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  • Ceramic Tools

    Ceramics, with high - pressure precision ceramics developed. Tools made of ceramic materials are called ceramic tools. Advantages of ceramic tools 1. Good wear resistance can be processed traditional tools difficult to process or simply can not process the high hard materials, so can avoid the power consumed by annealing processing. Therefore, it can also improve the hardness of the workpiece and extend the service life of the machine. 2. It can not only rough and finish high hardness materials, but also milling, planing, intermittent cutting, rough drawing and other processing with great impact force. 3. Ceramic blade cutting with metal friction, cutting is not easy to adhere to the blade. Therefore, under the same conditions, the surface roughness of the workpiece is relatively low. 4. Tool durability than the traditional tool several times or even dozens of times, reduce the number of tool change in processing, to ensure the small taper and high precision of the processed workpiece. 5. High-temperature resistance, red hard good. The cutting speed of the ceramic tool can be much higher than that of hard alloy. It can be used for high speed cutting or "turning and milling instead of grinding". The cutting efficiency is 3-10 times higher than that of traditional cutting tools. It can save time, power and machine tools by 30-70% or more. 6. Silicon nitride ceramic tool's main raw material is nature is very rich in nitrogen and silicon, with it instead of hard alloy, can save a lot of W, Co, Ta and Nb, and other important metals.
  • The Cutting Technology Of PCD Tool Composite Sheet

    PCD tool cutting technology can be divided into:1. Processing technology;2. Welding process;3. Edge grinding technology.Because the hardness and wear resistance of the PCD tool composite is very high, so only the use of the special process to produce a high-quality PCD tool.At present, the machining of PCD tool composite is often used in EDM cutting, ultrasonic machining, high-pressure water jet, laser machining, and other four most common technology methods.So, how to compare the cutting process of PCD tool composite?1.EDM process is a highly concentrated pulse discharge energy and strong discharge explosive force, to make PCD tool material metal melt, and some diamond will be graphitization and oxidation, another part of the diamond off, this process is high efficiency, and the quality of the product will also have a qualitative improvement.2. Ultrasonic processing technology, the processing efficiency of this process is relatively low, and the consumption of diamond powder is great, dust pollution is also very serious, and the quality of the product if there is a little error, basically this product is not qualified.3. Laser processing technology is a kind of non-contact processing technology, the efficiency of this processing method is very high, after processing basically will not deform, but the only drawback is that the process performance is poor.In these three kinds of processing technology relative comparison, the effect of EDM technology is the best.The existence of a bonding bridge in the PCD tool makes the EDM PCD composite sheet become a reality.Under the existing conditions, the pulse voltage is used to form a discharge channel in the working liquid near the electrode metal, so as to produce a partial discharge spark, and finally achieve instantaneous high temperature to melt and fall off the polycrystalline diamond, and then produce the triangular, rectangular or square tool head blank. The efficiency of the EDM PCD tool composite is affected by cutting speed, PCD particle size, layer thickness and electrode quality, among which the cutting speed is the most important.Demina tool grinder can grind PCD tool composite sheets with high efficiency.
  • Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods Of Tool Grinding Machine

    BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine commonly used are angular contact ball bearings, which can subject to radial and axial loads at the same time. The load is determined by the contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load capacity. The contact angle is 15 °, 25 °, 40 ° three. The spacer-type angular bearings are used in pairs, the adjustment should fine and serious, and there must some maintenance experience. Use of Cutter and tool grinding machine (1) It is used in the textile spinning industry, thick yarn machine, draw frame machine, combing machine, texturing machine, and other top roller processing. (2) It is used in the manufacturing and manufacturing of office communication equipment industry. Copiers, printers, cutting plotters, and other rubber rollers. (3) Applicable to the printing, food, pharmaceutical industry automatic conveying device, the top roller, plastic processing. Adjustment method OF Cutter and tool grinding machine (1) Measurement method. This method is more accurate and needs to be measured, but the operation is cumbersome. Therefore, it is only used by special manufacturers. In the maintenance work of equipment, maintenance personnel is rarely used because the conditions are not available. (2) Feeling method. This method does not require a measuring instrument. And only relies on practical experience to determine the thickness of the inner and outer spacers. And thus is widely used in equipment maintenance. 1. Use both hands' thumbs and forefinger to press the two bearings to eliminate all the gaps. The middle finger extends into the inner hole of the bearing to move the inner spacer. It feels that the resistance is consistent with the outer space. 2. One hand eliminates all the gaps of the two bearings with two fingers and presses them tightly. The fingers of the other hand move the inner and outer spacers, and the resistance is consistent. 3. Put the pair of two bearings in accordance with the assembly method and the inner and outer spacers. Add a weight corresponding to the preload in the upper part, and then push the inner spacer through the three equally divided holes that have been drilled beforehand. The outer ring resistance should same, otherwise, the spacer should ground until the resistance of the inner and outer rings is consistent. common faults and troubleshooting methods. When the tool grinder grinds the outer circle, the surface of the workpiece has a vibrating flaky pattern. A twill pattern and the outer cylindrical grinding machine grinds the outer circle. When the high-speed end faces a cylindrical grinding machine grinds the outer circle, the surface of the workpiece has a problem of vibration lines. The main causes of the problem: (1) The contact surface of the diamond knife holder is not well contacted; (2) The gap between the spindles of the grinding wheel frame is large and bad; (3) When grinding, the parameters of the head frame speed and the dressing speed of the grinding wheel are not properly selected; (4) The model of the selected grinding wheel does not match the material of the workpiece being machined. Common faults in tool grinding machines 1. The static balance of the grinding wheel is poor. 2. The hardness of the grinding wheel is too high or the viscosity of the grinding wheel is uneven. The grinding wheel becomes dull, and the frictional force with the workpiece increases. So that the periodic vibration of the workpiece increases. 3. The grinding wheel main shaft wears, and the large main shaft has floated in the rotation. Which causes the grinding wheel to be unbalanced and generate vibration. 4. The taper hole of the grinding wheel flange is in poor contact with the tapered end of the grinding wheel spindle. Causing the grinding wheel to jump when grinding. 5. The grinding wheel motor vibration, the transmission belt is too tight, loose or long and inconsistent to produce vibration. 6. The wheel carriage motor balance is poor. 7. The center hole of the workpiece is in poor contact with the tip. 8. The top of the workpiece is not suitable. If the workpiece is too tight, the workpiece will rotate unevenly. If it is too loose, the rigidity of the system will reduce. Problem-solving method OF Tool grinding (1) When BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine scraping the diamond knife holder again, the combination is good. After tightening, use the watch to measure the head of the diamond knife. When moving, it should not exceed 0.01mm. Whether the diamond knife is sharp or not. (2) The clearance of the main shaft of the static and dynamic pressure grinding wheel frame should within the specified range. At the same time, it should consider that static pressure is generally controlled. Whether the dynamic pressure is established, and the injection of each hole.
  • Computer Version Of Visual Monitoring System For Tool Grinder

    Due to the use of the Windows operating system, the Demina tool grinding machine can configure the independent research and development of the tool grinder monitoring cutting system. This system has the following advantages over the traditional retiring board.1. The screen only displays two rings, one is the reference grinding radius ring, the other is the allowance adjustment ring. You can customize the radius size for both circles. Ensure grinding of all visible dimensions. with two circles of color can be customized.2. The Angle of the blade can be drawn on the basis of the ring, which can quickly realize the determination based on the blade matrix position.3. The center position of the reticle can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure the grinding of large R-size cutting tools. Cross the line can be rotated around the center point of the crosshead, and the display position of the grinding surface of the wheel can be adjusted the whole. All other shapes are rotated at the same Angle.4. Can load DXF two-dimensional graphics file, grinding tool can be compared with standard graphics grinding.5. The thickness of each wire is a one-pixel unit to ensure the accuracy of the circle size as far as possible.6. The image can be magnified up to four times as many pixels at various optical magnification rates in the times. After the rate amplification, no adjustment to the tool center is required. Save time for knife alignment.7. When grinding the belt rake blade, it is necessary to leave some allowance for the first back Angle to the final ruler inches. The software provides the measurement Angle according to the front Angle of the blade, the tip of the tool, the first rear Angle, the second rear angle, the width of the rear Angle, and the final radius of the blade. Automatic calculation of the second grinding Angle when R-Size, as well as the primary, secondary back Angle grinding Angle, users can quickly achieve tool grinding cut shape!8. Support users to configure third-party secondary detection software!
