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  • The Correct Use Of PCBN Tool

    The sharpening of diamond cutting tools has not been small. But still, based on experience, it is still a subject to be solved. The geometric parameters of diamond cutting tools may inadequate. So it remains to be explored. Generally, the rake angle is 0°, the back angle is 5-6°, and there are two kinds of ends. One is an arc and the other is a straight line. The latter is sometimes called a wiper, and the length is selected according to the material to process. The adjustment of the circular turning tool during the cutting process is relatively simple. And the adjustment of the flat blade is relatively time-consuming. If applied in high-precision surface machining, the arc grinding requirements are very strict, and the accuracy of its precision will copy on the surface. The cutting process of the PCBN tool During the cutting process, the thermal conductivity of the diamond is superior to heat dissipation. But the cutting heat should not higher than 700 °C. Otherwise, graphitization will occur and the tool will wear out quickly. Because diamond reacts with W, Ta, Ti, Zr, Fe, Ni, Co, Mn, Cr, Pt, etc. at high temperatures. In the current ultra-precision machining, diamond grinding wheel natural single-crystal diamond cutting tools are essential. It achieves a very sharp cutting edge with a radius of the edge of the cutting edge that is not detectable by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Characteristics of PCBN tool PCBN is a sintered CBN particle with a binder. It is resistant to high temperatures and has a hardness second only to diamond and has no affinity with ferrous metals. Many new materials need to process with PCBN. For example, the gears of the automobile gearbox adopt the PCBN gear hob, which not only achieves high productivity, but also significantly improves the quality, and the machined surface becomes a mirror surface. According to the data, the surface of the PCBN roll-cut gear is also hardened due to the infiltration of boron. This was confirmed by the experiment of the Harbin Institute of Technology. Due to the high-temperature resistance of PCBN, there is no change and stability under 900 °C in the atmosphere and water vapor. Even at 1300 °C, there is almost no reaction with Fe, Ni, Co, etc., and it does not wear sharply like a diamond. It still maintains the hardness of cemented carbide, so it can not only cut hardened steel parts or chilled cast iron but also can widely used in high-speed or ultra-high-speed cutting work. However, PCBN is not suitable for cutting general steel parts, therefore. Care must be taken when selecting tools to take into account their concentration and particle size. The specificity of PCBN tool The geometry of the PCBN is also special. Generally, the cutting edge needs to be chamfered into -30° or arc to protect the tip from damage. There are many manufacturers of PCBN. The major foreign companies include GE in the United States, Sumitomo Electric Co., Ltd., DIJET (Deluxe), and DeBeers in the UK. The main tools are the Chengdu Tool Research Institute, Guizhou No.6 Grinding Wheel Factory, and Guilin. Institute of Geology, etc. Superhard material tools still have many shortcomings in our country. Many further improvements and improvements are needed to achieve more and more precise technical requirements for grinding and cutting, so as to be more widely used in processing and use. 
  • How Much Do You Know About The Choice Of Aluminum Alloy Metal Products Processing Tools?

    Understanding of aluminum alloy deep processing tool How much do you know about the choice of aluminum alloy metal products processing tools? Below we talk about in detail for you. I hope to be helpful for you to process aluminum alloy metal products! Silicon has a corrosive effect on aluminum alloy metal products, so it is generally recommended to use diamond tools. Aluminum alloys with a silicon content of between 8% and 12% are a transition zone and can use with either regular hard alloys or diamond cutters. However, the use of cemented carbide should be by the PVD(physical coating) method. Which does not contain aluminum, the film thickness of the smaller tool. Because the superhard coating is mostly composed of aluminum, nitrogen, and titanium. It may be caused by a small amount of spalling along with the spalling of the cemented carbide substrate. Selection of aluminum alloy deep processing tool One of the following three types of knives is recommended: No coating of ultra-fine particle carbide cutter. Carbide cutter with no aluminum coating (PVD) method. Use diamond tools. The chip space of the cutter should be large, 2 teeth are generally recommended. The front Angle and the back Angle should large (such as 12°-14°, including the back Angle of the end tooth). If only the general milling surface, can use a 45° main Angle of the indexable surface milling cutter. With a special processing aluminum alloy blade, it should be better.
