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  • Quality Test Method Of PCD Universal Edge Grinder

    PCD universal edge grinder the functions of the sharpening machine is for the grinding of mechanical drills and blades. How do you judge the quality of the sharpener? Next, Demina will take everyone to find out how to check the quality of the sharpener. So that you can choose the right and satisfactory grinding equipment in the future. Quality test method of PCD universal edge grinder First, after the grinding machine is ground, the plane cutting edge of the knife is inspected. And the blades and the cutting edges are placed on the flat plate. And the lamp is checked for the presence or absence of light leakage to check whether the blade is skewed or twisted. Take a chemical fiber lining cloth and gently stroke it on the blade. If you easily stroke it, you can easily cut it, indicating that the edge is sharp. The opposite edge is not sharp. The second one is to inspect the grinding length of the sharpening machine. The specific operation method is to place the longest blade blank on the sharpening machine tool holder. And adjust the working condition of the sharpening machine to make it work normally. Start the sharpening machine to sharpen the knife from one end to the other until the end of the sharpening work. The third is to inspect the insulation resistance of . The general insulation resistance should use under the environmental conditions of 15 °C-35 °C and relative humidity not more than 75%. And the rated voltage must be A 500V megaohm meter can test. The fourth is to test the dielectric strength of the sharpener. Mainly using a withstand voltage tester with a capacity of not less than 3KVA. The no-load voltage of the test equipment is gradually increased by 50% (500V) of the specified voltage to the specified value. After maintaining for 1 min, gradually reduce the voltage to the off state. And verify the withstand voltage performance between the metal casing and the wire of the sharpener. The fifth is to check the temperature rise of the grinding machine bearing. Generally, the temperature of each bearing is measured with a semiconductor thermometer before the running assembly quality (starting). And the record is made. Then, after the end of the assembly quality inspection (2h). The temperature of each of the above bearings was re-measured with a semiconductor thermometer. And the temperature measured later was subtracted from the difference between the previously measured temperatures. The sixth and final need to test the straightness of the PCD universal edge grinder sharpener is to measure the measured surface at a certain point and record the reading. The difference between the maximum and minimum readings of the generally available indicator is approximate as a straightness error. If necessary, the straightness error can be calculated according to the minimum conditions using the calculation method based on the recorded readings. Demina is a professional tool grinding machine manufacturer. You are welcome to consult BT-150HG PCD tool grinder price.
  • Plain And Vertical Installation Of Boring Blad

    Blade in the boring cutter body has two installation methods of plain and vertical installation. The radial arrangement and installation of the blade along the cutter body are plain mounted, and the tangential arrangement and installation of the blade along the cutter body are vertically mounted. The clamping mechanism, force, and application of the blade are also different when the blade is installed on the knife body.1. Blade paperback features:Large supporting surface for blade installation and force;The wedge is pressed tightly on the front or back surface of the blade, and the blade is clamped firmly.There is a knife pad or wedge under the blade, and it is not easy to damage the knife body when the knife is played.By loosening the screw and loosening the wedge, the blade can be taken out, making it easy to turn or replace the blade.2. The characteristics of the insert vertical installation:The blade is arranged tangentially, and the blade itself bears a large section of cutting force.The blade is clamped by cutting force, and only a screw is used to fix the blade on the cutter body, which has a simple structure.Large chip tank, smooth chip discharge;The rear surface of the blade allows relatively wide wear area, and the adjacent blade is not easy to collapse and damage;The disadvantages, however, are that perforated blades must be used, blades must be angled or replaced, and the screws that lock the blades must be removed.PCD Blades and CBN Blades are not suitable for vertical installation.Because CBN Blade is not easy to open, and PCD Blade because of its very thin, is generally welded on the cemented carbide matrix by welding method.Demina tool grinding machine can grind the boring blades with high efficiency. You can search for for more details.
  • 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Machine Becomes The Focus Of Future Development

