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  • Tool Grinder Description

    The longitudinal movement of the CNC Tool Grinder BT-100 table and the lateral movement of the grinding head are hydraulically driven and step-less regulated. The lateral movement of the grinding head can also be operated manually. In addition to manual feeding, the vertical direction of the grinding head is also equipped with an organic moving fast lifting mechanism, which can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. The vertical guide rail of the grinding head is affixed with a PTFE rail soft belt, which has good wear resistance, low energy consumption, and sensitivity. The precision centerless grinding machine has smooth movement, high precision, reliable performance, and high efficiency, and is especially suitable for the mechanical grinding of metal workpieces. Features of CNC Tool Grinder BT-100 1. It is fixed by the grinding wheel frame and the layout of the guide wheel frame is moved. 2. The grinding wheel spindle adopts cantilever structure, and the main shaft adopts multi-piece long-axis dynamic oil film bearing structure. 3. The guide wheel main shaft adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing structure, and the guide wheel has double support structure with high rotation precision. 4. Grinding wheel spindle lubrication with the thermostat. 5. The guide wheel adopts AC frequency conversion step-less speed regulation device, which can not only step-less speed regulation but also anti-backup function. 6. The guide wheel frame feed adopts the servo motor direct connection ball screw mechanism, and the feed guide rail adopts high rigidity linear guide rail. 7. Sand and guide wheel dresser The reciprocating guide rail adopts linear guide rail, and the gear motor driven by the geared motor can be step-less regulated. 8. The cooling system uses a magnetic separator filter unit. 9. The operation adopts 10.4-inch touch screen man-machine dialogue, with the automatic cutting-in grinding program, feed rate, speed, time, step difference are adjustable, PLC or CNC system can be selected. 10. The machine is modular in design and beautiful in appearance. Users can configure and purchase according to their own needs. Characteristics of CNC Tool Grinder BT-100 Bullet-type direct spindle: This machine's direct spindle adopts P4 precision bevel ball bearing. It has low noise, no vibration and large torque under high-speed rotation. It is suitable for heavy cutting and various precision grinding. Automatic lubrication system: It adopts circulating automatic lubrication system. When the spindle starts, the lubricating oil will automatically circulate, providing forced lubrication to each screw and slide, which can greatly reduce the wear of the slide. Technical Description of CNC Tool Grinder BT-100 X-axis travel 450mm Spindle rated power 12kw Y-axis travel 350mm Main spindle speed 1000- 9000rpm/min Z-axis travel 200mm Taper bore vibration 0.005mm An axis travel Continuous 360° Grinding rod vibration 0.01mm/100mm B axis travel -20°- 190° Grinding rod taper BT40/straight shank X-axis positioning accuracy 0.01mm Number of grinding wheel 4 pieces Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.01mm Max grinding wheel diameter φ150mm Z-axis positioning accuracy 0.01mm The diameter of the grinding wheel rod φ31.75mm An axis positioning accuracy 0.01° Workpiece taper BT50 B axis positioning accuracy 0.01° Max grinding length 300mm Repeat positioning accuracy 0.005mm Min shank diameter φ3mm Division min unit 0.01° Max stem diameter φ20mm Control resolution 0.0003m m Working pressure 0.6-0.8MPa Machine axis Five-axis Coolant flow 200L/min Control axis X/Y/Z/A/B Total power 26.5kw (3 phase AC380V) Linkage axis Five axis Weight 5T
  • PCD Tool Design

    PCD granularityThe choice of PCD particle size is related to the machining conditions of the tool. For example, when designing the tool for finishing or superfinishing, PCD with high strength, good toughness, good impact resistance, and fine grain should be selected. Coarse grain PCD tools can be used for general rough machining. The particle size of PCD material has a significant effect on tool wear and breakage. The results show that the larger the particle size of PCD is, the stronger the wear resistance of the tool is.The thickness of the bladeGenerally, the thickness of the PCD composite sheet is about 0.3 ~ 1.0mm, and the total thickness after adding the cemented carbide layer is about 2 ~ 8mm. The thinner PCD layer thickness is beneficial to the edm of the blade. The thickness of the cemented carbide layer should not be too small when the PCD composite sheet is welded to the cutter body material, so as to avoid the layering caused by the stress difference between the two material bonding surfaces.The structure designThe geometric parameters of PCD tools depend on the workpiece condition, tool material and structure, and other specific processing conditions. Because PCD tool is often used in the workpiece finishing machining, cutting thickness is small (sometimes even equal to the cutting tool’s cutting radius), belongs to the micro-cutting, so the rear Angle and the rear knife face processing quality has a significant impact, smaller rear Angle, higher quality of the rear knife surface can play an important role in improving the PCD tool processing quality.The connection modes of PCD composite piece and cutter rod include mechanical clamping, welding, and indexable, etc.
  • Guide Rail

