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  • PCD Cutting Tool Grinding Requirements For Tooling

    Based on the above grinding characteristics of PCD, the requirements for the extension bar of the grinding equipment when grinding PCD with a diamond grinding wheel are much higher than those of the general tool grinder. Mainly include: PCD cutting tool grinding requirements for tooling 1. The machine has a good process system rigidity PCD material has high hardness, so many grinding machine tools use it for grinding work. However, in order to perform high-intensity grinding, the grinding machine must have high resistance to deformation, especially the spindle system and tool clamping system. The grinding force of PCD cutting tools is usually 100 ~ 500N. Therefore, the axial rigidity and strength of the machine tool bearings are required to be able to meet the needs of many users. 2. The machine has a short-range swing mechanism with adjustable stroke and speed The grinding ratio of PCD is extremely low, and the grinding mechanism of PCD is mainly the result of the mixing of micro-crushing, wear, peeling, cleavage and other mechanical effects, oxidation, and graphitization through the continuous impact of diamond grinding wheel on PCD materials. Therefore, the adoption of the short-swing mechanism is beneficial to improve grinding efficiency and cutting edge quality. Generally, the swing distance is 0 ~ 50mm, and the swing speed is 20 ~ 60 times/min. 3. The tool holder of the machine has a high-precision rotary function and online detection device As everyone knows, because PCD materials are hard and fragile and wear-resistant, tooltips are usually designed to be curved to reduce the relative vibration amplitude of the tool and the workpiece to improve grinding efficiency. When the PCD tool is used, in order to achieve the processing of the tooltip, the tool holder of the machine tool should have a high-precision rotation function and an on-line detection device for the tooltip radius size and quality. In this way, positioning errors caused by multiple loadings can be avoided, and processing efficiency can be doubled.
  • BT-150M Tool Grinder

    BT-150M is a two-axis CNC diamond tool grinder. Its tool holder spindle can be manually or automatically rotated. The machine is suitable for the production of medium and large quantities of alloy blades. PCD blades and PCBN blades, and is more suitable for the manufacture of single crystal cutting tools with long time and high labor intensity. As long as the alignment is completed, the grinding is automatically completed by pressing the switch. Uniform grinding wheel wear, the system can automatically compensate and maintain a long time of automated production.  Features of  BT-150M Tool Grinder 1. Machine tool mechanical structure: The machine tool bed (base) uses integral castings weighing 1.5 tons. Which can meet the requirements of grinding any superhard material. The machine tool has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid does not splash around. 2. Machine tool motorized spindle: grinding head adopts high precision frequency conversion speed regulation motorized spindle, power: 3.0 kW, the maximum speed can reach 4000 rpm, using circulating water cooling. Grinding head spindle rotation accuracy: end jump 0.002 mm, diameter jump 0.003 mm. 3. Machine tool guide: The rigidity, accuracy, and durability of the machine tool are improved obviously by using high precision needle-rolling guide. 4. C-axis NC function: The servo motor is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) so that the tool holder rotating axis (C-axis) rotates automatically. The rotating speed is optimized to conform to the sinusoidal law. And the motion is stable and the mechanical vibration is small. Operating parameters such as the rotating speed of the tool holder. The rotating angle of the tool holder and the residence time in a place can be input through the LCD interface. 5.The reciprocating swing mechanism of the grinding head: the grinding head swings under the drive of the servo motor. The swing frequency is 0-60 times per minute, and the swing amplitude is adjusted at will between 0 and 120 mm so that the grinding wheel can consume evenly and sharpened in time. So as to ensure the grinding accuracy and roughness. Mechanical swing, swing amplitude. Swing frequency and swing position controlled by the NC program are adjusted by panel button or knob. 6. Angle encoder: After detecting the tool, the grinding position of the tool can be accurately restored to avoid the disadvantage of multiple grinding without resetting the tool. 7. Radial locking of grinding wheel axle: The radial locking technology of grinding wheel spindle makes the concave and convex of two arc guideways embrace and brake tightly.  Greatly enhances the rigidity of the equipment, and improves the grinding quality of the tool edge by one grade. 8. Fixture: The machine tool is equipped with a positioning fixture. Which does not need to adjust the position of CCD camera when grinding cutters of different thickness, thus providing work efficiency.
  • Performance Characteristics Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine

    The APE-40 drill grinding machine in the grinding machine market is progressing rapidly. This is because of the many years of observation in the market, and the continuous innovation and research and development according to market demand to improve its technical reform. APE-40 drill grinding machine slowly establishes automation, generalization and other production automation, which is undoubtedly the leader in the drill grinding machine industry. Advantage of APE-40 drill grinding machine Demina drill grinding machines have many advantages such as automation, high-efficiency production, etc.. Which are suitable for various production industries. Suitable for manual operation, which has high requirements for traditional dynamic performance. After several decades of development, it has become the Chinese market. The drill grinding machine industry has become one of the top ten industries in China. It has made due contributions to the rapid development of China's grinding machine industry. Among them, the most popular grinding machines on the market have basically met the needs of some parts of the drill grinding machine market. The bit grinding machines produced by BEIJING DEMINA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD are all in Constantly following the needs of customers and the development of the times. Features OF APE-40 drill grinding machine is a large-scale production in the grinding machine industry and plays a very important role in various industries. Especially in recent years, China's advanced technology has rapidly improved, and many advanced technologies are continuously applied to the drill grinding machine. Which makes the domestic drill grinding machine strengthen its own functions, consolidate the stability of performance. And improve the degree of automation. It has further accelerated the rapid progress of industries in various industries in China. APE-40 drill grinder has the functions of rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding and polishing combined machining. And realizes the precision machining process of grinding, throwing and in-position detection on the same machine tool. Greatly improving high-precision ceramic products and photoelectric components. Manufacturing level of textile machinery, molds, and other industries. Precision grinding of centerless grinding machines is an effective machining method for solving various high dimensional precision. High surface quality, high shape accuracy, and it can greatly improve the machining efficiency of parts. For difficult-to-cut materials such as ferrous metals, brittle materials, and high-hardness materials, precision grinding and polishing are required. The machining accuracy of the workpiece depends mainly on the accuracy of the machine tool and the machining process and method used. performance OF APE-40 drill grinding machine In order to make the APE-40 drill grinding machine more usable and more practical. We have added a lot of unique features to the design of this device so that everyone can have very different effects when using it. It can see that the design of the guide wheel is added to the equipment. This guide wheel can make the equipment have a very powerful moving performance. When used, it can easily perform any steering of 360 degrees, and the centerless grinder can use. It will be very convenient. The APE-40 drill grinder is particularly suitable for use in small installation space, a laterally reduced drill grinder tool. And to meet the simplification and space-saving requirements of various production lines. Since the grinding wheel finishing unit is disposed at an obliquely downward position above the grinding wheel, there is no need to adhere to space for the grinding wheel finishing unit on the side of the grinding wheel. Which is closely related to the lateral dimension of the conventional centerless grinding machine. Thereby, the lateral dimension of the centerless grinding machine can be greatly reduced, and the grinding machine can install in small installation space, thereby satisfying the simplification and space-saving requirements of various production lines. Thereby improving accuracy and efficiency. Use of APE-40 drill grinding machine Tools/raw materials Drill grinder, tungsten steel drill bit, high-speed steel drill bit CBN high-speed steel drill bit grinding wheel SDC tungsten steel drill bit grinding wheel Method / step First, confirm the material of the drill, select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material of the drill. And install it on the equipment. Confirm the diameter of the drill bit and select the collet of the equipment according to the diameter of the drill. The general collet is ER20 or ER25 or ER40. The standard and equipment size used by each manufacturer is different. Select the accessories and then set them up, adjust the amount of grinding, open the wald drill grinder. Run the equipment, and observe the operation of the equipment. The equipment is operating normally, and the grinding machine is started. First, the top corner is ground and the top edge is trimmed. The size of the chisel edge can generally adjust by the screw above the static grinding hole of the device. This adjustment is also adjusted according to the diameter of the drill bit.
  • Safety Technology Of Tool Grinding Machine Processing