    Current status of tool grinding machines At present, the state attaches great importance to the development of the tool grinding machine industry. The National Science and Technology Major Project “High-end Tool Grinder and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” was put into operation in 2018. This has undoubtedly played a very positive role in promoting technological innovation of enterprises in the industry. However, in the specific implementation process, there is also the need for further improvement. So that relatively limited resources can play a greater role. The first is to select not only the output value, capacity and volume of the enterprise. But also the nature of the enterprise as the basis for the choice but should consider the market position, influence and advancement of the enterprise product. The uniqueness and originality of technology, the future market development space, and other factors. In order to achieve a greater play of the role of resources invested. Big is not necessarily strong, or even vice versa. This is evident in the current domestic tool grinding industry. The second is that, given the complexity of machine tool products, the desire to "get the best in one battle" is unrealistic. Then, the centralized resources are selective to give effective breakthroughs to some key technical problems in the industry. Which may play the role of “doing more with less” and driving other technical problems. The third is to form and establish a long-term mechanism, implement dynamic management, evaluate the implementation effect. Activate the enterprise's enthusiasm for technology research and development with special funds, and drive more industrial resources into technological innovation activities with limited funds. Instead of making it a waste of resources. The fourth is to establish a safeguard mechanism. The technological achievements obtained by public resources should share within the whole industry, rather than monopolized by special status. Development of BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine There is a saying that the tool grinder is the cornerstone of a country's industrialization, such as the BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine. With the development of science and technology, tool grinding machines are good or bad. Which will directly affect the development of the national economy and industrial manufacturing, and strengthen the important position of machine tools in a country's industrial manufacturing. With the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan outlines tool grinding machines as one of 16 major special projects. The important position of the grinding machine industry in the national economy has been further established. The tool grinding machine industry has focused on the development of the country's key areas. Strengthened product independent innovation and special machine development, and achieved effective breakthroughs in precision manufacturing and extreme manufacturing. And improved the technology of key products such as large and heavy CNC machine tools and five-axis linkage machine tools. At present, domestic tool grinding machines have begun to enter the national key development areas and the construction of national defense and military industry. The situation of high-end CNC machine tools that are urgently needed in the development of the national economy is over-reliance on imports and is gradually improving. In 2009. The market share of domestic metal processing machine tools continued to increase, reaching 70.1%. The market share of tool grinding machines reached 62%. At present, the technical level of the world's machine tools is based on the production of CNC machine bed machine. And the development in the next 20 years will still be the case. On the basis of further improving accuracy, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and networking, we will gradually transition to processing units and cutting-edge flexible manufacturing systems. After the development of learning, imitation and independent innovation in China's machine tool industry. There is still a considerable gap between precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence, environmental protection, and foreign advanced level. In 2012, the development goal of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the machine tool industry has been clarified. And tool grinding machines will become the focus of future development. According to the development goal, China will march towards a machine tool powerhouse from 2018 to 2020. And the industrial structure will be improved and improved. 80% of domestic machine tools will meet the needs of domestic engineering projects. And the market share of CNC machine tools will reach 70%. Demina has always attached great importance to the adjustment of industrial structure and has been researching and developing new products for a long time. Now, a number of medium and high-grade CNC tool grinders that meet the market demand have been introduced. Such as BT-80 CNC diamond tool grinder, BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine And a series of CNC grinding machines such as BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder.
  • Tool Grinder For Processing Solid Carbide Ball End Mills

    The manufacturing requirements of milling cutters are high and difficult. In this paper, through the combination of years of practical processing experience and theory, it is necessary to reasonably select tool materials, geometric parameters, grinding wheels, etc. to make a high-quality milling cutter on a CNC tool grinder. Complete the data integration system between various modules. Through the simulation software, the correctness of the program and the motion track of the machine tool is confirmed, and the precision processing process is carried out to complete the automation, high speed, and intelligence of the processing tool.CNC tool grinders are widely used in the processing of various structural shapes such as the peripheral surface, forming surface, and grooves of the processed parts. The primary structural parameters of the milling cutter are the number of teeth, helix angle, groove depth, rake angle, end tooth, peripheral tooth clearance, etc. . In the meantime, the spiral chip flute geometry is the most critical element of the tool geometry point of view. Whether the flute geometry is reasonable or not directly affects the tool life, smooth chip evacuation, and machining accuracy. Now CNC tool grinder grinding the spiral groove of the end mill has become the primary process, instead of the traditional forming milling groove. The primary elements of choosing a groove shape are the surface, groove depth, and rake angle of the rotating grinding wheel used for grinding the tool. Generally cut brittle materials or high hardness, the groove depth is shallower. For plastic materials, the groove depth is deeper. End mills are classified into right-angle end mills, ball end mills, and arc end mills according to the type of cutter head. Right-angle end milling cutters are used to machine the surrounding surfaces of grooves, spherical milling cutters are used for forming, profiling, etc., and ball end milling cutters are used to process surrounding surfaces with a corner R.The five-axis sharpener is made in Switzerland, it uses the FANUC control system and the standard module software developed specifically for manufacturing tools-Quinto.The control software FANUC used by the grinder is a high-tech solution for axis positioning, interpolation, and user interface. Quinto application software provides users with a simple and flexible interface for accessing the machine.It has five axes: X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, A-axis, and C axis.Quinto Standard SoftwareThe geometric parameters and processing parameters are input in menu type, used for forwarding processing power, supported by the database, including tool processing, side head program, grinding wheel geometric parameters, etc.
  • Vibration Check Of PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

