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  • The Tips Of Improve PCD Tool Grinding Machine Technology

    The tips of improve PCD tool grinding machine technology First, the PCD tool grinding machine equipment selection In order to improve the sharpening efficiency of PCD tools, sharpening equipment needs to have certain conditions, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Sufficient rigidity and stability: Due to the extremely high hardness of the material to be ground, the PCD tool material cannot remove without a certain pressure between the grinding wheel and the workpiece being ground. Therefore, the grinding wheel shaft and other mechanisms must have sufficient rigidity. In addition, the spindle power should large enough, not less than 1 kW, 2 kW is recommended. 2. Unique grinding wheel swinging mechanism: Unlike the general PCD tool grinding machine, the special tool grinding machine adopts the grinding wheel frame for the lateral swing to prevent the groove on the surface of the grinding wheel due to the low wear ratio of the grinding wheel. The grinding machine should adopt precision. Bearings, precision guides, and precision belt drive systems to avoid edge quality due to small vibrations caused by the wheel's oscillating commutation. 3. The grinding force can adjust in size: according to the different tools to process and the grinding wheel used. The grinding pressure should adjustable to achieve constant pressure. The purpose of adjusting the grinding force is to compensate for the change of the grinding force in the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. By adjusting the pressure during rough grinding and fine grinding, the grinding force can optimize for the various grinding wheels used. 4. High-precision rotary table system and an optical projection device. The advanced tool grinding machine generally has an optical projection device and high-precision rotary table, so that after the card is installed. Not only the cutting edge can ground, but also the two can accurately ground. The tool arc between the blades, and the arc and edge quality can directly observe on the machine through the projection device. 5. The coolant can fully supply: the cooling system must have a flow rate of at least 20 L/min, and an aqueous solution with a rust inhibitor is usually used as the coolant. Second, the selection and finishing of the grinding wheel 1. Granular choice The smaller the particle size of the grinding wheel, the flatter the surface is polished. And the lower the surface roughness obtained by grinding. However, under the premise of satisfying the processing requirements of the cutting edge of the tool, the coarse-grained grinding wheel should select as much as possible. So that the processing quality can ensure and the processing efficiency can improve. For the grinding process of PCD tool grinding machine, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results by selecting a grinding wheel with particle size. Generally, two or three different grinding wheels are used for coarse and fine grinding. 2. The choice of binder At present, the commonly used diamond grinding wheel has three kinds of resin bonding agent, metal bonding agent and ceramic bonding agent diamond grinding wheel. And its characteristics are different and can flexibly apply according to processing methods and processing conditions. (1) Metal bond grinding wheel characteristics: The more common one is the bronze bond. The bronze bond diamond grinding wheel is characterized by good formability, high strength, and certain toughness, but poor self-tanning. (2) Resin bond grinding wheel characteristics: high strength, good elasticity, stable combination. But the resin material is polymer material, no fixed melting point, poor heat resistance when the grinding temperature reaches 200-300 ° C. Its binding ability Greatly reduced. (3) Characteristics of the ceramic bond grinding wheel: The ceramic bond grinding wheel is characterized by high hardness. The good self-tanning property, stable chemical property, water resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, and low cost. However, the ceramic-integrated grinding wheel is generally powder-formed, and the uniformity of the molded body is difficult to ensure and is relatively brittle so that the abrasive grains and the binder tend to collectively fall off during the grinding process. 3. Dressing of the grinding wheel Grinding wheel dressing is essential in grinding. By dressing, the grinding wheel can keep in a good working condition, ensuring machining efficiency and processing quality. The smoother the dressing of the grinding wheel, the smaller the surface roughness value of the machined surface. To obtain a very low roughness value to grind the surface, the grinding wheel must finely finish. In addition, during the tool grinding process, the working surface of the grinding wheel will block by the grinding debris. At this time, if you continue to use it, the exposed portion of the diamond becomes smaller. The grinding ability is reduced, and the grinding pressure is increased, which will increase the vibration of the machine tool and affect the processing quality. At the same time, the frictional force increases and the heat generation increases. It is possible to burn the PCD blade. In order to avoid the above situation and ensure the processing efficiency and processing quality. It is necessary to trim the grinding wheel in the grinding process, and the dressing tool generally adopts a silicon carbide sand bar. Third, the PCD tool clamping and adjustment First, the center of the rotary table of the cross table and the center of the optical projector should adjust. Then, according to the drawings, the PCD tool grinding machine can adjust to the optical projector's reference line through the cross table. This position is sharpening. position. In order to ensure the accuracy of the PCD tool, all the grinding dimensions should complete in one setup. If grinding the PCD tool, all the wear must remove. Fourth, the vibration parameters of the diamond grinding wheel Since the diamond grinding wheel is relatively expensive, in order to make full use of the efficiency of the grinding wheel and prevent the occurrence of groove marks. According to the size of the PCD tool grinding machine, attention should pay to the amplitude of the swing, and the grinding wheel and the frequency can ensure by adjusting the swing and frequency of the grinding wheel of the grinding machine tool wheel. The degree of coincidence of the tool is greater than or equal to 1. Five, the minimum sharpening margin of PCD tools Usually, the cost of sharpening is very high during the tool making process, and minimizing the amount of removal is the goal pursued. The minimum machining allowance depends on the cutting mode and the depth of damage to the PCD during the heating process. It consists of three parts: one is the depth of damage to the surface layer by the cutting method. The other is the depth of damage to the internal tissue by the cutting method. The third is the influence of the heating method. Demina is a professional PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer. We produce various types of PCD tool grinder. The equipment performance is good, the quality is reliable, and the factory price for sale. Welcome everyone to come to buy, or come to our factory to visit.  
  • Correct Selection Of Grinding Wheel

