11V9): Common wheel discs can be used to grind spiral grooves, trimming and milling cutters' primary and secondary cutting edges, etc. After the grinding wheel is used for a period of time, its shape (including plane, Angle and rounded R) needs to be modified. The grinding wheel must often use a cleaning stone to remove the chips between the grinding grains to improve the grinding ability of the wheel.
  • Single Crystal Diamond Grinding

    About Single Crystal DiamondTherefore, it has extremely high hardness and wears resistance. The morphology of diamonds can be divided into single crystal, continuous body and polycrystal. Single crystals can be further divided into cubes, octahedrons, and diamond-shaped dodecahedrons. Among the crystal forms of synthetic diamond, hexahedron is the most common one. The single crystal of synthetic diamond is planar with obvious edges and top angles.Diamond has high hardness and brittleness. Although the roughness of the tool surface is easy to be guaranteed during grinding, the cutting edge is easy to collapse and the sawtooth degree of the blade is not easy to be reduced.Demina BT-150M can grind the single-crystal diamond with high quality. It can grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools and many types of special turning tools. It has CCD measurement equipment. Tool CCD image can be displayed, observed and measured online with the help of hairline. Welcome to visit our web site for details.
  • Demina Manages Weekly

     Production information of model 150-J tool grinder 1. Model 150-J tool grinder according to customer requirements, adopt "short, flat and fast" organization for the first time. "Short": short cycle, planned for 10 days, actually completed in 7 days. "Flat": internal collaboration, information communication, diligent scheduling. "Fast": various work, assault fast, production operations, parallel cross. 2. As long as half a year-long plan, seriously treat the customer's repeated harsh requirements, do not tire of it. Kyocera 150D is the most typical example. As far as customers are concerned, they have visited the factory twice. With WeChat and site video and communication, from the theory and practical effect really achieve "durable" communication, and finally recognized by the customer. 3. Blade processing is another field of production. It used to be in trial grinding, with most samples processed. This "Yellow River tornado" blade, from small batch production so far seven batches of mass production, and a batch than a batch of quality stability, the reason: (1) internal personnel for tactical adjustment (2) processing process get repeated practice correction (3) set up auxiliary inspection (4) special personnel scheduling. 4. All production plans shall be supervised by the general manager. Achieved the "know" key, "clear" lack of analysis, effectiveness, comments, see improvement. Management information 1. Rectification of production safety: a sudden fire around the plant some time ago alerted the leaders and aroused high attention. In order to draw a comparison, the safety responsibility system and responsible person were firstly defined in the system. 2. The rectification process system: (1) 150 N accuracy test was carried out for the first time, new theory, let the data speak, let the effect point. (2) The tool grinding process of single specification management and guidance, from the establishment to review and approve, do the layered, points of supervision, management combined with the operator. (3) Packing, check the problem from the transport, looking for improvement, thus improve the quality and reliability. 3. Organize the production site: challenge the long-term habitual way of thinking. The original sheet metal parts to the material "blanket" is not classified, horizontal and vertical, now through the rectification, in the existing area to be divided, "inspection area", "unqualified area", "finished product area", the requirements of the external parts to the material, immediately for inspection, not allowed to heap pressure, according to the nature of the placement. 4. Rectification of logistics management: kitchen meals have been orally informed to the chef, who did not eat meals on the day, the substantial effect is not good, and frequent mistakes cause waste (food, labor, time).Now, set kanban through in kitchen door place, include to increase overwork personnel to eat a meal and do not eat meal personnel to must fill consciously, changed waste. Technological innovation This Kyo-porcelain 150D is the first time to adopt the passive device of cleaning the grinding wheel, which presents the optimized combination and the most satisfactory result to the customer. It is the crystallization of our scientific research, engineering and technical personnel's innovation and unremitting efforts. BT 150N based on motion controller control software overall upgrade, product development department excellence, constantly challenge themselves, constantly improve the spirit of product level, worthy of our praise. "There is gold in the fixture", product development department according to customer demand, constantly launched targeted practical fixture, greatly enhance the competitiveness of our products.
  • Points To Note When Using A Tool Grinder