  • Advantages And Maintenance Of PP-60N Drill Sharpener

    Features of PP-60N drill sharpener 1. The design of the grinding machine body is changed to the original loose frame structure as a steel plate closed welding structure. Greatly improve the strength of the body, increase and extend its service life. 2. For the collective after welding of the steel plate metal material, the full vibration aging treatment process is adopted, and the degree of natural deformation of the whole machine after the processing is obviously eliminated. 3. The transmission part changes the original belt drive to the rack drive, which overcomes the uneven landing speed, which ensures reliability and stability. 4. The original design of the grinding machine grinding head swinging angle of 30° is the swinging angle of more than 90°, which makes the upper and lower workpieces and the replacement grinding wheel more convenient and faster. 5. The automatic feed design is adopted when the grinding head is processed into the cutter, which improves the degree of automation. The manpower and time necessary for manual feeding are effectively saved, and the labor level of the operator is improved. Advantage OF PP-60N drill sharpener 1. Demina PP-60N drill sharpener the dual-purpose sharpening machine is easy to operate, with high precision and economical cost. It can use in one machine, reducing the number of machines, convenient to use and low cost. 2. Portable design, easy to carry, indoor and outdoor can use; diamond wheel design, long wheel life, the sharp angle of sharpening; hidden cartridge design, easy to manage collet. high-efficiency AC Mareda, The frequency is stable and life is good. The Taiwanese master's diamond grinding wheel can complete all the processes with only one grinding wheel, with precise angle, long service life, cost-saving and improved user efficiency. 3. The sharpening machine can grind 2, 3, 4, 6 and other universal end mills can also use the tungsten rod to directly open the cutting edge. The sharpening machine can sharpen the cutting edge (front angle) of the drill bit. And has the apex angle (apex angle), the escape angle (back angle), the front cutting edge (positive front angle). The angle of adjustment and the center point size can controll at will. The center drills the chips more easily and makes drilling easier. Use of PP-60N drill sharpener although the name is a sharpening machine. Its use is not only purely sharpening. But also processing of small hardware (such as scraper, seesaw, woodworking planer, kitchen knife, etc.), scraping for paper machine plate, bending machine mold, plastic mechanical cutting edge, rake cutting edge, shearing machine cutting edge, harvester cutting edge and some small parts plane processing, etc., its electromagnetic chuck can design to be the angle adjustment can also make fixe, so its use is very wide. Some uses are recommended by the user. We can make various special specifications of grinding machine, grinding machine, etc. according to the user's requirements. Cutting machinery. Maintenance OF PP-60N drill sharpener PP-60N universal drill grinding machine after purchase, if there is no plan in the short term, it is necessary to do the regular anti-rust treatment. For moving components and exposed iron parts, regular anti-rust treatment is required. The actual weather conditions and temperature conditions should arrange in detail. For example, the treatment time in high temperature and humid areas can appropriately adjust to treat once every half month. In low temperature and dry areas, the maintenance time can extend as appropriate. In addition, the conventionally operated sharpening machine needs to check the running state regularly every month. For parts with hidden dangers, it is necessary to clean it in time. If dust or metal dust accumulates on the surface of the screw, it needs to cleane with kerosene in time, and then lubricated. Oil; ball screw components need to maintain their lubricating oil for a long time. If you do not pay attention to this maintenance protection, the product will list as an unguaranteed item due to rust or wear caused by poor maintenance for a long time. Demina has been engaged in the research and development of grinding machines for 49 years. We have a deep research on the maintenance methods and daily use of such products. If you need, you can call us for consultation, we will provide detailed answers for each customer.