    Grinding is widely used and is one of the first methods for fine machining of machine parts. Tool grinders are also commonly used for grinding wheels. However, because the speed of the tool grinding wheel is high, the grinding wheel is relatively hard, brittle, and cannot withstand heavy impacts. Occasionally improper operation can cause very serious results when the wheel is broken. Therefore, the safety and technical work of tool grinding machines are particularly important. Must adopt reliable safety protection equipment, and must focus and ensure the operation. In addition, the fine sand and metal chips splashed on the workpiece of the grinding wheel during the grinding will hurt the workers' eyes. If workers inhale this dust in large quantities, it will be harmful to the body and should adopt appropriate protective measures. Safety technology of tool grinding machine processing should pay attention to the following safety technical issues when grinding. 1. Before starting the machine, you should carefully inspect the machine tool. Including the operating mechanism, electrical equipment, and magnetic chucks. 2. After checking, smooth it again, and then test run it before use. Pay attention to the clamping and clamping when installing the workpiece. During the grinding process, the loosening of the workpiece will cause serious results such as flying out of the workpiece or hurting the grinding wheel. 3. When turning on the machine, use the manual adjustment method to make the grinding wheel close to the workpiece slowly, and the feeding amount at the beginning should small. Do not use excessive force to avoid bumping the grinding wheel. 4. When you need to use the stopper to control the reciprocating motion of the table, adjust it accurately according to the grinding length of the workpiece, and tighten the stopper firmly. 5. When replacing the grinding wheel, you must first check the appearance to see if there is any trauma, and then hit it with a wooden hammer or stick. The sound is crisp and no cracks are required. 6. When installing the grinding wheel, it must be assembled in accordance with the prescribed methods and requirements. After the static balance debugging, we should install and test the device. Only after all are normal, and can use it. 7. Workers should wear protective glasses during work. They should balance the grinding wheel to avoid a collision. Workpiece measurements, adjustments, or scrubbing of the machine are performed after shutdown. 8. When using a magnetic suction cup, wipe the disk surface, the workpiece clean, tight, and stuck firmly. If necessary, you can add an iron stop to prevent the workpiece from shifting or flying out. 9. Attention should be paid to the installation of the wheel guard or the machine baffle, and the station should pass the front side of the high-speed rotating wheel.
  • Our Company Is Engaged In Offering A Comprehensive Range Of PCD Grinding Machine

      Bt-150N diamond tool grinding machine Our company is engaged in offering a comprehensive range of PCD Grinding Machine. In this year, we have done research and development new model BT-150N diamond tool grinding machine. It is a CNC high-efficient universal grinding machine suitable for processing carbide inserts, pcd cutters, pcbn inserts, etc. Processed materials include PCD, CBN, ceramic, carbide, HSS. The machine is used for tools production and tool regrinding. BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN diamond tool grinding machine is made of grinding wheel oscillation axis(X-axis), grinding wheel tilt angle axis (B-axis), rotation axis in the horizontal plane(C-axis), working piece feeding axis(Y-axis). The working piece feeding axis(Y-axis) is equipped with a linear scale, and the closed-loop position feedback is used to ensure the precision of micron-level grinding. Equipped with our special fixtures, the machine is successfully used in any kinds of tools high-efficient grinding. The main spindle is with high precision and frequency control speed, the spindle power is 5Kw, max speed is 8000r/min. The inner of spindle is cooled by recycling water. The radial run-out is 0.002mm and axial run-out is 0.003mm. Our company developed grinding software, which can set various kinds of grinding parameters. It can realize batch machining of pcd inserts and pcbn inserts.      If you are interested in our diamond tool grinding machine, please email us. Our email is [email protected].  
  • Tool Grinding Machine

    BT-150H tool grinding machine is a new grinding machine designed by our company. This tool grinder is used to economically manufacture and re-grind cutting tools made of PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, tungsten carbide, and other materials. It can grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools, and many types of special turning tools. Rough grinding and fine grinding can be achieved with CBN grinding wheels and synthetic diamond grinding wheels. Technical Breakthrough of BT-150H tool grinding machine 1. No vertical axis: When using the BT-150H tool grinding machine, since the height of the tool grinding machine table can be adjusted, no vertical axis lifting is required. Therefore, the stability and rigidity of the equipment are greatly improved to a certain extent. 2. Stable feed: In order to avoid cyclical impact, the user can equip the machine with a "flexible feed" pneumatic device, which effectively improves the roughness of the cutting edge and also improves the grinding of the grinding machine Cutting efficiency. 3. Our company uses a big screen to display tool images in front of the operation position. An eyelift can cooperate. It improves production efficiency by about 50%. Difference between rough turning tool and fine turning tool for grinding tools 1. Front corner: rough car Angle is small, the fine car is large. 2. Rear Angle: the rough car Angle is small (6-8 degrees), while the fine car Angle is large (10-12 degrees). 3. Blade inclination: generally 5 ° for rough turning, 10 ° or more for larger vibration; When finishing, we usually take -4 degrees. 4. Main deflection Angle: choose according to the rigidity of machine tool, workpiece and tool process system.
  • Maintenance Inspection Method For Micra-10 Micro Drill Sharpener

