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  • Honing Technology

    Principle and characteristics of honing technology Honing is a special form of grinding and an efficient method of finishing. The use of this process not only eliminates the large processing workload (honing was still used for polishing in the 1950s), but also an effective method to improve the part size, geometric accuracy, and surface roughness to a certain extent. (I) Honing features: 1. High machining accuracy 2. Good surface quality: 3. Wide processing range: (2) Honing principle: 1. Honing is to make use of one or more oilstones installed on the circumference of the honing head. By means of expanding mechanism (both rotary and pusher type), the oilstones are expanded radially to press against the hole wall of the workpiece, so as to produce certain surface contact. At the same time make the honing head rotation and reciprocating movement, the parts do not move, Or the honing head only rotates and the workpiece reciprocates to achieve honing. 2. Honing can also be used for . In use, the honing head floats between the machine tool spindle or between the honing head and the workpiece holder. In this way, the honing head is guided by the hole wall of the workpiece. Therefore, the machining accuracy is less affected by the accuracy of the machine itself, and the formation of the whole surface basically has the characteristics of the creation process. The so-called creation process is the formation of the hole wall and the surface of the hole wall and the hole wall by grinding and dressing each other. The principle is similar to the principle that two moving plates grind against each other to form a plane. It should be noted that because the honing stone is made of diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasive, the abrasion of the stone is very small, that is, the finishing amount of the stone is very small. Therefore, the accuracy of the stone hole depends to some extent on the original accuracy of the stone on the honing head. Therefore, when we use diamond and cubic boron nitride, the stone needs to be well-trimmed before honing to ensure the accuracy of the hole.
  • New Design Concept Of Italian CUOGHI 7-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    The appearance and wide application of high precision alloy tools have pushed CNC tool grinder to the forefront of tool manufacturing and changed the traditional grinding process. It seems that the basic feature of the CNC tool grinder is that all grinding can complete at one time. With the widespread use of CNC tool grinders, the development trend of alloy tool manufacturing has also appeared a certain degree of regression. Recently, the seven-axis high-precision CNC tool grinder (OCTOPUS 100) and five-axis CNC grooving grinder (MODENA 200) of CUOGHI, Italy, exhibited at China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition, reflect this trend. CUOGHI has adopted new design concepts: 1.separation of functions (separation of groove grinding and cutting edge grinding) The output power of the grinding head of the five-axis CNC groove grinder MODENA 200 is 7.5 kW. The grinding head is driven directly by the spindle. A large number of calculations and tests on the output power and structural rigidity of the machine show that the machine tool can work stably for a long time under the condition of near full load. 2.reasonable matching of structure and performance OCTOPUS 100, a seven-axis high-precision CNC tool grinder, has five CNC axes. And the output power of the motorized spindle is 4 kW. It is the most economical and effective equipment for grinding cutting edges in the production of alloy cutting tools. As the last step in tool manufacturing, the most important thing in cutting edge grinding is accuracy. The machine adopts precise ball screw to drive the rolling linear guide rail. What is more significant is that its rotating shaft is driven by harmonic gears. Which has no clearance and wear resistance. It can effectively improve the grinding accuracy of the machine and maintain the durability of the motion accuracy. The double-end grinding wheel axle (B-axis) of the machine tool can rotate in the vertical plane. On the one hand, in the grinding process, the speed of changing the grinding wheel is faster. On the other hand, the grinding wheel axle is always at one end. Which effectively shortens the travel of longitudinal guide rail and makes the structure of the machine tool more compact.
  • PCBN Tool

    The strength of the PCBN tool is lower than the hard alloy tool, so in the hard cutting, generally use a negative front Angle, a larger back Angle and negative chamfering, which is not only conducive to the cutting edge reinforcement, and has good wear resistance. Generally, negative chamfering size (0.1 ~ 0.5)× (10° ~ 30°) is appropriate. If the cutting is properly passivated, the effect will be better. In addition, where possible, use a small main deflection Angle and a large radius of the tooltip, which helps to protect the blade and extend the service life of the tool. Correctly use of PCBN Tools In order to use the PCBN tool well and control the workpiece quality stably, it is very important to judge the durability of the PCBN tool accurately. If the use of wear has been a very serious tool, then the cutting force and cutting temperature increase, cutting poor, it is difficult to control the size of the workpiece and surface integrity and even make PCBN tool can not continue grinding and scrap. In order to ensure the normal use of the tool, it is recommended that the wear amount of the tool surface after the PCBN tool reaches 0.3 ~ 0.6mm(small value when finishing) should be reground. But regrinding needs certain equipment and skills, most of the factory's machine tools do not have suitable conditions, the general regrinding of PCBN tools should be completed by professional factories. For high hardness and irregular workpiece, the PCBN blade is brittle and afraid of impact. Cut and cut from the end face of the workpiece, especially in the surface of slag, sand hole, uneven, the most likely impact, so that the blade is broken, resulting in a decrease in durability. Therefore, before the use of the PCBN tool, it is best to first rough the hard layer, and in the workpiece cutting end first chamfering, in order to reduce the impact of the PCBN tool. PCBN tool is not suitable for processing soft black metal materials. The determination of cutting speed, feed and cutting depth should take into account production efficiency and processing cost. Generally speaking, its cutting speed is about 2 times higher than the carbide tool, the high cutting speed produces a large cutting head, so that the plasticity of the processed material increases, is conducive to control the chip and reduce the cutting force. When using PCBN tools, coolant can be added, or not, when using coolant must be fully cooled. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd can produce the for the too manufacturing factory.
  • How To Form Accurate Radius On CNC Machine