  • The Hardness Of Diamond Grinding Wheel

    The hardness of the diamond grinding wheel is very important in grinding, and its influence on the grinding wheel is obvious. The hardness of the diamond grinding wheel refers to the degree of difficulty that the grinding grains fall off the surface of the grinding wheel under the effect of grinding force. The scientific expression of hardness is the ability of a substance to resist being scratched or pressed into its surface by another object. It can also understand as the energy required to produce local deformation on a solid surface. Then, what are the influencing factors for the hardness of a diamond grinding wheel? How can we avoid these problems? Below, to explain how to correctly treat the impact of diamond grinding wheel hardness factors. The influencing factors of the hardness of the diamond grinding wheel Firstly, the metal band formed by the combination of free electrons between metal atoms is relatively weak. So the hardness of general metal materials is at a low level. The harder the workpiece is, the softer the grinding wheel is. Second: the grinding wheel should select when fine grinding and forming grinding. In order to adhere to the necessary shape accuracy of the grinding wheel. Third: the hardness selection of the grinding wheel and the relationship between the size of the grinding wheel. The larger the size of the grinding wheel. In order to prevent the grinding wheel from being blocked by grinding chips, we usually choose a softer grinding wheel. Fourth: grinding wheel size selection and application range: 12~15#: used for rough grinding, rough grinding and burr grinding tools.20~# : used for grinding ingot. Polishing casting burr, blocking bullets, grinding electrical porcelain and refractory materials grinding tools; Fifth: the molecular bond formed by the combination of the molecular attraction between particles is the weakest. So the hardness of the molecular crystal is the smallest. Such as graphite, talc, kaolinite, etc.. The value varies with the measurement method, but the change rule is similar. The greater the hardness is, the greater the value is. Therefore, when grinding soft materials such as nonferrous metals, rubber, and resin, a softer grinding wheel should select.
  • Tool Manufacturing Order Processing System

    FOREMAN V2.0 is a tool order processing system developed by Demina company for domestic small and medium-sized tool manufacturing enterprises. Which can greatly improve the management ability of the company. The principal line of the system is the order processing, meanwhile. Is characterized by information communication and statistical analysis. So the following common management problems can solve easily with the help of FOREMAN V2.0. The convenience of order processing As far as many small and medium-sized enterprises' concern, order means the secret of the company. In common cases, daily works such as order processing are done by business operators in person. The workload is heavy, repeatable, and complicated, which has consumed a lot of energy of business operators for a long time. However, FOREMAN V2.0 has memory ability. As long as any data previously entered into the system. Including customer information, tool type, process plan and working hours record, etc. Will store in the data input interface. Therefore, the only work you should do is choose what you want. In that case, without entering, without checking, a piece of correct. Complete and normative "order form", "task list" or "invoice" can generate in only three or five minutes.  News broadcasting Accepting quotation and placing orders does not mean that everything is going well. This is just the beginning of the tool manufacturing process. Followed by splitting the "order" into several production "task sheets". The reason is that according to the equipment capacity of the factory. The cutting tools should be allocated to different machine tools, some of which need to be CNC and some of which can only be manually equipped. What's more, according to the different supply deadlines of cutters in order. The urgent work should be given priority, and the non-urgent work can do later. According to the proficiency and workload of employees, a single order can be made by several people at the same time. Or by an experienced master, or by an apprentice. All of these require splitting an order into different task orders. Profit and statistic analysis Aimed at different customers, sometimes we need to offer different quotations. For example, if the customer plays an exemplary role in the industry. Then we'd better offer a competitive price, but at the same time, we also hope this is not a non-profit business. Of course, generally speaking, we should chase a reasonable profit target. Such as a 40% gross profit. Under the changing order quantity, the system can recommend a reasonable price. Which will guarantee our constant profit target. The price analysis function of FOREMAN V2.0 benefits from its abundant basic data: the material, material price. And the size of each tool type; the working hours and wages of each tool type. The cost of machine tools required for each tool type and their depreciation life are stored in the system. Thus, we can draw meaningful conclusions from this data. Such as how many milling tools, drills, and blades we produced. Such as which employees have high qualified rate and which employees have frequent quality problems. Such as which businesses should develop continuously and which businesses should stop? All of these play a guiding role in enterprises' running and management work.  
