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  • Universal Tool Grinder

    PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder for cutting tool resharpening Over the years, Beijing De Ming Na Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has acted as an agent for various kinds of tools and drill grinding equipment in developed countries. It can provide the most suitable products for different users and provide comprehensive technical consultation and after-sales service. Modern machining equipment and technology represented by machining centers have put forward high requirements for cutting tools. Tool accuracy, service life, and tool structure have increasingly become bottlenecks affecting processing capacity and production efficiency. Expensive cutting tools are a big part of the cost of production. Therefore, the re-grinding of cutting tools and drills has become a problem that can not be ignored in the manufacturing industry. With years of accumulated technical and service experience, our company provides the following solutions. Tool Grinding Equipment Configuration Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder for cutting tool resharpening: Universal tool grinder pp-50 adopts precision rolling guide table, the table movement is smooth, the friction force is small. And the grinding wheel motor can be easily tilted and rotated 360° in the horizontal plane. These two functions can easily set the front and back angles of the tool, expanding the range of use of the machine tool. With all kinds of optional devices, the grinding requirements of many conventional tools can be met. Variety Of Grindable Tools of PP-50Universal Tool Grinder for cutting tool resharpening: The main machine of the tool grinder is equipped with certain accessories, which can grind the following cutters: 1. Accessory 50F, turning tool is grindable. 2. Accessory 50H, cutter and gear hob are grindable. 3. Accessory 50B and 50K, grindable, bit, step drill, sinking drill and tap are grindable. 4. Accessory 50E, end gear cutter, end-teeth ball cutter, R cutter and ball-end turning cutter are grindable. 5. Accessory 50D, end mill peripheral tooth (Side Edge) is grindable.  Automation And Grinding Efficiency Of PP-50 Universal Grinding Tool: According to different cutters, different types of accessories are selected and installed on the worktable to finish the grinding of various cutters. In most cases, grinding can be accomplished by one-time loading. Operators are required to have experience in tool grinding, preferably in the use of various types of tools. Operators need to use experience and spatial imagination to choose the most suitable equipment to grind different tools. For experienced middle-aged and old technicians.
  • Application Of PCBN Inserts

    Divide By Processing Material Of PCBN Inserts1. High hardness cast iron (hardness HSD75 or above)Such as high chromium cast iron, alloy cast iron, hard nickel cast iron, white cast iron, and other materials that can be processed, typical parts such as rollers, industrial pumps.Bn-k1 and bn-k10 PCBN blades are recommended.2.High hardness steel parts (hardness HRC45 or above)Such as high manganese steel, high-speed steel, quenched steel and so on, typical parts include rolling mortar wall, high-speed steel roller, hardened gear/gear shaft, bearing, ball screw, mold, etc.3. Ordinary grey cast iron (ht150/200/250/300)PCBN inserts’ engine block / cylinder head, pulley, brake drum, brake disc, clutch pressure plate, etc. are all ordinary gray cast iron. Therefore, users are advised to use PCBN blades made of bn-s300 and BNK30.4. Other materials that are difficult to processFor some other difficult to process materials, such as high temperature alloy materials, powder metallurgy, and cobalt-based thermal spray materials with high hardness. Bn-s300, bn-s200, BDN80 and other materials are recommended for PCBN insertion.Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in July 2003 in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, is committed to the combination of high and new technology and traditional manufacturing technology. As an advocate and forerunner of tool regrinding industry, the company has accumulated rich experience in technology and service during many years of product operation and can provide users with solutions for grinding. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Rail Transit Industry Brings New Opportunities To Machine Tool Industry

    The development of rail transit industry The development of the rail transit industry is inseparable from advanced manufacturing technology and equipment. The rail transit industry in the new era has many new development requirements, which also brings new opportunities to the machine tool industry. China's rail transit has experienced a rapid development from the first speed increase in the late 1990s after the reform and opening up to the eighth-speed increase in 2011. Taking Shanghai to Nanjing as an example, it takes 4 to 5 hours to complete the whole journey before the speed increase. Currently, the fastest one only takes 1 hour, and the speed has exceeded 350 kilometers per hour. It only takes 5 hours from Shanghai to Beijing. In 2012, SCI Verkehr, a famous German consulting organization, released a research report and announced the top 10 new manufacturing fields of rail transit equipment manufacturers in the world in 2010, and