    When grinding a precision tool grinder, the vibration of the grinder directly affects the effect of mold processing. This may cause ripples that affect the surface finish. If it is precision molding grinding, making plug-in connector molds, cutting grooves, etc.. The machine vibration can not trim the grinding wheel at all, because sometimes the grinding wheel needs to be trimmed to 0.1-0.13mm thickness, the grinding wheel is almost transparent. If the grinding machine is slightly when the vibration is unstable, the grinding wheel will burst. Let's talk about the aspects of the vibration of the 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine. Vibration check of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine 1. First, check the horizon. It is often said that the building is stable and stable. The same is true for the machine tool. If the level of the anchor screw is not adjusted, it will cause the machine to resonate. Because sometimes the ground level of the processing site is not very good, it is necessary to adjust the horizontal screw to make the machine reach an uneven height. First, we must check whether each screw of the foot is put into place in the floor mat. Before and after the level is used, the left and right sides are horizontal and the screws are locked. 2. If the above actions are carried out, the vibration is still not eliminated. We should check whether the ground floor space is empty if the ground is terrazzo or the floorboard is relatively strong. If it is cement level, the ground will be very weak. Resonance, how to deal with this situation? Don't worry, go to the rubber hardware store to buy a few black rubber pads, the thickness is about 6-10 mm, the size is 10 cm and the size of the floor mat is slightly larger. Loosen the anchor screw and put the rubber pad on the horizontal foot. Under the pad, you can play a large shock absorption function. 3. If the above action is taken and the vibration is still not eliminated, we will check the problem of the grinding machine sanding wheel and the grinding wheel fixing flange. The first is the grinding wheel. Because the quality of the grinding wheel on the market is uneven, there are two factors that affect the vibration of the grinding wheel: First, the particle size of the grinding wheel is not uniform, and the center of gravity is unstable when it is rotated; the second is that the inner hole is not too large. For example, our grinding machine flange hole diameter is 31.75, and if the grinding wheel is 32, it will jump up and down to cause a vibration when it is installed. Therefore, we must ask the specifications when buying the grinding wheel. I suggest you buy a little bit, and the difference is good. The grinding wheel affects the processing effect. Secondly, cracking and explosion is dangerous during the processing of grinding. The poor balance of the grinding wheel of the third is seriously affecting the life of the grinding spindle. Then the grinding wheel fixed flange, lift the flange, everyone will think of the balance of efficiency. In fact, the flange of the small precision hand grinder is not to be balanced, the premise is that you must use the imported precision flange. The general new flange buys it back, there are three small balance blocks on it, you take it off, the flange is directly mounted on the grinding wheel, and then the knife is repaired. The grinding wheel is naturally balanced. Buy more flanges and install different sizes of grinding wheels. Save time and save time when you use it next time. Going back to the original question, if there is vibration, it may be the above reason. Try another wheel, or if the flange is not balanced, then load the balance block. Then remove the balance block and install it. If not, change the new flange. Try, the general problem will be solved. 4. is impossible to place a machine with large vibration such as a punching machine or lathe near the same working site. It is easy to cause resonance. How to judge it is very simple. You only need to stop the grinding machine and start the punch or lathe. It is affected by the vibration or the hand feeling of touching the grinding machine. The treatment method is to separate the workshop. 5. If the above series of actions still fail to eliminate the tool grinder vibration, it may not be the scope you can handle. It may be that the grinding machine spindle takes longer to vibrate itself. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializing in the production of BT-150H tool grinder. BT-150H universal grinder for sale, welcome users who need to come to buy.  
  • 150N CNC Tool Grinder Operating Safety Requirement

