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  • Installation And Commissioning Instructions OF Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder Machine

    Product Structure OF Micra-10 drill bit grinder 1. Horizontal feed: adjust the size of the horizontal feed and the amount of the grinding wheel, and the feed stroke is 7.8mm. 2. Longitudinal feed: adjust the size of the longitudinal feed and the amount of the grinding wheel, and the feed stroke is 32.4mm. 3. Air suspension spindle: The pneumatic suspension spindle is a patented product of DAREX Company of the United States, and it is also the only one in the world that uses pneumatic suspension. The principle is to sharpen the sharpening machine of the side edge of the milling cutter. The air suspension spindle guarantees the smoothness and ultra-precision of the side edge of the milling cutter. Spindle repeat positioning The accuracy is 0.005-0.007mm. 4. grinding wheel: the material is resin bonded grinding wheel, super wear-resistant, high precision, no need to repair. Super wear resistance: Take 10mm diameter milling cutter as an example, grinding 20 pieces per day, the grinding wheel can be used for 2 years. No need to repair: the grinding wheel can be used regularly with alcohol spray cleaning, no need to repair, and save time. 5. Motor: American Bart motor, strong heat dissipation, ultra-quiet. Sustainable operation. 6. Ferrule: 5C ferrule clamping cutter, excellent toughness and rigidity, can ensure the grinding accuracy. 7. Workbench: The working base is made of aluminum-manganese alloy for one-time precision casting. The manganese-aluminum alloy is not easy to rust, which makes the overall weight of the equipment drop, and it is easy to move and transport. installation and commissioning instructions OF Micra-10 drill bit grinder Machine 1. Place the machine on a stable work platform. 2. Disassemble the motor transport bolts and rubber feet: there are 2 black longitudinal feed bolts under the machine motor. When debugging the machine, the transport bolts and rubber spring pads must be removed, and then proceed. operating. 3. Installation handle: Install the vertical and horizontal feed handles. When installing, apply the fastening glue on the handle threads to fix the handle. 4. Install the positioning ejector pin: Lock the screw that fixes the positioning thimble, put the positioning device in the innermost position, and wear a protective cover to prevent injury. 5. Install the air suspension spindle: After installing the air suspension spindle, ensure that the indexing plate is in the low position to prevent damage to the grinding wheel. 6. Connect the air pump: Connect at least 90 psi of compressed air to the spindle sleeve. Notes OF Micra-10 drill bit grinder 1. When the equipment is not in use, the grinding wheel must be adjusted to the lowest position to ensure that the grinding wheel does not touch the grinding wheel during the movement; 2. Position the thimble to wear a protective cover when not in use to prevent injury; 3. When the sharpening rod is not in use, ensure that the indexing plate is in a low position locking state; 4. Clean the dirt in time after use to ensure that the machine is clean to prevent rust and affect the sharpening accuracy. 5. Regularly clean the ferrule and grinding wheel to ensure its sharpening accuracy and improve the service life of the grinding wheel.
  • The Most Important Technical Parameters For PCD Tool Welding

    In order to improve the grinding efficiency of PCD tools, most PCD tool manufacturers at home and abroad choose high-frequency welding technology when producing PCD tools. The most important technical parameters include welding temperature, welding time, heat preservation environment and heat preservation time. Now Demina company will introduce the importance of welding technology to PCD tools.The welding temperature will directly affect the internal structure of the PCD cutting edge. If the welding temperature is too high, it will lead to the carbonization of PCD cutting edge and affect its cutting performance. If the welding temperature is too low, it will lead to weak welding and affect the joint strength.Important Technical Parameters For PCD Tool WeldingWelding time refers to the time to maintain the welding temperature if the holding time is not enough, the flux is difficult to fully and evenly melt, which will also cause the phenomenon of welding instability. If the insulation time is too long, the PCD cutting edge will be exposed to high temperatures for a long time and affect its cutting performance. If the welded PCD tool is placed in the air to cool down, the welding will be unstable due to the excessive thermal stress between PCD and the tool body. In serious cases, cracks may even appear on the PCD tool. Therefore, it is best to quickly put the welded tool into a vacuum or inert gas medium at a certain temperature for a certain time, so that it slowly cool.Beijing Demina can provide a vacuum welding machine for PCD tool manufacturers. They can also provide the grinding machines for PCD tool manufacturers. Welcome to visit our web site for more information.
  • How To Ensure The Efficiency Of CBN Tool Grinding Machine?

