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  • Maintenance Tips Of China PP-100 Universal Mill Grinder

    Features of PP-100 universal mill grinder 1. The feed guide rail is a plastic guide rail or a rolling guide rail, which is sensitive to movement. 2. The feed system is servo motor - ball screw nut transmission, can achieve feed. The feed repeat positioning accuracy is within 0.002mm. 3. The trimmer compensation is also the servo motor-ball screw nut transmission. The repeat positioning accuracy is 0.001mm. Therefore, the feed system can compensate for the trimming amount at the same time after trimming. So that the workpiece size is still stable after trimming. 4. PP-100 universal mill grinder the electrical system is a CNC system with a touch screen at the same time. Various grinding parameters and trimming parameters can set on the screen. The operation is simple and clear, and the automatic grinding of the machine tool is realized. The automatic dressing improves the grinding. The quality has improved the efficiency of the machine tool, and it can also realize one person and multiple machines, which greatly improves the overall efficiency. At the same time, the machine has a self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance. Maintenance tips of China PP-100 universal mill grinder China PP-100 universal mill grinder, which is a commonly used grinding machine. It is used in a wide range of applications. In order to use this grinding machine efficiently and improve the efficiency of the grinding machine. We can carry out regular maintenance of the grinding machine. We should pay attention to some maintenance items during the use. So as to improve the efficiency of the equipment and achieve the purpose of extending life. 1. When an unexpected situation occurs, generally press the feed hold button first, instead of pressing the emergency stop button directly. 2. equipment does not allow the electric cabinet or button box or junction box to be open unless it is required for heat dissipation. 3. During the processing of the equipment, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving the post without authorization. If it is necessary to leave due to an inspection of the workpiece, etc., the machine must stop and must suspend the equipment. 4. The operator must not change the machine parameters, machining program and setting password without authorization. During the automatic machining process. The operator is not allowed to adjust the spindle override or feed rate override without permission. It is forbidden to press the reset button. 5. After the use should maintain the equipment so that there is no processing debris inside the machine. The worktable is clean and flexible, keep the appearance and clean, the equipment is in the initial state. And fill in the equipment maintenance record sheet. 6. Before shutting down, you should end the current running machining program, return the moving parts of the equipment to the origin. Then press the emergency stop button, then turn off the power and prohibit the direct pull. 7. During maintenance, it should carry out after shutdown. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water or coolant or directly clean electrical components and electrical cabinets. It is also not allowed to directly blow electrical components or electrical cabinets with compressed air. 8. When the equipment has a large fault, the operator can not self-care, should immediately report to the maintenance personnel. Try to provide accurate fault information, such as which equipment, what action is not executed. Fault alarm content, fault phenomenon description, etc. And protect the site, so as to arrange maintenance personnel and analyze the cause of the failure. 9. China PP-100 universal mill grinder when repairing, the operator should actively cooperate. After completing the repair, the operator must immediately perform the dry run and check whether the installation of each part of the equipment is correct. And then carry out the first inspection, and may not postpone or not for any reason. The production is carried out directly by air run, and the equipment maintenance application form is completed by the maintenance person and signed by the operator and the department head. Demina is a professional PP-100 universal mill grinder manufacturer. Our products are not only sold in China but also exported to the United States, Mexico, Turkey and Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and other countries. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.        
