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  • 3-axis Cutter Grinder Machining Center Structure

    The 3-axis cutter grinder machining center is developed from the basic CNC milling machine. It combines all the features and functions of the CNC milling machine. Unlike the CNC milling machine. The machining center has an automatic tool changer that can automatically change during machining knife function. The CNC milling machine does not have an automatic tool changer. And the automatic tool change function cannot realize. This is the difference between the CNC milling machine and the machining center. Today, Demina introduces the automatic tool changer. The composition of the 3-axis cutter grinder machining center The automatic tool changer of the 3-axis cutter grinder machining center is composed of a tool magazine. A robot arm, and a drive mechanism. The tool magazine stores the tools required for machining. There are many types of magazines, mainly according to the shape of a variety of types of magazines. Such as bucket magazines, disc magazines, and chain magazines. These magazines have several to hundreds of tools. There are two types of tool magazines used in the common machining centers on the market: the bucket type magazine and the disc type magazine. The chain-type magazine is not used by many manufacturers because of its high price. The tool change method in the center of the is relatively simple. This type of tool magazine does not have a robot arm. So there is no need to use a robot arm to complete the tool change. The tool change method of the tool magazine is as follows: the tool magazine moves to the main shaft to realize the tool change. This type has the advantages of high-cost performance, convenient maintenance, simple structure, etc.. But the disadvantage is that the tool change speed is slow. Advantage of 3-axis cutter grinder The 3-axis cutter grinder machining center mainly performs the tool change operation by the robot arm. The robot removes the tool from the tool magazine and rotates it into the spindle to complete the tool change. Such a tool magazine has the advantages of a fast tool change speed and has the disadvantages of complicated structure. Inconvenient maintenance, and high failure rate. Although the tool change mode, tool selection mode and tool structure of these tool magazines are different. The 3-axis milling vertical machining center is controlled by the numerical control system. And the tool selection is realized by motor, air pressure or hydraulic and robot.
  • Methods Of Making PCBN Blades

    There are two main methods for manufacturing PCBN blades: one is a one-time polymerization, that is, directly using hexagonal boron nitride (HBN) to polymerize into a high-density sintered body. The other is a secondary polymerization method. This method first synthesizes high-density cubic boron nitride (CBN), and then uses high temperature and high pressure as a raw material to form polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. At present, secondary polymerization methods with added binders are more common:How To Make PCBN Blades?1. Add metal binder CBN sinteringThere are many kinds of metal binders, mainly Ni, Co, Ti, ti-al, etc. At the sintering temperature, the metal binder becomes the liquid phase. The appearance of the liquid phase has a certain promoting effect on CBN sintering, and the sintering can be carried out at a slightly lower temperature and pressure. In addition, since CBN is insoluble in the metal binder, dissolution and precipitation process that can promote shrinkage and crystal growth will not occur. During the sintering process, cobalt in the cemented carbide penetrates into the CBN grain boundary in a liquid state, and the cemented carbide is closely bonded to the CBN sintered body. The hardness of the PCBN tool with a metal binder is lower than that of pure CBN sintered tool, but its toughness is good. Brands such as Element six’s AMB90, GE’s BZN6000 and Mitsubishi’s MB710 are all made of the sintered metal binder.2. The addition of ceramic binder CBN sinteringCeramic binder mainly includes TiN, TiC, Al2O3, etc. Crack due to sintering process, so much in the vitrified bond of iron group elements (iron, cobalt, nickel) and Mo or Mo2C increase strength between ceramic ion, have the effect of the medium of fluid transmitting pressure, is conducive to form internal sintered body without deformation, such as molybdenum can also improve the wettability between ceramic particles and iron. Ceramic binder PCBN binder content is generally higher, toughness than metal binder tool is poor, but its high-temperature resistance performance is better. Such products include DBA80 and DBC50 of British Element six company, BZN7000S and BZN8200 of American GE company, and NBX300 and NBX3200 of Sumitomo Japan.3. Pure CBN sinteringPolycrystalline cubic boron nitride can also be formed by a direct sintering method so that a binder is not used in the CBN polycrystal. Recrystallization and grain growth occur during CBN sintering. The grains of CBN polycrystalline after sintering are not the original CBN single-crystal particles. This kind of PCBN tool has good wear resistance and long service life, but it is difficult to make the blade with high toughness and large size due to its brittleness and harsh temperature conditions.Demina tool grinding machine can grind the PCBN blades with high efficiency. It can grind the edge and the circular arc of PCBN blades.
  • Features Of BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Machine

    BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine is Demina's requirement for high-efficiency, high-precision, high-volume grinding of woodworking straight knives, TCT straight knives, woodworking trimming knives, arc back corner straight knives and other woodworking tools. The new product developed is the ideal grinding equipment for woodworking tool manufacturers. At the same time, the CNC tool grinding machine is also suitable for high-efficiency grinding of the groove and back of the tool. And high-efficiency grinding of the end teeth of the tool. It is the manufacture or grinding of various material saw blade milling cutters, gear hobs and high efficiency and high precision for the cutters. Ideal for grooving. The CNC tool grinder adopts a vertical machining center structure layout and uses high-strength, high-rigidity grinding machine-specific castings to ensure machine stability through aging treatment. Advantage OF CNC tool grinding machine BT-80 CNC tool grinder adopts interface variable programming program and configures special grinding software package. It only needs to input relevant parameters to automatically produce a grinding program. Which makes the operation of the grinding machine very simple and convenient, low requirements for operators and simple After the training. The machine tool can use very well, thereby reducing the labor cost and management difficulty of the enterprise. BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder adopt the new generation CNC system, which can directly grind the workpiece with taper. The operating procedure is simple and convenient. The precision of the workpieces that are ground is good. And the flexibility and stability of the forming CNC system are better than the traditional PLC control. The BT-80 CNC tool and tool grinder clamping power unit adopts servo motor. The X-axis and Z-axis are all driven by servo motor. Because the servo motor is in the transmission process, the force is strong and the stability is strong. Perfect fit and easy to operate. Features OF CNC tool and cutter grinder 1. It can equip with advanced man-machine dialogue type CNC system, which can be used for both G code programming and tool software. The system is safe, stable, convenient and resistant to electromagnetic interference. Through the Ethernet interface and USB2.0, the program transfer between the CNC and the PC can realize, and the minimum processing time can start with one button so that the productivity can greatly improve. 2. It is equipped with 3D simulation software to display the necessary parameters of tool machining in the form of a dialog box. After the parameter input, the tool simulation can display the tool 3D graphics and machine grinding steps. Use the anti-collision function of the software to avoid collisions during actual machining. 3. The corresponding software module can use to process all kinds of tools. Through the optional probe, the automatic measurement of the workpiece and the compensation of the tool wear can realize. That is, the tool can produce and the tool can repair. 4. By cutting the spindle power, the tool with a diameter of 0.5 or more can ground and the tool can repair within 150. 5. BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine Heavy-duty design, gantry frame structure, good rigidity, high strength, and good stability. 6. Imported screw rods and guide rails ensure high precision, high sensitivity, and good stability. 7. The rotating shaft is equipped with imported high-precision worm gears, and the transmission has high smoothness and precision. 8. Can installed top and simple support points for long tool production.
  • Precautions When Installing The Sharpening Machine

    The sharpening machine is a kind of mechanical equipment often used in grinding work. When installing, the sharpening machine needs to pay attention to some matters in order to make better use of the equipment. The following Beijing Demina uses the APE 60-sharpening machine as an example to tell you some of the matters needing attention when installing a sharpener.Precautions When Installing The Sharpening MachineFirst, pay attention to the stability of the installation to prevent vibration. Ensure that the fasteners are securely connected. The rotation of the sharpening disc should smooth and free from jitter and wobble. Otherwise, they will easily wear the blade and sawtooth edges will appear.Secondly, make sure that the APE 60 universal drill tool grinder is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise, it will wear the blade. And note that the position of the knife holder is 6 mm from the disc surface. The incorrect position of the knife holder is likely to cause the blade to abraded and damage the knife sharpener.Users who have used sharpening machines know that if the equipment is not installed properly, it will affect the sharpness of the sharpener. So in addition to this situation, what are the other operating methods that affect the sharpness of the sharpener?Operation Methods Affecting The Sharpness Of SharpenerThe first is the uneven pressure of the sharpening machine, which makes the blade uneven. The sharpness of each tooth is different. When swinging, uneven pressure will make the blade bulge. Excessive pressure causes the blade to anneal and deform, which shortens the service life of the blade. If the pressure is too small, the blade cannot smoothly fit, which is prone to partial wear and toothing. The impact of the swing speed on the sharpness is also very large. If the swing speed is too fast, it is easy to scrape off the abrasive. As a result, the cutter teeth are easily damaged, and the balance of the blade cannot be grasped well. If the swing speed is too slow, it will also accelerate the wear of the blade and shorten the service life, which is not good.The APE 60 drill tool grinder stroke should not too short, it will cause the middle of the sharpening disc to sag quickly and shorten the service life of the sharpening disc. So the stroke of the sharpening disc should be as long as possible.Beijing Demina company specializes in producing all kinds of Sharpening Machine equipment. If you need it, you can come to consult the APE 60-sharpening machine latest price, welcome everyone to come to buy.
  • Product Update: Grinding Wheel

