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  • Grinding Steps Of Twist Drill Bits On APE40

    APE40 is a kind of drill grinding machine with full functions, and it is very easy to operate. Furthermore, it is mainly used to grind step drills, tap and other various commonly used drills. Grinding twist drill bits(point angle 90°-140°) 1. Position the tool holder head setting the required grinding angle on the external graduated scale 10 and lock it in position using lever33. 2. Enable oscillation of the head, so that pin 7 is in position B and tighten the lever locking screw 8. To achieve good grinding results it is essential that the screw is tightened. 3. Place green cam No.2 into the 1:2 ratio cam holder for right-hand bits and red cam No.1 for left-hand bits. 4. Prevent the chuck from rotating by inserting the positioning key 19 into the green phasing notch for right-hand bits indicated by D and R, or into the red phasing notch for left-hand bits indicated by S and L. These notches are the starting point for correctly phasing the tool with respect to the cam. 5. Put the Morse Cone onto the shake of the bit and then insert it from the rear of the chuck. 6. Clamp the bit in the self-centering chuck and then loosen it slightly so that the bit can rotate for correct positioning. (NOTE: Cylindrical shaft bits are held directly by the 6 jaws self-centering chuck that guarantees a concentric grip directly on the shank.) 7. Turn the bit so that the cutting edge rests on the step of the template 17 in correspondence to the value of the diameter of the bit to the ground. Bits with a diameter greater than 16 are always positioned on 16. Right-hand bits: Template step facing upwards, green, letters D and R. Left-hand bits: Template step facing downwards, red, letters S and L. 8. Clamp the bit. 9. Move the positioning template away and disengage the positioning key 19 tightening the knob 41 to allow the chuck to rotate. 10. In order to obtain a normal rake angle adjust the lever 4 until a value approximately equal to the diameter of the bit to the ground is shown on the index 8. To obtain a greater rake angle, position the index on a higher value. In order to obtain a lower rake angle, position the index on a lower value. 11. Using handwheels 11 and 13 bring the grinding wheel into the operating position and start the motor by pressing the start button 35.
  • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Composite Sheet Introduction

    Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) composite sheet is a new material made of diamond particles of micron size mixed with metal powders such as Co and Ni and sintered on tungsten carbide (WC) substrate under high pressure and high temperature.PCD composite sheet not only has the diamond high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, and other superior properties but also has the carbide good strength and toughness. Therefore, it can be cut into the required tool head, welding the tool head on the tool body, through the cutting edge grinding into the PCD tool.Main Performance Indicators Of PCD Tool Materials1. The hardness of PCD is very high, 80 to 120 times that of cemented carbide, and the hardness can reach 8000HV, so now many industries will use PCD tools for grinding.2. The thermal conductivity of PCD is 700W / mK, so the heat transfer speed of the PCD tool is very fast.3. The friction coefficient of PCD is generally very low, so PCD tools made of PCD materials can significantly reduce the cutting force. This is why most PCD tools are now used in the grinding industry.4. The thermal expansion coefficient of PCD is only 0.9× 10-6 ~ 1.18× 10-6, which is only 1/5 of that of cemented carbide. Therefore, the thermal deformation of the PCD tool is small and the machining accuracy is high.5. The affinity between the PCD tool and nonferrous metal and nonmetallic materials is very small, and the chip is not easily bonded to the tooltip to form a chip tumor in the processing process.Due to the excellent performance of the the PCD tool, it is widely used in the processing of nonferrous and nonmetallic materials.
  • Demina Is The Tool Grinding Machine Supplier Of Great Wall Motors

