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  • High Efficiency And High Precision Development Of The Manual PCD Tool Grinder

    Application of Manual PCD tool grinder The application of Manual PCD tool grinder has a wide range of applications in life, with a certain shopping mall. Manufacturers are gradually becoming stronger and bigger, and strive to develop to a higher level. And users also need to understand some of its related Information. This ability to ensure the outstanding role of PCD tool grinding machine technology. PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer indicates that under normal circumstances, the service life of a tool grinder sharpener is not very short. But the correct application can extend its service life. Therefore, when using the sharpening machine, the tool orientation is first set instead of first turning on the power. The tool's detection length requirement is fine-tuned to reduce its inaccuracy. Together, pay attention to the opening of the magnetization switch to ensure the stability of the tool on the table. After the tool is placed, turn on the power. When rolling the gear, you must stick to the uniform speed. The correct application is a useful method to ensure the minimum damage of the automatic knife sharpener. This is something we must understand and strictly abide by when using the sharpening machine. This will ensure that the sharpening machine has excellent function and better use. Maintenance of Tool grinding machine After mixing the same amount of turpentine and linseed oil, you can wipe the smudges on the tiles to give the tiles a good brightness. It is also possible to use a rag with a little linseed oil to wipe off the cement on the tiles. When the surface of the grinding wheel is slightly scratched, apply the toothpaste around the scratches. Wipe it repeatedly with force, then spread the wax-oil evenly with a cloth. And then wipe it with a clean cloth for a few times, then you can eliminate the grinding wheel. Scratches, reaching bright as new results. In addition, soap water will increase the amount of ammonia water, and the tile will shine brightly. High efficiency and high precision of PCD tool grinder application The PCD tool grinder with high efficiency, high precision. And high automation has broad market prospects and rich profits and is also an important market development direction for the future production and operation of grinding machine. The high-power sharpener is suitable for rough grinding of blades for blade manufacturers. The sharpener can grind at high feed rates and high speeds. High production efficiency. Development of high-precision, high-automatic grinding machine. The carriage moving guide of this type of grinding machine adopts high-precision linear guide. The upper and lower movement and feed of the grinding head are driven by variable-frequency servo motor. The grinding head feed screw adopts high precision. Ball screw; table turning is controlled by servo motor. In order to further improve the internal and external quality of the sharpener and enhance its popularity and market share. The PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer must only seize the pulse of the development of the times and do its best to produce better products. Manual PCD tool grinder features is a grinding machine for cutting, drilling, milling, engraving, computer engraving, engraving and milling, machining centers, CNC, cutting plotters, engraving machines. Marking machines and other metal equipment. The design of the grinding machine body greatly improves the strength of the body, increasing and extending its service life. The grinding machine's grinding head swinging angle of 30° is the original design with the swinging angle of more than 90°. Which makes the upper and lower workpieces and the replacement grinding wheel more convenient and faster. The grinding head of the sharpening machine adopts the automatic feed design when feeding the cutter. Which improves the degree of automation. The manpower and time necessary for manual feeding are effectively saved, and the labor level of the operator is improved. The characteristics of the sharpening machine: the sharpening is simple and convenient, and the sharpened blade is on a straight line. Compared with the manual sharpening, the use strength of the blade is increased. And the service life and processing capability of the blade is increased. The machine body consists of six parts: the body, the table, the slide, the deceleration electrode, the grinding head, and the electric appliance. The structure between the parts is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable. And the grinding head is even and stable. It is suitable for all kinds of straight edge cutters. Improvements in the function and properties of the sharpener make it possible to grind all types of high-speed steel and carbide engraving tools. And unilateral or polygonal tools that are shaped like half or rounded cones.