  • Our Model BT-150N PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder Is Made Of 3-Axis

    Working principle of resharpening machines The resharpening machines produced by many companies in the market do not use electromagnetic chucks but use vacuum chucks. Here is a brief introduction to how the grinding machine works. Resharpening machines currently sells popular products for manual grinding tools on the industrial market and is divided into common fixtures, electromagnetic chucks, and vacuum chucks according to the different tool fixing methods of the automatic upper robot. Of course, the vacuum chuck sharpening machine is there are at least a few grinder robot fixing methods in the market, and only a few manufacturers will produce them for special tools. Electromagnetic chucks and jigs are still the mainstream of robots in the resharpening machines market. The vacuum chuck is the main actuator of the vacuum equipment and is made of nitrile rubber to withstand large braking forces. The tube is connected to the vacuum device and then contacted with the item to be conveyed to start the vacuum device to extract the air in the suction cup so that negative air pressure is generated in the suction cup so that the atmospheric pressure can be used to start the carrying work. When the item to be transported has reached the destination, the air can smoothly flush into the suction cup, and the negative air pressure therein becomes zero or positive air pressure, so that the suction cup falls off. The function of the vacuum chuck robot is still very large. In the industrial operation process, as long as the tool with a smooth surface and less dust can be easily and quickly absorbed and transported. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources and improves work efficiency. The most important thing is the other two. Compared with the other methods, the operation is simple and rapid, the degree of automation is high, the use cost and the procurement cost are low, so it is favored by some users. Characteristics OF Diamond tool grinding Previously, our company's technology research and development department gave a reply on whether the resharpening machines can use the angle automatic adjustment device. The resharpening machines can't use the angle auto-adjustment device. If it is a diamond tool grinding resharpening machines? First, a brief introduction to diamond tool grinding resharpening machines, diamond tool grinding resharpening machines is a professional grinding machine for grinding various specifications of circular blades. Widely used in the paper industry and the plastic film industry. During the machining process, the diamond tool grinding resharpening machines need to fix the round knife with the tool holder back and then adjust the tool holder angle to rotate to the tool edge angle. Therefore, unlike the diamond tool grinding and sharpening machine, the diamond tool grinding resharpening machines need to adjust the angle of the tool holder before using it. In this case, the angle automatic adjusting device can use for a long time. Greatly reduce the time required for adjustment. In addition, diamond tool grinding resharpening machines do not need to adjust the tool suction cups of several meters or even ten meters like resharpening machines. The adjustment resistance is large, and the diamond tool grinding resharpening machines only need to adjust their own tool holders. The resistance to be overcome It is very small, and its chassis is a regenerative cooling dressing liquid, which must be always closed. So whether it is a closed-angle adjustment device or a semi-closed angle adjustment device can be directly installed on resharpening machines without considering whether it is used for a long time. Will be affected by dust deposition. Finally, some customers may question: Will the automatic angle adjustment device use on the round knife sharpener to produce more and more precision errors as the use time increases? The resharpening machines only need to adjust the tool holder automatically. The resistance to be overcome is very small. Therefore, the wear caused by long-term use is almost negligible. If you worry about the service life of the automatic adjustment device, it is completely unnecessary. In normal use, the automatic adjustment device has the same age and even longer life as the device itself.          
  • Tool Grinder Machine

    Advantages of PCD & CBN Tool Grinder machine The PCD & CBN Tool Grinder machine has been improved in four main areas: 1. The feed rail is a plastic guide rail or a rolling guide that is sporty. 2. The feed system is servo motor-ball screw nut transmission, which can reach the feed (can be divided in one grinding, rough grinding, fine grinding, delay, etc., and the amount and speed of each step can be Arbitrary setting) The feed repeat positioning accuracy is within 0.002mm. 3. The trimmer compensation is also the servo motor-ball screw nut transmission. The repeat positioning accuracy is 0.001mm. Therefore, the feed system can compensate for the trimming amount at the same time after trimming, so that the workpiece size is still stable after trimming. 4. The electrical system is a CNC system with a touch screen at the same time. Various grinding parameters and trimming parameters can be set on the screen. The operation is simple and clear, and the automatic grinding of the machine tool is realized. The automatic dressing improves the grinding quality and improves the machine tool efficiency. It can also realize one person and multiple machines, which greatly improves the overall efficiency. At the same time, the machine has a self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance. Technical Parameters of PCD &CBN Tool Grinder machine The diameter of the Grinding wheel 150mm Power of grinding spindle 3KW RPM of Grinding Spindle 0~3,000RPM Changeable Clearance Angle -5°~25° Grinding wheel center hole 40mm Spindle Center Height 150mm PLC Numerical Controlled Oscillation and Control on the Panel Max. Oscillation Range 30mm Max. Oscillation Frequency 60times/minute Oscillation Position is Controlled by Screw and Starting From Center, Left, Right Max Magnification of Optical Microscope 4 times Magnification of CCD Measuring System 100times 15Industrial Displayer 15 “ CCD Image Resolution 1280*1024 Quick Approach Withdraw and Precisely Feeding 3mm/turn;0.5mm/turn The compressor of Air Braking on Rotation Axis 6bar Longitudinal Transverse (X-Axis) controlled by PLC 400mm Horizontal Transverse (Y-Axis) Driven by Hand Wheel 70mm Rotation Transverse(B Axis) Driven by Hand 360° Linear Encoder Resolution (X-Axis and Y-Axis) 0.001mm Rotation Encoder Resolution (B Axis) 0.010° Coolant Tank with Filter Paper about70L Electrical Supply 12Kw Voltage Requested 380V/Three-phase /50Hz Overall Dimensions L╳W╳H 1700╳1150╳1970mm Weight With Coolant Tank 2000Kg
