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  • Regrinding And Recoating Of Carbide Cutting Tools Has High Economic Benefits

    Regrinding and recoating of carbide and high-speed steel tools is a common process at present. Although the cost of regrinding or recoating a tool is a fraction of the cost of making a new tool. It can extend the life of the tool. Re - grinding process is typical for special or expensive tools. Tools that can be reground or recoated include milling cutters, 1-bit hobs, molding cutters, etc. Tool regrinding In the process of regrinding the bit or milling cutter. The cutting edge needs to be ground to remove the original coating, so the grinding wheel must be hard enough. Regrinding is very important for the pretreatment of cutting edge. Not only to ensure that the geometry of the original cutting edge can be completely retained after regrinding but also to ensure that the regrinding of PVD coated tools must be complete. So as to avoid unreasonable grinding processes, such as rough grinding or dry grinding of tool surface damage caused by high temperature. Coating removal A chemical method can be used to remove all the original coating before recoating the tool. This method is limited to high-speed steel tools because it can damage the carbide substrate. A chemical method can be used to remove all the original coating before recoating the tool. This method is limited to high-speed steel tools because it can damage the carbide substrate. Currently, the typical recoating process is to remove the original coating of the tool by the regrinding process. Beijing demina tool grinding center specializing in all kinds of the drill, milling cutter, reamer, tap, and other conventional tools and all kinds of CBN/PCD super hard tool grinding and coating services. The center has OCTOPUS 100 Italy seven-axis CNC tool grinder, IDEAL six-axis five-axis CNC tool grinder. And bt-150d four-axis CNC tool grinder, and provides tool technology and metal cutting consultation, training, until the complete solution. Within 10 ~ 15 working days after we receive the tools that your company needs to re-grind, you will receive the tools that we re-grind perfectly and carefully packed. We will use a door-to-door pick-up service to ensure that the re-sharpened tools can be delivered to the production site quickly and safely.  
  • Turning Tools

    Types and Uses of turning tools The improvement and development of tool material are one of the important issues in the development of metal processing today because good tool material can effectively and quickly complete the cutting work, and maintain a good tool life. Commonly used turning tool material has the following kinds: 1.High carbon steel: A high carbon steel turning tool is a kind of carbon steel with a carbon content between 0.8% and 1.5%, which is used after quenching and hardening. Generally only suitable for soft metal material cutting, commonly used SK1, SK2, SK7, etc. 2.High-speed steel: High-speed steel is a kind of steel base alloy common name white turning tool, carbon steel of 0.7~0.85% carbon content is added W, Cr, V, and Co alloy elements. The friction heat generated in the cutting of high-speed steel turning tools can reach up to 6000C, suitable for turning the speed below 1000rpm and the thread. 3.Non-cast iron alloy cutting tools: This is the alloy of cobalt, chromium, and tungsten, because cutting processing is very difficult, to casting forming manufacturing, so it is also called super hard casting alloy, the best representative is stellite, its tool toughness and wear resistance is excellent, at 8200C temperature, its hardness is still not affected, far more than high-speed steel, suitable for high speed and deeper cutting work. 4.Sintering carbonization tool: The carbide tool is the product of powder metallurgy, the main component of tungsten carbide tool is 50%~90% tungsten, and add titanium, molybdenum, tantalum and other cobalt powder as the binding agent, then through heating sintering. Carbide cutting tools of hardness is higher than any other material, has the hardest three times of high carbon steel, suitable for cutting hard metal or stone material, because it's material brittle hard, so can only be made into sheet, welded again in its toughness on the handle, so the blade passivation or split, can change another new blade, blade or change this enough tool called abandon type lathe tool. According to the international standard (ISO), carbide cutting tools are divided into three categories: P, M, K, and marked by blue, yellow, and red: Class M is between class P and class M, suitable for cutting materials with high toughness, if not?Steel?The handle of this kind of knife is identified by painting yellow. 5. Ceramic turning tool: Ceramic turning tool is made of aluminum oxide powder, add a small number of elements, and then through high-temperature sintering, its hardness, thermal resistance, cutting speed is higher than tungsten carbide, but because of brittle, it is not suitable for discontinuous or heavy turning, only suitable for high-speed precision cutting. 6. Diamond cutter For advanced surface processing, diamonds with round or edge edges can be used for optical processing. After grinding the diamond, a smoother surface can be obtained. This surface is mainly used for precision turning of copper or light alloys. But note that during the grinding process, high turning speed must be used, the minimum speed is 60 ~ 100m / min, usually 200 ~ 300m / min. 7.Boron oxide Cubic crystal boron oxide (CBN) is a popular material in recent years, hardness and wear resistance second only to diamond, this tool is suitable for hard, wear-resistant processing of iron alloy, nickel base alloy, cobalt base alloy. Our company's tool grinder can grind diamond cutting tools and cubic crystal boron oxide tools with high efficiency. ​
  • PCBN Tool Application