    Demina is the tool grinding machine supplier of Great Wall Motors After half a year's correct decision by the leaders of our company and the unremitting efforts of the staff at various positions. Our company finally won the bid for the tool homemade project of the branch company of Great Wall automobile in ding xing. The total equipment procurement plan for this project is 12 sets of equipment, with a total equipment amount of 3.983 million yuan. Equipment includes: BT-150D four-axis CNC ultra-hard tool grinding machine, BT-100 five-axis CNC tool grinding machine, BT-2 grinding wheel dressing machine, universal tool grinding machine, and tool management system based on "cloud computing" tool grinding order and process management system. Production of Tool grinding machine The winning bid is a great opportunity for the company to build core technology and improve competitiveness. We will mobilize all positive factors and take all effective measures to ensure the smooth progress of the project. Establish a business reputation for the company. Complete the equipment manufacturing task of this project with quality and quantity guaranteed. And as the market demands for tool grinding machines is growing, our company is constantly developing and producing. The introduction of advanced production technology from abroad. Which is continuously improved by our technicians, finally developed a variety of new tool grinding equipment. Now Demina is not only a tool grinding machine manufacturer but also a manufacturer. Now our company's various types of tool grinding machines are available for sale. Welcome to come and consult.
  • The Structure Design Of BT-150M Tool Grinder Workbench

    China BT-150M tool grinder is a tool grinder equipment newly developed by Beijing Demina. The equipment has high precision, good rigidity, economy, and practicality, and is particularly suitable for sharpening various small and medium tools, such as reamer, tap, twist drill, reaming drill, various milling cutters, milling cutter heads, and gear shaping cutters. With the corresponding attachments, it is also possible to grind turning and milling blades, boring tools, grooving tools and many types of special turning tools to grind angles and radii. The use of diamond wheels can sharpen various carbide tools. In order to grind various tools, the machine is equipped with a series of attachments. So after understanding the purpose of the equipment, how much do you know about the structural design of the equipment workbench? Let me introduce you to BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer Beijing Demina.The Structure Design Of BT-150M Tool Grinder Workbench1. Tool grinding often requires one clamping to complete the rough machining of all cutting surfaces. And the workbench should able to process multiple grinding wheels.2. The tool is mainly composed of various complex curved surfaces, so the worktable structure should meet the requirements of multi-axis linkage machining. And ensure that each motion axis does not produce motion interference within the working range.3. The BT-150M tool grinder workbench should be designed according to the needs of users. It is necessary to be able to withstand the huge grinding force generated during rough grinding and to ensure high precision during finishing. Therefore, the grinder is required to have good rigidity, good stability, high motion accuracy, and low thermal denaturation.4. And according to the needs of users, the grinding wheels of this equipment are divided into diamond grinding wheels and ceramic diamond grinding wheels. When using, users can choose according to their grinding needs.Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD is a professional tool grinder supplier. The equipment we produce has high technical requirements and can meet the grinding needs of users. Welcome to consult the price of the equipment.
  • CNC System Characteristics Of Tool Grinding Machine