    BT-150N CNC PCD&PCBN tool grinder has reliable performance, which is suitable for mass production of cemented carbide blades, PCD, and CBN blades. When the user uses the equipment, once the centering is completed, the grinding will be completed automatically.A. Before starting, using, maintaining, or performing any operation, please read this manual carefully. Comply with the operating procedures and information therein. Non-operators are not allowed to use the machine.B. Wear appropriate safety clothing during operation, glasses,, and gloves to prevent damage from the the metal debris. Please do not wear any rings, watches, necklaces, or loose, flexible clothing. (such as ties, scarves, jackets without buttons, or unzipped overalls, torn clothing, etc.), which can be caught by moving parts of the equipment.C. If the machine cannot be used in case of malfunction or if there is any operation problem, please respond to the supervisor in time.D. Before starting the machine, check whether all the safety risks have been eliminated and whether the protective measures are appropriate.E. The area where maintenance and operation (routine and special maintenance) is carried out must be kept dry and clean, and all maintenance equipment must be in good working order.F. Any repairs must be made after the equipment is shut down and the power is disconnected. Bare wire lighting is not allowed when conducting leak inspection and testing.G. Never use detergents, gasoline, solvents, or other flammable liquids. Instead, use permitted non-flammable, non-toxic, commercial solvents.H. Lubrication is not allowed when the equipment is active.I. Before making an electrical connection, make sure the voltage and frequency are correct. The electrical connection of the power supply must be well-grounded.Any operation of electrical systems, such as replacement of fuses, replacement of overload protectors, etc., must be handled by a professional and must be powered off the equipment.
  • Introduction Of Components Of 2-axis CBN Grinding Machine

    2-axis CBN grinding machine combines modern design technology, CBN grinding wheel high-speed grinding technology and computer automatic control technology. It is the highest efficiency and most advanced high-grade grinding machine for grinding camshafts of automobiles and motorcycles. It has good flexibility and a high degree of automation. It can process various types of cams and journals. It is ideal processing equipment for multi-variety and high-volume production of high-precision camshafts and eccentric shafts. Wheel spindle of 2-axis CBN grinding machine The PCD tool grinder grinding wheel spindle system adopts the high-speed, high-precision and high-safety static pressure bearing and the spindle motor built-in electric spindle of our company's independent intellectual property rights. The spindle is equipped with Italian air-conditioner and anti-collision device. Monitoring and analyzing the high-frequency signals generated by the grinding process automatically monitors the quality of the ground product and the dressing quality of the grinding wheel. Wheel frame of 2-axis CBN grinding machine  grinding wheel frame feed system adopts the cylindrical hydrostatic guide rail of Demina's independent intellectual property rights and the high-precision and high-sensitivity motion pair of Siemens linear motor. It is equipped with the most advanced German 1FN3 series linear motor, combined with high precision. German grating scale, closed-loop control, real zero clearance drive, micron feed. Bedhead frame of 2-axis CBN grinding machine The headstock of the grinding machine head adopts φ100mm high-rigidity and high-strength nitriding steel main shaft. The main shaft bearing adopts high-rigidity and high-precision hydrostatic bearing. The headstock motor adopts German Siemens 1FW6090 series low-speed and large-torque torque motor and is equipped with Germany HEIDENHAIN rotary encoder, through the control of the numerical control system, the head spindle rotation, and the grinding wheel frame feed motion linkage, to achieve the non-circular grinding contouring motion. The machine control system adopts German 840D SL numerical control system and 611D digital AC servo drive. It realizes non-circular grinding through three-axis and two-link control. It adopts non-circular CNC grinding software with independent intellectual property rights of our company. The relevant technical parameters are input into the computer, and the computer can automatically generate the grinding program with the friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation. Demina is a professional Carbide tool insert grinding machine manufacturer that produces a wide range of grinding machines. The equipment we produce is developed and produced by our technicians with advanced technology from abroad. The performance is very reliable and the quality is good. Welcome everyone to consult.
  • Ball End Mill Resharpening Machine