    How to form an accurate radius on the CNC machine 1.  Some problems will appear if using the grinding method of the manual machine on a CNC machine. 2. One reason is that coarse and fine grinding are not properly separated. And another reason is even though coarse and fine grinding is separated, there is excessive grinding allowance, therefore, causing deformation on the fixture or uncompensated consumption on the grinding wheel. so radius offset happens. 3.Summary of the above two points: accurate radius requires even clean and sharp grinding wheel and fixture without elastic deformation. 4. In view of the above situation, taking the corresponding measures, It is possible to grind the correct radius on the CNC machine. Korea Ehwa and Japan Kyocera company both have made a perfect radius on our machine. 5. We propose to operate differently on the following two individual machines: First, for BT-150N, coarse grinding by automatic mode and fine grinding by manual mode. For BT-150D, take batch rough grinding first and then batch fine grinding. 6. So in this way, small and medium batches based human craftsmanship can be changed to mass industrialized production by machine and management which is the intendancy in this industry. Production volume of a single batch is the fundamental consideration.  
  • Development Of Tool Grinder

    Development of tool grinder In the world, the history of mechanical tool grinder is not long. Tool grinding machines first appeared more than 100 years ago. In 1889, it was made by the Cincinnati company in the United States. It was simple in structure and low in efficiency. And at that time tool grinding was not attached great importance to in the industrial process. In the last thirty years, with the requirements of high-level precision in industrial, tool grinding has been rapidly developed. GE successfully developed Diamond sintered body (PCD) and CBN sintered body (PCBN) and manufactured into cutters in 1977. This made the use of artificial superhard material further expanded. Although this kind of cutting tool can meet the increasing high precision requirement of industrial production, its cost also increases a lot. Thus, the demand for tool grinder is promoted. At present,after more than 30 years of rapid development, tool grinder has got extensive application and emphasis.
  • The Future Development Direction Of BT-150D 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    In recent years, China's CNC tool grinding machines have developed steadily and are suitable for turning the outer circumference. Inner hole, end face, slot, and metric, inch, modulus and warp threads of workpieces. The output value of CNC tool grinding machine has increased slightly but the import volume requirement is still very large. The demand for imported CNC tool grinding machine is mainly inclined to high-end CNC tool grinding machine, such as Demina CNC tool grinding machine, and then BAHMUELLER (Bamiler) CNC tool grinding machine, second KOYO CNC tool grinding machine. Most domestically produced CNC tool grinders are mainly low-end products. Before the workpiece is ground on the inner and outer cylindrical grinding machines, the counterweight should add during the clamping to ensure the grinding balance. Development Status of CNC tool grinder in China In recent years, due to the development of defense, high-speed rail, automobile, mold, machining, and other industries. The demands for major components of tool grinding machines have been increasing. Localized CNC tool grinding machines have not been able to meet the needs of domestic machinery processing enterprises, so that leading domestic companies to import foreign CNC tool grinding machines. The high-speed, composite, refined and high-end of domestic CNC tool grinding machines is the development direction of domestic CNC tool grinding machines. The BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder for CNC grinding machines was created in this context. The high-precision 4-axis CNC tool grinding machine is a finishing machine that checks whether the grinding machine stroke needs to adjust. The main purpose is to replace the imported CNC tool grinding machine. First, the work is required to make up for the domestic market gap. CNC tool grinding machines, in fact, there are vertical and horizontal points, so for question one, the answer is yes. As for its common types, it is a planetary internal grinding machine, a centerless internal grinding machine, and some internal grinding machines with a special purpose. With the rapid development of national economic technology, can it use in CNC tool grinding machines? This conclusion will be reached by continuous innovation in technology and technology. Domestic market demand has changed, and it is necessary to check and confirm with the dial gauge. Traditional machine tools are no longer able to meet the needs of modern construction. In view of the numerical control tool grinding machine, the domestic ordinary CNC tool grinding machine and the simple numerical control cylindrical grinding machine have not met the requirements of domestic modern processing technology. And the domestic advanced CNC tool grinding machine has been introduced continuously. For example, CNC cylindrical grinding machine giant UVA, Camille, Harding, Fumade, the second Toyo CNC cylindrical grinding machine. Almost monopolized more than 95% of the domestic high-end CNC tool grinding machine market. In such a market environment, domestic high-end CNC tool grinding machines are developing and growing stronger in the bud. Demina is currently developing the status of CNC cylindrical grinding machines in China. If it is to become a powerful country of CNC tool grinding machines, it will take a long time. Development direction OF BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder As far as the current economic development trend is concerned, China's will become the main production tool and functional product. The development direction of the future tool grinding machine includes the following four aspects. 1. Green CNC tool grinding machine. Green manufacturing is an eternal topic in the equipment manufacturing industry. For grinding machines, energy-saving and emission reduction will is an indicator for measuring the greenness of CNC tool grinding machines. The accuracy, speed, and efficiency of CNC tool grinding machines have always been the main reference factors for measuring equipment performance. In the future, reducing power loss and reducing waste emissions will consider an important factor in CNC cylindrical grinding machines. For example, CNC tool grinding machines use CBN grinding wheels to reduce the grinding wheel grinding consumption is the performance of the green CNC tool grinding machine. 2. Intelligent CNC tool grinding machine. With the development of Internet computer technology, the intelligent CNC tool grinding machine has gradually penetrated into the market. The intelligent CNC tool grinding machine can not only improve the stability but also improve the reliability of the CNC tool grinding machine. The intelligent CNC tool grinding machine can use various sensors. Monitor your own status and analyze the state of the tool grinder and the machining process. And you can also send your own information to think. To ensure excellent processing accuracy. 3. "Private customized" CNC tool grinding machine. BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder from low-end batch production to custom manufacturing. High-end tool grinders not only have to meet the common process needs of customers, but also to meet the special process needs of customers. The service of providing customers' picking is not empty talk. Provided to the customer is a custom-made tool grinding machine. CNC provides customers with a grinding machine, grinding wheel, roller, processing technology one-stop service. 4. Soft and hard combination. At present, the tool grinding machine is not only production equipment but also a contact point in the factory network. The CNC tool grinding machine should establish an Internet + IoT system with the supplier of the production management system and the grinding wheel material management system machine tool.
  • Replace Diamond Grinding Wheel For Tool Grinders