  • Super Hard Cutting Tool Grinding Machine

    With the continuous development of grinding tool technology, super-hard cutting tools have put forward higher requirements for the processing of modern engineering materials. The chemical composition of superhard materials and the tool materials and other cubic boron nitride forming different hardness rules are non-metallic boride, and the crystal structure is face-centered cubic. The crystal structure of cubic boron nitride is similar to that of a diamond by changing the carbon element. Their hardness is much higher than other substances.Super hard cutting tool materials, especially diamond, many kinds of.Cubic boron nitride is artificial and widely used in industry today. Cubic boron nitride CBN single product powder used for manufacturing tools and PCBN spherical wafers and PCBN spherical composite wafers used for manufacturing tools and other tools.Diamond subnatural diamond (ND) and synthetic diamond. Artificial diamond PCD in a single crystal powder, used for the production of abrasives. PCD single grain, tools to do. PCD polycrystalline films and polycrystalline composite sheets used to make knives and other tools. CVD diamond thin film and thick film can be used for the production of tools, and as optical and electronic high-tech materials.Demina tool grinder can grind the PCBN, PCD, and CVD super hard cutting tools. It has strong rigidity and high precision, which can grind these materials easily.
  • Selection Tips Of APE 60 - Sharpening Machine

    Demina has developed a variety of models and specifications of sharpening machines according to user needs and market needs. Which can be selected by users. Aligned with the blade material, length, cutting edge type, cutting data, cutting precision. And the number of blade units that need to be ground every day, the grade of the sharpener used. The maximum grinding length and the level of automation is also echoed. Features OF APE 60 - Sharpening Machine Firstly, the material of the blade, the international blade or the general blade. The Demina brand sharpening machine can ground, aligned with the overseas export knife, or the hard alloy steel knife. We recommend using the FM_B type sharpening machine only for the grinding wheel. Secondly, the required length of sharpening, Demina High-quality APE 60 - Sharpening Machine the maximum grinding length from 1.6M to 10M. Can basically meet the world's various lengths of flat blades. Such as "DMSQ-1700B" type, the number in the middle of the word "1700" is the maximum grinding length of the person is 1700MM. If there is a blade beyond 10M, can customize. Thirdly, the cutting edge type of the blade, the cutting edge type is normally a single cutting edge. That is, the demand can sharpen once, or the repeated double sharpening can stop after the movement of the sharpening position. Therefore, the international end face sharpening machine is also a single grinding head sharpening machine. As long as the Futian company's DMSQ-FJ type sharpening machine has two grinding heads. It can stop the two positions of the blade in the same sound. Fourthly,  cutting data and precision, sharpening machine grinding blade. Secondary to the slat-like straight blade, capable of cutting packaging board, printing paper, copy paper, plastic mulch, leather, slate. Meat and other families need the center of straight-blade cutting, and they are using printing. Papermaking, carpenter, plastic leather, health care paper, and other businesses. There is no same cutting data, there is no same cutting precision request. According to the cutting precision is not the same, to choose the same type of sharpener. Fifthly, the unit for grinding the blade every day. Demina sharpening machine users include large and medium-sized books, printing factories, sharpening cores and collective households. There is no user type, the sharpening unit is not the same. Requesting the sharpening machine task the frequency and consumption rate are not the same. And they are all reacted to the level of the grinding machine. Selection tips of APE 60 - Sharpening Machine In addition, when the user of the sharpening machine chooses the sharpening machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following points. 1. Understand the need for sharpening of the blade and the main force of the economy. According to the practice, there must be an alignment facility. 2. Supply manufacturers survey corporate consumption, scientific research stagnation, and other major forces, facilities market share, brand reputation. 3. How to guarantee the after-sales service of the goods, whether the service system can be perfect. Whether the service quality can keep up with the demand, for the enterprise users of the additional work. Such as the core of the sharpening knife, the demand is also discerning the root of the grinding machine market. machine. 4. APE 60 universal drill tool grinder market conditions. Market integration: the blade unit and the blade sharpening quality request up and down. 5. Also, unite its own economic main force. 6. An appropriate amount of reference to the manufacturer's proposal or opinion.