  • Questions And Answers About The PP-60N Universal Drill Grinding Machine

    Q & A of universal drill grinding machine The universal drill grinder in the grinding machine is one of the keywords. So for us, the attitude of learning can not underestimate. And this is one of its basic requirements. Therefore, in order to reflect the importance of this product. Below, the professional universal drill grinding machine manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to the mechanical equipment. Q: If the rotational speed of the drill grinder is high, is there a higher dynamic balance requirement for the grinding wheel? In addition, is the programming of the grinding machine the same as the CNC milling machine? A: If the rotational speed of the drill grinder is high. Then the requirements for the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel are relatively high and strict. And in the vibration of the grinding machine, it must small. As for the grinding machine, the programming of this kind of grinding machine is similar to that of the CNC milling machine. But it is different in the movement of the grinding wheel. In addition, there may be some special instructions. Q: What is the specificity of the taper in the drill grinder? A: The taper in the drill grinder. Which specifically refers to the ratio between the diameter difference between the upper and lower bottom circles and the height of the frustum on the round table. The general understanding of taper refers to the ratio between the diameter of the conical bottom surface and the height of the cone. Therefore, the above definition is based on this definition. Q: What are the models of the drill grinders produced by your manufacturer? A: As a professional manufacturer of drill grinding machines. We produce a variety of grinding machine models, including , Drill resharpening machine and other types of equipment. And we not only produce equipment, but we also export equipment. Now our products have been exported to the United States, Japan, and other countries. And the good equipment performance has been well received by users. Q: What is the performance of your equipment? A: We are factory direct production, our production technology is to introduce advanced foreign production technology. And our technicians innovate production. The equipment produced not only has good performance, but also reliable quality. Our equipment is all factory direct production, factory price sales to users, to ensure the quality and price of equipment. Performance structure characteristics OF PP-60N universal drill grinding machine PP-60N universal drill grinding machine is a grinding machine that processes the crank neck. Main journal neck, connecting rod neck and thrust surface of the crankshaft by pre-programming according to the processing requirements. It can also use for general external grinding. Easy to operate, high machining accuracy, suitable for batch processing of crankshaft parts. The universal bit grinding machine adopts the point-tracking grinding technology to develop high-speed and high-precision CNC crankshaft grinding machines. Which has become the trend of the overall technical development of crankshaft grinding. Adopting the following oscillating grinding rod neck technology, through the two-wheel frame feed axis and the workpiece rotary axis and on-line detection. The NC control is fully closed-loop control, and the simultaneous grinding of the connecting rod necks of two different phases of the crankshaft is realized. Simultaneous grinding of a connecting rod neck and the main journal or two main journals. It completely solves the shortcomings of traditional eccentric clamping type crankshaft grinding machine with poor flexibility and complicated adjustment. The universal drill grinder realizes the precision machining of the connecting rod neck, the main journal and the thrust surface in one clamping of the crankshaft.
  • Diamond Blade Industry

    Six trends of diamond blade industry in the future In recent years, the application trend of the diamond blade continues on the rise. The overall degree of the diamond cutting tool industry greatly affects the degree of processing skills in the manufacturing industry. And the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of the diamond cutting tool industry. The development of the manufacturing industry also promotes the development of diamond blades. The detailed development trend includes the following aspects: 1. The utilization of cemented carbide materials and coatings increases. The development trend of fine and superfine cemented carbide materials. Nano coating, gradient structure coating, and new structure and material coating will greatly improve the tool utilization performance. 2. The utilization of new diamond blade materials increased. The toughness of ceramic, metal ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, PCD, and other cutting tool materials are further enhanced, and the application field is increasing. 3.The rapid development of cutting skills. High-speed cutting, hard cutting, dry cutting inherit rapid development, the scope of use in the rapid expansion. 4. Diamond tool research and development is more targeted. Diamond tool makers are no longer focused on generic brands and generic structures. In the face of complex and changeable use occasions and processing conditions, the research and development of more targeted blade groove structure, brand. And corresponding supporting tools to replace the general groove shape, brand of blades and tools. 5. Role change of diamond cutter manufacturer. From the simple production and supply of diamond cutting tools to the development of new cutting technology and a corresponding set of skills and solutions, to provide users with comprehensive skills support and work. 6. The degree of informatization is improved, cooperation between diamond cutter manufacturers is strengthened, and market competition is alleviated. The above six points are the development direction of diamond cutting tools in the future and the development opportunity for diamond cutting tools manufacturers.