    Development of accessories for drill sharpener how to make the sharpener's own products and companies more competitive. This is the problem that should be considered when the current enterprise should be the sharpener. As far as the current situation is concerned, the requirements for parts belonging to the world can open up a lot, and the degree of the gathering of these requirements is also a higher sharpening machine for grinding machines, mainly gathered in Western Europe. Knife machines in Asia and North America. Moreover, within such a large demand range, the demand is more than one billion US dollars. How can we get a share in this mall, which requires the acceleration of the development of the enterprise, more to consider the expansion The knife machine has its own enterprise combat effectiveness and competitiveness. The domestic accessories export is also a very large shopping mall, and domestic accessories have been pushed to the tip of the knife. China's domestic fastener industry structure is very turbulent and does not say that its own organization is very turbulent sharpening machine. And the grinding machine and all products are in a stage without hierarchy. It is important to know that a low production level will result in a lower value for the product itself. And, in this case, the price will become difficult to progress. Nowadays, the financial crisis has sprung around the world. These anti-dumping actions and losses are naturally linked to the instability of the domestic fasteners themselves.   Maintain the method of verifying the drill sharpener When using the drill sharpener, be sure to pay attention to the fastening. The fasteners should connect reliably, especially the sharpening disc, the sharpening of the sharpening disc is indirectly tied to the precision and quality of the tool grinding. Then you need to pay attention to the Micra-10 drill bit grinder transmission components. The smoothness, bite strength, tightness, etc. of these components are all the deviations that form the transmission system, and thus the ideal grinding result is not achieved. For the wearing parts in the transmission mechanism, there must be a lot of spare parts. Generally, the spare parts provided by ordinary manufacturers are quite sufficient. Once the invented parts are damaged, they must be replaced at any time. When the spindle rotates, the sound is very loud. This is caused by the difference in the bearing position. Perhaps the screw against the spindle is loose. When this problem is encountered, the spindle should be changed or the screw should be tightened. If the motor does not turn when the switch is turned over, check the circuit. If the switch is broken, the switch should be replaced. If it is a line problem, the line should be checked. The cause of abnormal noise OF Micra-10 micro drill sharpener Drill bit grinder will inevitably present some problems during the application process. This is a common problem with the machine. This is mainly because when using the machine, some components will be worn away at the moment and then present a series of problems. According to reports, the use of the sharpening machine will show abnormal noise for a long time. What is the reason for this? The first thing that should think of is that its friction is relatively large and the lubricant is lacking. So look for some more joints of activities, check and check to increase the oil. There is also a possibility that the link screw of the sharpener is presented. Loose phenomenon. In this case, we have to check where the looseness is present, and then check if there is any problem with the screw. If this phenomenon exists, screw the screw. The above is the reason for the abnormal sound of the sharpener, and I hope to assist you. Therefore, the machine should inspect frequently. Some parts that are aging should be replaced in time to avoid problems with the sharpening machine and affect the application. Demina is a professional . Our equipment not only has good quality performance, but also the price is relatively affordable. I hope everyone can come and visit.
  • Introduction Of Small Drill Grinding Machine

    The drill bit grinder is a small tool grinder for industrial grinding of drill bits. Due to its different functions, it can grind various common twist drill bits, heterosexual drills, step drills, and other rake angles, positive rake angles, apex angles, back angles, and side edges to achieve the purpose of repairing the drill as new. It is an indispensable good helper for drill repair. In particular, the Micra-10 small drill grinding machine developed and manufactured by Demina has advanced technology and a wider range of use. Introduction of small drill grinding machine is a machine for grinding industrial drills. This equipment can grind and repair drill bits that are not sharp due to wear and tear during use so that it can meet the needs of refurbishment. Depending on the material of the drill, different grinding wheels are used to meet the repair requirements. For example, CBN grinding wheel grinding high-speed steel material. SDC grinding wheel grinding alloy tungsten steel material. And different types of grinders have different numbers of drill bits, and different chuck groups such as 2 blades, 3 blades and 4 blades are equipped as standard. Generally speaking, the drill grinder is still commonly used for grinding and repairing twist drills. Because it is better for grinding twist drills than grinding other materials. The drill grinder has different diameters depending on the model of the drill grinder. When using, users need to configure collets with corresponding diameters to achieve the purpose of precise grinding. Types of drill grinding machine generally considered to be a portable drill bit grinder, others include group drill grinders, woodworking drill grinders, left drill grinders, sheet drill grinders, step drill grinders, composite drill grinder, Universal drill bit sharpener. Demina is a professional drill grinder manufacturer. We produce various types of drill grinder equipment. Users are welcome to come to buy.
  • Features Of 5-axis Tool Grinding Machine