    The technology of Tool grinder The core technology of BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine, the vertical feed of the grinding head is manual, equipped with a fast lifting mechanism. It can reduce the labor intensity: the grinding head adopts built-in motor, compact structure, good spindle rigidity, and high precision. The front end of the spindle is adopted. The inner column outer tapered bearing has a long service life and convenient maintenance. The machine tool is economical and practical, easy to operate, and is well received by users. The precision CNC tool grinding machine adopts the moving structure of the grinding head. The front and back of the bed are integral structure, the rigidity of the whole machine is good. The longitudinal movement of the table and the lateral movement of the grinding head are hydraulically driven step-less speed regulation. The lateral feed can also manually CNC tool grinding machine superior quality, excellent performance and reasonable price are the decisive factors for the guarantee. As the leading brand in the machine tool industry, Demina has always occupied the entire machine tool market with high reputation and high quality and won the praise of our precision surface grinders by customers all over the country. The user's favorite is our greatest encouragement, let our precision surface grinders bring convenience to your production. CNC system characteristics of tool grinding machine Interchangeability - By standardizing interfaces, communication and interaction mechanisms. Different functional modules can run on the system platform with standard application interfaces and achieve equal interoperability and coordination. Interchangeability - The selection of hardware modules and functional software constituting the system is not controlled by a single supplier. And can replace with each other according to functions, reliability, and performance requirements, without affecting the overall coordinated operation of the system. Scalability - the user of the tool grinding machine CNC system or the second can effectively integrate their own software into the NC system to form their own dedicated system. The function addition and subtraction only require the loading and unloading of the function module. Portability - The functional software of the system is independent of the device. The various functional modules run in different control systems, that is, they can run on hardware platforms provided by different vendors. Scalability - The function and scale of the CNC system of the can be flexibly set and easy to modify. The size of the control system can increase or decrease depending on the specific application. Maintenance and care of Tool grinding machine 1. Before using the tool grinder machine, you must read the instructions and be familiar with the structure of the machine. The functions of each handle, the drive, and the lubrication system. 2. Add lubricant to the lubrication instructions of the machine before use. 3. First check whether the locking parts are clamped, check whether the grinding wheel rack lifting system and the worktable movement and electrical equipment are normal. 4. When using, select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material and processing part requirements of the CNC tool grinding machine, and repair the grinding wheel working face in time. 5. If the machine malfunctions or does not sound normally during the work, immediately cut off the input power and check the cause. 6. Keep the rail surface clean when in use. After the work is finished, the sand, iron filings and dust on the machine should remove. And the anti-rust oil should be applied to the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion. 7. Use and maintenance of linear guides: (1) Since the linear guide is a high-precision component, it should use in a clean environment and take corresponding protective measures to avoid the entry of dust and metal dust. Thus affecting the accuracy and service life of the product. (2) At the same time, the rust prevention and lubrication maintenance of the linear guide should do. Regularly clean with kerosene and add new lubricating oil to avoid damage caused by corrosion of the guide surface and lack of oil. (3) The linear guide components should be disassembled as much as possible to avoid the steel balls falling off in the guide rails and affect normal use. 8. Regularly maintain the BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine. In case of failure, repair it in time to ensure that the machine is in good condition. 9. Tool grinding parts and accessories, tool damage, should replace with the same specifications and performance of the accessories. And use the equipment supplier's accessories as much as possible to ensure the machine's performance and life.
  • BT-150M Tool Grinder For Diamond Polishing