    PCBN tool is suitable for high speed and ultra-high-speed cutting technology PCBN tool is most suitable for high-speed cutting of cast iron, quenched steel, and other materials. It can be seen from the relationship between tool wear and cutting distance when PCBN tool cuts cast iron and hardened steel. When the cutting speed exceeds a certain limit, the higher the cutting speed is, the smaller the cutting speed is. That is, the longer the tool life is under high-speed cutting, which is especially suitable for modern high-speed cutting. PCBN tool hardware machining technology for the best tool materials Finishing of quenching hardware (hardness above HRC55), usually by grinding method to finish. But with the development of cutting tool materials and lathe (especially CNC lathe) the improvement of the machining accuracy, replace the grinding with hard cutting to complete parts processing has become a new finishing way. Eventually, this car for grinding process method has the following advantages: (1) It can improve the machining flexibility, break through the limitation of the grinding wheel. And produce workpiece with different geometric shapes by changing the cutting edge and the way of walking the cutting tool; (2) The environmental protection problem in cutting processing is increasingly serious, the waste fluid and waste generated by grinding processing are more and more difficult to deal with and remove. And harmful to the human body, and the hard cutting without adding coolant, significant; (3) High cutting efficiency, short processing time, small equipment investment, can reduce the processing cost; (4) The energy consumed by cutting the same volume is only 20% of the grinding, so the cutting heat generated is less. And the processed surface is not easy to cause burns and micro-cracks, which is easy to maintain the integrity of the workpiece surface performance; (5) Under the same metal removal rate, hard cutting saves energy compared with grinding. Tools commonly used for hard cutting are ceramic, TiC coated blades and PCBN tool materials, but PCBN is the best tool material for hard turning at a high speed (above 1000m/min). For example, in the automobile gearbox synchronizer set fork (material is 20CrMnTi, hardness is HRC58 ~ 62) processing with the car grinding, the efficiency increased more than 4 times, the processing cost reduced to the original grinding process 1/3 ~ 1/2.
  • With The Rapid Development Of China's Industry

    With the rapid development of China's industry, tool applications are very wide, so no matter for the tool manufactures or tool manufactures, tool grinding machine is necessary equipment in industrial production. The Model of BT-150H tool grinding machine Our product model BT-150H is designed for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, carbide cutting tools. It uses constant pressure grinding.  The PCBN and PCD cutting tools can be ground with good finish. The base of the machine is made of solid casting with high quality, so the machine stability is higher than other brand grinding machine. Our company uses a big screen to display tool images in front of the operation position. An eyelift can cooperate. It improves production efficiency by about 50%. Features of BT-150H tool grinding machine 1. The whole grinding work cycle is fully automatic. The whole automatic working cycle is: automatic loading of the workpiece - automatic clamping of the workpiece - the grinding wheel quickly approaches the machining surface - rough grinding - fine grinding - no flower grinding - Micro feed to size - Retraction - Loosen the workpiece - Remove the finished work (no cross feed to no spark) In the automatic cycle, you can also select "with grinding wheel" Corrective action" or "no grinding wheel correction action"; 2. The workpiece size is controlled by a fixed gauge or automatically controlled by an automatic measuring instrument; 3. BT-150H tool grinding machine layout, often using the wheel frame with the worktable for vertical reciprocating motion, and the head frame only for the layout of the horizontal feed movement, thus simplifying the automatic loading and unloading mechanism of the workpiece; 4. BT-150H tool grinding machine uses a special transverse feed mechanism, such as the lever test feed mechanism, which is better than the screw-nut mechanism, and the positioning accuracy is higher. Therefore, the internal grinding machine has a high production efficiency and can be used in an automatic line.
  • Turning Tool