CSR jumped to the first place in the world.CSR qishuyan locomotive co., LTD is a large modern enterprise which mainly produces diesel locomotive of a trunk railway. The main models are Dongfeng 8, Dongfeng 8B, Dongfeng 11, Dongfeng 11G, HXN5 series of internal combustion engines. The locomotive for the first six times of speed-up in China's railway is mainly DF11G diesel locomotive, which is mainly from the south. In the last two years, the speed-up in China's railway is mainly from the electric locomotive. However, the diesel locomotive still has its irreplaceable position, especially in the speed of freight locomotive. Starting from the overall situation, the demand for diesel locomotive is still quite large. At present, there are about 19,000 diesel locomotives on the whole road. In addition, high-power scheduling locomotives are in urgent need of various locomotive depots and large enterprises such as coal mine and petroleum. According to preliminary estimates, the total number of locomotives updated every year is more than 600 (excluding thousands of repaired locomotives every year).   The main parts of rail transit processing difficulty simple solutions When it comes to rail transit machining, the main parts that are relatively difficult to process are the locomotive running parts such as car bogie and hollow axle sleeve, and the key parts of diesel engine. Locomotive diesel engine main parts complicated structure, manufacture high precision, tolerance and surface roughness requirements (precision index mostly around 5 ~ 7, roughness Ra0.4), require good interchangeability, such as the body, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder cover, the main purpose is to ensure that the locomotive running at high speed in a good reliability, high durability, high safety coefficient. In the case of key components of a diesel engine, many of them are of a muon size accuracy that was previously unimaginable and impossible to achieve. The main difficulties are as follows: - high requirements for blank extrusion and non-processed surface dimensions after forming; - balance block welding requirements are also not used in the original middle crankshaft; - due to the welding structure of the balance block, the rotary radius of the machining equipment is increased, and the tolerance of shape and position is high; - it is difficult to control deformation by spray cooling normalizing and final surface nitriding. Processing and controlling deformation of thin-walled cone sleeve; - fit 80% of 1:50 taper with flywheel flange and interchangeability; The main processing equipment is equipped with simple Mechanical processing is by car, milling, planing, boring, drilling, grinding and other basic processing methods, around different products, and the same product different processing procedures, people used in the past is a large number of traditional structure of a single processing function of lathe, milling machine, planer, boring machine, drilling machine, grinder and other common equipment. With the development of technology, the proportion of these common equipment has been greatly reduced, replaced by single-axis and two-axis machining mainly CNC lathe, vertical and horizontal machining center CNC machining machine tools. With the development of machine tool products and the in-depth study of related technology, today's CNC machine tools have been flexible, composite, multi-axis linkage, high precision, high speed of the dominant position. Such as multi-axis linkage turning and milling center, boring and milling center, follow-up grinder, etc. With the development of cutting tool material and manufacturing technology, computer software technology, precision measurement technology, and fast servo drive technology, the performance of the machine tool has the characteristics of high speed, high-efficiency processing, and intelligence. In addition, in order to adapt to the user's product production needs, a number of functional mix-and-match technology and practical variety of machine tools are also produced. For example, laser and milling (DMG) knead together; Milling and grinding (Wallenberg) together and so on. In recent years, in order to adapt to the continuous development of market demand, CSR mainly added or introduced some domestic and imported vertical, horizontal processing center (suitable for parts: connecting rod, cylinder head, etc.);Longmen type processing center (suitable for parts: body, frame, etc.);Turning and milling machining center (suitable for parts: camshaft, crankshaft);Boring and milling machining center (suitable for parts: axle box, etc.);Special grinder for crankshaft, camshaft and vertical double grinding head grinder. Processing center has a small area, one equipment can be four or five equipment functions; And high processing quality, high reliability; The advantages of low energy consumption of the operator In addition, CNC online measurement also solves the measurement problem in the previous machining. Marposs fear-l online diameter measurement device can control the accuracy of online product processing in real-time and set the automatic alarm beyond. At the same time, in the application of tool instruments, the accuracy of tool alignment is solved, the unqualified products are avoided and the processing efficiency is improved. The previous online measurement is to stop the operator with a vernier caliper or internal and