    Diamond cutters are now commonly used in the 3C field, which is more representative of the iPhone. However, when the diamond raw material comes, the first step in our polishing operation, which is very simple. But it’s very important. Let’s take a look at the specific steps of polishing.1. First clean the fixture, diamond, and machine, so as to ensure the accuracy of polishing.2. Choose a diamond, because a diamond has 8 edges and 2 faces. Before polishing, we need to choose that face as our polishing face to better meets our requirements.3. For the clamping of the diamond, we install the diamond into the fixture by hand and then lock the screw by hand. Be careful not to lock the screw too tightly, which is easy to crush.4. Place the diamond on the millstone and press it slightly. Then slowly increase the weight and move the diamond slightly. After a period of time (about 20 seconds), pick up the diamond to see if it is completely clear, and then determine if it is fine.5. Wait until the diamond completely see light after we can fine throw, at this time our diamond is parallel to the millstone oh, and the pressure of the appropriate reduction, the speed of the swing to speed up.6. After about 20 seconds of fine casting, we can look at the grain on the surface of the diamond. If it looks smooth to the naked eye, we can look at the grain under the microscope.
  • The Useful Tips And Maintain Of The 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    Features of 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine 1. The workbench adopts imported high-precision linear rolling guides, the bed is stable and the operation is light. 2. This machine can equip with various accessories according to the tool to be ground. It can grind various end mills, end mills, R-type milling cutters, cylindrical milling cutters, three-sided milling cutters, single-angle milling cutters, reamers, Turning tools, R-type turning tools, hobbing cutters, drills, taps, engraving knives, powerful cutting tools, paper cutters and other types of tools. 3. The motor can be rotated 360 degrees, and the grinding wheel is equipped on both sides to increase the handling of the tool grinding. When grinding the tool of different materials, as long as the grinding wheel head is rotated. The grinding can be started again without having to replace the grinding wheel. 4. Can increase safety and reduce the time of wheel interchange and refurbishment. 5. Adopt high strength and toughness FC30 cast iron to maintain mechanical precision for a long time. BT-150E tool grinding machine to grinding inserts. Advantages of 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine There are several problems with grinding tools in the company with hand tool grinders. For example, grinding a tool requires multiple machines. For example, grinding a drill requires a slotting machine, a cylindrical grinding machine, and a sharpening machine. This requires multiple setups. In contrast, a CNC tool grinder requires only one setup for a complete set of grinding. At the same time, the footprint of a is smaller than that of multiple manual tool grinders. Another problem is the contamination of the carbide chips produced by the non-closed manual machine. More importantly, hand tool grinders rely on the skill of the operator. And this has become an increasingly scarce resource. In addition, manual tool grinding takes much longer than CNC tool grinding. As the tool geometry becomes more complex, the grinding time increases dramatically. One issue that the outsourcing team is involved is the lack of flexibility. For example, if a tool used in a processing plant has a special geometry or is involved in development work that requires rapid resolution of tool features. It may encounter very long regrind times. In addition, the quality controllability of the re-grinding tool of the processing factory is small. In the process of the outreach, the re-grinding plant determines the timing of each project. So the processing plant is likely to find that the tool to be re-grinded is discharged to the rear of a long queue. Processing plants that perform internal grinding can control the timing of prioritization and re-grinding of tools. Use tips of 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine 1. First, determine the diameter of the milling cutter. If you want to grind the 8MM end mill, use the 8MM collet and lock the cutter to the 50D sleeve. 2. Set the angle and swing the cutter sleeve slightly 4°. 3. Start grinding the bottom surface, for example, a 4-edge milling cutter, align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel, complete the tool setting step and then grind the bottom angle of the milling cutter, finish grinding one edge and then replace another cutting edge to finish grinding. 4. Grind the center of the cutter to escape the angle, swing the sleeve to about 10 °, and then grind the center escape angle of each milling cutter. 5. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in turn. 6. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter, use the tip to press the spiral groove of the milling cutter. Align the grinding wheel, and push the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter. Maintenance of 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine 1. If the user fails to be used within one month after purchasing the product, please do anti-rust treatment regularly. With the difference of regional humidity, the anti-rust treatment time also needs to be adjusted. 2. Please check the operation status regularly for one month. If the surface of the screw is contaminated by dust and metal dust. Please clean it with kerosene and then add lubricant. 3. The ball screw must retain lubricating oil at any time. If the product is not rusted or damaged, we will not be listed as a free warranty item.
  • Classification Of Grinding Machines

    With the increase in the number of high precision, high hardness mechanical parts, as well as the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, grinding machines. Performance, variety, and yield are constantly improving and growing.Classification Of Grinding Machines1. Coordinate grinding machine: an internal grinding machine with a precise coordinate positioning device.2. Centerless grinding machine: the workpiece is held by centerless clamping, generally supported between the guide wheel and the bracket and driven by the guide wheel to rotate the workpiece, mainly used for grinding cylindrical surface grinding machine. Such as bearing shaft, etc.3. Surface grinding machine: a grinding machine mainly used for grinding the surface of the workpiece.A. The hand grinding machine is suitable for processing small size and high precision workpiece, and can process various special-shaped workpiece including arc surface, plane, groove, etc.B. Large water mill is suitable for the processing of the large workpiece, the processing accuracy is not high, and is different from the hand grinding machine.4. Belt grinding machine: a grinding machine for grinding with a fast-moving belt.5. Honing machine: it is mainly used for processing various cylindrical holes (including smooth holes, axial or radial discontinuity surface faces, through holes, blind holes, and multi-step holes), and it can also process taper holes, oval holes, and residual cycloidal holes.6.Grinding machine: used for grinding workpiece plane or cylindrical inside, outside surface grinding machine.7. Guide grinding machine: mainly used for grinding the guide surface of the machine tool.8. Tool grinder: a grinding machine for grinding tools.9. Multi-purpose grinding machine: a grinding machine for grinding cylindrical, conical inner, outer surface or plane, and grinding a variety of workpiece with follow-up device and accessories.10. Special grinding machine: a special machine for grinding certain parts.11. End face grinding machine: a grinding machine for grinding the end face of the gear.Beijing Demina has produced a special tool grinding machine for 10 years. We produce all kinds of grinder equipment. Our equipment has advanced technology and reliable quality. Welcome to visit our factory.
  • The Grinding Procedures Of BT-150H PCD&PCBN Insert Tool Grinder