    To replace the wear and tear diamond grinding wheel for tool grinders After producing the diamond grinding wheel, it has the advantages of high strength, good heat resistance, and sharp cutting, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. However, with the continuous grinding of the grinding wheel, the sharpness of the grinding wheel will be weak and the efficiency will be low. At this time, we should first check the wear of the diamond grinding wheel and replace it with a new one. As well as the matters needing attention in grinding the diamond grinding wheel. When the use of a diamond grinding wheel exceeds the shelf life, if you want to use it again, you should ask professional technicians to check and confirm that there is no problem, you can continue to use it. If the diamond grinding wheel is severely worn, we must replace it. Because, when the grinding wheel has serious problems and is not replaced in time, it is very dangerous that the grinding wheel may break and hurt people as it continues to use. Generally, needs to replace the diamond grinding wheel in time if the length of wear diameter is larger than 10MM of the chuck. Notes for diamond grinding wheel In the daily use of the grinding wheel, we often find that some operators do not care about the type of grinding wheel or the type of grinding wheel. But use the side of the grinding wheel for grinding at will, which causes great damage to the grinding wheel and the grinding machine. The radial strength of this kind of grinding wheel is relatively large, while the axial strength is very small. If the force is too strong, the grinding wheel will break or even hurt people, which is not allowed in the use of the diamond grinding wheel.
  • Welcome Customers From Malaysia To Negotiate And Sign Contracts

    With the perfect completion of the exhibitions all over the country. Demina ushered in a large number of on-site customers to visit the company and negotiate business. Today, customers from Malaysia are welcome to come to the door to negotiate purchases and sign contracts! Thanks to the support and trust of new and old customers to our company. We will work harder, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit of the goal! In addition, this customer visit has further understood the strength and scale of our company and conducted on-the-spot investigation and affirmation of our company's products and the production technology level and production capacity of all grinding equipment. Demina's sales director and sales staff enthusiastically received customers and communicated with customers about the sales of grinder products in the country. Subsequently, the customer visited the production line of the company's sharpener, grinder and tool grinder. At the same time, the customer also recognized the production status, production capacity. Product quality and technical level of our products. Through this visit and exchange, the two parties signed a contract on the spot. At the same time, the customer expressed their pleasure to visit our company and thanked our company for the warm and friendly reception. And the good working environment and orderly production of our company. The process, strict quality control and warm and friendly reception were deeply impressed. The visit of foreign customers not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers. But also laid a solid foundation for Demina's products to further internationalization and pushed Demina's development to a new height. Demina A professional , our products not only have good performance. But also the equipment price is relatively cheap, welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Milling Cutte For Processing Aluminum Alloy