    Description of the turning tool The turning tool is one of the most widely used single - edge tools. The turning tool is used in all kinds of lathes for machining outer circle, inner hole, end face, thread, groove, etc. Turning tools according to the structure can be divided into integral turning tools, welding turning tools, machine clamping turning tools, indexable turning tools and forming turning tools. Among them, the application of an indexable turning tool is becoming more and more extensive, and the proportion of turning tools is increasing gradually. The so-called welding turning tool, is in the carbon steel tool rod according to the requirements of the geometric angle of the tool grooves, welding the carbide blade in the groove with solder, and according to the selected geometric parameters after grinding the tool. Machine clip turning tool machine clip turning tool is a tool that USES ordinary blade and holds the blade on the tool rod by means of mechanical clamping. Characteristics of this kind of knife 1. The blade does not undergo high-temperature welding, which avoids the hardness decline and cracks and other defects caused by welding, and improves the durability of the tool. 2. As the tool durability is improved, the use time is longer, the tool change time is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved. 3. The tooling rod can be reused, which not only saves the steel but also improves the utilization rate of the blade. The blade is recycled by the manufacturer, which improves the economic benefit and reduces the tool cost. 4. The size of the blade will gradually decrease after regrinding. In order to restore the working position of the blade, the adjustment mechanism of the blade is often arranged on the turning tool structure to increase the number of regrinding of the blade. 5. The end of the press plate used for pressing the blade can act as a chip breaker. An indexable turning tool is a machine clamping turning tool with an indexable blade. After a cutting edge is blunt, it can be quickly transposed into a new cutting edge adjacent to it, and then it can continue to work until all cutting edges on the blade are blunt. Then the blade will be scrapped and recycled. After a new blade is replaced, the tool can continue to work.
  • Demina Will Attend In The 18th IMTEX Exhibition

    Demina Will Attend IMTEX Exhibition Bangalore International Exhibition Centre 26th January 2017 to 1st February 2017 E108 Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing the 18th edition of IMTEX 2017 from 26th January 2017 to 1st February 2017 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru. IMTMA has built a new hall of around 17,500 sq.mts. which will be an add-on to the existing infrastructure. The industry will get an opportunity to showcase its innovations in 6 halls covering a gross area of 66,000 sq.mts. Manufacturers, suppliers, visitors, researchers and delegations from as many as 22 countries will be participating. Trade delegations from sectors such as auto components, automobiles, aerospace, defense, railways, power, capital goods, consumer goods, space technologies, etc. will be visiting the exhibition. The exhibition will feature over 1000 exhibitors. The group participation this time around is from 7 countries: China, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic. Our Exhibits: BT-150D 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder BT-150E 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder APE40A Drill Grinder MICRA 10 Integral Drill Grinder Look forward to your visit!
  • National Day Is A National Holiday Established By A Country To Commemorate The Country Itself.

    National Day is a national holiday established by a country to commemorate the country itself. China's National Day refers to the anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1.  Today marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. Xi Jinping will deliver an important speech on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1. The celebration will be followed by a grand military parade and a mass parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. There will be a huge National Day military parade and mass parade in Beijing.  National Day is a "golden week" holiday in mainland China. National Day's legal vacation time is 7 days. People of all ethnic groups in China solemnly celebrate the festival. National Day, each country should hold different forms of celebration activities, in order to strengthen the patriotic consciousness of its people, enhance the cohesion of the country. Countries should also congratulate each other. Every five years or meet 10 years of National Day, some will expand the scale of celebration. Beijing Demina company will study the spirit of the old red army, and carry forward the arduous, struggle upward spirit, do a good job in machine tool manufacturing, for the country's rich and powerful contribution!  
  • Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine

    Description of BT-2 Grinding wheel dressing machine Bt-2 grinding wheel dressing machine adopts the principle of different materials and different rotational speeds between the repaired wheel and the repairing wheel to achieve the shaped dressing of the repaired wheel. The machine can perform simple and efficient dressing on the diamond wheel, CBN wheel, and wheelset composed of multiple wheels. It can dress plane, Angle, arc and shaped wheel and is easy to operate with high precision. Features of BT-2 Grinding wheel dressing machine 1. With precise linear slide rail, ball screw and digital grating ruler, positioning accuracy and width dimension are adjusted and measured at any time during wheel dressing. 2. Both rotating spindles adopt high precision bearing, reaching the rotary accuracy. 3. The rotation speed left and right swing speed, swing stroke and position of repairing wheel. 4. The speed of the repaired wheel is adjustable and its position is adjusted by the cross. 5. the round grating is added to the manual spindle, which can make the adjustment of the Angle of repairing wheel more conveniently and accurately. Display precision is 0.05 °. 6.CCD photographic device, with 15 to 120 times magnification, can measure and test the arc, Angle, sharp Angle, and size of the CCD and grating device provide simple setting and measuring of the width and position of the wheel as well as the inspection repairing or after repairing wheel. The measurement accuracy can reach 0.005~0.01mm.  
  • Develop The BT-200 Tool Grinder Technology Approach