  • PCBN Tool Wear Forms

    Wear forms of PCBN tool 1. Hollow wear workpiece hardness is too soft; Cutting too fast; Change to carbide or ceramic tools for chemical and diffusion wear; Use coolant to reduce tangential speed. 2. Pressure surface wear cutting speed is too fast; Too much feed; Too small cutting tool back Angle increases cutting speed and feed; After increasing Angle. 3. The main deviation Angle of boundary wear is too large; Too much feed; The tangential velocity is too small to reduce the main deviation Angle; Reduce feed; Increasing cutting speed. 4. The fracture wear system has poor rigidity; Knife Angle is too small; Too much feed and cutting speed; The brittle edge of the tool increases the rigidity of the system and the sharp Angle of the tool; Reduce feed and cutting speed and use the negative chamfering tool. 5. Poor rigidity of broken system in PCBN layer; Workpiece impact is too big; the PCBN layer is too thin, the cutting edge is too brittle to improve the rigidity of the processing system; Workpiece surface pre-machining and chamfering; Adopt thick PCBN layer; Use a negative chamfering tool. The is reliable in performance and it is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts. When the automatic tool grinding machine completes the centering, the grinding will also be completed automatically to achieve constant pressure grinding and flexible feed. The even consumption of the grinding wheel can be measured and compensated by the system, so production with long cycle time can be achieved. It is very popular for customers.  
  • Application Of “PCD Tool Grinding Method” In Precision Grinding

    The main task of the Beijing Demina PCD tool fine grinding is to control the final dimensional accuracy accurately and stably. Grinding wheel wear, accurate positioning of the grinding point of the edge tip, and grinding resistance will ultimately affect the machining accuracy. These factors have nothing to do with the motion accuracy of the machine tool but are related to when to start grinding (that is, to the tool point) and to what extent to finish grinding, etc., and are closely related to the monitoring of grinding state.Although the grinding wheel wear is difficult to measure, and the blade height (which affects the grinding point position) is also difficult to measure within a certain range, the control system with a voice-activated device can always easily record the exact position of the tooltip and grinding wheel surface at the moment of contact. As a starting point, the relative feed can accurately control the dimensional accuracy, we call this “knife grinding method”.Of course, the premise of the “knife grinding method” is that the last process has accurate datum, or can accurately measure the size before grinding, which can be done with the CCD system online measurement system. In the industry with manual machine tool grinding, the PCD tool’s first back Angle (also the polishing edge) grinding process is: on the basis of the coarse grinding size and then grinding down 0.02~0.03mm, to form a 0.05~0.1mm edge belt. This and the “on the knife grinding method” also happened to coincide.In the grinding process, the grinding wheel is still constantly worn. The system can detect such wear-in time and compensate for it. The time of “grinding air” is compressed to nearly zero, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency.