  • Grinding Wheel Dressing

    Grinding wheel dressing equipment Due to the complexity of tool application, the professional grinding center must timely repair the grinding plan according to the failure form of the tool being polished and track the effect of tool use. A professional tool grinding center must constantly summarize the experience, in order to repair the tool grinding better, more professional! The produced cubic boron nitride (CBN) tool blank body needs to be sharpened before it can be used for cutting. Generally divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, and grinding process. Rough grinding adopts no. 180 ~ 240 resin bond diamond grinding wheel, feeding volume is 0.01mm/double stroke. Who ~ W14 resin bond grinding wheel for fine grinding, feed 0.05mm/double stroke. Special attention should be paid to the effect of cutting edge dressing of diamond grinding wheel on cutting edge grinding. Although the cutting tool swings back and forth across the whole end face of the grinding wheel during the grinding process to make the surface of the grinding wheel consume uniformly. In fact, the surface of the grinding wheel is still prone to be uneven, which requires frequent dressing. Beijing Demina has produced a . It has online grinding wheel dressing equipment. The end of the grinding can be dressed and cleaned automatically during the grinding with compressed air. The wheel dressing can be arranged in the software interface. It is very useful in tool grinding process.
  • Cubic Boron Nitride

    Introduction of Cubic boron nitride (CBN) Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is the second hardest material after diamond. It not only has many excellent properties of the diamond but also has higher thermal stability and chemical inertness to iron group metals and their alloys. As an engineering material, it has been widely used in the processing industry of ferrous metal and its alloy materials. At the same time, with its excellent thermal, electrical, optical and acoustic properties. It has been applied in a series of high-tech fields and has become a functional material with a development prospect. Cubic boron nitride powder is used for grinding, ultra-finishing, precision grinding, polishing and so on to achieve high-precision surface treatment. It is suitable for resin, metal, ceramic and other adhesive systems. It can also be used to produce sintered bodies of polycrystalline composite plates. It can also be used as loose abrasive particles and abrasive pastes. Black cubic boron nitride CBN due to excellent chemical-physical properties. Such as high hardness, high heat stability with second only to diamond and chemical inert, as superhard abrasive processing to achieve widespread application in different industries, has now become the automotive, aerospace, machinery and electronics, microelectronics industry indispensable important materials, thus greatly appreciated by the industrialized countries. Beijing Demina is manufacturing PCBN tool grinders for grinding cubic boron nitride (CBN) harder material. This kind of machine is popular in cutting tool manufacturers.
  • PCBN Tools

    PCBN tool is an artificial cubic boron nitride tool, in high temperature can also maintain high hardness characteristics, mainly for the processing of iron.CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) was first synthesized by us general electric (GE) under high temperature and high pressure by the manual method in the 1950s. Its hardness is second only to diamond but far higher than other materials, so it is collectively referred to as superhard materials with diamond. The characteristics of PCBN tools According to the added components, there are two types of PCBN sintered directly by CBN single-crystal sintering and PCBN sintered with a certain proportion of binder. According to the way of manufacturing composite: there are integrated PCBN sintered blocks and cemented carbide composite sintered PCBN composite pieces.PCBN composite tablets with the binder are widely used. The hardness of PCBN varies according to the proportion of binder added. The higher the binder content, the lower the hardness and the better the toughness. Different types of binder, the use of PCBN is different. CBN is widely used in grinding because of its high hardness, chemical inertia and thermal stability under high temperature. Because the CBN has better than the other characteristics of the cutting tool material, so people began trying to apply to machine, but smaller particles of monocrystalline CBN, it is difficult to make knives, and CBN sintering property is very poor, difficult to make a larger CBN sintered body, until the 1970 s, the former soviet union, China, United States, Britain, and other countries have been developed as a cutting tool of CBN sintered body, Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride). Since then, PCBN has been applied in various fields of cutting with its superior cutting performance, especially in the cutting of high hardness materials and difficult materials. After more than 30 years of development and application, PCBN tool materials for processing different materials have emerged. Demina has developed the CNC PCBN tool grinding machine, it can grind the edge and the circular arc of PCBN tools with high efficiency.