    Cutting section cutting force in grinding, the unit about 1 x 105 ~ 2 x (105) N/was, it has dozens of times more than the limit strength of materials, has such a big cutting force. It is clearly not caused by the strength of the processed material resistance, but by the grinding process of cutting severe friction caused by the unreasonable to improve the cutting process, reduce the power consumption and to lower the temperature in the grinding zone is of great potential can be dug.Is through the analysis of the grinding process, grinding wheel on each mill for grinding grain. Usually each abrasive cutting thickness (0.2 ~ 0.02) mu m range, curvature radius, and grits rho is 8 microns, commonly is much greater than the cutting thickness, is in most cases, the metal cutting layer will be squeezed, only not resection, this layer of metal is repeatedly squeezed through a lot of grits and fatigue spalling, so most of the friction in the cutting force. If the grinding grain is sharp, the friction will be greatly reduced, and the sharpness of the grinding grain depends on the hardness and strength of the grinding grain, so improving the hardness and strength of the abrasive is an important direction to improve the grinding condition of the grinding wheel.When grinding hard alloy, the diamond abrasive wheel improves the grinding conditions due to its high hardness and strength of abrasive particles and sharp tip, thus reducing the grinding force and friction zone temperature. In addition, the friction coefficient between diamond and metal is extremely low in the absence of lubricating fluid, so no burns are generated.At present, CBN grinding wheel is also widely used, its thermal stability is good, grinding temperature is low, and its hardness, strength is second only to diamond, grinding force is small, can grind a higher surface quality. In addition, the use of a certain elastic binder, such as rubber, resin, etc., can also improve the grinding conditions of the wheel. When the chip force increases for some reason, such a binder can make the grinding grain of the grinding wheel produce a certain degree of elastic concessions, so that the chip depth automatically decreases, to avoid burns.
  • Beijing Demina Machinery Will Attend The 19th DMP SHOW

