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  • Characteristics And Operation Of BT-150HG Cutter Grinding Machine

    BT-150HG cutter grinding machine is a stepping motor, PLC programming control system. Automatic wheel feed, can automatically adjust the number of rough grinding, fine grinding. Can remember, store and dynamic tracking. Powerful operation is simple. The equipment is generally equipped with the following configurations: dovetail guide rail; centralized fueling device; PLC programming control system; dust cover device; imported electrical components; scraper fixture. The use of this device can meet the various needs of users, and now many users will choose to use the device. Advantage of cutter grinding machine Demina cutter grinding machine is easy to operate, high precision and economical. It can use in one machine, reducing the number of machines, convenient to use and low cost. Portable design, easy to carry, indoor and outdoor use. Diamond wheel design, long wheel life, the sharp angle of sharpening. Hidden cartridge design, easy to manage collet. High-efficiency AC Maléda, stable frequency Good life. The device uses a diamond grinding wheel, which can complete all the processes with a single grinding wheel, precise angle, long life, cost-saving, and improved user efficiency. can grind 2-edge, 3-blade, 4-blade, 6-blade, and other universal end mills. It can also use to directly open the cutting edge with a tungsten rod. The sharpening machine can sharpen the cutting edge (front angle) of the drill bit. And has the apex angle (apex angle), the escape angle (back angle), the front cutting edge (positive front angle), the angle of adjustment. And the center point size can control at will. The center drills the chips more easily and makes drilling easier. Technical parameters: Project MR-F4 grinding range drill: ф2-ф. Machine Features OF BT-150HG CBN sharpening 1. Special grinding head motor, adjustable axial clearance, stable transmission. Large grinding capacity, long service life, and high precision; 2. Electromagnetic chuck knife table, super suction, with delayed demagnetization function. Reliable positioning, convenient operation and high work efficiency; 3. Turbine vortex, no noise, self-locking, adjustable worktable; 4. Turbine reducer rack drive, accurate transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency; 5. Imported frequency converter speed regulation, arbitrarily adjust the left and right stroke speed and the motor speed of the grinding head; 6. Imported linear guide, ball screw, high-precision smooth motion, stable stroke transmission; 7. Concentrated fueling device to achieve one-time centralized fueling, saving time and convenience; 8. Automatic cleaning, improve the cleanliness of the equipment. Automatically collect waste residue, and automatically purify the cooling water. Machine operation of BT-150HG cutter grinding 1. Place the knife on the knife table, adjust the amount of the tool to be about 0.5-1.0cm, and the amount of the two ends of the knife should be the same. You can fine-tune the top wire. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button to make the knife adsorb on the knife table. Adjust the position of the grinding wheel and the angle of the blade. If the blade is found to be in contact with the grinding wheel, turn it into the handwheel to separate it. 2. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters the normal working state. 3. Rotate the handwheel to advance the blade in slow and constant speed until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. And adjust the tightness of the blade to the grinding wheel so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well.
  • Maintenance Work After Use Of PCD & CBN Tool Grinders

    Tool grinding machines have high grinding efficiency and precise grinding, so they are now widely used in many industries. We must know that the tool grinding machine not only pays attention to some operation problems when it is used, but also the aftercare work of the equipment is very important. This greatly affects the service life and working efficiency of the tool grinding machine. The following Beijing Demina will give you an example of BT-150J PCD & CBN Tool Grinders to summarize how to do a good job of tool grinder aftercare.Maintenance Work Of PCD & CBN Tool Grinders1. After the tool grinder is finished, in order to ensure the equipment is clean, must clean the equipment. Especially the sliding parts should be lubricated with oil after cleaning.2. We should clean the filtering components once a week to prevent them from being blocked, which will affect the filtering effect.3. The suction cups should properly keep and well maintained. The disk surface accuracy should meet the specified requirements to ensure working accuracy.4. Manual PCD tool grinder the selection of grinding wheel should be carried out carefully, and it should be determined according to the specific situation.5. The main shaft end and the flange of the grinding wheel should be coated with an oil film for anti-rust treatment to prevent rust.6. The oil circuit should be kept clear, if there is a blockage, it should be cleaned in time.7. The lubricating oil in the grinder may not be effective after using it several times, so it must be replaced after one month of use, and then it can be replaced every 3 to 6 months. When replacing, the oil tank and filter underneath should be cleaned and cleaned.8. BT-150J PCD Grinder is operated for 600 hours for first-level maintenance. It is mainly performed by operators and repair workers. Turn off the power first, and then perform maintenance work.
  • Tool Cloud - Tool Company's Good Helper