  • 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    In the specific type of grinding machine, the following will be related to the grinding machine of the CNC grinding machine, and for us all, the grinding machine is also grinding machine equipment that our company focuses on, so we must have a comprehensive understanding. And understand. Next, Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd will explain to you the technical guidance of the 5 axis CNC tool grinder. Technical guidance of 5 axis CNC tool grinder 1. Purchase instructions of CNC tool grinder 5 axis CNC tool grinder this type of grinding machine is known for its purchase. It is: all relevant factors should be taken into account. Including detailed product parameters, performance indicators, origin, price, quality, manufacturer. And the seven necessary considerations of after-sales service are indispensable. Moreover, in order to comprehensively consider these factors, we can accurately judge and correctly select the results and then select the right products. 2. The difference between 5 axis CNC tool grinder and ordinary grinding machine The 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine uses a numerical control system to realize the control and uses a servo drive instead of the cylinder drive of the ordinary grinding machine. Moreover, through the servo system to achieve linkage control and with the online measuring instrument, and linear grating to achieve the overall closed-loop control. The ordinary grinding machine is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which is driven by a two-axis outer cylindrical grinding machine. And controls the feeding of the grinding wheel frame and the working table by two oil cylinders respectively, and manually controls the grinding machine through the change of the dial. In processing measurement, It is also manually controlled using a measuring instrument. Therefore, in summary, the two types of grinding machines are very different, they can not be equal. Therefore, there is no error in its selection and use, so as to avoid problems or unnecessary troubles. 3. Comparison of CNC tool grinding machine and CNC tool grinding machine CNC tool grinding machines and tool grinding machines, both of which are specific types of CNC grinding machines. However, if they are compared, there are some differences, namely: Difference 1: The degree of freedom of the working part of the equipment is different, and the degree of freedom of the CNC tool grinding machine is more. Difference 2: The machining range is different. CNC peripheral grinding machines are used to grind workpieces with a certain angle, such as grinding the edge angle of complex contours, while CNC tool grinding machines can also change the angle for grinding. Difference 3: In the scope of application, the applicable range of CNC tool grinding machines is wider than that of CNC peripheral grinding machines. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializing in the production of various CNC tool grinding machines and tool grinding machines, our grinding machines have good performance and reliable quality. Welcome to buy.        
  • Grinding Process For PCD&PCBN Tools

    Grinding process for PCD&PCBN tools (1) Spindle accuracy is good, general grinding wheel end face runout should be ≤0.02mm. If the end face of the grinding wheel jumps too much, the grinding wheel will intermittently impact the cutting edge during grinding, which is easy to cause the cutting edge to collapse and difficult to obtain a high-precision cutting edge. (2) Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel shall be preferred for the grinding wheel. In the grinding process, the ceramic binder is prone to micro-crack, so that the abrasive particles are updated and self-sharpening, so that the grinding process is stable, which is conducive to improving the precision and efficiency of the processing surface. The second choice is the resin bonded diamond grinding wheel with high heat resistance. (3) Timely pay attention to the cutting edge of the grinding wheel and the size of the cutting whetstone should be appropriate. When machining PCD tools with a diamond grinding wheel, the grinding wheel will be blocked, passivation, high temperature, and rapid wear resulting in reduced processing speed and the generation of vibration marks, noise, and burns. Soft sic whetstone with a grain size no. 1 ~ 2 finer than the grinding wheel used is usually chosen as the cutting whetstone. (4) Since diamond is prone to chemical diffusion with iron alloy, which accelerates grinding wheel wear, it should be avoided to grind both metal and PCD as much as possible. (5) The rotation direction of the grinding wheel must be rotated from the front cutter to the rear cutter. From the stress of the cutting edge of the PCD tool during grinding, it can be known that when the grinding wheel rotates from the front tool to the rear tool surface. The grinding force (sum of tangential and normal forces) ACTS on the cutting edge inward, that is, the tool is under pressure stress, and it is not easy to break the tool. Otherwise is the tensile stress, the cutting edge is easy to break. A resin-bonded grinding wheel is better than metal and ceramic bonded grinding wheel if it is necessary to reverse the grinding because of the tool structure. (6) In order to ensure the quality of the cutting edge and improve the grinding efficiency, the back Angle of the tool can be divided into large back Angle and small back Angle. The coarse grain grinding wheel is used to grind the large back angle first because the contact surface is large, the grinding force is large and the grinding efficiency is high. Then, the fine-grain grinding wheel is used to grind the small back Angle, and the blade width of the small back Angle is controlled at about 0.1 ~ 0.3mm. The small edge grinding quality of the contact surface is good. (7)Finish the machining of the cutting edge of the cutting tool in one clamping as far as possible. (8) PCD grinding coolant should be preferably water-based grinding fluid. Due to the high hardness and poor heat resistance of PCD material, the water-based grinding liquid cooling effect is better than oil-based grinding fluid, which can improve the processing efficiency and cutting quality. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery has produced BT-150N PCD &PCBN tool grinding machine. This machine can be operated by automatic and manual. It is very popular for customers and the price is very competitive in China market. If you need more information about model BT-150N. Please feel free to contact us. Thanks very much!
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