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  • The Working Plan Of Demina Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Since its establishment, Demina Company has basically embarked on the track of all its work. But there are still many aspects that need to be improved. In 2019, we will continue to straighten out the management process. Improve the management system, gradually build an efficient production and operation management mechanism. Increase R&D of technology, try hard to enhance technology, improve production efficiency. Shorten manufacturing cycle, reduce manufacturing costs. And strive to innovate and develop new business channels. Create a new situation for the company. With regard to the current situation of the company and its tasks in 2019, the main work focuses on the following aspects: The aspect of inner management 1.  Reducing the producing cost and improving the competitiveness of Enterprises Reducing cost and saving expenditure is a means for enterprises to increase efficiency. Every department of the company should start from daily office supplies and to raw materials for production, saving every sheet of paper. Electricity per kilowatt hour and water per ton. This should start with every member of our enterprise. In the future administrative work, we will carry out special training for staff to reduce costs and expenditure. 2. Ensuring the quality of products Starting from the source, we must strictly control the import of raw and auxiliary materials. And we must do the inspection before each batch is put into storage. We must make inspection, re-inspection, the adjustment and utilization of non-conforming products. And strictly control the supervision of final inspection before the finished products are released from storage in order to find problems and correct them quickly to ensure product traceability and quality. Developing sales market, serving old customers and developing new customers We are trying to establish perfect customer information files, and follow up and understand their condition of using. Then do a good job of after-sales service, listen to their opinions and carefully analyze the rectification. Strive to create a good impression of after-sales service to customers, and seek deeper cooperation.
  • Attentions For CNC Tool Installation

    For CNC tools, if the tools are not installed correctly, problems such as tool collapse, workpiece damage and even machine damage are likely to occur. It has a very bad impact on users’ use.For cutting knives, when the cutting tool is installed, if the cutting edge that is not installed or not perpendicular to the workpiece is higher than the center of the workpiece axis, the tool life and the cutting effect will have a great impact. If a serious problem occurs, there may even be a broken tool failure, so in order to ensure the cutting effect of the tool, the user should follow the basic installation principles.Matters Needing Attention For CNC Tool Installation1. The locking part should be clean and clean. Meanwhile, the cutting tool should be installed on the hexagonal brick tower.2. By checking the generated chip to determine whether the tool is installed vertically if the waste chip cut out of a long filament flow to one side, then the installation of the tool is a problem. If the rounded corners of the cutter are worn ahead of time, it is a sign that the blade is installed incorrectly and that one side of the blade is under more pressure than the other.3. Because of the vulnerability of the tool itself, so a slight tool collision will cause tool deviation. So after installation, always check the cutting conditions of the tool, help to identify and prevent tool failure.4. If the blade is installed incorrectly, it will cause a series of problems, such as fast tool wear, tool failure, poor cutting performance, etc. Because of the difficulty in ascertaining the actual condition of the cutting edges, these problems will continue to worsen, as they sometimes do on older machines.5. If the blade is installed slightly above the center, the tangential force during cutting will act on a larger blade area. In this way, the tool strength will be increased so that the blade can be firmly fixed in the groove.6. When the installation position of the blade is below the centerline, the most serious consequence is to pull the blade out. If this situation does not stop in time, it will cause the tool holder to be damaged during the processing and may damage the machine tool and the workpiece at the same time. Even if fortunately the blade is not pulled out of the blade holder, the burr rotating on the top of the blade will cause damage to the tool.7. When performing cutting operations, ensure that the cutting edge is installed at a slightly higher position than the center. For those who use high-speed steel cutters, their experience is that these props are better than the center height. But with the development of technology, the development of lower than the center height will make the cutting operation more difficult.
  • Features And Procedures Of BT-150H Tool Grinder