  • The Unique Requirements Of The BT-150HG PCD&PCBN Industry

    Unique requirements of BT-150HG PCD&PCBN The unique requirements of the BT-150HG PCD&PCBN industry, the machine tool manufacturer is also actively developing the mechanical part and put forward unique control requirements for the numerical control system of the grinding machine. There are: Oblique axis control: Linear and circular interpolation can also be performed when tilting in the axial direction. Spindle swing: The running cycle that often occurs during grinding, using external signals to interrupt the execution of the program, grinding wheel cutting, grinding wheel dressing and other special preparation functions, programming a fixed cycle program. Not only can it use an external measuring device, but it can also be compared directly to the final size when connecting a suitable measuring head. Reinforced fixed grinding method: According to different shapes of grinding parts, there are four different grinding methods, with grinding wheel axis angle tilt control function, rough grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding, non-spark grinding, complete set of grinding cycle, grinding wheel Trimming compensation function, the trimmer is compared with the normal direction control function of the wheel, and the outer radius compensation function of the roller is trimmed. The system resolution can be set to 0.1μm, which is a compact CNC system. BT-150HG PCD & PCBN CNC system, flexible requirements for axis control expansion; more control of 9 coordinates, 6 coordinates can be linked, small pulse equivalent, moving equivalent and detection equivalent are 0.1μm, linear is also used on the flat grinding Fully closed-loop mode of position sensor grating ruler, inductive synchronizer.   Technical Breakthrough of BT-150HG PCD 1.Optimization of the vertical axis: the vertical shaft lifting of micro-adjustment integrated into the clamping device of the worktable, can greatly enhance the stability and the rigidity of equipment 2.Stable feed: PCD is crisp and hard material. In order to avoid periodic impact, the machine is equipped with “flexible feed” of air pressure device. It has the function of cutter back-off when the cutting edge of the tool is impacted by the force, which improves the roughness of the tool edge effectively. 3. Grinding wheel integration: only once clamping, finish and coarse grinding can be done on one grinding wheel. It makes the regrinding more efficient and more accurate.   Machine Parameters The diameter of the Grinding wheel 150mm Grinding wheel center hole 40mm Grinding Spindle Power 3 KW RPM of Grinding 500~4,000 RPM Variable Swing Amplitude 0-30 mm Variable Swing Speed 0-60 times/min Table Transverse Travel 70 mm Table Longitudinal Travel 65 mm Spindle Center Height 150 mm Optical magnification 0.7x~4.5x CCD Image Resolution 1280×1024 Linear Encoder Measuring Step 0.001mm Rotation Encoder Measuring Step 0.010° Power Supply 380V /3 Phase/50Hz Overall Dimensions L×W×H 1890×1650×1980mm Weight 2000kg
  • The Technical Standard Of BT-80 CNC Tool Grinder

    BT-80 CNC tool grinder shall comply with the requirements of this standard and manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures. First, the BT-80 CNC tool grinder normal working environment conditions 1. Ambient air temperature: 5 ° C ~ 55 ° C. 2. Relative humidity of the environment: no more than 90%. 3. Environmental conditions: Air should not have pollutants exceeding the national environmental protection requirements. Second, the BT-80 CNC tool grinder appearance quality 1. The appearance of the product shall not have defects such as protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages as specified in the drawings. 2. The edges of the exposed parts and exposed joints should neat and should not clearly misalign. 3. The color tone of the plated parts, bluing and blackening parts should the same, and the protective layer should not fall off. 4. After painting, the outer surface should be even and bright, and there should no defects such as spots, bubbles, wrinkles, and peeling. Third, the quality of the pipeline 1. The bending of the pipe of the lubrication and cooling pipeline should smooth and smooth. And there should no obvious dents, discounts and flattening. 2. Lubrication, cooling pipelines should arrange neatly, pipe clamps are fixed and reliable. Should not hinder adjustment, repair, and replacement of components. Fourth, lubrication and cooling system quality requirements 1. The lift of the cooling pump should greater than 5m and the outlet pressure should greater than 0.05MPa. 2. The assembled cooling system should able to withstand the water pressure of the pipeline with a maximum working pressure of 0.1 MPa and ahead of 150%. The test shall be carried out for 5 minutes. After the test, there shall be no water droplets or water mist on the test components and welds. Residual deformation. 