    How to ensure the efficiency of CBN tool grinding machine Today, as people become more and more individualized, the speed of product iterations is getting faster and faster. And the manufacturing links involved also require faster pace to meet the growing needs of people. In order to achieve these individual functions more quickly, in the manufacturing process: the tool company develops a more suitable tool structure and develops more advanced cutting materials. Demina develops a more efficient tool path. As the basis for manufacturing. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd, not only to continuously improve the accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool but also to develop a more humane operating system. Not only the precision and speed of manufacturing but also the individual product needs to be multi-functional. Due to the limitations of the actual manufacturing process, the designer has to combine multiple parts in a splicing manner, so that the goods can realize the multi-function while ensuring the quality. This is also the reason why the processing requirements are getting more and more strict. The tolerance of the individual parts will affect the quality of the components. The components bear the versatile task, and the slight deviation of the parts will cause some functions to be unable to be used normally. Parts are usually spliced ​​by means of threads, welds, etc. Since the threads can be adjusted, relatively high precision can be achieved, which is why threaded joints are becoming more widely used. In order to achieve a faster processing rhythm, in machine manufacturing. The DT, DM series CBN tool grinding machine center has the ability to move up to 61M/min at high speed, and the utility function of large-capacity tool magazine, and also realizes five-axis linkage. UMC series. The maintenance methods for the grinding machine The use of a plays a very important role in the manufacturing process. It may not have been seen or used before, but more or less it needs to understand its role. After all, tool grinder equipment use of the device provides convenience for our life. In order to ensure the better use of the device, it is of course very important for its daily maintenance. Because it can not only be used better but also can extend its service life more economically and environmentally friendly. Let us introduce the daily maintenance of the tool grinder. 1. When making corrections to the grinding wheel, you need to use paper or other methods to wrap the collet. Because it will be more convenient when processing, and then it is enough to expose the brick to repair the place where it is wrapped. We need to leave extra gaps to prevent the grinding wheel debris from entering the gap of the chuck. 2. Because the chuck needs to be clamped to the drill bit, it should not be used too much when clamping, so as not to cause damage, just need to gently lock it. 3. When performing routine maintenance on the bit tool grinder, it is necessary to pay attention to the inner hole of the mandrel to keep it bright so that it will not rust or affect the overall use. 4. It is also necessary to pay attention to the oiling problem. The skateboard must be refueled once a week because it requires oil in the operation of the machine. If it is not checked in time, other problems will occur. If it is used continuously, it will need to prevent the skateboard regularly. Open the dust cover and check if it is clean.  
  • PCD Tool Cutting

    PCD tools (especially various high-precision, non-standard composite PCD tools) need to be cut on a five-axis CNC slow-moving wire cutting machine. In Germany, for example, VOLLMER company QWD series EDM machine (e.g., QWD760), for all kinds of curve cutting edge wire-cutting processing PCD cutting tool. The adoption of the advanced numerical control system, an input program can cut out the ladder cutting tool, the curve of the cutter blade, back, in line, such as geometry, and the machining accuracy is a high degree of automation, processing of multitool jitter error can be controlled within 0.001 mm. Tool surface roughness can reach Ra0.4 um, is particularly suited to take step drill, milling cutter, saw blade handle such as multitool machining.The Disadvantage PCD Tool CuttingThe disadvantage is that the roughness of the cutting surface is not as good as that of the grinding surface. The principle of the electroerosion grinding method is that the PCD tool and the electromoly labdanum wire form positive and negative electrodes, through the discharge between the positive and negative electrodes, to achieve the effect of etching PCD. The removal effect of PCD by electroerosion cutting depends on the clearance between molybdenum wire and PCD cutting edge, the feed speed of the walking tool, the height of voltage and the size of the current, etc.The dimensional accuracy achieved by this method is generally 0.01, and the surface roughness is about Ra0.25um.In addition, when using this machine tool for linear cutting of the PCD tool, it should avoid cutting the steel matrix and PCD composite piece at the same time, so as to ensure the machining quality of PCD cutting edge.
  • What Are The Common Tools For 4-axis CNC Machining Centers?

    BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder plays an important role in the entire mold processing industry. In order to better ensure its processing degree, it is necessary to select the tool. The sharper the tool, the more Is able to provide a good product. Then what are the commonly used tools in the five-axis CNC machining center? The emergence of CNC is a huge boon for the mold processing industry. With this machine, the precision and efficiency of the processing have been significantly improved. Mainly because of the materials and technology used in the machine. Of course, in technology. The parameters are also more clear, so what are the commonly used CNC machining center parameters? The stroke parameters of the 4-axis CNC machining center parameters can be divided into X-axis and Y-axis. The former parameter is 800MM, the latter parameter is 500mm, the spindle will have certain parameters. The workbench is mainly about the size, and the system is also there will be certain differences. The tool magazine, the shroud, etc. will have independent standards, and the strict parameters can have better effects in production. BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder Introduction plays a very important role. It is a necessary device for many machining tasks. The grinding machine center supplier is very familiar with it, so let him come to. We all introduce relevant knowledge about this device. First, the definition For the tool magazine, it is mainly a specific device for storing the knife and tool change required in the process. A large number of different specifications can story in the entire tool magazine so that the program can complete according to the program. Set to use reasonably. Second, the type There are also many types of tool magazines, one is the disc type tool magazine. And the other is the robot tool magazine. Users can also choose according to their own processing methods. In short, there will some differences in these parameters, and the existence of these parameters is actually to help you choose better parts. The inspiration for users is that they must select components according to the parameters so that the components can better. Combined, the machine will produce better results, and the precision and efficiency of the machining will be further improved. The professional learning of the 4-axis CNC machining center allows you to find a lot of work. And you can engage in some jobs related to this industry. Let's let the CNC professional introduction tell us about some different positions that we can engage in. Third, CNC operators Through the study of the numerical control profession, everyone can work as a numerical control operator when looking for a job in the future. The requirements for the numerical control learners in this industry are still very low. And often only need certain training, they can compete. Fourth, CNC programmer There is also the work of the CNC programmer, but for this kind of programming personnel. In order to be able to adapt to the programming needs of different industries, it is still necessary to learn various programming software. Five, CNC maintenance personnel In addition, the position of some CNC maintenance personnel is also very suitable. And for the personnel of this position, the technical requirements of the numerical control professionals are very high. And there is a need for a rich experience.
  • Edge Grinding Of PCD Tool

    Grinding Of PCD ToolPCD tool edge grinding can be divided into different grinding types according to different tool types, mainly divided into two types of chamfer grinding and cylindrical grinding.PCD tool is mainly used for cylindrical grinders and manual grinders. Ceramic bonded diamond wheels have the advantages of high grinding efficiency, high durability, and low processing cost. The size, concentration, and binder of diamond grinding wheels have a great influence on the grinding quality and efficiency of PCD tools.For example, a grinding wheel with a small particle size can obtain a lower abrasive surface roughness. The influence rule of the grinding wheel speed on the surface roughness is as follows: if the surface roughness value is larger, the rotation speed is higher or lower, at the optimal value, the rotation speed is medium, at the optimal value and the surface quality is good. The effect law of grinding pressure on surface roughness is just the opposite: when the grinding pressure is in the middle level, the surface roughness value is the largest, while when the grinding pressure is high (such as 5.5pa) and low (such as 2.5pa), the corresponding surface roughness is almost the same, which is different from the traditional grinding law. Generally speaking, on the premise that machining quality requirements can be met, grinding wheels with larger particle size should be selected as far as possible.At present, the diamond grinding wheel with good processing effect is TY — ROLIT, because the diamond grinding grains are arranged in an orderly manner, and the grinding rate is 20 to 30 times that of the grinding wheel with the disordered arrangement of grinding grains, but the grinding cost is also relatively high.PCD tool grinding on grinding pressure, cooling fluid and other strict requirements. The optimum speed of PCD tool grinding should be 2500r/min(150mm diameter of a grinding wheel). The coolant concentration is 4%, the grinding pressure is 150N, and the surface roughness of the PCD tool can reach ra0.012um.When using the PCD tool, the specific grinding method to be used still needs to be selected according to our actual situation.
  • Safety Knowledge Of Tool Grinding Machines