    BT-100 5-axis tool grinding machine is used for grinding and making the end edge and side edge of HSS and solid carbide drills, flat end mill, ball end mill, arc chamfer milling cutter. Features of BT-100 5-axis tool grinding machine 1. Tool grinding often requires roughing of all cutting surfaces in one clamping, and the table should capable of multi-piece grinding. 2. The tool is mainly composed of various complex curved surfaces, so the table structure should meet the requirements of multi-axis simultaneous processing to ensure that each motion axis does not produce motion interference within the working range. 3. The worktable must not only be able to withstand the huge grinding force generated during rough grinding, but also to ensure high precision during finishing. Therefore, it is required that the machine tool has good rigidity, good stability, high motion accuracy, and small thermal degeneration. The operation method of five-axis tool grinder 1. First, determine the diameter of the milling cutter. If you want to grind an 8MM end mill, then choose an 8MM chuck and lock the milling cutter on the 50D sleeve. 2. Set the angle and swing the milling cutter sleeve slightly 4 ° (the angle of the milling cutter bottom surface is between 2 ° -6 °). 3. Start to grind the bottom surface, such as a 4-blade milling cutter. Align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel, and then grind the bevel of the bottom surface of the milling cutter after completing the tool setting step. After grinding one edge and then replacing the other edge, follow the procedure. 4. Grind the center clearance angle of the milling cutter, swing the sleeve to about 10 °. And grind the center clearance angle of each milling blade in turn. 5. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in turn. 6. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter. Hold the spiral groove of the milling cutter with an electric rod, aim at the grinding wheel. And push the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter.  
  • The Correct Operating Procedure Of Micra-10 Sharpening Machine

    Points to pay attention to when running Micra-10 sharpening machine should meet the requirements of this standard and manufacture according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures so that the use of the sharpener can better. And the understanding and observance of the dry running requirements are necessary. In the application of the sharpener, when the air is running, the full-fast fasteners are required to fasten and loose. The grinding length of the heavy-duty sharpener should easily adjust with the change of product specifications. And the locking is reliable and heavy. In addition to the fixed tool holder, the sharpening angle of the sharpener should easily adjust as needed. When the machine is moving, all departments are in harmony. There should no abnormal sound, the lubrication of the movement and working parts should reliable. And the lubrication system should have no oil leakage. The Correct Operating Procedure OF Micra-10 Sharpening Machine as a machine for grinding metal equipment. The correct operation is not only to ensure the normal operation of the machine, but also to ensure that personal injury is particularly important. So, what is the correct operation procedure of the sharpener. The following Micra-10 sharpening machine manufacturer Demina will explain it for you. 1. Before operating the machine, please read the instructions carefully to prevent accidents and accidental injuries. 2. Check whether the three-phase four-wire power is normal and whether the running direction of the grinding head and the grinding wheel is consistent with the direction indicated by the stroke button. 3. During the operation of the machine, the oil should be lubricated at any time on the track to prevent the track from being worn due to lack of oil. 4. In the process of calibrating, if there is any error in the left and right, it can be adjusted by the adjusting screw on the tool holder. 5. In the process of sharpening the knife, it should note that the amount of the feed can not be too large, generally controlled between 0.01 and 0.02 mm. In case the feed amount is too large, causing the paste knife and the heat to be too high to deform the blade so that the blade is ground. The cutting edge is not in a straight line. 6. When there is a burr on the edge of the blade, it means that the blade has been ground. No need to feed the knife until the spark is small. Remove the blade and use the oil stone to deburr. 7. When Micra-10 sharpening machine, not in use, the water stain on the knife holder must wipe clean with butter or oil to prevent rust. 8. The oil filling hole on the sharpening machine must fill with oil before going to work every day. 9. The user must concentrate on the process of sharpening the knife and the process of taking the blade to prevent personal injury caused by danger. The working process of the sharpening machine is almost the same. Everyone strictly follows the above process to operate the sharpening machine. It should not cause too much mechanical failure or personal injury. Demina Micra-10 sharpening machine for sale, welcome to come and consult.
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