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  • Software Technology And Tool Grinding

    Modern tools have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, and long life as the product. Its production and service mode is small and medium batch and fast delivery .these are difficult to achieve without CNC tool grinder. These tools are roughly divided into two categories: inserts and axisymmetric cutters. Mechanical grinding is the final process for the processing of this type of tools, and also a crucial link. Among them, the automatic grinding machine for the inserts is: CNC insert end surface grinder, CNC insert peripheral grinder and insert passivation grinder; The automatic machine of axisymmetric tools is: five-axis linkage CNC tool grinder, CNC drill tip grinding machine, CNC tool flute grinder, etc., They are the key machines of tool manufacturing. The key technology of these key machines is software technology, the manufacturing accuracy, and stability of the machine tool is very important, but this depends on the key transmission parts, such as guide rail, screw, reducer and so on. These parts are made by professional manufacturers and can be purchased as long as supported by the brand and the affordable price. In contrast, control technology and the application software that includes the grinding process are the souls of the machine tool. They are the parts that continuously and quickly meet the personalized needs of customers and the collective wisdom in the products with a concentrated embodiment of the company's market insight, customer service experience. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has a professional software development team as our technical support. Taking “BT-150D 4-Axis machine “as an example, adapt the software developed by our company. Compared with outsourcing software, we can more directly meet customers' needs in this aspect.
  • Application Of PCBN Materials

    PCBN Is The Best Tool Material For Hard Machining Technology1. The cutting tools made of superhard materials have the characteristics of high hardness, high young’s modulus, high thermal conductivity, low friction. And low thermal expansion, and can cut all kinds of hard materials and difficult to process materials. The red hardness and wear resistance of PCBN tools have great advantages in hard and dry cutting materials. PCBN tools are most suitable for cutting hardened steel, cold cast iron, and other high hardness ferrous metals. Because of its high hardness, when the cutting temperature is as high as 1500 ℃, it still has a high hardness. So it is usually used to process materials with hardness higher than HRC50.2. The machining of hardened parts (hardness higher than HRC55) is usually completed by grinding and machining. However, with the development of tool materials and the improvement of machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. It has become a new way of finishing machining to replace grinding with hard cutting to complete the final machining of parts.Demina BT-150J is a diamond tool grinder with stable performance and simple operation, which is suitable for customers with low manual skills. It can manufacture and grind high cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tools. Including welding turning tool, machine clip blade, boring tool, groove tool, and many other types. It is easy to grind out angles and arcs and other excessive edges on these tools.
  • Technical Features Of BT-150HG Cutter Grinding Machine

    BT-150HG cutter grinding machine is a combination of mechanical processing technology. Microelectronics technology, monitoring and detection technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, and other disciplines. It is an emerging and rapidly developing high-tech, for the electromechanical industry and nationals. Economic development plays a very important role. At the same time, technology is also the basis for the development of automation technology. CNC technology is a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology. Which plays an important role in achieving high speed, high precision and high reliability of processing equipment. CNC machine tools and machining centers with CNC technology as the core are representative and high-level mechatronic products. Representing the forefront of the development of automation technology in the world today. The numerical control tool grinder system technology develops rapidly with new technical ideas and new architecture. The numerical control system architecture is developed from special-type closed type to general-purpose open type. The performance and function of the numerical control system are intelligent, high-speed, high-precision and development. BT-150HG cutter grinding machine Features 1. The CNC tool grinding machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, no external device, built-in cutting fluid cooling circulation device and oil mist recovery device. 2. The feed axis is directly connected to the precision ball screw pair by the unit motor through the high-precision gapless coupling, and there is no north gap error. 3. All the guide rails adopt precision ball linear guides, which are characterized by high precision and long service life. 4. The guide rail and ball screw pair adopt automatic timing and quantitative lubrication system. 5.  Tool grinding machine adopts six-axis CBN CNC automatic control. 6. BT-150HG CBN tool grinder can grind tool. High-quality BT-150HG CBN tool grinder High-quality BT-150HG CBN tool grinder, especially multi-axis CNC, multi-axis CNC tool grinding machine. High-quality grinding to manufacture precision, complex shape tools, high, precise, pointed key equipment. It is also a variety of CNC machine tools Mechatronics high-tech products with complex structure, a high degree of automation, high precision, and high reliability require considerable technical difficulty in research and development. Grinding of tools with a five-axis CNC tool grinder must rely on tool grinding technology and programming technology. And the grinding technology and control system of various complex shape tools is also core technologies in the field of numerical control.
  • New Advances In PCBN Tools