    BT-150H is specially designed for precise PCD&PCBN tool grinding. In addition to standard machine and accessories. Customized fixtures or tool can also be designed for your special request to extend the use and productivity. Grinding procedures At first, set the grinding wheel inclination as the second clearance angle(normally from 0° to 18°). And turn the rotary table at a proper position so that the left cutting edge parallel to the X-axis of the hairline on the video displayer. That is the cutting edge parallel to the grinding wheel end face. Turn the fast feed handwheel to move the tool immediately in front of the grinding wheel end face, and then feed forward with figures screwing the micro feed wheel. The grinding wheel is removing the PCD&CBN material until you stop. Try it one or more time until the new cutting edge appears. Do the same to the second cutting edge. Secondly, center the tooltips again by turning the two handwheels on the cross worktable. Drive the grinding wheel quickly forward until the PCD&CBN tool is near to the grinding wheel. And then feed ahead while swinging the rotary table. Radius cutting tip is forming gradually. As soon as the radius cutting edge coincides with the two linear cutting edges stop the feeding. Finally, set the grinding wheel inclination as the first clearance angle (normally from 5°to 8°). Do the same to the tools so that a very narrow flat (roughly 0.02mm thickness) comes into being on the cutting edge. The way described above is the normal method, and special and more reasonable method is highly encouraged and reported to Demina precision. Special fixture design and even emendation to the machine will be considered by Demina as innovation.  
  • Structural Characteristics Of BT-150E Tool Grinding Machine

    BT-150E tool grinding machine is used to process end mills, ball nose milling cutters, step drills, reamers, forming milling cutters, deep hole drills, triangle chisels, and ox head planers. It can sharpen the edges and grooves of metal cutting tools and the outer circles, planes and complex shapes of small and medium-sized parts. The maximum grinding workpiece diameter is 250 mm. So now it is widely used in various industries. The following Beijing Demina will introduce the structural characteristics of the device.Structural Characteristics Of BT-150E Tool Grinding Machine1. Specially made high-strength polymer bed, self-weight, stable structure, good rigidity, strong shock absorption. No special requirements for installation.2. Finite element design, reasonable design of the five-axis structure, compact space, convenient operation, and larger effective stroke.3. BT-150E tool grinding machine to grinding inserts, the spindle undergoes high-speed dynamic balancing treatment, labyrinth seal. The spindle is water-cooled to effectively control the temperature rise.4. Large workbench design, standard T-slot table, easy to install various auxiliary fixtures. Effectively expand the application range, easily face the processing of various special tools.5. Equipped with a 3D tool automatic measurement system, which can be automatically measured and completed within a few seconds.6. A unique and ultra-high-precision cutting oil cooling filter device greatly improves the processing effect. Ensures the lasting cleanness of the machine tool, and the quality of the tool.BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine is a high-quality, high-precision and sharp key equipment for high-quality grinding and manufacturing of precision, complex-shaped tools. High-tech products of mechatronics. And for China’s current grinding machine production technology, its research and development have considerable technical difficulties. Using a 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine to grind the tool must rely on tool grinding processing technology and programming technology. And the grinding processing technology and control system of various complex shape tools is also core technologies in the field of CNC. Therefore, in the future, the improvement and development of CNC tool grinder technology is also a problem that we need to pay attention to.
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