    At present, the processing of aluminum parts is mainly divided into deformation aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy two categories. Then processing aluminum alloy with what milling cutter. Is it with aluminum alloy special milling cutter or aluminum alloy special tool, its processing efficiency is better? In this paper, the milling characteristics of aluminum alloy, machining tools, cutting parameters to discuss the processing of aluminum alloy with the best milling cutter. Processing characteristics of aluminum alloy Milling aluminum alloy mainly has the following characteristics: 1. The low hardness of the aluminum alloy Compared with titanium alloys and other quenched steels, aluminum alloys have a lower hardness. Of course, heat-treated, or die-cast aluminum alloys have a higher hardness. Generally, the HRC hardness temperature of the ordinary aluminum plate is lower. Which is lower than HRC 40 degrees. Therefore, when processing aluminum alloy, the tool load is small. Because the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is better. The cutting temperature of milling aluminum alloy is lower, can improve its milling speed. 2. Low plasticity of aluminum alloy Aluminum alloys have low plasticity and low melting point. When processing aluminum alloy, its stick knife problem is serious, chip removal performance is poor, the surface roughness is also relatively high. In fact, the processing of aluminum alloy is mainly adhesive knife and roughness effect is not good. The problem of aluminum alloy processing can be easily solved as long as the two problems of the adhesive knife and surface quality are solved. 3. The tool is easy to wear Because of the adoption of unsuitable tool materials, aluminum alloy processing, often because of the sticky knife, chip removal and other problems lead to faster tool wear. Milling cutters for machining aluminum alloys Generally, the 3-edge aluminum milling cutter is used for processing aluminum alloy. Secondly, due to the difference in processing conditions, it is likely to use a 2-edge ball head knife or 4-edge flat bottom knife. However, Beijing Demina suggested that in most cases, you can choose a 3-edge flat end mill. 1. The choice of aluminum tungsten steel milling cutter The number of edges is generally 3 edges, and the material is generally selected as YG carbide, which can reduce the chemical affinity between the cutting tool and aluminum alloy. General CNC cutter brands have special aluminum alloy milling cutter series products, such as element brand 3P series, Switzerland Fraisa AL series. 2. High-speed steel material High-speed steel aluminum milling cutter is sharper, can also be very good processing of aluminum alloy. 3. Milling aluminum alloy cutting parameters Processing ordinary aluminum alloy can choose high - speed feed milling. Second, choose a larger front Angle as far as possible, increase the chip space, reduce the phenomenon of stick knife. If it is refined aluminum alloy, can not use water cutting fluid, to avoid the formation of small pinholes in the processing surface, generally can use kerosene or diesel to do the processing of aluminum cutting fluid. The cutting speed of aluminum alloy milling cutter varies with the material and parameters of the milling cutter and the processing technology. Specific cutting parameters can refer to the cutting parameters given by the manufacturer for processing.
  • Working Principle And Structural Performance Characteristics Of Grinding Machine

    What is a grinder? A grinder is used to grind a material, which is an important processing method for ultra-precision machining. The grinder is widely used in various fields such as life and production. And its own characteristics can be widely used. The following introduces the working principle and structural performance characteristics of the grinder. Structural performance characteristics of Grinding machine The extensive use of grinders is primarily determined by the characteristics of the grinder. The machine is an automatic grinder and can call a high-speed grinder and a precision grinder. The design of the scraper of the machine adopts the design of the card lock. Which can adjust the deformed scraper to ensure the high quality effect of the grinding. The machine also uses an automatic grinder, as well as a high-speed grinder with a precision grinder. These machines can use with mechanical scrapers and manual scrapers. The design of the machine on the grinding wheel is also very unique. During the grinding process, the abrasive tape will not have a sense of pressure. And the squeegee will not be deformed or corrugated, which will ensure the grinding. The material is of high precision and fineness. In addition, the angle of grinding can also be matched with a variety of special printing and good performance. Working principle of Grinding machine The grinder is also equipped with a device for washing dust on the device so that a certain degree of industrial pollution can be reduced in the production process. And the maintenance of the equipment and the health condition of the worker are well protected. It is easy to operate with automatic grinders and high-speed grinders as well as high-precision precision grinders and does not require professional technical knowledge. Demina specializes in Export PP-50 universal tool grinder and welcomes users who need it to purchase.
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