    With the development of blade manufacturing technology, the PCBN cutter made in China has made important progress. The physical properties of the cutter have changed significantly. No matter the price or the quality, the PCBN cutter has undergone a revolution. The application of new PCBN tools will definitely break the pattern that PCBN tools cannot be used in the heavy-duty cutting field and intermittent cutting state.New Advances In PCBN Tools1. With the development of science and technology, people through the following adjustments and improvements, improve the performance of the PCBN tool, and gradually expand its application range.1. With the development of science and technology, people through the following adjustments and improvements, improve the performance of the PCBN tool, and gradually expand its application range.(a) change to the base system and reduce the manufacturing cost of PCBN. By changing the ratio of bonded material and hard phase, reducing the hard phase, and increasing the bonding phase, the toughness and thermal pressure efficiency of PCBN can be improved. The hardness of the new PCBN tool has reached HV3000 ~ 6000, which can be used for rough adding of hard brittle metal or non-metal, and the effect is very good.(b) upgrading of machine tool equipment to promote the use of more expensive PCBN tools. Although PCBN tools are slightly more expensive than carbide tools, the increase in processing efficiency created by the income enough to compensate for the impact of the price factor. The figures show that the cost of cutting tools in modern processing accounts for only 3% ~ 4% of the total manufacturing cost, but its impact on the total manufacturing cost is much greater. Even if reduce the price of the cutting tool 30% or increase the life of the cutting tool 50%, the total cost savings only 1% left-right, can be said to be a very small effect. If the price of the cutter is increased by 50%, the total cost can be reduced by 15% or so due to the improvement of the performance and the 20% improvement of the processing efficiency. This ratio has a significant impact on manufacturing costs. Many enterprises spend a huge amount of money to introduce high-efficiency machine tools, but the use of low-performance welding tools, the good horse is not equipped with a good saddle. It is difficult to play the role of imported equipment but caused greater waste.For the generally small and medium-sized enterprises, the grinding process of the finishing process is always the bottleneck of the manufacturing process. If the purchase of a good performance lathe, the use of PCBN tools, the application of the car for grinding, and other advanced cutting processing technology, can save equipment investment, improve productivity, and greatly increase the flexibility of the processing process. In addition, due to the increase in personnel costs and environmental protection requirements. The uses of PCBN tools to give full play to its potential effectiveness, improve the cutting technology level is also of great significance.2. In recent years, the application of PCBN tools gradually increased, the most obvious is into the metallurgy industry in the roller and the automotive industry in the automotive brake hub and drilling engineering mud pump processing. Compared with the original carbide and ceramic tools, PCBN tools have achieved satisfactory results, and the cutting parameters are shown in table 1. As can be seen from the table, the improved cutting depth and feed are very large, and the cutting speed is also high, which can obtain a higher machining efficiency. In the past, such products were processed with carbide and ceramic turning tools. Now, PCBN tools have been replaced, which is a big step forward.3. In modern mechanical manufacturing, black metal processing is the most important part of the mechanical processing. In recent years, the PCBN tool material manufacturing process and comprehensive mechanical properties have been greatly developed, can effectively for the black metal rough finishing.4. The development of high technology and the popularity of automatic machining technology have raised new requirements for cutting efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, a variety of new wear-resistant high hardness materials in the industrial application of increasing. This requires that the tool has good physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, and PCBN of the three high characteristics, fully meets the requirements of this aspect. Therefore, the study of PCBN tools for the development of the mechanical manufacturing industry has great significance.5. With the development of tool material technology and the increasingly innovative manufacturing process, PCBN tool material and toughness have undergone great changes. The new PCBN tool is a revolutionary change from earlier models that lacked toughness.PCBN tool design and use of much new progress, PCBN tool can be more widely meet the requirements of special workpiece material processing process, improve processing performance, expand the scope of application. For example, the automobile industry USES the newly developed PCBN integral thick blade, which can effectively cut the hard cast iron alloy which can only be ground before. At present, PCBN tools have been widely used in turning, milling, and boring and other processing fields.If the tool manufacturers want to buy the high quality PCBN tool grinding machine, please contact us directly. [email protected], 008619103719813
  • CNC PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder

    Because PCBN cutting tool material has excellent cutting performance, so it is particularly suitable for processing its hardness in HRC45 or above quenching steel. Wear-resistant cast iron, HRC35 or above heat-resistant alloy and HRC30 and another blade hard to process pearlitic gray cast iron. Reasonable use of PCBN tools In order to give full play to the advantages of the PCBN blade and achieve satisfactory processing results. In the actual use, in addition to referring to the recommended cutting parameters of PCBN blade selection in the table. But also according to the specific conditions of the machine tool, the workpiece and other related conditions should be considered comprehensively, reasonable selection. Hard cutting, the radial force is very large, which requires the machine power to be large. Machine system rigidity is good, which can not only protect the PCBN tool, and can obtain satisfactory processing results. When clamping the PCBN tool, the tool overhang length should be as short as possible. In order to prevent tool rod chatter and deformation, so the PCBN tool to maintain a good processing state.  is suitable for the massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts. The tool grinding machine is composed of three axes, namely the grinding wheel swing axis (X-axis), horizontal plane rotation axis (C-axis), and workpiece feed axis (Y-axis). During production, we give the CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinder the workpiece feed axis with a linear scale and use a certain closed-loop position reminder to ensure the accuracy of micron-level grinding and ensure the accuracy of grinding. For customers, this is a cost-effective tool grinder. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing various tool grinding machines. The grinding machines we produce can not only achieve precise grinding, but also have high grinding efficiency, good performance of grinding machine equipment, and reliable quality. Various factory-made grinders are now sold at the factory price, and interested customers are welcome to come and inspect.  
  • PCBN Cutting Tool Outlook

    PCBN Cutting Tool Outlook1. As one of the main replacement tools in the 21st century, PCBN tools account for an increasing proportion of the total tool use in industrialized countries. More and more difficult to process materials, as the main tool material PCBN cutting materials difficult to add a bright future. For example, it is very difficult to process the skeleton of the aircraft body (ultra-high-strength steel), and the research on PCBN tool processing is one direction. In addition, the high-temperature alloy parts on the aero-engine are very difficult to process, at present the effect of CBN tool processing is not very ideal, this is obviously a very attractive project, once a breakthrough, will bring a new change to the high-temperature alloy processing field.2. With the development of material science and manufacturing technology, a new generation of difficult to process materials such as high chromium steel, high nickel steel, high-speed steel, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc., has put forward a new subject for modern machining, PCBN tool has become the most competitive tool for cutting difficult to process materials.According to statistics, in China, carbide tool consumption accounted for 60% of the total tool, high-speed steel accounted for 30% ~ 40%, PCBN tool currently accounted for a very small proportion. In China, the annual production of high-speed steel is 50,000-60,000 t, accounting for 1/4 to 1/3 of the world, and the annual production of cemented carbide is 12,500 t, accounting for 40% of the world. Hard alloy materials need to use a lot of tungsten, high-speed steel also uses tungsten, although China is a tungsten production country (accounting for 80% of the world). In 50 years tungsten will gradually run out, and CBN raw materials do not contain tungsten, it can be said that PCBN raw materials are inexhaustible. Therefore, the development of PCBN has a very important strategic meaning.3. By further improving the manufacturing process of PCBN, the manufacturing cost can be reduced. At the same time, further adjustment of PCBN material binding phase and its ratio of hard phase is a less hard phase and gain more share of the binding phase, can make the toughness of PCBN was further improved, the hardness from HV8000 down low to HV4000 ~ 5000 (this is a hard degree of hardness is still the carbide cutting tools of 1 time on), the change of PCBN cutting tool weaknesses, make it hard and low in processing below HRC45 hard material also has the advantage, can greatly enlarge the using range of PCBN cutting tool.4. In the first half of the 20th century, the emergence of cemented carbide replaced 1/2 of the high-speed steel, making a new appearance in the field of mechanical processing. In the 21st century, the PCBN tool will certainly have a great development, application prospects are unlimited, once the key technology, even if a part of the replacement (such as 1/5 ~ 1/4) carbide tools and ceramic tools, will also appear quite amazing revolutionary changes.Demina’s grinding machine mainly serves the PCBN cutting tool manufacturer with good rigidity and a good grinding effect. Welcome the customer to visit our factory.
  • PCD Tool