    BT-150H tool grinder Grinding machine is the earliest called end grinding machine. Its structure is mainly gantry type. Mainly targeted at sharpening center, forestry industry, printing plant, papermaking plastics. Book printing center, medium-sized sharpening room, and other institutional enterprises. Main types: automatic sharpening machine, precision sharpening machine, CNC sharpening machine, woodworking sharpening machine. Scraper special sharpening machine, printing sharpening machine, paper cutter grinding machine. Multi-function grinding machine, double grinding Head sharpener, round knife sharpener, etc. Features and maintenance methods of BT-150H universal grinder The design of the grinding machine body greatly improves the strength of the body, increasing and extending its service life. The grinding machine's grinding head swinging angle of 30° is the original design with the swinging angle of more than 90°. Which makes the upper and lower workpieces and the replacement grinding wheel more convenient and faster. The grinding head of the sharpening machine adopts the automatic feed design when feeding the cutter. Which improves the degree of automation. The manpower and time necessary for manual feeding are effectively saved, and the labor level of the operator is improved. BT-150H tool grinder maintenance of the sharpener A BT-150H tool grinder is a high-precision machine that maintains its service life. The track plate parts should be lubricated frequently. The machine should clean after each grinding. If the grinding wheel is broken or notched, it should replace in time. Characteristics and operation steps of BT-150H tool grinder Knife sharpeners are machines that are used in many industries, but sharp. Hard abrasive products are an important component of the sharpener to grind softer materials. They must harder than the material to process. In general, the grinding wheel is the most important abrasive product of the sharpening machine. It is mixed by abrasive and binder in a certain proportion, sintered by compression molding. And finally must be shaped, balanced and over speed tested. Abrasive cloth and sandpaper are another kind of abrasive products with a larger output of the sharpening machine. The abrasive grains are bonded to the base material and dried and cut into different specifications. Others are powder or granular abrasives. Which need to be processed by certain processes after screening to meet the needs of different working conditions of the sharpener. 1. Place the knife on the knife table of the sharpening machine to control the amount of the tool to detect. You can fine-tune the top wire. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button of the sharpener to make the knife stick to the knife table. And adjust the position of the grinding wheel and the blade angle. 2. Turn on the power of the sharpening machine. Turn on the power switch and the machine will enter the normal working state. 3. Turn the knife hand wheel of the sharpening machine to make the blade advance slowly and evenly until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. Adjust the tightness of the blade and the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well.
  • Daily Maintenance Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

    Daily Maintenance Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine1. Check oil standard and oil quantity in the lubricating oil box of guide rail every day. Add lubricating oil in time, the lubricating pump can start and oil and stop in time.2. Remove debris and dirt from the X and Z-axis guide surfaces every day. Check whether the lubricating oil is filled and whether the guide surface is damaged.3. Check the pneumatic control system pressure from compressed air source every day and it should be in the normal range.4. The air source automatic water purifier and automatic air dryer shall clean the water filtered out of the water purifier in time every day to ensure the normal operation of the automatic air dryer.5. Daily pneumatic converter and supercharger oil level found oil level is not enough to time make up the oil.6. The lubricating constant temperature oil tank of the spindle works normally every day with sufficient oil and proper working range.7. The hydraulic balance system balance pressure indication is normal, the balance valve works normally when moving rapidly.8. There is no abnormal noise in the oil tank and oil pump in the hydraulic system of machine tools every day. The pressure gauge indicates normal, no leakage in pipeline and joints, and the working oil level is normal.9. Every day, the cooling fans of each radiator and ventilator of the electric cabinet work normally, and the filter screen of the air duct is not blocked.10.Daily CNC input/output device check I/O equipment clean, mechanical structure lubrication, etc.11. Every day all kinds of protective devices guide rail, machine tool cover should not loose, water leakage.12. Clean the filter screen of each electric cabinet every week.13. Check the liquid level height at any time by cooling the oil tank and water tank irregularly and add oil or water in time. If it is too dirty, it is necessary to replace and clean the oil tank, water tank, and filter.14. Remove the collected waste oil from the irregular waste oil tank in time to avoid overflow.15. Irregular chip eliminator often clean the chip, check whether there is stuck, etc.16. Inspect the spindle drive belt irregularly. Adjust the belt tightness according to the instruction. If the belt is damaged, replace it in time.17. Inspect irregularly the inlaid strip on the guide rail of each shaft and the pressing roller to adjust the tightness state according to the machine tool manual.18. Every six months the ball screw cleans the old grease on the screw and applies the new grease.19. Clean the relief valve, pressure reducing valve, oil filter, oil tank and replace or filter the hydraulic oil every six months.20. Clean the filter and replace the lubricating oil in the constant temperature oil tank of spindle lubrication every year.21. Check and replace the brush of the dc servo motor every year to check the surface of the commutator, clean the toner, remove burrs and replace the brush that is too long and too short.22. The lubricating oil pump and filter clean the bottom of the lubricating oil pool and replace the oil filter every year.
  • PCBN Cutting Tool Grinding