  • The Manufacturing Method For Spindle Adjustment Device Of BT-150E Tool Grinding Machine

    Demina's new BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder uses a spindle adjustment device, including a bracket, on which the rotating disc is mounted by a mandrel. The rotating disc is fixed to the bracket by bolts, and the middle portion of the rotating disc is provided. There are two long holes on the two sides of the frame of the rotating disk. The spindle is mounted with bolts to fix the spindle mounting components. The spindle mounting assembly is equipped with a spindle. The front end of the spindle is equipped with a grinding wheelset. BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder by installing the spindle of the sharpener on the rotating disc. The front, and rear adjustment and angle adjustment of the spindle can realize. Which can meet the grinding of a variety of machining tools. And the structure is simple, which greatly reduces the grinding cost of the knife machine. Production Technology of BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder In the mechanical manufacturing industry, tool grinders have a wide range of applications as a machining tool. There are many types of tool grinders, including flat milling cutters, side milling cutters, sawmilling cutters, face milling cutters, end milling cutters, and angles. Milling cutters, forming cutters, T-slot milling cutters, dovetail milling cutters, semi-circular key milling cutters, etc.. To reduce the scrapping of tools and reduce the operating costs of enterprises. BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine the tool needs frequent grinding maintenance to extend the tool life. The simple milling cutter can use after simple grinding by the universal sharpening machine. However, for complex milling cutters, such as forming Milling cutter, T-slot milling cutter, etc.. Its structure size is small, and the cutting edge is a special-shaped structure. During the tool grinding process, it is necessary to turn a plurality of angles to grind the tool to ensure the milling precision of the tool in the subsequent use. At present, most of the spindles of the grinding machine are fixed angles. The type of grinding tools that can use for grinding is limited. It is used for a long time in the tool grinding process, and the CNC sharpening knife is rotated by the servo control spindle. But its control system is complex and the input cost is high. Production steps OF BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine provides a spindle adjustment device for CNC grinding machines to adapt to the grinding and maintenance of different types of machining tools and reduce tool maintenance costs. The device uses a spindle adjusting device, including a bracket, and the rotating disc is mounted on the bracket through a mandrel, and the rotating disc is fixed on the bracket by bolting. A rack is arranged at an intermediate position on the rotating disc, and both sides of the rotating disc are opened. Two long holes, the main shaft mounting assembly is fixed by bolts on the frame, the main shaft is installed in the main shaft mounting assembly, and the grinding wheelset is installed at the front end of the main shaft. Further, two rows of symmetrical threaded holes are formed on both sides of the frame. Further, the two long holes are circular arcs and the centers of the two arcs coincide with the centerline of the mandrel. The advantages of the Low-cost BT-150E tool grinding machine are: BT-150E tool grinding machine to grinding inserts. By mounting the spindle of the sharpening machine on the rotating disc, the spindle mounting angle can adjust to meet various machining requirements. The grinding of the tool and the simple structure greatly reduce the cost of the sharpening machine. Method of implementation of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine provide a spindle adjustment device for the CNC grinding machine, which solves the problem that the current CNC grinding machine can repair a single type of grinding tool. And the corresponding spindle rotatable grinding machine has a complex control system. The problem of the high cost. The spindle adjusting device for the numerical control tool grinding machine comprises a bracket. And the rotating disc is mounted on the bracket through the mandrel, and the rotating disc is fixed on the bracket by bolting. And the frame is arranged in the middle position on the rotating disc, and two rows of threads are arranged on the rack. The main shaft mounting assembly is fixed by bolts on the frame, the main shaft is installed in the main shaft mounting assembly, and the grinding wheelset is installed at the front end of the main shaft. Two long holes are formed on both sides of the frame of the rotating disc. The two long holes are arc-shaped and the centers of the two arcs coincide with the centerline of the mandrel. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine provides the spindle adjustment device for the CNC grinding machine. The position of the spindle can adjust back and forth through the position of the threaded hole of the frame. And the spindle is coupled with the rotating disk, which can use for the tool to be ground. The specification, rotating the rotating disc and then fixing the rotating disc 2 to the bracket through the long hole through the bolt. And simplifying the design and processing of the device by opening the long hole into a circular shape, thereby saving cost.