    Beijing Demina Machinery will attend the 19th DMP SHOW in Dongguan, China Beijing Demina Machinery has been a leader in tool grinding industry. Our company has accumulated rich technical and service experience during the years of product sales, and we are committed to providing customers with more comprehensive solutions. Now we are also an agent of cutting tool and drill grinding machine from. We provide proper product and comprehensive technical consulting service. Besides we established a tool resharpening service in Beijing and CNC machine production center in Jing’an Jiangxi province. Welcome to visit our company. Our company will bring the new type tool grinding machine BT-150D and other machines to attend the DMP show from 28 Nov. to 1 Dec. Welcome to visit our booth, No. 2771. 1. BT-150D PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine. BT-150D 4-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN tool grinder is made of grinding wheel oscillation axis (X-axis), grinding wheel tilt angle axis (B-axis), rotation axis in the horizontal plane (C-axis), working piece feeding axis(Y-axis). working piece feeding axis(Y-axis) is equipped with raster rule, and the closed loop position feedback is used to ensure the precision of micron level grinding. The tool grinder is reliable in performance and it is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts. Once centering is finished, grinding will be done automatically, realizing constant pressure grinding and flexible feed. The even consumption of grinding wheel can be measured and compensated by the system, so production with long cycle time can be achieved. 2. BT-150M PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine BT-150M PCD&PCBN tool grinder is made of grinding wheel oscillation axis (X-axis), tool rotation axis in the horizontal plane (C-axis), working piece feeding axis(Y-axis). The X-axis and C-axis can be operated automatically under the control of PLC. The tool grinder is reliable in performance and it is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts. Once centering is finished, grinding will be done automatically, realizing constant pressure grinding and flexible feed. 3. Italian CUOGHI APE40 drill grinder The APE40 drill grinder can grind the drills and taps with the diameter from 2mm to 40mm. Left or right cutting edges is from one piece to 12 pieces. The tools can also be left-handed and right-handed. The machine is in accordance with CE standard by the European Union. 4. Italian CUOGHI Micra 10 Integral self-centering bit sharpening machine The Micra 10 Integral bit grinder is designed with integral aluminum alloy as the bed. The design is reasonable, the mechanism is compact, the rigidity is good, and the grinding accuracy is high. The grinding wheel shaft and the bit clamping device are installed on the inclined support. The position of the diamond dressing pen is fixed, and the grinding wheel can be used as relative feed. Tool microscope has dual functions: positioning before bit grinding; monitoring of back angle and chisel edge grinding process. In addition, the bit geometry accuracy and bit positioning accuracy can be observed and detected after the drill grinding.
  • How To Use Cooling In Grinding Process?

    Rational use of cooling methodsIn grinding, a strong airflow layer is generated on the surface of the grinding wheel rotating at a high speed, so that the cooling fluid is difficult to enter the grinding zone, and a large amount of cooling fluid is poured on the machining surface which has left the grinding zone. At this time, burns have already occurred. Therefore, it is necessary to use cooling methods reasonably.Adopt high pressure and large flow cooling.1. This can not only strengthen the cooling effect but also can wash the grinding wheel surface so that its gap is not easy to be blocked by cutting. To prevent spatter of coolant, the machine tool shall be equipped with a protective cover.2. Install coolant nozzle with air baffle on the grinding wheel.In order to reduce the high-pressure adhesion airflow on the surface of the high-speed rotating grinding wheel, a coolant nozzle with an air baffle can be installed as shown in Figure 3, so that the coolant can be injected into the grinding zone smoothly.3. Achieve internal cooling.Since all the pores of the grinding wheel can reach water, the coolant can be fed into the grinding zone through the wheel under the action of centrifugal force. In order to prevent the gap of the grinding wheel from being blocked by the coolant, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the coolant during internal cooling grinding.4. Right Angle nozzle.Right-angle nozzles have been widely used in high-speed grinding because of their simple design and outstanding effect. The right-angle nozzles basically eliminate the blocking effect of airflow on grinding fluid in a wide range of wheel speed V =(40 ~ 150)m/s.5. Impregnated grinding wheel.The liquid-solid lubricant penetrates into the pores of the grinding wheel and covers the grinding particle surface. During grinding, the abrasive particles and chips are formed, and the lubricating effect of the abrasive particles and the machining surface is formed.6. Self-accelerating method.By using the principle of liquid dynamic pressure, the grinding fluid can get a speed equal to the wheel cycle speed, thus producing a synchronous cooling effect.7. Low temperature compressed air cooling.The compressed air is cooled to (-110 ° C) by liquid nitrogen (-192 ° C) in the heat exchanger and then cooled by the nozzle to the grinding zone. To prevent water in the air from freezing in the heat exchanger pipe when the temperature drops, an air dryer must be used. This is a new technology instead of the traditional grinding liquid cooling method.Grinding burns in the production process often appear, in addition to the above measures, but also to pay attention to heat treatment and strictly abide by the process discipline.
  • Requirements For Machining Accuracy Of CNC Tool Grinding Machine