    Introduction of PCBN cutting tool grinding Cubic boron nitride polycrystalline (PCBN) cutting tool is a kind of superhard material product of CBN aggregate composed of many fine grains (0.1~100) CBN. It not only has high hardness, high wear resistance, but also has high toughness, chemical inertia, red hardness, and other characteristics. And can be opened and sharpened with a diamond grinding wheel. It has excellent cutting performance in all aspects of machining and can realize stable cutting at high temperatures. Especially suitable for machining various hardened steel, tool steel, chilled cast iron, and other difficult materials. PCBN tool cutting sharp, shape retention, high wear resistance, unit wear small, fewer correction times, conducive to automatic processing, suitable for all the cutting from rough machining to finish. Precision quenching workpiece is a new process, before the implementation of the process test, can be used with the workpiece material, hardness and size of the same rod. In the same kind of machine tool precision or rough machining test, the key is to test the selection of tools and cutting parameters and whether the processing system has enough rigidity. The process at present domestic has been adopted, such as faw group with PCBN cutting tool machining carburizing and quenching (58 to 63 HRC) 20 crane transmission gear shifting fork groove, the process parameters for nu c = 150 m/min, the f/r = 0.1 mm, alpha p = 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, realized turning instead of grinding. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD. Specializes in the production of various CNC tool grinding machines. The is our company's technical staff based on advanced technology research and development and production. This equipment is made of grinding wheel swing axis (X-axis), horizontal plane rotation axis (C axis), and workpiece feed axis (Y-axis). It is suitable for mass production of PCD and CBN blades, carbide blades, etc. It is the best equipment for people to choose tool grinding machines.  
  • Twist Drill Grinding Methods

    A twist drill is a commonly used drilling tool, the structure is simple, to grind the bit edge is very important for the workpiece processing. But to grind it really good, is not an easy thing. The key is to master the method and skills of good edge grinding, the method to master, plus many times the experience of edge grinding can be a good master of the edge grinding scale of the drill.The top Angle of twist drill is generally 118°, but it can also be regarded as 120°. Sharpening bit can master the following 6 skills generally there is no problem.Grinding Methods Of Twist Drill1. Before grinding the drill, the main cutting edge of the drill should be placed on a horizontal surface with the grinding wheel face. That is to say, when the cutting edge touches the grinding wheel face, the whole edge should be polished. This is the first step of the position of the drill bit relative to the grinding wheel.2. This Angle is the tip Angle of the bit. If the Angle is wrong, it will directly affect the size of the bit tip Angle, the shape of the main cutting edge and the Angle of the transverse edge. This refers to the position relation between the axis of the bit and the surface of the grinding wheel. It is ok to take 60°. The two should be taken into consideration as a whole, and the degree Angle should not be neglected in order to balance the edge, or the edge should be neglected in order to balance the edge.3. After the cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel, it shall be ground from the main cutting edge to the back. That is, it shall first contact the grinding wheel from the cutting edge of the drill, and then grind down slowly along the whole back cutting surface. When the drill bit is cut in, it can touch the grinding wheel gently. Firstly, it needs to grind a small amount of the edge, observe the uniformity of the spark, adjust the pressure on the hand in time, and also pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit. So that it cannot be overheated and cause the cutting edge to change color, and then the cutting edge can be annealed. When the cutting edge temperature is high, cool the drill in time.4. This is a standard drill grinding operation. The main cutting edge should swing up and down on the grinding wheel. However, the hand holding the handle cannot swing, and the rear handle should be prevented from turning up. That is, the tail of the bit should not turn up above the horizontal centerline of the grinding wheel, otherwise, the cutting edge will be blunt and cannot be cut. This is the most important step, and it has a lot to do with how well the drill is ground or not. When the blade is almost polished, it should start from the edge and gently rub against the back corner to make the back of the edge smoother.5. After grinding the edge on one side, grinding the edge on the other side must ensure that the edge is in the middle of the drill axis, and both edges should be symmetrical. An experienced master will look into the bright light to see the symmetry of the drill tip and slowly grind it. The back Angle of the cutting edge of the bit is generally 10°-14°. The back Angle is too large, the cutting edge is too thin, and the vibration is severe during drilling. After the Angle is small, drilling when the axial force is very big, not easy to cut in, cutting force increases, the temperature rises, the bit heating is serious, even unable to drill. The rear Angle is suitable for Angle grinding, the front point is in the center, the two edges are symmetrical, when drilling, the bit chip discharge is light, no vibration, the aperture will not expand.6. After the two cutting edges are sharpened, it is necessary to sharpen the tip of the drill bit with a larger diameter.After the two edges of the drill are sharpened, there will be a plane at the tip of the two edges, which will affect the center positioning of the drill. It is necessary to reverse the Angle at the back of the edge and make the plane of the tip as small as possible. The method is to hold the drill bit upright, aim at the Angle of the grinding wheel, at the root of the back of the blade, and make a small groove towards the edge. This is also an important point for the bit to center and cut lightly. Note that when trimming the edge chamfering, never grind to the main cutting edge, this will make the main cutting edge of the front Angle is a too large, direct impact on drilling.
  • Programming And Control System (ToolMaker V2.0) For Five-Axis Tool Grinding Machine