    Introduction of BT-200 universal tool grinder BT-200 universal tool grinder is a new type of sharpening machine that has been developed to meet the international R&D and manufacturing level based on the absorption of similar mechanical equipment at home and abroad. 1. The biggest difference between the CNC grinding machine and the conventional grinding machine is the feeding system of the grinding wheel. The CNC grinding machine controls the servo motor by manually inputting relevant parameters through PLC. And then controls the up and down movement of the grinding wheel. 2. There are many options for LC system configuration. From the low-end Delta system to the high-end Siemens system, there are many sets available for all customers to choose. 3. The tool fixing plate adopts the world's advanced electromagnetic suction cutter head. The tool is convenient and firm, the magnetic attraction is strong. The heat generation is small, and the thermal conductivity is good. The heat generated during the tool grinding process can cool by the heat transfer of the cutter head. 4. The motor is produced according to the actual requirements of the CNC grinding machine. And precisely matches the software and hardware system of the CNC grinding machine with high precision and no maintenance. 5. The gapless grinding head device clamps the linear guide to avoid the vibration generated during the grinding of the tool. And reduces the accumulation of dust on the guide rail which may cause by the grinding debris. 6. CNC rack drive ensures the smooth running of the grinding head. 7. International standard high-quality electrical accessories, using world-renowned electrical brands. Can provide the most complete guarantee in terms of quality and performance. 9. Fool system, one-button operation, after the tool is fixed, you can set the amount of grinding. The amount of each feed, the number of reciprocating cycles, etc. directly in the system and then directly pass the start button before each machining. Tool sharpening can be performed. can divide into vertical, horizontal and composite machining centers. The main shaft of the vertical machining center is perpendicular to the table and is mainly suitable for processing sheet metal and shell workpieces. As well as for mold processing. The spindle axis of the horizontal machining center is parallel to the tabletop. Most of its worktables are CNC rotary tables controlled by servo motors. In the workpiece clamping, multiple machining surfaces can be processed by the rotation of the table. The CNC machining center is suitable for the machining of box-like workpieces. The composite machining center mainly refers to the vertical or horizontal two spindles or the main shaft can change at an angle of 90° on one machining center. So that five faces can be processed in one clamping of the workpiece. Develop the BT-200 tool grinder technology approach 1. By increasing the cutting speed and the feed speed, the production efficiency is doubled. The surface processing quality and machining accuracy of the parts are effectively improved. And the processing problems of some special materials and special-shaped parts that are difficult to solve by conventional processing are solved. 2. Through the process of compounding, reducing the number of installations of the workpiece. Effectively reducing the handling and clamping time. For example, the five-sided five-axis machining center and the vertical car are combined to form a machining center. Which can realize most of the processing of the components in one loading. 3. It adopts high-speed and high-precision circumferential milling machining holes and new processing methods such as direct tapping without drilling the bottom hole by spiral path interpolation. Which greatly reduces the number of tool changes and improves processing efficiency. 4. Develop intelligent locating processing function for BT-200 universal tool grinder. Eliminating the dependence on precision fixtures and manual alignment. And effectively shortening the preparation time for single-piece small batch processing.
  • Installation And Maintenance Of CNC Grinding Wheel

    What should CNC grinder do when installing a grinding wheel? Also, it is the daily maintenance, how should we do? This problem is very important. CNC grinder manufacturers to elaborate because it relates to the service life of CNC grinder. Installation of CNC grinding wheel For the new grinding wheel, carefully check before installation, whether there is any crack, scar, etc., if there is, can not be used. The grinding wheel should be balanced and adjusted once before installation and once after installation. Correct operation during installation to avoid damage to the grinding wheel. After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective door should be closed and the grinding wheel should be allowed to run empty for 5 minutes before starting to work if there is no problem. Daily maintenance of CNC grinding machine manufacturers After each operation, the various parts, especially the sliding parts, first clean, and then lubrication. There are some necessary parts, should be anti-rust treatment. Lubricants should be replaced after one month of initial use, followed by three to six months, and the tank and filter should be cleaned. Matters needing attention include: (1) The grinding wheel should be correctly selected and the balance should be adjusted. (2) The rotation direction of the spindle should be correct, and the oil road and pipeline should be kept unimpeded to prevent blockage. (3) Some necessary parts should be cleaned every week.
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