    Guide rail for CNC tool grinder The guide rail is a kind of CNC tool grinder high-precision grinding machine. It can grind linear guide rail or leading rail. It is widely used in machine tool manufacturing, mechanical transmission, and other mechanical processing fields. The guide device in the mechatronics system is generally the guide rail. The guide rail is composed of moving parts and bearing parts. All kinds of mechanical operation, by the guide pair, to ensure the correct movement of the actuator track. And the guide pair also affects the movement characteristics of the actuator. Properties of the guide rail The guide rail, as a guide device, shall have the following properties: 1. Guidance accuracy is mainly used to guide the accuracy of track motion. The main factors that affect the guiding accuracy are the geometric accuracy and contact accuracy of the guide. The structure of the guide, the rigidity and thermal deformation of the guide and its supporting parts, the oil film thickness, and rigidity between the static (dynamic) pressure guide pairs, etc. 2. The maintenance of accuracy is mainly determined by the wear resistance of guide rail. Wear resistance is related to the material of guide rail, friction property of guide rail, pressure on the guide rail and its distribution. 3. Stiffness includes the guide rail's own stiffness and contact stiffness. It mainly depends on the shape and size of the guide rail, the connection mode of supporting parts and the stress condition. 4. When moving guide is moved at low speed or slightly shifted, it is easy to generate friction self-excited vibration, that is, crawling phenomenon. Crawling will reduce the positioning accuracy or increase the roughness of the surface of the workpiece being processed.
  • PCD Tool Cutting Parameters

    PCD Tool Cutting Parameters1.Cutting speedPCD tools can be machined at very high spindle speed, but the influence of cutting speed on machining quality cannot be ignored. Although high-speed cutting can improve the machining efficiency, in the state of high-speed cutting, the increase of cutting temperature and cutting force can break the tooltip and make the machine tool vibrate. When processing different workpiece materials, the PCD tool reasonable cutting speed is also different.2. FeedIf the PCD tool feed is too large, the residual geometric area on the workpiece will increase, resulting in increased surface roughness. If the feed is too small, the cutting temperature will rise and the cutting life will be reduced.3. Cutting depthIncreasing the cutting depth of the PCD tool will increase the cutting force and cutting heat, which will aggravate the tool wear and affect the tool life. In addition, the increase of cutting depth is likely to cause PCD tool edge breakage.The cutting performance of PCD tools with different particle size grades is not the same when machining different workpiece materials under different processing conditions. Therefore, the actual cutting parameters of PCD tools should be determined according to the specific processing conditions.
  • Ball Screw Description And Aplication

    Ball screw description Correct use of ball screws Never remove the ball screw. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the entry of dust, which causes the accuracy to drop or cause a malfunction. Since the reassembly is likely to cause the ball screw to lose its function due to assembly errors, it is hoped that users will not reassemble. If the product is returned to the company, it can be repaired and reassembled in a paid form. The ball screw shaft or nut sometimes comes off due to its own weight. Please be careful not to get hurt. Inadvertently, the function of the product may be lost due to the bump of the track or the damage of the circulating parts. At this time, it is necessary for the company to inspect it, so be sure to return the dropped product to the company, and the company will be responsible for the inspection in a paid form. If there are signs such as damage or damage to the circulating parts, the outer diameter of the shaft, the track, etc., the circulation will be poor, resulting in loss of function of the product. Advantage of Ball screw 1. Ball screw material is generally used high carbon alloy steel and other materials. 2. High carbon alloy steel carbon content up to more than 0.45%, suitable for induction heat treatment, can make the material has a good surface hardness and surface abrasion resistance, ball screw, therefore, has an excellent service life. 3. At the same time, because the core of the material has not been fertilized by ma tian powder, the iron structure remains pliable, the tensile strength is high and the toughness is strong, so the lead screw is not easy to break because of the impact load. Beijing domina precision machinery co., LTD. manufactures CNC machine tools, which are using the silver screw by HIWIN, with high stability and accuracy. Our ball screw machines are reliable and inexpensive. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Development Trend And Application Prospect Of PCD Tools