    Tool Maker v2.0 developed by Demina includes Beckhoff of Germany, TOOLBOX tool grinding application software of Switzerland and K3E-002-001S of Japan. It is a compact, efficient and intelligent tool grinding expert system, which can integrate with any machine tool structure. It is a professional solution for the manufacturer of five-axis CNC tool grinder and the transformation of machine tools to deal with the manufacture and re-grinding of any type of rotary tool. This part is described as follows. TOOLBOX tool grinding application software of Switzerland This is a simulation software system of programming, checking and grinding based on Five-axis NC tool grinder. It provides a toolbox for the manufacture and grinding of high-precision tools. Among them, there are application software packages suitable for all kinds of axisymmetric tools and drills. The software is suitable for any kind of CNC tool grinder (at least five axes). Each CNC axis can configure with relative coordinates, direction, limit, workpiece card position, spindle installation position, probe and tool blank, which provides unlimited possibilities for the overall layout of the machine tool. Beckhoff five-axis digital control system of Germany Beckhoff, Germany manufactured the system. Based on the new technology of PC automation, a complete and compatible control system is composed of industrial PC, Fieldbus module and TwinCAT automation software. It can provide an open automation system and a complete solution for five-axis tool grinder. TwinCAT automation software can provide motion control solutions. The system has the communication function of the high performance EtherCAT system. The servo motor using single cable technology integrates the power supply and feedback system into a standard motor cable, thus reducing the commissioning cost. Probe Detection System METRO Company of Japan made the probe is a three-dimensional trigger sensor. It can automatically operate as follows under the drive of the NC program. 1. Detecting the tools' length and the installation position of tools' axis. 2. Automatically calculating the size of the spiral groove' angle, usually used in the re-grinding of tools. 3. Measuring the position of milling cutter's first tooth, so that the cutter can index accurately. 4. Any measurement required by the customers can customize and develop.
  • Warning Of Operating Cutting Tool Grinding Machine