    Precautions of tool grinding machine When using any equipment, you must first know some of its precautions in order to use the equipment better. The same applies to the tool grinder. Demina produces the BT-150E tool grinding machine is better proof. Compared with the previous tool grinding machine, the progress is not only a little bit. This is a step forward. The grinding machine is divided into several types. One of the types, each type of grinding machine has its own role. BT-150E tool grinding machine to grinding inserts, its accuracy is very high. That is, the height is more worthy of cherish, this kind of grinding machine can grind a lot of tools out. And the use is particularly convenient, also There are some drill bits, which are all made in this way. If you don't understand, you can look at it and find out more about using it safely. Tool grinders can't be reversed, and machines like grinders must dry, clean, safe, ventilated, and well lit. Don't dirty the machine easily. If you don't use tool grinders, be sure. Look at the instruction manual of the grinding machine. These are indispensable. The unreasonable use of the grinding machine is very dangerous. After the tool grinder is started, do not touch the grinder at will, just in case, it will be damaged casually. A grinder is a processing tool. Do not distract when doing things on it. If something goes wrong, it will be late. Be sure to know to turn off the power when you are not using it, just in case something else will leak. Safety knowledge of tool grinding machines The its main function is to finish some tools and parts. It is also possible to smooth the surface of some parts with high hardness after quenching, to achieve the form we need. Of course, this kind of machine is also relatively dangerous. Only the person holding the worker's certificate can operate. Talk about the safety knowledge you need to know during the operation of the tool grinder. 1. When using a tool grinder, check that the voltage and frequency above the motor label are consistent with the power supply. After that, I have to check whether the power socket is securely fastened, and there is no loose or poor contact. In use, do not pull the power cord on the socket, because in use, the voltage required by the appliance is very large. It causes the wires to become soft, easy to break, the wires should keep away from high temperatures and some sharp edges. 2. BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine in the process of use, if a fault occurs or an abnormal sound is heard, the power should be unplugged immediately. Should turn off the switch on the left button of the machine, and then the inspection and repair should be carried out. 3. Then there is a problem with wearing. The tool grinder operator's proper wearing can avoid many safety hazards. It should fit during the wearing process. Do not wear some loose clothes, nor wear jewelry and gloves to operate. The clothes will affect your skilled operation, and you will accidentally get on the lathe. It is also a danger to yourself. If you have long hair, bring a hat to operate and prevent it from getting involved.
  • Features And Operation Matters Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine

    APE-40 UP-sharpening machine is used for wood processing, paper industry, and printing industry. It can use to sharpen all kinds of drills. Moreover, the equipment has good performance and high grinding efficiency and is now widely used in various industries. Beijing Demina will introduce the features and operation of the device.Features Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening MachineThe high-quality APE-40 UP-sharpening machine is simple and convenient. The sharpened drill blade is on a straight line. The strength of grinding is stronger than that of the manual sharpening knife. And it will not affect the machining ability and service life of the blade, which helps the tool to be used better. The machine tool consists of six major parts: electrical appliances, grinding heads, reduction motors, slides, fuselage, and workbench.The structure between the various parts of the equipment is compact, the layout is beautiful and reasonable, and the cutting is smooth and even, which is suitable for the processing of various tools. Usually mounted on the guide rail, it is equipped with a tool pressing plate and a fixed knob, as well as an angle adjustment button, which can better adjust the extension and angle of the tool and greatly improve the working environment.Operational Matters Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening MachineWhen we use APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder, we put the knife on the knife table. The amount of both ends of the knife should the same, and we can use the top wire to fine-tune it. Turn on the magnetizing switch of the button of the electromagnetic device to make the knife attract to the knife table. Adjust the position of the angle between the grinding wheel and the blade. If you find that the blade is in contact with the grinding wheel, you should turn the knife handwheel to separate it.Then, turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters the normal working state. Then turn the knife handwheel to advance the blade slowly and evenly until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. Adjust the tightness of the contact between the blade and the grinding wheel so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well. This series of procedures should operate under the guidance of a person to avoid unfamiliar operations and accidents.Beijing Demina manufactures all kinds of drilling and grinding equipment. It is idle at the APE-40 UP-sharpening machine for sale. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Adjustment Of CBN Tool Grinding Wheel