3. High-quality BT-80 CNC flute grinder Lubrication and cooling system should free of oil leakage and water leakage. Five, grinding quality requirements 1. BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine the straightness of the knife plane after grinding should no more than 0.05mm. 2. The surface roughness Ra of the knife plane after grinding by the tool grinder should be no more than 1.6ūm. 3. CNC tool and cutter grinder. The sharpened edge of the knife is sharp, without deflection and distortion. Sixth, grinding length The BT-80 CNC diamond tool grinder should able to effectively grind the longest length of the blade specified in this model and grind all four corners of the blade plane. Seven, electrical control system 1. The layout of electrical components and control parts (such as switches) should reasonable and the installation should firm. 2. The electrical circuit cable should neat, the connector should firm, and the pipe clamp should be fixed reliably. All terminals should be clearly marked. 3. The action of the electrical control components should sensitive and reliable. Eight, power adaptability under normal conditions, the AC voltage is 380 (1 ± 10%) V and the frequency is 50 Hz ± 1 Hz. Nine, insulation resistance The insulation resistance of the BT-80 CNC tool grinder should be greater than 2MΩ. Ten, dielectric strength The metal casing and power cord of the BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder shall withstand the withstand voltage test of AC 50Hz, 2000V for 1min without breakdown or arcing. XI, bearing temperature rise High-quality BT-80 CNC flute grinder the temperature rise of the bearings workers should not exceed 60 °C during normal operation. Twelve, air operation requirements 1. All the fasteners are fastened and loose. 2. The grinding length of the tool grinder should easily adjust with the change of product specifications, and the locking is reliable. 3. The sharpening angle of the CNC tool grinder should easily adjust as needed (except for the fixed tool holder). 4. When the machine is moving, the departments are coordinated and there should no abnormal sound. 5. The grinding machine should reliable for the lubrication of moving parts and working parts: the lubrication system should have no oil leakage. 6. Each control switch should meet the requirements of the functional regulations. Thirteen, noise The noise of the equipment operating under normal operating conditions shall not exceed 80d B(A). 1. Flute grinder's operating danger zone must be equipped with safety guards, or eye-catching illustrations and color markings. 2. The grounding of the 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine should be firm and reliable. The resistance should be less than 0.4Ω.
  • Factors Affecting The Sharpness Of The CBN Tool Sharpening Machine

    CBN tool sharpening machine sharpness is affected by many factors. The following are several factors that mainly affect the sharpness of the tool sharpener. The influence of the grinding machine installation adjustment on the sharpening (1) Grinding machine installation should pay attention to stability, prevent vibration, the fasteners are firmly connected. And the sharpening disc should rotate smoothly to prevent jumping and swinging. Otherwise, the blade will not be sharpened, and a serrated edge will appear. (2) The sharpening disc should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Otherwise, the sharpening blade will be worn. (3) The position of the sharpening frame should be 6 mm from the disk surface, which is located in the middle of the radius of the disk surface. The position of the sharpening frame is not correct, which may cause the blade to be eccentric. The length of the boom also affects, and shortens the sharpening stroke, grinding the blade. (4) For the mechanical transmission type sharpening machine. The V-belt should have a suitable tension and ensure that the grinding disc reaches the rated speed. The low speed of the sharpening disc affects the sharpening effect. Effect of abrasive composition on sharpening (1) There is too much corundum in the abrasive; the blade edge is thick and thick with a layer of corundum. The cutting edge is easy to wear, and the blade is not easy to sharpen. (2) There are too few diamonds in the abrasive: the blade is not easy to sharpen. The blades are polished for a long time, and it is easy to anneal and deform. The effect of the method of sharpening on the sharpening (1) The pressure is not uniform, the blade is eccentric, and the sharpness of each tooth of the blade is inconsistent. When the blade oscillates, the uneven pressure will cause the blade to bulge. (2) The pressure is too large; it is easy to cause the blade to anneal and deform. Shorten blade life. (3) If the pressure is too small, the blade cannot be smoothly attached to the sharpening disc. And it is easy to produce eccentric wear, toothing, and intermediate protrusion. (4) The swing speed is too fast; it is easy to scrape off the abrasive, it is easy to break the cutter teeth. It is difficult to grasp the balance of the blade, and the uneven pressure is easy to produce partial wear and intermediate protrusion. (5) The swing speed is too slow, which accelerates the wear of the blade and shortens the service life of the blade. Which is easy to cause the blade to anneal. (6) The sharpening stroke is short; the sharp blade is not sharpened. And the middle of the sharpening disc surface is quickly recessed, which shortens the service life of the sharpening disc. Therefore, the sharpening stroke should be as long as possible. (7) The sharpening time on the sharpening disc with the abrasive cloth is too long: the blade is easy to anneal and deform.