  • Technical Features Of BT-150N CNC Tool Grinding Machine

    Beijing Demina BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine is a high-precision 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine. The bed is made of mineral cast stone material, its damping coefficient is 6-10 times that of cast iron, and the thermal expansion coefficient is 1/20 of cast iron. The bed structure formed by the integral casting of mineral cast stone material has vibration suppression and thermal deformation resistance. The grinding wheel spindle is driven by a synchronous spindle motor, which is small in size, large in torque, and strong instability. Equipped with a bus-based numerical control system and a grinding technology software system independently developed by an advanced technology company, with a complete range of machining tools. Equipped with a pneumatic locking cylinder to complete the broaching function and automatically adjust the locking pressure. Optional automatic loading device to realize automatic loading and unloading, realize one person to supervise multiple machine tools or unsupervised, improve processing efficiency. Optional mobile center frame to realize ultra-long tool processing. It is suitable for the processing of various drills, milling cutters, reamers, taps, and other tools with high precision and complex shapes.CNC tool grinding machine is used for the grinding of high-precision cemented carbide blades and cermet blades. It adopts a 3-axis CNC power machine tool, a 5-axis robot, a “three-in-one” design concept, and uses German high-precision components and electrical components. The latest technology provides a precise and efficient grinding guarantee for CNC blade grinders.Technical Features Of BT-150N CNC Tool Grinding Machine1. The 3-axis linkage CNC system is used to process tapered spiral grooves and side edges (customized according to customer drawings). To change the product, you only need to call out the corresponding processing program and exchange the supporting system. 2. Ditching and back grinding can be completed in one clamping. The product has good precision and a beautiful appearance.3. With pneumatic chucks and tailstocks, one employee can take care of multiple types of equipment.4. The key components are made of high-precision components from top brands in Switzerland and Japan to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.Performance Characteristics Of BT-150N Universal Tool GrinderThe precision outer diameter grinder is a machine used to grind the outer circle of the workpiece. It is clamped by precision rollers, and the click drives the roller to rotate, and the workpiece is ground by the grinding wheel. The structure of the machine is subjected to finite element computer-aided analysis of natural frequencies to ensure the optimal rigid design of the whole machine. Zhou Jian uses high-quality cast iron HT300 through normalized heat treatment and resin sand mold casting to ensure that it will never be deformed, strong, and resistant during use. Wear and tear, each bed has been carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen. The spindle head is equipped with high-precision ball bearings, which have high rigidity and quiet rotation, ensuring that users will not overheat for a long time. The transmission system adopts a high-precision feed screw, the feed accuracy can reach 0.005mm, and the special attachment grating ruler can reach the feed accuracy of 0.001mm. The spindle has a strong torsion force, good accuracy, and long life.
  • Comparison Of Different BT-80 CNC Tool Grinder

    In the specific type of BT-80 CNC tool grinding machine, the following will be related to the grinding machine of the CNC grinding machine. Moreover, CNC grinding machines are a bit strange to some users. So it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding. And know how to use this kind of grinding machine correctly. Ao that you can get good results when using a CNC grinding machine. The purchase of a CNC grinding machine CNC grinding machine, which is a kind of grinding machine, is required to be purchased. It should take into account all relevant factors. Including detailed product parameters, performance indicators, origin, price, quality, manufacturer and after-sales service. These seven necessary considerations are indispensable. Moreover, in order to comprehensively consider these factors. We can accurately judge and correctly select the results and then select the right products. The difference between an ordinary grinding machine and CNC grinding machine The ordinary grinding machine is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which is driven by a two-axis outer cylindrical grinding machine. And controls the feeding of the grinding wheel frame and the working table by two oil cylinders respectively. And manually controls the grinding machine through the change of the dial, in processing measurement. It is also manually controlled using a measuring instrument. The CNC grinding machine of the CNC grinding machine manufacturer uses the numerical control system to realize the control and uses the servo drive to replace the cylinder drive of the ordinary grinding machine. Moreover, through the servo system to achieve linkage control and with the online measuring instrument. And linear grating to achieve the overall closed-loop control. Therefore, in summary, the two types of grinding machines are very different. They can not equal. Therefore, there is no error in its selection and use, so as to avoid problems or unnecessary troubles. Comparison of different BT-80 CNC tool grinder BT-80 CNC diamond tool grinder and BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine. Both of which are specific types of CNC grinding machines. However, if they are compared, there are some differences, namely: Difference 1: The degree of freedom of the working part of the equipment is different. And the degree of freedom of the numerical control BT-80 CNC diamond tool grinder is more. Difference 2: The machining range is different. CNC peripheral grinding machines are used to grind workpieces with a certain angle. Such as grinding the edge angle of complex contours, while CNC tool grinding machines can also change the angle for grinding. Difference 3: In the scope of application, the applicable range of CNC tool grinding machines is wider than that of CNC peripheral grinding machines.