  • CBN Material For High Speed Milling Of Cast Iron

    Cubic boron nitride (CBN) has high hardness, good thermal conductivity, and is not easy to react with iron materials, second only to diamond. Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) is made by sintering CBN particles with a ceramic binder. PCBN facilitates the process of hardened steel from grinding to cutting. Sumitomo Electric’s hard alloy PCBN cutting tools can significantly improve efficiency and save costs during the finishing and semi-finishing of iron materials such as cast iron. On the other hand, PCBN is used in the efficient and high-precision machining of cast iron because of its high strength and good thermal conductivity. For example, the surface finishing of engine blocks and oil pumps is usually performed using PCBN cutting tools. This article mainly discusses the method of milling cast iron with new PCBN tools.There are two types of PCBN sintered body: one is the CBN particles bound to the binder. The other is to use a small amount of binder material to bind the CBN particles together. The former has good wear resistance and can be cut with hardened steel. Otherwise, the CBN content is high and the thermal conductivity is good, which can be used for cast iron processing, heat-resistant alloys, and PM components. BN7000 belongs to the latter.Figure 1 shows the new PCBN grade BN7000 cutting tool. The CBN content of BN7000 is higher than other traditional PCBN cutting tools, with high strength, good toughness, high hardness, and good thermal conductivity. Figure 2 shows the microstructure and properties of BN7000. With a sintering pressure higher than the commonly used 5GPa, the CBN content increases from 90vol% to 93VOL%. In order to reduce the wear of the binder, the amount of binder in the BN7000 sintered body was reduced by 30%. During the sintering process, the CBN particle reaction is accelerated to improve the composition of the binder, thereby greatly improving the bonding strength of the binder. Larger than traditional adhesives.
  • Introduction And Application Of PCD Tools

    PCD tools generally refer to polycrystalline diamond tools Diamond as a super hard tool material has been used in cutting for hundreds of years. In the process of tool development, from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, tool materials with high-speed steel as the main representative. In 1927, Germany first developed carbide cutting tool materials and obtained a wide range of applications. In the 1950s, artificial diamonds were synthesized in Sweden and the United States respectively, and cutting tools entered a period represented by superhard materials. In the 1970s, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) was synthesized by high-pressure synthesis technology, which solved the problem of rare natural diamond and high prices. And also extended the application scope of diamond tools to the industry, aerospace, aviation, automobile, metallurgy, military industry, and other fields. Research on PCD tools has been carried out earlier in industrially developed countries, and their applications have become more mature. Since the first synthetic diamond was manufactured in Sweden in 1953, the technology has achieved many achievements in the study of cutting performance of PCD tools. At present, the international famous synthetic diamond composite chip manufacturers mainly include DeBeers of the UK, GE of us and Sumitomo electric of Japan. In the first quarter of 1995, it was reported that Japan alone produced 107,000 PCD knives. The application scope of the PCD tool has been extended from the initial turning to drilling and milling. A survey conducted by a Japanese organization on superhard tools shows that the main considerations for choosing PCD tools are the surface accuracy, dimensional accuracy and tool life advantages of PCD tools. The synthetic technology of diamond composite chips has also been greatly developed. DeBeers has introduced polycrystalline diamond composite chips with a diameter of 74mm and a thickness of 0.3mm.   The domestic PCD tool market is expanding with the development of tool technology. At present, few groups have more than 100 PCD tool use points, and many wood-based panel enterprises also use PCD tools for wood product processing. The application of the PCD tool has further promoted the research on its design and manufacturing technology. Tsinghua University, Dalian University of technology, Hua Zhong university of science and technology, Jilin university of technology and Harbin Institute of Technology are all actively carrying out research in this field. Domestic engaged in the development and production of PCD tools are Shanghai shubhat, Zhengzhou Xinyi, Nanjing lanzhi, Shenzhen runxiang, Chengdu tool research institute, Chengdu daimengdi and dozens of units. At present, the processing scope of PCD tools has been extended from the traditional metal cutting processing to stone processing, wood processing, metal matrix composite materials, glass, engineering ceramics, and other materials processing. Through the analysis of the application of PCD tools in recent years, it can be seen that PCD tools are mainly used in the following two aspects: difficult to process non-ferrous metal materials processing: processing with ordinary tools difficult to process non-ferrous metal materials, often produce tool wear, low processing efficiency defects, and PCD tools can show good processing performance. If the PCD tool can be used to efficiently process the new type of engine piston material -- super eutectic silicon and aluminum alloy (a breakthrough has been made in the research on the processing mechanism of this material).(2) difficult processing of non-metallic materials: PCD tool is very suitable for stone, hard carbon, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), artificial plate and other difficult processing of non-metallic materials processing. For example, Hua Zhong university of science and technology realized processing glass with PCD cutter in 1990; At present, laminate flooring and other wood-based boards (such as MDF) are widely used.