    Our company has two types of grinding wheel, the first one is for ND & Monocrystal, the other one is for PCD & PCBN. Diamond bruiting wheel, ceramic diamond wheel, the vitrified bond diamond bruiting wheel also called ceramic bond diamond bruiting wheel. Grinding wheel for PCD & PCBN This grinding wheel has high hardness, can be cut freely, and combines the characteristics of resin and metal bonding process. It prolongs tool life, improves grinding efficiency and productivity, and achieves minimum maintenance and optimal performance. A large number of exports to the famous diamond industry country, such as India, Thailand, Israel, Belgium, Botswana, Nambia, etc.  Welcome to come to make orders. Installation and usage instructions 1. Before installing and using the grinding wheel, the appearance inspection must carry out to check whether there are cracks or damages. And the sound produced by striking the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer should clear and crisp. Rotation test should carry out according to GB/T 2493 standard before using, otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to use. 2. Before installation, the spindle speed of the machine tool must check and must not exceed the maximum working speed that indicated on the grinding wheel. 3. Tightening grinding wheels are only allowed to use special nut wrenches, and must tighten gradually and symmetrically on the opposite sides of the spindle in sequence. The nut should tighten properly. Supplementary fixtures or knocking tools are prohibited. 4. Turning off the coolant to keep the grinding wheel balance. 5. The fit of grinding wheel aperture with grinding wheel spindle and chuck should comply with GB4674 standard. 6. The newly installed grinding wheel must idle at the following time at working speed with protective cover. (The grinding wheel with outer diameter less than 400mm is not less than 2 minutes. The grinding wheel with an outer diameter more than 400mm is not less than 5 minutes. When idling, the operator should not stand in front of the grinding wheel or in the tangent direction.) 7. Wheels not especially used for end grinding (such as parallel grinding wheels) should not ground with the end of the grinding wheel. Wheels not especially used for cylindrical grinding(such as bowl-shaped and cup-shaped grinding wheels) should also not ground with the outer circle of the grinding wheel in order to avoid wheel breakage. 8. It is forbidden to push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel when grinding a workpiece with a grinding wheel.    
  • Grinding Wheel Selection For PCBN Tool Grinding

    Grinding Wheel Selection For PCBN Tool Grinding1. Particle size selectionThe smaller the particle size of the grinding wheel is, the more smooth the surface will be and the lower the surface roughness will be. However, generally, on the premise of satisfying the requirements of cutting edge machining quality, it is necessary to choose the coarse-grained grinding wheel as far as possible, so as to ensure the machining quality and improve the machining efficiency. For the PCD tool grinding process, it is difficult to choose a particle size of the grinding wheel to achieve satisfactory results, generally to choose 2-3 different particle size grinding wheels for coarse, fine grinding.2. Selection of binderAt present, there are three kinds of diamond grinding wheels in common use: resin bonding agent, metal bonding agent and a ceramic bonding agent.1. Characteristics of the metal bond grinding wheel: the bronze bond is more common. The characteristics of the bronze-bonded diamond grinding wheel are good formability, high strength, certain toughness, but poor self-sharpness.2. Characteristics of resin bond grinding wheel: high strength, good elasticity, stable bonding. But the resin material is polymer material, no fixed melting point, poor heat resistance. When the grinding temperature reaches 200-300 ℃, its bonding capacity will be greatly reduced.3. Characteristics of ceramic bonded grinding wheel: the characteristics of the ceramic bonded grinding wheel are high hardness, good zili, stable chemical properties, water resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, and low cost. However, the grinding wheel of the ceramic bonding machine is generally formed by powder pressing, which is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the molding body and is relatively brittle, so in the grinding process, the abrasive particles and binder are easy to fall off collectively.
  • Professional BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder Manufacturer