    At present, the gap between China’s cutting tool technology and foreign countries is mainly manifested in the research and development of high-performance cutting tool materials, cutting tool preparation technology and cutting tool use technology and other fields. For PCD tools, since foreign materials can be purchased, the key lies in the aspects of tool preparation technology and tool use technology. In the future, with the rapid development of China’s automobile and aerospace industries, the preparation technology and application technology of PCD tools will surely be valued and developed.In the future, aluminum, manganese, and other light alloys, as well as titanium alloys, sintered alloys, and other high-strength alloys will be used more and more as materials for parts of automobile power systems. The number of diamond tools capable of processing these materials is expected to increase significantly. In addition, because PCD tools have high hardness, high heat resistance, long life, cutting edge sharpness and good thermal conductivity, can meet the requirements of auto parts processing for high speed, high efficiency, high precision, new materials, and new shapes, so PCD tools will be more and more widely used.Beijing Demina PCD tool grinding machine can grind the PCD inserts with high quality. Users in the process of use, all the problems occurred, or other parts of the failure, just rely on maintenance personnel how to eliminate the fault and timely repair, so that early into use can be, this should also include correct use and daily maintenance work.
  • Precautions When Operating A Universal Tool Grinder

    Today, universal tool grinders have been widely used. So many times, when we operate tool grinders, due to the wider grinding technology, proper operation of the tool grinder is a prerequisite for operator safety. At the beginning of work, we should decelerate the grinding wheel, with the hand approaching the workpiece, and the initial feed should be small to prevent collision with the grinding wheel. When it is necessary to use the iron stop to control the reciprocating motion of the worktable, it is necessary to accurately adjust the length of the workpiece according to the grinding length of the workpiece and tighten the retaining iron. Therefore, the work of grinding safety technology is particularly important. Reliable safety devices must use during the grinding process. You should concentrate on the operation to make sure there are no errors. At the same time, in PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine. When grinding on the surface, fine sand and metal fragments splash onto the workpiece of the grinding wheel, causing damage to the operator's eyes. If the operator inhales a large amount of dust, it will be harmful to the body and should take appropriate protective measures. Below Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd explain the things you need to pay attention to when operating the tool grinder. Precautions when operating a universal tool grinder during the grinding process, the following safety technical issues should be noted: Grinding is one of the main methods for the precision machining of mechanical parts. However, due to the high rotational speed of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is hard and brittle and cannot withstand heavy impacts. If the careless operation is not correct, the grinding wheel can cause very serious consequences. The grinder should thoroughly inspect prior to start-up, including inspection of control mechanisms, electrical equipment, and magnetic chucks. After inspection, lubricate and test it. It is confirmed that everything is in good condition before use. Operating tool grinder needs to master the factors During the use of the tool grinder, care must take to ensure that the grinder is functioning properly and that it will operate for long periods of time. For the operator, there are three main factors that must master in operating the tool grinder: 1. The configuration of the grinding wheel, different grinding wheels with different materials, the grinding wheel shakes the large diamond pen dressing wheel to shake and repair. When the grinding wheel is restored, the speed of the grinding wheel should be adjusted to achieve the clarity of the grinding wheel dressing, in order to smooth the workpiece. 2. The grinding machine is hygienic and the grinding machine can use for a long time. This demand is very important. It seems to be ordinary, but it must adhere to it. When people dress neatly, the table is clean, people operate the grinding machine comfortably, and the precision of the cleaning machine is maintained. Constant, you can maintain accuracy, and the product can also be high precision! 3. The hand control of the surface grinder depends on years of experience. The same grinding machine is operated by different masters. The workpieces that are ground are not the same. When splicing, the groove should be cut, finely polished, and the products should be carefully watched. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd professional BT-200 tool grinder supplier, our universal tool grinder equipment is cheap, good performance, and high grinding efficiency, welcome everyone to buy.  
  • After-Sales Service Of Tool Grinding Machines