    Grinding machines for the manufacture of tools and sharpening tools, such as tool grinders and special tool grinders. Tool grinding machines used to grind various tool cutting edges, cutting tools, etc., are mostly used in general machinery manufacturing plants. Special tool grinding machines for grinding certain types of tools or tools. Mainly turning edges, bit sharpening machines, milling edge grinding machines, broaching grinding machines, hob sharpening machines, tap groove grinding machines, circular shovel grinding machines and caliper grinding machines Wait. The common feature of the tool grinding machine is that the cutting force is small. The grinding wheel diameter is small, and the spindle bearing mostly adopts rolling bearings. On the tool grinding machine can rotate the grinding head, and the crosstable can use for vertical and horizontal movement. The structural layout of the tool grinder varies depending on the workpiece being ground. The tool grinder is operated manually, but it is also semi-automatic and fully automatic. With the use of diamond wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels and improvements in tool grinding processes. Tool grinding machines for high-speed grinding and electrolytic grinding have emerged. Now, with the development of CBN technology, China has the ability to develop CNC tool grinding machines. Such as a produced by Beijing Demina, which has high precision, automation, and design and repair complexity. The characteristics of the tool. Moreover, the BT-150HG CBN tool grinder can grind tool is now widely used in production. Adjustment of CBN tool grinding wheel When using the CBN tool grinding machine, it is especially important to use and adjust the tool grinding wheel. Then, in order to ensure the surface roughness of the workpiece processed by the grinding wheel, in addition to having certain working experience, the grinding machine should also pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The balance between the spindle motor and the grinding wheel. 2. BT-150HG cutter grinding machine the vibration of the spindle motor has a great influence on the surface roughness of the grinding, so it is necessary to dynamically balance the grinding wheel spindle motor. For the grinding wheel, it needs to balance twice: First, a rough balance is performed after the grinding wheel is finished with a diamond pen; Then use the grinding wheel after the oil stone or the finishing wheel to finely repair the grinding wheel and then perform a fine balance. In the normal case, only the grinding wheel that has been trimmed with a diamond pen can only grind a surface roughness of 0.4 to 0.8 μm on a conventional grinding machine. In order to achieve a roughness requirement of 0.02-0.04 μm for the grinding surface, the grinding wheel must refine and fine-tune twice. The trimming method can one of the following two methods. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializes in the production of various types of tool grinder equipment. Our grinder equipment is widely used, with good performance and high efficiency, and is used by many users. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.
  • EDM For PCD Tool Manufacturing

    EDM Processing Method For PCD ToolThe cutting edge geometry and final dimensions of the tool are usually ground on a CNC tool grinder. However, superhard tools with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting edges pose a challenge to the ground. In fact, grinding PCD tools with the hardest diamond grinding wheel known takes a lot of time and many grinding wheels, making them cost-prohibitive.One way to control costs is to remove PCD materials by EDM, either through EDG or wire-EDM, using a tungsten-copper disk electrode. The cobalt binder in PCD materials can act as an electrical conductor for EDM. The main benefit of EDM or wire-cutting processes for PCD tool blade shapes is the reduction in machining costs. Ries points out that “the removal of PCD material by contactless EDM processing does not require expensive diamond grinding wheels.”Ries has been using the EDM process for PCD tools since the early 1980s. Thermal damage to diamond materials, up to a depth of 0.2mm, had been a problem with the process, he said.” We try to use other electrical components to change the charge-discharge performance, or to control the rate of charge-discharge.”Ries points out that the poor controllability of the discharge pulse has been a problem in the past. In order to ensure the reliability of the cutting edge, it is necessary to remove the damaged PCD material layer due to the thermal damage of the PCD cutting edge, which can lead to tool breakage and failure during use.The main advantage of EDM processing and fine grinding is that the life of the PCD tool can be extended. Ries said the need for fine milling after EDM processing often depends on economic considerations.”It depends on how much time you’re going to spend. It is important to consider how much longer the tool will last in processing if time is spent on fine grinding it.”In 2000, Ries compared the service life of a precision milling and EDM-machined PCD tool for cutting high si alloys. The results show that the PCD tool life of EDM is 85% of that of the grinding PCD tool.”Based on the continuous improvement in EDM performance since then, I estimate that today’s tool life is 90 to 95 percent. How long does the fine grinding take? What is the cost of the grinding wheel? What are the increased labor cost and the time spent on the machine?”
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