    Tool grinding machine for machining accuracy requirements BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine the requirements for machining accuracy must consider from three perspectives, not just from a unilateral perspective. The following are for accuracy requirements. 1. Grinding machine manufacturing angle: Whether it is a tool grinder or a hob grinder, the linear axis measuring system is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN grating ruler, which forms double insurance together with the encoder. From the structural point of view, the tool grinding machine now uses a long workbench. Matching the structure of the grinding wheel library, on the one hand, can effectively ensure the balance in the long tool grinding process. On the other hand, the coincidence of the grinding wheel rotation center and the grinding point also greatly improves the grinding precision. 2. Matching attachment angle: In addition to the standard workpiece probe, the tool grinder can also equip with a second probe - the original station for the grinding wheel can measure online. That is, the grinding wheel does not need to disassemble and mounted on the workpiece shaft. Instead, measurements can be made at the original station of the grinding wheel. The biggest advantage of this optional accessory is that it avoids the problem of repeated positioning caused by manual disassembly and can better ensure the grinding accuracy. 3. The right angle: Every company has always attached great importance to the after-sales service for users, and has invested a lot of manpower and resources in training and aspects. Only the first-line operators can truly grasp the rules of machine tool use. In order to maximize the advantages of machine tools and achieve high-precision production goals. Only a staff member can have a clearer understanding of the maintenance and maintenance of the machine tool so that the high-precision tool grinding machine can have a longer life. Grinding method of tool grinding machine milling cutter  with the attachment, the hobbing cutter can ground. Through the inner hole of the mandrel and the hobbing cutter, you only need to know the inner and outer diameter of the hobbing cutter, so you can customize the tooling you need. Fixtures solve your problem of grinding hobbing cutters. Demina below introduces the specific methods and operating methods for grinding hobbing cutters. 1. Place the hobbing cutter on the mandrel and lock the hobbing cutter on the 50HC attachment. 2. For the knife, adjust the angle of the 50HC attachment, specifically according to the angle of the hobbing cutter. 3. Start grinding the end face of the hobbing cutter and adjust the feed amount to start grinding. 4. Grind one side of the hobbing cutter, then replace the other one and repair it in turn. Grinding milling cutter with a tool grinder 1. The diameter of the milling cutter must be determined. If you want to grind the 8MM end mill, use the 8MM collet and lock the cutter to the 50D sleeve. 2. Set the angle and swing the milling cutter sleeve slightly 4° (the bottom angle of the milling cutter is between 2°-6°) 3.BT-150N universal tool grinder Start grinding the bottom surface. For example, a 4-edge milling cutter, align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel. Complete the tool setting step and then grind the bottom angle of the milling cutter, finish grinding a blade and then replace the other cutting edge is polished in turn. 4. Grind the center of the cutter to escape the angle, swing the sleeve to about 10 °. And then grind the center escape angle of each milling cutter. 5. Grinding the milling cutter second clearance angle in turn. 6. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter, against the spiral groove of the milling cutter, align the grinding wheel, and push the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializing in the production of various tool grinding machines. Now BT-150N universal tool grinder for sale, welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • The Turning Tool Chip Breaker

    According to the machining accuracy, chip cutting grooves are generally divided into three types:1. The general purpose (semi-finishing) sword fragment crumbs slot type: this kind of chip breaker groove considering the best feeding, turning the scope and the best match between the actual cutting condition, because the scope of these recommendations are considering all the processing variables are established on the basis of the experiment, so within the scope of its operations to ensure good chip breaker groove features, such as good chip breaker reliability.2. Heavy cutting blade chip groove type: single-sided chip groove blade does not need to consider the problem of positioning surface on both sides, so its geometric shape selection range is wide, suitable for strong feed and large metal-cutting conditions. The groove design elements of these blades ensure greater metal removal rates without reducing tool stiffness and edge strength.3. Type of chip breaking groove for finishing knife disk and light blade: select light chip breaking groove under the condition of low-speed feeding and small cutting amount. It is generally of the narrow, deep groove type, which will increase the breaking strain on the thinner, more difficult chip to break. When cutting chip is controlled by it, the desired roughness and reliable tool life will be produced.
  • Primary Service

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional tool grinder manufacturer. Our company has a professional technical team and has rich experience in product operation technology and services. It can provide users with various tool grinding solutions. And we can also provide users with instructions and online guidance so that customers can better and faster use of equipment. At the beginning of its founding, Demina is an agent of all kinds of cutting tools and drill sharpening equipment in developed countries, which can provide the most suitable products for different users and provide comprehensive technical advisory services. Beginning in 2006, Demina set up a tool service center in Beijing, providing the carbide tool, carbide drill bit, and non-standard tool for the manufacture and regrinding for customers in Beijing, Tianjin, and surrounding areas. In 2009, the company began to produce BT-150 series PCD&PCBN tool grinder and CNC tool grinding machine, research, and develop control system and application software of tool grinder. In 2016, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Demina Precision Machinery Co,’ Ltd in Jing’an county, Jiangxi province, which is for machine equipment production and tool talented person training. Now our tool grinding machine has been exported to many countries, such as Korea, Thailand, India, The USA, Mexico, and so on. We welcome any customers to visit our company and look for more cooperation chances.
  • Cutting Edge Problems Of Turning Tool