  • The Breakthrough Point Of 2-Axis CBN Grinding Machine Technology

    PCD tool grinder is the equipment used to manufacture and grind PCD, PCBN, and single crystal. Its feed shaft is equipped with a screw rod, which is safe and reliable to operate, does not let the knife, and has high grinding efficiency. It adopts a dual operating station design and is cost-effective. The pneumatic devices can perform fast forward and fast rewind to improve production efficiency. Flexible feed and constant-pressure grinding ensure the quality of the cutting edge. It can grind standard or non-standard turning inserts and milling inserts. Boring cutters, groove cutters, and many other types are also easy to grind angles and radii on this machine.Features Of PCD Tool Grinder Machine1. The mechanical structure of the machine tool: the machine bed (base) adopts high-quality integral castings, and the main part weighs 1.6 tons, which can meet the requirements of any superhard material grinding. The rotating shaft has high precision and strong rigidity, and the air brake device is adopted, which greatly improves the work efficiency.2. 2-axis CBN grinding machine tool electric spindle: The grinding head adopts a high-precision frequency conversion speed electric spindle, power: 3.0 kilowatts, high speed up to 4000 rpm, using circulating water cooling. The spindle adopts high-precision long-life bearings, and the rotation accuracy of the grinding head spindle: end jump 0.002 mm, diameter jump 0.003 mm.3. Manual feed mechanism: The machine tool adopts two methods of “rapid feed” and “precision feed”, which are used for rapid feed/retraction (0.5 mm/revolution) and works feed (3 mm/revolution) respectively. It not only improves the production efficiency but also ensures the feeding accuracy.4. Grinding head swing: The electric swing controlled by intelligent components is stable and has no reverse vibration. The swing range can be adjusted at will between 0 and 30 mm so that the grinding wheel is consumed evenly and self-sharpening in time. The swing guide rail adopts the retainer of Schneeberg, Switzerland, which effectively guarantees the grinding accuracy and roughness.The Breakthrough Point Of 2-Axis CBN Grinding Machine TechnologyThe 2-axis CBN grinding machine adopts the grinding software independently developed by Demina, which can set the cutting tool angle, arc size, and feed speed, and other grinding parameters. After aligning the tool center, set the basic parameters through the grinding software, and the machine tool can automatically grind high-precision tools. All the parameters of the machine tool are managed by the database system and called by the name of the processing program, which is convenient for the storage and search of the program. The software can display the tool image and the coordinates of the CNC axis and can generate a calibration line to display the center position of the rotation axis. At the same time, the CBN grinding machine software is responsible for the communication between the interface and the numerical control system. It can comprehensively generate numerical control codes (G codes) from the grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters, and processing parameters (such as feed, feed speed and dwell time, etc.) in the software interface. ), transferred to the CNC system, so that the machine tool automatically completes the grinding. The software has four cycles of middle-edge grinding, right-edge grinding, left-edge grinding, and all grinding for any combination. And can respond to all customer requirements, and minimize the time for grinding air. Beijing Demina is a carbide tool insert grinding machine manufacturer, if you need it, you can come to buy it. 
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