    Ball end mill resharpening machine is Demina’s new type of tool grinding machine. In the process of machining 3D curved parts with ball-end mills, the end edge of the ball-end mills is easy to wear. Ball end mill surface geometry is complex, its blade sharpening usually requires the import of a five-axis linkage NC tool grinding machine, because the machine is expensive, causing heavy grinding ball end mill side blade cost is very high, so a lot of cutting tool user manual approach is adopted to improve the ball end mill side edge grinding, grinding efficiency and cutting tools are difficult to ensure accuracy, and even some ball end mill can only for one-time use, caused great waste. In order to find a more economical and practical method for the end grinding of ball-end mills, Beijing Demina proposed to reduce the number of linkage axes and realize the regrinding of ball-end mills on a four-axis CNC machine tool. Using this method, not only can reduce the processing cost, reduce the waste of cutting tools, but also can improve the processing accuracy and grinding efficiency, but also can better play the role of the existing machine tools.When the cylindrical surface of the flat grinding wheel is used to grind the front edge of the end milling cutter or the conical surface of the single beveled grinding wheel is used to grind the back edge of the end milling cutter, through an angular motion, the regrinding of the end edge of the end milling cutter can be realized on the four-axis vertical machining center. The application of this method can reduce the number of axis of the machine tools, improve the utilization rate of the four-axis machine tools, significantly reduce the regrinding cost of the ball-end milling cutter, and improve the grinding precision and efficiency.Welcome to contact Demina company for more information.
  • Demina Summarizes The Working Of One Week Company Information Summary:

    Company information summary 1. The company calls on all supervisors to discuss "customer first" and "training is empowerment" based on their own work experience. 2. The company decides to carry out "planning & enabling" activities under the call of general manager shu.That is to arrange the middle-level staff to hand in the work plan, guarantee measures, reasonable Suggestions, training content, Suggestions, and Suggestions these five contents to carry out activities, implement the "plan & empower" activities, improve the overall management level and economic benefits of the company. Production information summary 1.  The production department checked and counted the wip machine tools of the company last week, with a total of 17 wip machine tools. 2.  The production department made an analysis on the reasons for the backlog of machine tools: the main reason was that customers with existing orders needed to change many designs, which virtually extended the manufacturing time and cost. 3.  The plan proposed by the production department for overstock of machine tools: this month, the machine tools shall be delivered mainly, two 150J machines shall be delivered before September 10, one 150N machine before September 15, one 150D machine, one 150H machine, and one 150M machine shall be delivered before September 25, and the new 150D machine shall be completed in early October. 4.  Last week, the production department carried out the activity of mobility and efficiency enhancement, that is, according to the production demand, reasonable and flexible adjustment of working hours, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving the market competitiveness of the company's products. The first step has been taken and, depending on the actual situation, it will continue.
  • 150FE CNC Tool Grinding Machine Introduction

    Numerical control tool grinder is more and more widely used in machine manufacturing. Because the workpiece that the tool grinder wants to process is generally the tool with a more complex shape, its material hardness is large, the precision request is very high, therefore, for the structure of the machine tool and the transmission system design, the processing automation degree and the processing stability put forward the very high request.BT-150FE is a five-axis CNC tool grinder, such as grinding wheel moving shaft (X-axis), workpiece feed shaft (Y-axis), grinding wheel up and down moving shaft (Z-axis), rotating shaft (C axis) in the horizontal plane of the workpiece, and CNC indexing shaft (A axis) rotating around the tool axis. A workpiece feed shaft (Y shaft) is provided with a grating ruler, Closed-loop position feedback, Ensure micron grinding accuracy. The machine is suitable for grinding drill tip (back angle of the shovel and back angle of the face), Step drill, Endmill edge and side edge, the working cone of tap and reamer. It is also suitable for the manufacture of small diameter rotary tools and the production of non-standard alloy blades.The machine tool bed (base) is with 1.8 tons of integral castings, can meet the requirements of any superhard material grinding. The software package equipped with a rotary tool and non-standard blade, special program can also be written at the customer’s request for the non-standard tool (workpiece) grinding. The whole machine is developed by our company. Welcome to send the cutting tools to use for grinding.
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