    What is Tool Cloud? define "Tool Cloud" is an order management and execution system based on the Internet and cross-platform, which can make the orders’ process transparent, technical process standardized and parameters traceable. It is a small ERP management system customized for the tool industry. C2M mode The design theory of "Tool Cloud" is a C2M business model. C stands for Consumer and M stands for Manufacturer. The end-user can directly issue personalized orders to the manufacturer and participate in the whole process of order execution.It is an effective tool for small and medium-sized enterprises to divide labor and cooperate and build flat social production mode. Targeted users Tool manufacturers, tool traders, and tool users can all register on Tool Cloud to manage their businesses and customers, who can check online for business progress and details. This can encourage customer participation and improve their experience. Internal and external functions Externally, "Tool Cloud" can make the order process transparent. Internally, "Tool Cloud" can make technical processes standardized, make parameters traceable and realize individualization based on standards. Data security strategy Platform services and data storage are built based on the highest level of security named Ali Cloud platform, operated and secured by the professional and rich operational experience team. This can guarantee the customer never lost data and 7 x24 hours non-stop operation and build a security wall for the customer's business and data by automatic downtime migration, automatic snapshot backup, automatic data backup and multiple numbers of data backup in different places, intrusion detection, DDoS protection, Trojan killing, brute force, and other technical service. "Tool Cloud" is a management system developed and used by our company for many years, which makes the order management of tools convenient and simple. If you would like to know more, please call or leave a message below.
  • Introduction Of Tap

    Basic Introduction To TapTap is a thread processing tool, for our grinding is usually divided into straight – slot tap and spiral – slot tap. Tap belongs to the hole processing tool, generally there is a bottom hole, and then the hole wall processing thread. It can also be divided into machine tap and manual tap. Taps are divided according to their shape into straight – slotted taps, spiral – slotted taps and spiral – pointed taps (apex taps). Straight – slot tap is easy to process, slightly lower precision, larger output. It is generally used for thread machining of general lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine. Spiral groove taps are usually mainly used for blind hole drilling in CNC machining centers, with fast processing speed. It has the characteristics of high precision, good chip removal and good performance.The front part of the screw tip tap has a chip tank, which is used for the processing of the through hole. The unequal diameter design of tap cutting distribution is reasonable, and the processing quality is high. However, it still has certain disadvantages, that is, the manufacturing cost of the tap is also high.  Trapezoidal thread taps are often designed with unequal diameters. Tap is the most popular tool used by manufacturing operators in tapping.Grinding Tap Repair Equipment And GrindingThe equipment we use is usually manual equipment APE40. Tap we repair relatively less, repair the grinding of the front end guide part. Usually the original wear guide with a line cut off, after the equipment to do a new guide. With milling cutter, there are two kinds of grinding methods, one is to repair the groove, the second is to repair the surface of the knife. For the tap, the straight flute tap, the effect is relatively good after the grinding, the spiral flute tap, after the repair of many customers reflect that the grinding is not very good.
  • Superhard Materials