  • Method For Improving The Work Efficiency Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

    Method for improving the work efficiency of PCD tool grinding machine 1. The processing arrangement should be reasonable. In the actual production arrangement process, it is necessary to go through the two processing procedures of the crankshaft connecting rod neck and the main spindle to make our grinding process more. And also greatly simplifies the processing process. Let us work is more convenient and easy. 2. Precision BT-150HG PCD tool grinder can achieve higher processing accuracy, the fixture's action process is carefully designed. The processing of the fixture is: the frame is tight, the tailstock is tight, clamped. The rough machining center clamps the journal, the central support is clamped, the coarse journal is loosened. The clamp's low voltage is released, and the low-pressure clamp pressure is loose. The open center supports grinding center support for high quality, high-quality grinding. 3. The guarantees of the quality of the crankshaft machining. Using segmented grinding, which can greatly improve and improve work efficiency. Common problem analysis of tool grinding machine 1. What types of tool grinding machines are there? In terms of specific types of tool grinding machines, there are surface grinders, centerless grinders, internal and external cylindrical grinders, vertical grinders, coordinate grinders, and forming grinders. The corresponding abrasive tools include internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, composite grinding, surface grinding and grinding. 2. If the rotational speed of the tool grinder is high, then is there a higher dynamic balance requirement for the grinding wheel? In addition, is the programming of the grinding machine the same as the CNC milling machine? If the rotational speed of the tool grinding machine is high, then the requirements for the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel are relatively high and strict. And in the vibration of the grinding machine, it must be small. As for the grinding machine, the programming of this kind of grinding machine is similar to that of the CNC milling machine. But it is different in the movement of the grinding wheel. In addition, there may be some special instructions. 3. What is the specific taper in the tool grinder? The taper in the tool grinder, which specifically refers to the ratio between the difference in diameter between the upper and lower bottom circles and the height of the frustum on the round table. The general understanding of taper refers to the ratio between the diameter of the conical bottom surface and the height of the cone. Therefore, the above definition is based on this definition. Simple maintenance of tool grinding machines 1. accelerates its aging and even burns out under continuous use for a long time, so it can be intermittently allowed to rest for a while. Or the tool grinder can be changed frequently, or it can be used in tool grinders. Working in protected mode for a while will help to delay the aging of the tool grinder. 2. When the temperature is too low, it should stop. The spliced ​​display screen is a valuable electronic product, and the internal high voltage is dangerous. It is forbidden for non-professionals to operate it. Very sensitive to water, the wet weather in the southern plum rain is easy to damage the components inside the screen. So it should be run regularly, or a pack of the moisture-proofing agents can be placed inside the screen. 3. PCD universal edge grinder surface of the wall is a piece of glass to avoid hardware collisions. It is not possible to apply pressure to the surface of the universal edge grinder. If the surface of the tool grinder is found to be dirty, the dirt should be removed using an accurate method. It is not possible to spray the cleaning directly onto the surface of the inner grinder glass. Which may cause a short circuit fault to flow inside the liquid crystal internal grinding machine.
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