    The turning tool is one of the most widely used tools in cutting. The working part of the turning tool is the part that produces and treats the chips, including the blade, the structure that makes the chips break or roll up, the chip discharge or chip storage space, the channel of cutting fluid, and other structural elements. In the process of using, there will be some problems with the cutting edge.Frontier issues and countermeasures:1. Edging-measures: increase feed volume; reduce cutting speed; use more durable blades; use coated blades.2. Crushing-measures: use tougher materials; sharp blades with sharp edges; check the rigidity of the processing system; increase the entering angle.3. Thermal deformation-measures: reduce cutting speed; reduce feed; reduce cutting depth; use more heat and hard materials.4. Cutting depth damage-measures: change the entering angle; strengthen the blade; replace the blade material.5. Thermal cracking-measures: use coolant correctly; reduce cutting speed; reduce feed; use coated blades.6. Chip accumulation-measures: increase cutting speed; increase feed; use coated blades or cermet blades; use coolant; make the edges sharper.7. Crescent recess grinding-measures: reduce cutting speed; reduce feed; use coated blades or cermet blades; use coolant.8. Fracture measures: use more tough materials or grooves; reduce feed; reduce cutting depth; check the rigidity of the processing system.PS: Generally, when the flank wear reaches 0.7 mm, the blade should be replaced; the maximum wear during finishing is 0.04 mm.
  • The Price Of BT-150N Tool Grinding Machine

    Description of BT-150N tool grinding machine BT-150N tool grinding machine is a large-scale tool grinding machine for the production of grinding and comprehensive machining of carbide cutting tools. It features: First, the use of open CNC system and AC servo motor, both G code programming, and tool software can be used. (MKW6030A adopts open imported CNC system and special tool grinding software) Second, the column adopts the gantry structure, and the rigid grinding head spindle can simultaneously install three different shapes of grinding wheels, which can complete the conical milling cutter, the cylindrical ball-end milling cutter, the conical ball head and the end teeth, and various spirals. Processing of linear groove cutters. Third, the linear axis adopts linear guide rail and high-precision roller screw to move smoothly, and the transmission precision is high. Fourth, the end of the screw rod adopts the double bearing positioning to ensure accuracy. Fives, the rotating shaft adopts precision worm gear and worm, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the indexing precision is high. Six, with the probe of Renishaw of the United Kingdom, the tool can be tested to improve the machining accuracy of the tool. Quotation of BT-150N tool grinding machine Nowadays, the manufacturers of BT-150N tool grinding machine on the market are different and the models are different, so the quotation of the product equipment is different. Therefore, users must choose repeatedly when purchasing, and choose the equipment that is suitable for their use is the best equipment. Price is not the only standard to measure the performance of equipment, so when users buy BT-150N tool grinding machine, not only the price, but also the quality and performance of the equipment are very important. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd A professional BT-150N tool grinding machine manufacturer and wholesaler, we produce equipment with good performance and reasonable price. Welcome everyone to buy.        
  • Cutting Tool Edge Passivation Technology

    The technology of cutting edge passivation is not a general concern, but a very important aspect. Its importance lies in the fact that the passivated tool can effectively improve the strength of the cutting edge, increase the tool life, and the stability of the cutting process. Well-known technicians in the industry, the cutting tool is a “tooth” machine tool. In addition to cutting tool materials, cutting tools, cutting tool geometric parameters, and cutting parameters, the main factors affecting cutting performance and life are also blunt cutting edges. Practical experience of chemistry: Having a good blade type insert can achieve the same premise as to how fast the passivation quality is the same as the cutting tool and machining. Therefore, the condition of the cutting edge is also a factor that cannot be ignored.On the micro-level, the cutting edge of the cutting tool after being sharpened by the grinding wheel does have different degrees of gap (i.e. the tiny chipping blade and saw mouth). The former can be observed with a naked eye and ordinary magnifying glass, while the latter can be observed with a 100 times (with a 0.010mm engraved line) microscope. The micro gap is generally between 0.01mm and 0.05mm, and more than 0.1mm in severe cases. In the process of cutting tool cutting edge, the micro gap is easy to expand, accelerate tool wear, and damage.Modern high-speed cutting and automatic machine tools have put forward higher requirements for tool performance and stability. In particular, the coated tool must be passivated before being coated, so as to ensure the fastness and service life of the coating.
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