    Demina is a leading manufacturer of tool automation equipment, tool grinding equipment, and similar precision machinery. At the same time, a software development center for automatic production and grinding of multi-axis linkage tools was established. And a number of software copyrights were established. Demina software makes tool production and grinding easier, more convenient and more efficient. As an innovative company, the company has built a comprehensive operation platform for integrating R&D. Design, production, sales, and after-sales service. Committed to high value-added products and services to help customers achieve the goal of improving machining efficiency and reducing processing costs. At present, Demina has a series of products with independent intellectual property rights. Such as CNC tool grinding machine, milling cutter bit compound grinding machine, end milling cutter grinding machine. Ball end milling machine grinding machine, drill grinding machine, chamfering machine, etc. The existing production base of the equipment can produce tens of thousands of units of the above equipment. Demina has the advantages of convenient operation, high grinding precision. High-quality reliability, and perfect after-sales service. Our products are exported to the United States, Mexico, Turkey and Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and other countries. welcomed and used by users. In the ever-changing environment and rapid development process, Demina always adheres to the business orientation of maximizing customer value. And constantly pursues the corporate values ​​of “integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and excellence”. And continues to enhance the ability of technological innovation. Meet and exceed customer expectations. In the future, Demina will continue to adhere to the concept of independent innovation, unswervingly take the international road. And continue to strive to become a global professional tool production and grinding equipment supplier.
  • Technical Features Of 4-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    4-axis CNC tool grinder is an integration of a variety of disciplines such as machining technology, microelectronics technology, monitoring and detection technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology. It is a new and rapidly developing high-tech. Economic development plays a very important role. At the same time, the 4-axis CNC tool grinder technology is also the basis for the development of automation technology. The numerical control technology is a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology, which plays a pivotal role in achieving high speed, high precision and high reliability of processing equipment. The following Beijing Demina uses the BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder as an example to introduce the features and development of CNC tool grinding machines.Technical Features Of 4-Axis CNC Tool Grinder1. BT-150D CNC tool grinder adopts a fully enclosed structure, no external device, built-in cutting fluid cooling cycle device and oil mist recovery device.2. The feed shaft is directly connected to the precision ball screw pair by the unit motor through a high-precision gapless coupling, and there is no north gap error.3. All guide rails adopt precision ball linear guide rails, which have the characteristics of high precision and long life.4. The guide rail and ball screw pair adopt a fully automatic timing and quantitative lubrication system.5. Beijing Demina Company produced the CNC tool grinding machine adopts 4-axis CNC automatic control.BT-150D CNC tool grinder, especially multi-axis CNC, multi-axis linkage CNC tool grinder, is a high-quality, precision, and sharp key equipment for high-precision grinding and manufacturing of precision and complex shape tools. It is also a mechatronics high-tech product with complex structure, a high degree of automation, high precision and reliability requirements in various types of CNC grinders, and its research and development have considerable technical difficulties. The use of 4-axis CNC tool grinders to grind the tools must rely on tool grinding and programming technology, and the grinding technology and control system of various complex shapes of tools also belong to the core technology in the field of numerical control.Beijing Demina is a professional BT-150D CNC tool grinder manufacturer. The CNC tool grinder we produce has good technology and high grinding efficiency, which is welcomed by customers. Users are welcome to come to buy.
  • CNC PCD Tool Grinder

    Technical parameters of BT-150D CNC PCD tool grinder The diameter of the grinding wheel is 150mm Center hole of grinding wheel 40mm Power of grinding shaft is 3 kilowatts The effective grinding speed is adjustable from 1000 ~ 4000 RPM Servo motor swing, adjustable swing frequency 0 ~ 60 times/min  Grinding wheel movement range (X direction) 350mm The Angle of the sand wheel shaft in the vertical plane can be arbitrarily adjusted in the control rice.- 5 ° and 25 ° The range of motion in the feed direction (Y direction) of the table is less than 90 mm The axial rotation range of the workpiece is 360 degrees The rotation range of the workpiece in the horizontal plane is 360 degrees Straight spool display resolution 0.001 mm 12 rotation axis display resolution 1 ' Cooling and optical amplification system Optical microscopic magnification of 0.7 to 4 times The maximum magnification of the CCD system is about 80 times The cooling tank capacity with a filter paper is about 70L The total size of 16 without an integrated cooling system 1890×1650×1980 mm The total weight of the cooling tank is 2400 kg The power supply The main power supply is 12 kW The power supply voltage 380 v/three-phase /50Hz The system of Demina BT-150D CNC PCD tool grinder can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding PCD tools.
  • Dressing Of Grinding Wheel

    Grinding Wheel DressingDemina PCBN tool grinding machine has dressing equipment of grinding wheel.Dressing of grinding wheel is essential in the grinding process. The dressing can keep the grinding wheel in good processing state and ensure the processing efficiency and quality. The smoother the grinding wheel dressing is, the smaller the roughness value of the processed surface will be. To obtain a very low roughness value for grinding surface, the grinding wheel must be finely trimmed. In addition, in the process of tool grinding, the grinding wheel working surface will be blocked by debris. At this time, if continued to use, due to the diamond exposed part of the smaller, grinding capacity, grinding pressure, will increase the vibration of the machine, affecting the quality of processing. At the same time, the increase of friction, heat, will be likely to burn the PCD blade. In order to avoid the above situation and ensure the processing efficiency and quality, it is necessary to trim the grinding wheel in the grinding process.PCD Tool Clamping And AdjustmentFirst of all, the rotary center of the cross table and the center of the optical projector to adjust overlap, and then according to the drawing requirements, the PCD tool installed through the cross table to adjust to the optical projector reference line, the position is the edge grinding position. In order to ensure the accuracy of PCD tools, all the cutting size should be completed in a single clamping, if the repair of PCD tools, be sure to cut all the wear.
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