  • CNC PCD Tool Grinder’s Technical Parameters

    Technical Parameters Of BT-150D CNC PCD Tool Grinder1.The spindle of grinding wheelThe diameter of the grinding wheel is 150mmCenter hole of grinding wheel 40mmPower of grinding shaft is 3 kilowattsThe effective grinding speed is adjustable from 1000 ~ 4000 RPMServo motor swing, adjustable swing frequency 0 ~ 60 times/min Grinding wheel movement range (X direction) 350mmThe Angle of the sand wheel shaft in the vertical plane can be arbitrarily adjusted in the control rice.– 5 ° and 25 °2.Tool head frameThe range of motion in the feed direction (Y direction) of the table is less than 90 mmThe axial rotation range of the workpiece is 360 degreesThe rotation range of the workpiece in the horizontal plane is 360 degreesStraight spool display resolution 0.001 mm12 rotation axis display resolution 1 ‘Cooling and optical amplification systemOptical microscopic magnification of 0.7 to 4 timesThe maximum magnification of the CCD system is about 80 timesSize and weightThe cooling tank capacity with a filter paper is about 70LThe total size of 16 without an integrated cooling system 1890×1650×1980 mmThe total weight of the cooling tank is 2400 kgThe power supplyThe main power supply is 12 kWThe power supply voltage 380 v/three-phase /50HzThe system of Demina BT-150D CNC PCD tool grinder can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding PCD tools.
  • Performance Structure Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine

    The APE-40 drill grinding machine consists of a bed, table, wheel frame, headstock, CNC box, electric control box, end gauge, and radial gauge components. Here is a detailed introduction to the functions of each part. Structure of APE-40 drill grinding machine 1. Bed and workbench This bed is made up of large round holes and shark fin ribs. After long-term use, the dynamic and static stiffness of the machine tool is good. The table can dive into upper and lower surfaces for grinding the cone. The bed and table rails are made of plastic bonded rails with low friction coefficient. The table is directly driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw, and the movement is stable and reliable. 2. Grinding wheel frame The grinding wheel has a linear speed of 35 m/s or 50 m/s or 80 m/s and has high grinding efficiency. The grinding head is a three-watt hydrodynamic bearing or a hydrostatic bearing with high rotation accuracy. The servo motor and the ball screw directly driven the wheel frame movement (X-direction) with a resolution of 0.0001 mm. 3. Bedhead frame The motor frequency control drove the   the rotation of the mainframe dial. The dial rotates at a speed of 40-500r/min and is steplessly variable to accommodate the grinding of workpieces of different diameters, materials and requirements. 4. CNC box, electric control box There are independent CNC operation box, liquid crystal display, machine operation button, 1um band compensation switch, hand pulse generator and so on. 5. End face meter and radial meter When the numerical control cylindrical grinding machine has a radial measuring instrument, the measured value is automatically input into the numerical control system, and is sent by the numerical control system to rotate the X-direction servo motor to drive the ball screw to a given position. So that the size of the grinding workpiece is stable to the required position. Batch grinding of workpiece size dispersion. Less than 0.003 mm. Performance structure OF APE-40 drill grinding machine 1. APE-40 drill grinding machine mechanical and electrical integration structure layout. Using work area protection or overall protection, easy maintenance, in line with ergonomic requirements. 2. The grinding wheel spindle system has high rotation precision and strong rigidity. The line speed of the grinding wheel can reach 60 m/s, and the line speed of the CBN grinding wheel can reach 80 m/s. 3. Two axes are input in series. The table and the wheel holder are driven by an AC servo ball screw pair. 4. Various types of diamond dressing devices can be selected to achieve precise CNC dressing and automatic compensation. 5. APE-40 drill grinding machine is equipped with an active measuring device to achieve closed-loop control of the grinding process. 