    Warning Of Operating Cutting Tool Grinding Machine1). Wear appropriate safety clothing.2). Wear glasses and gloves to prevent metal debris damage to your body.3). Do not be used when the machine is broken down4). Eliminate safety problems before powering on.5). Report to your supervisor in case any operation problems6). Daily checks whether every part work normally and the protective measures are taken.7). Daily operation and maintenance areas must be dry and clean. Make sure you have all maintenance tools, and they are in good condition8). Any repairs must be done under the circumstances that the machine is not working and the power is off.9). Obey the operation procedures and use the information provided.10). Must not use detergents, gasoline, solvents, or other flammable liquids, for cleaning but the use of non-flammable, non-toxic commercial solvent.11). Do not use compressed air to clean the machine and its components. Please wear a protective glass and limit the pressure bellow 2bar if you won’t do this.12). Do not use bare wire for lighting during leak inspection and test13). Do not lubricate while the machine is running.14). Before making electrical connections, make sure the voltage and frequency meet the requirements.15). Electrical power must be connected to the ground for protection.16). Any electrical operation, for example replacing the fuse, replacing the overload protection, etc., must be handled by professionals, and only after the power cut off.
  • Safety Precautions When Using A Tool Grinder

    The CNC tool grinding machine has high precision, good rigidity, and is economical and practical. It is especially suitable for sharpening various small and medium-sized things, such as reamers, taps, twist drills, reaming drills, various milling cutters, milling cutter heads, and gear shapers. With the cooperation of corresponding accessories, it can grind the outer circle, the inner circle, and the plane, and can also grind the model and mold. Diamond wheels can be used to sharpen all kinds of carbide tools. Tool grinders are special-purpose grinders for the manufacture of tools and tools, including universal tool grinders, drill bit grinders, broach blade grinders, tool curve grinders, etc. They are mostly used in tool workshops of tool manufacturers and machine manufacturers. Although the is widely used, we still need to pay attention to some matters when using it. Precautions when using a tool grinder 1. Safety precautions. Electrical installations or repairs should be carried out by a qualified electrician. 2. Before starting, check whether the voltage and frequency on the motor nameplate are the same as the power supply. 3. The contact pins on the machine's power plug and socket should be firmly secured without looseness or contact. 4. Don't abuse the wires, don't pull the power cord on the socket with force, the wires should be far away from the high temperature, sharp margins. 5. Immediately unplug when there is a malfunction or there is an abnormal sound response. Turn off the button switch on the left side of the machine tool spindle box, and then perform inspection and repair. 6. Don't let the machine work in unmanned condition, it is necessary to stop working before leaving. When the power is blocked by the outside, press the red button, otherwise, the machine will work without a call. 7. Insist on the workplace clean and tidy, not in the damp, messy, faint light. Use machine tools inflammable and explosive situations. Keep children or visitors away from the machine and avoid various unsafe elements. 8. The machine tool cannot exceed the large cutting capacity to avoid various unsafe elements. 9. The workpiece should be fastened firmly when working, do not hold the workpiece, so both hands can be used to operate the machine. 10. Keep the surface of the guide rails clean. Do not let sand and dust enter to avoid damage to the guide rails. 11. When the parts and accessories of the machine tool are damaged, please don't substitute it arbitrarily. Use the corresponding spare parts with the same function.
  • PCD Tool Grinders Use And Features

    Use And Features Of PCD Tool GrindersThe machine is mainly used for grinding PCD tools & CBN tools and carbide tools. Not only can you position the tool.precisely and quickly by the CCD video system, but it also feeds directly to the position resulting in high efficiency. The speed of the grinding wheel can be adjusted easily and continuously between 1000rpm—3000rpm depending on the grinding request. The RPM of the rotation working table can be read out from encoder with resolution 1”.Relief angle to be ground can be adjusted by the handwheel and read from the main scale and its secondary divisions with resolution ±10’.PCD tool grinders the video system is application software for monitoring, positioning and measuring the PCD tools. With Demina’s property right, this software can be updated without extra charge to meet customer’s special requirements. All of this eliminates mechanical limitations and increases efficiency greatly. The PCD tool can be easily located in the right position by turning the two screws of the cross working table. When the equipment is grinding, the angle and radian can be measured by the CCD video system, so that grinding can be performed and the grinding efficiency can be improved. The system of PCD tool grinders can realize precise feed, and the equipment can carry out automatic grinding work. This not only improves the reliability of the equipment grinding but also stabilizes the equipment.Welcome you to visit our company!
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