    PCD material has very high hardness and excellent wear resistance, making it an ideal tool material. But PCD tool grinding processing difficulty is very large, the efficiency is low. The grinding wheel of the PCD tool refers to a grinding PCD tool with a diamond wheel on special PCD tool grinding machine. Usually, in the process of cutting tool production, the cost of cutting is high, to minimize the amount of removal is the goal of the pursuit. The minimum machining allowance depends on the damage depth of PCD caused by the cutting method and heating process. It consists of three parts: one is the cutting way to the surface damage depth. Secondly, the damage depth of the internal tissue caused by the cutting method. The third is the influence of heating mode. Demina's BT-150N 3-axis CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine is developed by our company's technical team by introducing advanced foreign production technology. The device is made of three shafts, and each shaft part plays an important role when the device is performing grinding work. In addition, the equipment not only has good performance but also is suitable for mass production of hard alloy inserts, which can perform large-scale grinding work. In addition, the grinding efficiency is very high and is consistently recognized by customers. Now our CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinding machines are on sale, welcome interested customers to come and buy.    
  • Overview Of Reamer Machining

    Overview Of Reamer MachiningReaming is the use of a reamer to remove a trace metal layer from the hole wall of the workpiece. Hinge is a common method for semi-finishing and finishing medium and small diameter holes. It can also be used for pre-machining before grinding or grinding holes. Before hinge machining, the processed hole generally needs to go through drilling, drilling and reaming, and the hinge machining accuracy can reach IT7~IT6, or even IT5, Ra is 0.4 ~1.6 meters.It can process a cylindrical hole, taper hole, through-hole, and blind hole.It can be done on drilling machines, lathes, CNC machines, and other machine tools, or it can be done by hand.The tool used in the articulation is the reamer, whose manufacture is very accurate, the number of teeth is many, the diameter of the core is big, and the rigidity and directivity are good.A reamer is a tool of fixed size. The diameter and tolerance are determined by the diameter and accuracy of the hole being machined. At the same time, the service life and manufacturing cost of the reamer should also be considered.The nominal diameter d of the reamer refers to the diameter of the cylinder part of the calibration part, which shall be equal to the nominal size d of the hole to be machined. The diameter tolerance of the reamer shall be determined according to the tolerance IT of the hole being hinged, the manufacturing tolerance G of the reamer, the reamer abrasion amount N, and the deformation property of the aperture during the process of the reamer.
  • The Characteristics And Skills Of The Drill Sharpener