6. The numerical control system has all-round control functions such as grinding process program conversion, workpiece quality management, machine condition monitoring, fault self-diagnosis, and abnormal alarm. The menu interface is simple to input. Operation precautions OF APE-40 drill grinding machine 1: APE-40 drill grinding machine positioning 1 The machine should be reserved for more than 300mm outside the maximum movement space. Each foot screw is tight, and the front and rear sides of the table are within 0.04/1000mm. 2 Check every three months, adjust the level of the work surface, and tighten each foot screw. 2: APE-40 drill grinding machine 1 The selected grinding wheel must able to withstand a peripheral speed of 2000m/min or more. 2 It is forbidden to use a damaged grinding wheel. 3 The new grinding wheel must balance on the flange. 4 Before the formal grinding, the grinding wheel needs to idle for 5 minutes. 5 The maximum infeed stroke is 0.03mm for the grinding machine below 800mm, and 0.05mm for the grinding machine with 800mm or more. 3: APE-40 drill grinding machine spindle 1 Before installing the grinding wheel, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise. 2 When starting up, you must first open the spindle and then start flushing. 4: APE-40 drill grinding machine hydraulic device 1 This equipment uses a hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 46. 2 The new machine needs to replace with hydraulic oil after three months of use. And then replaced once a year, and the tank must clean at the same time. 3 Check the hydraulic oil level every day. The oil level should between the lowest and highest lines. 4 Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow speed control lever is in the closed position. 5 must first open the magnetic absorption and then open the hydraulic pressure. 5: Lubrication device 1 Lubricating oil uses a guide rail lubricant with a viscosity of 32. 2Check the fuel tank volume every day to ensure that it is above the line. 3 Check the rail oil circuit for smoothness every week to prevent the rail from losing oil. 4 It is recommended to clean the fuel tank every three months. 5 Grease is regularly filled as required. 6: APE-40 drill grinding machine 1 It is forbidden to adjust the left and right strokes while the table is in motion. 2 When the work platform cable is loose, it should adjust immediately. 7: APE-40 drill grinding machine flushing and vacuuming device 1 The filter box filter must be cleaned every two weeks. 2 The cold water tank must clean once a month. 3 It is forbidden to use an empty cleaning surface grinder.
  • CNC PCD Insert Grinding Machine

    The Technical Breakthrough Of CNC PCD Insert Grinding Machine 1. Grinding application software: The grinding software independently developed by our company can be used to set grinding parameters such as tool Angle, arc size, and feed speed. After aligning the tool center and setting the basic parameters through grinding software, the machine can automatically grind the tool with high precision. All the parameters of the machine tool are managed by the database system, which is called by the name of the processing program to facilitate the storage and search of the program. The software can display the tool image and coordinate of the NC axis, and generate calibration lines to display the center position of the rotary axis. At the same time, the software is responsible for the communication between the interface and the NUMERICAL control system.It can generate numerical control code (G code) by integrating the grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters and machining parameters (such as feed, feed speed and residence time, etc.) of the software interface and transmit them to the numerical control system so that the machine can finish grinding automatically. The software has four cycles for any combination: 1) middle edge grinding, 2) right edge grinding, 3) left edge grinding, 4) all grinding. Can meet all customer requirements and minimize the time spent grinding air.2. Automatic dressing of grinding wheel: The automatic dressing device of the grinding wheel is installed on the working feed shaft (Y-axis). Driven by servo motor, the diamond grinding wheel is automatically dressed and cleaned.3. Online measuring device: the contact measurement device is installed on the pneumatic folding bracket. To avoid interference with the grinding wheel in the work, need to measure, by the driving of the NC program to measure after grinding tool, the actual measured value and the value of the difference between the grinding wheel wear can automatically compensate to the thickness of the grinding wheel.