    Tool grinder equipment can now be used in many industries because the equipment not only has good performance but also has a good grinding effect. But it is worth noting that when we use it, we must pay attention to some points of the equipment to better complete the grinding work. The following takes BT100 CBN Tool Grinder as an example to tell you some points that need attention when using.Points To Note When Using A Tool GrinderBefore use, the power plug and socket of the tool grinder should be installed firmly and reliably, with good contact. And non-electrical professionals are prohibited from installing and maintaining the electrical system of the machine.Before starting the machine, check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are consistent with the motor nameplate requirements. Check the reliability of the protective grounding of the electrical system before starting the machine. Check the reliability of the protective grounding of the electrical system before the bedIn order to protect the operator, the handle that should be locked in the machine must be locked before work. The workpiece should be clamped reliably. Before starting the machine, the workpiece should be clamped reliably. The wheel guard should be fixed and tools such as wrenches left on the machine tool should be removed at will. It is forbidden to operate with gloves and be careful not to touch the rotating wheel and workpiece with the mold to avoid injury. It is forbidden to install workpieces and change grinding wheels on a started tool grinding machine. It is forbidden to install workpieces and change grinding wheels on the starting machine. Operators must protect themselves when operating, and wear safety clothing and safety goggles.5-Axis CBN Tool Grinding Machine requires maintenance and repair work after use. Before maintaining and repairing the machine tool, be sure to cut off the power supply to the machine tool before confirming safety. Before turning on the power, make sure that the machine tool switch is in the off position. When work is completed or temporarily left, please turn off the machine power switch when work is completed or temporarily left.If a tool grinder machine tool malfunctions or makes abnormal noises during work, you should immediately cut off the power to the machine tool, check the cause, and remove the fault before you start the machine tool again. Be vigilant when working and do not operate the machine while under the influence of alcohol and fatigue.
  • Introduction Of Tool Grinding Ability Of Demina Company

    Our company's tool grinding center specializes in providing grinding and coating services for all kinds of conventional tools such as drills, milling cutters, reamers, taps and various CBN and PCD superhard cutters. The center has an Italian OCTOPUS 100 seven-axis CNC tool grinder. IDEAL six-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder and BT-150D four-axis CNC tool grinder. And provides tool technology and metal cutting consultation, training to the complete solution. You will receive our re-grinding tool in good condition and carefully packaged. Within ten to fifteen working days after we receive the tool you need to re-grind. We use a door-to-door delivery service to ensure that the re-grinded tool can be delivered to the production site quickly and safely. Introduction of Tool Coating Service Coated cutting tools have become the symbol of modern cutting tools. And the proportion of use in cutting tools has exceeded 50%. All kinds of cutting tools used in cutting, including turning tools, boring tools, drills, reamers, broaches, taps, threaded combs, rolling heads, milling cutters, forming cutters, gear hobs, and gear shapers. Can coat to improve their performance. There are four kinds of coated tools: coated high-speed steel tools, coated carbide tools. And coated tools on ceramic and superhard materials (diamond or cubic boron nitride) blades. However, the former two coated tools are used widely. The coatings on the ceramic and superhard blades are materials with lower hardness than the matrix. The purpose is to improve the fracture toughness of the blade surface (which can increase by more than 10%), reduce the blade breakage and damage, and expand the application range. Demina cooperates with the world's advanced coating companies. Excellent service and favorable price are the keys to success.
  • Differences Of Single Crystal Diamond And Polycrystalline Diamond

    Single Crystal Diamond Is Different From Polycrystalline DiamondA crystal is solid with regular geometry formed by the process of crystallization. The periodic and repetitive arrangement of atoms or molecules in a crystal. For the differences of single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond, please read it as below.1. Different production methods: Single crystal diamond is synthesized from graphite by a six-sided top pressing method. Polycrystalline diamond is synthesized by the explosion. Polycrystalline diamond is just a diamond polymer made by sintering a single-crystal diamond with a binder at high temperature and pressure.2. From a microstructure perspective, polycrystalline diamond has more edges and ground surfaces than a single-crystal diamond. And in the polishing process, the grinding degree of these two different crystals is different.Each crystal of polycrystalline diamond has a grinding force, and coarse particles will break into smaller particles and fall during the grinding process. Single crystal diamond is not.3. The structure of polycrystalline diamond also has certain advantages. This advantage makes it widely used in the grinding and polishing of optical crystals, sapphire substrates, and the electronics industry.4. The morphology can be seen under a scanning electron microscope. Different crystallography presents different morphologies. For a single crystal, there is only one crystal morphology, such as 100 or 111 crystal faces, while polycrystalline means there are two or more crystal types. This is the characteristic of the crystal itself! XRD can also detect it. Widely used in the manufacture of petroleum, geological drill bits, diamond processing, and machining tools.
  • The Basic Function Of The 2-axis CBN Grinding Machine