    Characteristics of Drill sharpener PP-60N drill sharpener, Demina's unique model, according to customer's needs, stable performance. Simple operation and fast and accurate; no need for fixed point, fast drilling, no technical requirements for operators. The configuration of the original grinding wheel the angle is fine and the life is long. The main skills of grinding drill bits 1. The cutting edge should be level with the grinding wheel surface. Before grinding the drill bit, first place the main cutting edge of the drill bit and the grinding wheel surface on a horizontal surface. That is to say, when the cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel surface, the entire cutting edge should ground. This is the first step in the relative position of the drill bit and the grinding wheel. Position it and then slowly lean against the surface of the grinding wheel. 2. The axis of the drill bit should be inclined at an angle of 60° to the surface of the grinding wheel. This angle is the front angle of the drill bit. At this time, the angle is wrong, which will directly affect the size of the top angle of the drill bit and the shape of the main cutting edge and the bevel angle of the transverse edge. Here is the positional relationship between the spindle axis and the surface of the grinding wheel. Take 60°. This angle is generally more accurate. Here, we must pay attention to the relative horizontal position and angular position of the drill before sharpening. The two should balance. Do not neglect the angle of the pendulum to flatten the edge, or ignore the flat edge for the angle. 3. Grind the back from the edge of the blade. After the cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel, it is ground from the main cutting edge to the back. That is, the grinding wheel is first contacted from the cutting edge of the drill bit, and then slowly milled down along the entire flank face. When cutting the bit, you can gently touch the grinding wheel. First, carry out a small amount of sharpening and pay attention to observe the uniformity of the spark. Adjust the pressure on the hand in time, and pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit. So that it can not be over-fired, causing discoloration of the cutting edge. And to the edge of the annealing. When the cutting edge temperature is high, it is necessary to cool the drill bit in time. 4. The cutting edge of the drill should oscillate up and down, and the tail of the drill should not lift. This is a standard bit of grinding action. The main cutting edge is swung up and down on the grinding wheel. That is, the hand holding the front part of the drill bit should evenly oscillate the drill bit on the grinding wheel surface. The hand of the grip cannot be swung, and the back handle should prevent from being upturned, that is, the tail of the drill bit cannot be raised above the horizontal center line of the grinding wheel. Otherwise, the cutting edge will blunt and cannot cut. 5. To ensure that the blade tip is on the axis, and the two sides are symmetrically repaired slowly.  after grinding the edge of one side and grinding the other edge. It must ensure that the cutting edge is in the middle of the bit axis, and the edges of the two sides should symmetrical. The experienced master will look at the symmetry of the drill tip and slowly grind it. The back angle of the cutting edge of the drill is generally 10° -14°. The back angle is large, the cutting edge is too thin, the vibration is severe during drilling. The hole is three-sided or pentagonal, the chips are needle-shaped; the back angle is small. The axial force during drilling is very large, it is not easy to cut in, the cutting force is increased. The temperature rise is large, the bit heat is severe, and even the drilling cannot be performed. The angle of the back angle is suitable for the centering, the two edges are symmetrical. When drilling, the drill bit is light and free of vibration, and the aperture is not enlarged. Demina is a professional PP-60N drill sharpener supplier. Welcome to buy.
  • PCD Blade Welding

    At present, PCD blade welding is rarely used because of its low cost and low investment, so now high-frequency induction heating brazing has been widely used. In the welding process of the blade, some factors will directly affect the performance of the tool after weldings, such as the welding temperature and the choice of flux welding alloy.In addition to mechanical clamping and bonding methods, PCD composite plates are mostly pressed on the cemented carbide matrix by brazing. The welding methods mainly include laser welding, vacuum diffusion welding, vacuum brazing, and high-frequency induction brazing. At present, high-frequency induction heating brazing with low investment and low cost have been widely used in PCD blade welding. In the process of blade welding, the choice of welding temperature, flux, and welding alloy will directly affect the performance of the tool after welding. In the welding process, the control of welding temperature is very important, if the welding temperature is too low, the welding strength is not enough. In the actual process, the welding temperature can be controlled according to the holding time and the depth of the PCD turning red (generally lower than 700℃). The foreign high-frequency welding adopts the automatic welding technology, the welding efficiency is high, the quality is good, may realize the continuous production. Domestic more use of manual welding, production efficiency is lower, the quality is not ideal.
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