  • Production Characteristics Of 2-axis PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

    Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD has developed the 2-axis PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine for high-precision machining. Which was launched in May this year. Tool grinding machine development background In 2014, the grinding machine products of PCD and PCBN tool grinding machines developed with the goal of “everyone can easily manufacture high-quality machine tools” have received wide acclaim from customers. In 2016, a small tool grinding machine was developed. And based on this, a 2-axis PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine capable of grinding large workpieces up to 4 m was developed this year. is a design change based on the original organic type. It uses a spacer that reduces the heat transfer of the cutting fluid and is equipped with the "TOYOPUC-Touch" system that meets the requirements of the IoT era. In addition, a hydraulic handwheel specification that can easily operate by a skilled worker is added to the product line. Features OF 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine First, stable grinding accuracy 1) Isolation barrier that blocks heat The air layer is left between the isolation baffle and the bed to prevent the heat transfer from the coolant to the bed, reducing the heat. 2) TOYODA STAT BEARING In the grinding wheel shaft part of the hearth of the grinding machine. A hybrid bearing "TOYODA STAT BEARING" with a combination of dynamic pressure and static pressure is used. Since there is no contact with the metal and the friction is small, the long life is self-evident. And the advantage is that the high rigidity and high attenuation structure can achieve a high-precision level of grinding. 3) High-precision feed mechanism In order to ensure long-term stable high-precision grinding, the JTEKT table feed mechanism that interrupts the influence of ball screw fluctuations is used. The advantage of not affecting the table by the bending of the ball screw increases the straightness and flatness of the machining. Second, humanization, easy operation 1) Equipped with the latest HMI system 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine Standard HMI TOYOPUC-Touch system in the IoE era. Through the large-scale display, all the information is easier to view, and the flexible operation is realized by the operation mode that the smartphone feels. In addition, through the early warning of the service life of components. We support planned maintenance and support for production management and improvement through the display of actual performance and processing performance. 2) Improvement of processing efficiency of a single product No need for cumbersome conditional settings, an automatic determination can achieve with minimal input data. Third, the rich options unique to large workpiece grinding 1) Only by inputting the adjustment range of the spindle speed. The machining conditions can automatically determine and the quality of the machined surface can improve. 2) The addition of the R convex lateral grinding cycle required for the machining of workpieces such as rolls improves the productivity of similar workpieces. 3) For grinding heavy workpieces. It is equipped with a spindle table corresponding to 1,000kg and a tailstock. 4) By mounting the sensor on the rotary table for digital display, the current tilt position of the rotary table can confirm. And the change operation of different taper angles becomes easy. Fourth, add new PRO specifications in the GE6i series product line 1) Realize the operation feel of the hydraulic machine on the NC machine by using the handwheel. Skilled technicians on one piece of equipment can use the hydraulic hand wheel, and the less experienced workers can use the functions of the NC machine. 2) Front operation panel that can customize according to customer needs.The front panel's operator panel can be customized to meet customer needs. Fifth, 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine Product specifications.  
  • Manual PCD Tool Grinding Machine

    Bt-150J is a PCD tool grinder with stable performance and simple operation, suitable for manual operation. It can manufacture and grind non-standard high-speed steel, carbide inserts, polycrystalline synthetic diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), and single-crystal tools. It includes welding turning tools, clamping blades, boring tools, grooves, and many other types. It is easy to wear off too many edges on these tools, such as corners and arcs.It has a manual paper feed mechanism. The machine adopts “rapid feed” and “precise feed” two ways, respectively used for rapid feed/reverse (0.5 mm/rev) and working feed (3 mm/rev), which not only improves production efficiency but also It also improves production efficiency. Ensure feeding accuracy. The machine has two workstations, both of which are easy to operate and observe. The positive stand (axial direction of the grinding wheel) avoids splashing. The side position facilitates the grinding of cutting tools and eccentric tools.Manual PCD tool grinders are cheap and suitable for small and medium tool manufacturers. Entrepreneurs recovered their money within two years. This manual PCD tool grinder is highly competitive in the market. Welcome to visit our company for more detailed information. We can pick you up for free at the airport and train station.
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