    In the machinery manufacturing industry, the quality and ownership of machine tools is an important symbol of an enterprise’s manufacturing capacity. At the same time, we should also note that: machine tool after-sales service concept, after-sales service is simply understood as, only sales to service, we are more for the future development of the enterprise and service. Users in the process of use, all the problems occurred, or other parts of the failure, just rely on maintenance personnel how to eliminate the fault and timely repair, so that early into use can be, this should also include correct use and daily maintenance work. Need the manufacturer’s regular arrangement and return visit and supervision. It’s like a car 4S shop. Regular small maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.We know that the modern CNC machine tool is a comprehensive application of computer technology, automatic control technology, automatic detection technology, and precision mechanical design and manufacturing and other advanced technology high-tech products, is a high degree of technology intensity and automation are very high the typical mechatronics products. Compared with the ordinary machine tool, CNC machine tools have not only high precision parts processing, high efficiency, stable product quality characteristics of high automation degree, and it also can complete to conventional machine tools or not at all machining complex curved surface parts processing, so the status of NC machine tool in mechanical manufacturing appears more and more important. We can even say this: in the machinery manufacturing industry, the grade, and ownership of CNC machine tools is an important symbol of an enterprise’s manufacturing capacity.However, we should clearly recognize that in enterprise production, the numerical control machine tool can achieve high machining accuracy, stable product quality, improve production efficiency goals, this depends not only on the precision and performance of the machine tool itself, largely with the operator in production can be corrected is closely related to the maintenance of CNC machine tool and use.To sum up, only by insisting on daily maintenance of the machine tools, can the service life of the components be extended, the wear cycle of the mechanical parts be prolonged, and the occurrence of accidents and malignant accidents be prevented, so as to make the machine tools work stably for a long time. And to give full play to the advantage of NC machine tool processing, achieve technical characteristics of the NC machine tools, to ensure normal work of NC machine tools can, therefore, neither the operator of NC machine tool or for numerical control machine tool maintenance personnel, CNC machine maintenance and maintenance is very important, we must attach great importance to.
  • PCBN Tool Quality

    How to guarantee the PCBN tool quality? 1. High-purity, high-precision raw materials, forming a reliable and standard embryo synthesis process, this situation directly determines the performance of cubic boron nitride cutting tools. Of course, this is also a large part of the reason for the uneven price of cubic boron nitride tools in the market. 2. Grinding. Because cubic boron nitride tools are not like carbide inserts with complex grooves and coatings. The performance of the tool mainly depends on the performance of the tool blank, and the grinding technology and accuracy directly determine the microscopic performance of the cutting. Therefore, the use of peripheral grinding machines, although the cost of the tool has increased significantly, the quality and durability of cubic boron nitride tools will be a class. The production quality of the PCBN tool From the perspective of use: the PCBN tool has good impact resistance. Especially in rough machining, the blade will not be damaged when using it, which is the most basic guarantee for the safety of cubic boron nitride tools. PCBN tool also has good abrasion resistance and efficient processing. It can replace the use of carbide tools and ceramic inserts at a low cost. Because for more high-end products, manufacturing strength, high technical threshold, are mainly controlled by foreign manufacturers, in 2009, the composite superhard cutting tool materials market share of the top company in the world for all foreign companies, respectively is element six (30%), DI (20%), Japan's Sumitomo rijin (18%), South Korea (9%), MegaDiamond (4.5%), TomeiDiamond (4.5%), Dennistools (4%), and a few big companies accounted for 90% of the market. In a composite superhard cutting tool in the market, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride whole blade have been our strengths, Henan institute of superhard materials research HLCBN as advantage brand exported to Europe, America and another high-end user market of 200000 pieces, the superhard cutting tool industry in our country, and with the maturity of domestic top six sides compressor technology and popularization, the whole polycrystalline boron nitride blade on the manufacturing process has more advantages than abroad. .
  • Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools

    Cemented carbide has a series of excellent properties, such as high hardness, abrasion resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wears resistance, which basically remain unchanged even at the temperature of 500℃, but still have a high hardness at 1000℃.Cemented carbide, also known as tungsten steel, is made of high quality tungsten carbide + cobalt powder by pressing and sintering after the mixture of formula ratio, with high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance, and high elastic modulus, belonging to the powder metallurgy industry. As the teeth of modern industry, cemented carbide cutting tools play a fundamental role in promoting the development of the manufacturing industry.According to the size of the grain, cemented carbide can be divided into ordinary cemented carbide, fine-grained cemented carbide, and subline-grained, ultra-fine-grained cemented carbide. According to the main chemical components, it can be divided into tungsten carbide-based cemented carbide and titanium carbide-based cemented carbide.Titanium carbide base cemented carbide is Tic as the main component, commonly used metal bonding Mo and Ni. Cemented carbide has a high hardness (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC), second only to diamond, and good thermal hardness (up to 900 ~ 1000℃, maintaining 60HRC). High bending strength (MPa5100), good impact toughness and high corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, and other properties not found in ordinary alloy blades.Demina tool grinding machine can grind the edge and arc of the cemented carbide cutting tools. Their tool grinding machine has high quality and popular with customers.
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