    CBN grinding machine is suitable for sharpening high-speed steel, hard alloy or other material tools. It is also convenient for grinding outer circle, plane groove and forming surface. If equipped with special accessories, it can also grind various gears and worm gear hobs. Formed to, ball end mill, twist drill, cone reamer and so on. This series of CBN grinding machine is flexible and can be used for two-dimensional adjustment. The head frame can be reversed in both directions and has an international standard 50-gauge hole for easy installation of various tools and fixtures. The table is supported on a preloaded ball guide for smooth motion. The workbench can be hydraulically driven by manual or stepless speed regulation. 2-axis CBN grinding machine basic function After the transformation with the , the system has the following three basic functions. 1. General CNC system function: The system retains the basic functions of the original general-purpose CNC system, such as the 16-axis CNC 9-axis linkage axis control function, program verification function, MDI function, linear, arc, spiral interpolation function, M, S, T function, fault diagnosis display function, embedded PLC function, etc. 2. Automatic NC programming function: The big feature of this system is that it integrates the tool grinding programming software on the basis of the standard general-purpose numerical control system, and directly inputs the structural size and processing of the grounded tool by the graphical menu method on the CNC system. The process can be automatically programmed and processed to complete the integration of programming and processing. 3. Tool measurement and automatic tool setting function: In this system, the tool measurement function is integrated into the CNC system. In the CNC grinding of the tool, the automatic tool setting solves the problem of cumbersome manual tooling and poor precision. Demina is a company specializing in the development and production of tool grinding and processing equipment such as PCD tool grinder and 2-axis CBN grinding machine. Now our equipment has also been exported to foreign countries and has been well received by many users. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.
  • Points To Ensure The Precision Of The Tool Grinding Machine

    CNC tool grinding machine is now being used in more and more industries, and the range of grinding is more and more extensive. So how can we better use this equipment for grinding? How can we ensure the grinding accuracy of the tool grinder? The following Beijing Demina takes BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine as an example to tell you how to ensure the accuracy of the tool grinding machine.The CNC tool grinding machine is mainly composed of a bed, a cross slide, a lifting sleeve, a grinding head, and various accessories. There are four types of movement: spindle rotation, longitudinal movement, lateral movement, and vertical lifting movement. The longitudinal movement uses rolling steel guides. The lifting sleeve is a rolling screw driven. The lateral movement is a sliding guide. The grinding head spindle can achieve four speeds for grinding different tools.Points To Ensure The Precision Of The Tool Grinding MachineAccuracy is mainly guaranteed by three aspects, the first is the mechanical structure of the machine tool. In the initial stage of design, we must consider how to ensure the mechanical accuracy of the machine tool. For example, Demina Company produces the BT-150N universal tool grinder. The machine bed is made of marble, which not only has very strong anti-vibration ability but also has little thermal deformation. In addition, this series of products also use a special gantry structure design. Compared with ordinary column-type tool grinders, the stability and rigidity of this series of products have greatly improved.Secondly, the choice of spindle and transmission components is also important for the accuracy of the machine tool. The main shafts we use are relatively thick, ensuring good rigidity. And the lead screws used are relatively large, which can reduce wear.Finally, the thermal performance of the machine tool is better. And it cannot cause distortion and deformation of the machine tool components. High-speed processing will cause the oil temperature to rise rapidly, and how to avoid thermal deformation of the parts in contact with the oil is very important.Beijing Demina company specializes in the production of various tool grinders equipment, now BT-150N universal tool grinder for sale. Welcome everyone to come to inquire about the price.
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