    About superhard materials Superhard materials are now more commonly used in industrial production, such as the tool industry, the diamond industry, and so on. The use of super-hard materials has also brought great convenience to our production and life. How to use super-hard materials? Below Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd to introduce to everyone. The use of superhard materials 1. Abrasive tools Diamond tools are mainly used for grinding, polishing or cutting the following materials: hard alloy, ceramics and refractory materials, glass, graphite, gemstones, non-ferrous materials, and non-metallic materials. CBN grinding tools are mainly used for grinding and polishing of various kinds of high-speed steel, bearing steel, cast iron, stainless steel, wear-resistant coating, superalloy, and other refractory materials. 2. Tools (including thin-film coated tools) Diamond tools are mainly used for turning, milling, boring, drilling and other processes of various non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metal materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics, hard plastics, rubber, building materials, carbon fiber, ceramics, refractory materials, copper, aluminum matrix composite materials and alloys. CBN tool is mainly used for quenching steel, chilled cast iron, stainless steel, superalloy, wear-resistant coating, and other materials processing. 3. Drilling tools It is used for the exploration and extraction of geology, petroleum, coal fields, engineering construction, etc. 4. Saw cutting tools Mainly used for the cutting of building stone, refractory materials, pottery, wood, gemstones, etc. Also used to cut and cut roads, airport runways, and building components. 5. Drawing tools Wire and wire for drawing the following metal materials, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, steel, and alloy, etc. 6. Finishing tools Used for shaping, shaping and sharpening of common abrasive tools. 7.Other tools Used for hard alloy die, measuring tool processing hand tools, glass knife, medical tools, anvil and pressure head.
  • PCBN Insert Cutting Parameters

    Parameters Of The PCBN Insert Cutting1. Conventional cutting parametersWhen PCBN insert cutting is roughing, we should ensure the highest possible metal cutting speed and the necessary tool durability, so we usually choose the highest possible cutting depth. Then select a larger feed amount, and finally determine the appropriate cutting speed according to the durability requirements of the tool. When we use PCBN insert cutting for finishing, in order to ensure the grinding accuracy of the equipment, we should ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality requirements of the workpiece. Therefore, generally choose a smaller feed and cutting depth, and choose a higher cutting speed as much as possible. Therefore, when performing PCBN insert cutting processing, we must choose the appropriate cutting workpiece according to our actual situation.2. Table of cutting parameters of hauling ultra-hard PCBN insert3. Calculation formula of turning to process1. Cutting speed (Vc) Vc= PI dn/1000 (m/min)Vc: cutting speedPI: 3.14 (PI)D: workpiece diameterN: spindle speed2. Feed (Fr) Fr=I/n (mm/r)Fr: quantity suppliedI: cutting length per minuteN: spindle speed3. Cutting time (Te) Te=Im/I (min)Te: cutting timem: workpiece lengthI: cutting length per minute4. Theoretical surface roughness (h) h=f2/8Re*1000 (m)H: surface roughnessF: quantity per revolutionRe: circular radius of tooltipDemina has long been devoted to the development and design of diamond tool grinding machines. We are a professional tool grinding machine manufacturer and exporter. The PCBN tool grinding machine produced by our company can grind highly suitable PCB blades. This machine is suitable for batch production of alloy blades, PCD blades and CBN blades. Users in need are welcome to come to buy.
  • Cutting Tool Grinding Machine

    Cutting tool grinding machine kinds Because the tool material is very hard, so, can only use grinding to change its shape. There are several kinds of common tool grinders in tool manufacturing and grinding: 1. Grinding machine: grinding the groove or back of the drill, end mill, and other cutting tools. 2. Top grinder: the tapered top Angle (or eccentric back Angle) of the grinding bit. 3. Cutting edge machine: correct the cutting edge of the drill. 4. Manual universal tool grinder: grinding external circle, groove, back, top Angle, cross edge, plane, front cutting surface, etc. Often used for a small number of complex shape tool. 5.CNC grinder: generally, it is a five-axis linkage, and the function is determined by the software. Generally used for grinding large numbers, high precision requirements, but not complex cutting tools, such as a drill, end mill, reamer. The main suppliers are Germany, Switzerland, us, Australia, and Japan. Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in July 2003 in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, is committed to the combination of high and new technology and traditional manufacturing technology. As an advocate and forerunner of tool regrinding industry, the company has accumulated rich experience in technology and service during many years of product operation and can provide users with solutions for tool grinding. They have produced BT-150 series diamond tool grinder, and BT-560 tool inspection instrument, research and development control system, and application software of tool grinder.
  • Working Knowledge Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder

    Micra-10 drill bit grinder is a kind of high-precision mechanical equipment. When it works, it uses advanced automatic cleaning and automatic slag collection functions, so it is now used in many industries. What about other aspects of the drill grinder? Now Beijing Demina will tell you about the working conditions of other working parts of the drill grinder.Working Knowledge Of Micra-10 Drill Bit GrinderThe electrical equipment and bearings of key parts of the equipment are imported from the original parts, and the functions of the whole machine have reached the international advanced level. High-quality Micra-10 drill grinder is mainly used in the grinding of high-end imported knives. Its features are the use of imported linear guides for reciprocating motion, and the speed of the grinding wheel is imported. In addition, the drill bit grinding machine adopts stick-type barrel grinding wheels, which can sharpen various tools faster and more effectively. It is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the paper industry.Maintenance Of Micra-10 Drill Bit GrinderThe drill grinder equipment should be maintained after use. First of all, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to its various parts, especially the track plate. To prevent long-term wear and tear, which will cause the machine to malfunction. Secondly, after each use, we must thoroughly clean it. After grinding, there will be a lot of waste residue and foam. If it is not treated in a timely and effective manner, long-term accumulation will affect our use of the grinder equipment. It is also important to check the grinder equipment frequently and replace it if found to be damaged.Micra-10 micro drill sharpener is a fragile item, so care must be taken when using it to effectively extend its life and make it better to use.
  • Drills Is The Most Widely Used Hole Processing Tool

    Drills are the most widely used hole processing tool The drill bit is widely used in mechanical processing hardware, it is used to drill through-hole or blind hole on solid material, and can be on the existing hole reaming tool. However, different types of drill bits are selected in different operating environments. Common drill bits mainly include twist drill, spot drill, center drill, and deep hole drill. Although reaming drill and counterboring drill can not be drilled on solid material, they are usually classified as a drill bit. A twist drill is the most widely used hole processing tool. The diameter usually ranges from 0.25 to 80 mm. It mainly consists of the working part and the handle. The working part has two spiral-shaped grooves, shaped like twists, hence the name. The top Angle of the cutting part of the standard twist drill is 118, the bevel angle of the transverse edge is 40° ~ 60°. And the back Angle is 8° ~ 20°. The shank of the twist drill has two forms: straight shank and taper shank. The former is clamped in the drill chuck while the latter is inserted in the taper hole of the spindle or tail of the machine tool. General twist drill with high - speed steel manufacturing. Use of Drills A deep hole drill is usually a tool for machining holes whose ratio of hole depth to the aperture is greater than 6. Commonly used are gun drill, BTA deep hole drill, jet drill, DF deep hole drill and so on. The reaming drill has 3 ~ 4 cutter teeth, its rigidity is better than the twist drill. It is used to enlarge the existing hole and improve the machining accuracy and finish. The countersunk drill has more cutter teeth, and the hole end is processed into the desired shape by forming a method. Which is used for machining countersunk head hole of various countersunk head screws or the outer end face of the countersunk hole. The center drill is used for drilling the center hole of the shaft workpiece, which is essentially composed of twist drill with small spiral Angle and spot drill, so it is also called a compound center drill.
  • Common Problems With PCBN Blades

    PCBN tool is an artificial cubic boron nitride tool, which can still maintain high hardness characteristics at high temperatures. In the current grinding work, PCBN tools are mainly used for machining iron parts. PCBN tools have high hardness, chemical inertia, and thermal stability at high temperatures, so PCBN abrasive wheels are widely used in grinding processes. Although PCBN tools are widely used now, we still need to pay attention to some problems in the process of using them.Common Problems With PCBN Blades1. Is cutting fluid added when the PCBN blade processes the workpiece?Generally do not add cutting fluid, especially the integral PCBN blade, if you must add cutting fluid under the circumstances can contact the tool engineer to communicate to choose the appropriate cutting fluid.2. Are PCBN blades expensive? How much is one tablet?PCBN blade price is certainly higher than the carbide tool, different specifications of the price are different, the specific price needs to call the tool company to consult.3. How many workpieces can be processed by one cutting edge of the PCBN blade?PCBN blade does not have a clear life value, due to the size of the workpiece to be processed, precision, finish, etc. Its life is different, specific needs to communicate with the company’s tool engineers, so as to obtain a general range.4. Can the PCBN blade be resharpened?It can be reground, but the ordinary grinding wheel cannot be ground, so we need to buy a diamond grinding wheel for grinding.
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