external card according to the operator's experience control; Senior engineer (level 6 or above) is generally about 0.02mm, now the tool instrument can be accurate to the mum level, the reliability is also very high. Application of composite cutting tools In the 80 s, machining tools are mostly welding tools, a few non-standard tools - also welded structure. At present, there are only a few welding tools, most of the machine clamping tools, forming tools, composite tools. Especially in the processing center and other advanced equipment used tools, 100% of the standard machine clamping tools and non-standard machine clamping tools. But knives are also quite expensive. (tool consumption accounts for 5-15% of manufacturing costs.) The machining process of composite processing technology to achieve the relatively concentrated, decrease The Times of repeated loading and unloading, and the workpiece positioning and shorten processing auxiliary time, improve the machining precision of workpiece and the production efficiency, obvious reduction in the number and the equipment, save the origin area of production line, make the output of unit area has improved significantly, and to reduce the labor intensity of workers (of course, on the other hand, need to improve workers' culture, technology, quality). In addition, in compound processing, the use of a molding compound tool to process some coaxiality requirements of the whole system or machining some complex surface is also quite common, one is due to high precision, two is high processing efficiency. In Europe and the United States and other high-end machining field is quite common, but because the tool manufacturers in the manufacturing accuracy are still some gap, in recent years in the railway industry has not been promoted. This may be a weak point for future development. The current situation and the corresponding problems to be solved. The knife instrument The tools used by each machine tool factory are not the same, the tool instrument is also different, a tool instrument is expensive to 400,000 ~ 500,000, even up to millions; Cheap also want more than 30 ~ 50 thousand, do not have tool to bring inconvenience to the processing, but every equipment has tool tool tool also brought additional burden to the user;The failure rate is also high. It often breaks down and is quite difficult to repair.-- so the good thing becomes the bad thing. Molding (compound) tool order Molding tool ordering cycle long, high price; Some non-standard tools take three months or longer. Tool cost Another important issue is the high cost of cutting tools. With crankshaft as an example: processing a finished crankshaft, milling center on the car about 6~7 procedures, the total cost of cutting tools in about 50,000 yuan/root around, the cost of cutting tools is the original tens of times even hundreds of times. So the advantage of low labor cost is eaten up. Practical use problem When ordering machine tools, there is not enough communication between the two parties on process discussion, which leads to a long time span of pre-acceptance and final acceptance, and after the acceptance, there are some problems in the details (programming, tool use and foreign businessmen's understanding of drawings and process, etc.). Rail transit and machine tool manufacturing promote mutual development The rapid development of rail transit has indeed brought new development opportunities to the machine tool equipment industry and the corresponding tool industry. In April 2012, "the eighth China international metal processing summit BBS" was held in Nanjing. The theme of this summit BBS was "stepping into the era of overall solutions", which triggered heated discussions among experts and scholars. At present, enterprises in the introduction of advanced machine tools and tools, combined with rail transit special products, there is a long process of digestion and absorption and consolidation.Especially for process programming, operators and even production management personnel have an unfamiliar to the initial grasp, and then ease of application of the gradual process. Therefore, how to be a good enterprise technologist, help enterprises to put the equipment and tools into use as soon as possible and produce benefits quickly -- in turn, to their own products also set up a good image, this is a new issue in front of equipment manufacturers;At the same time, how to quickly master advanced equipment technology is also a persistent problem faced by Chinese enterprise customers. The future development of the rail transit manufacturing industry, with the development of the machine tool manufacturing industry and continue to develop. With the different needs of various industries and continue to develop. Green and diversity (meet the requirements of different users), low noise, less pollution, low fuel consumption, low emissions, meet the Tier Ⅳ emissions requirements) and has high reliability is also the goal of internal combustion engine car design and manufacturing.
  • Daily Maintenance Of BT-150M Tool Grinder

    Although the use of tool grinders is becoming more and more common nowadays, for some users, the equipment knows how to operate and use, but often ignores the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, so that many pieces of equipment do not have a long service life. In fact, for tool grinder, equipment maintenance is a very important part of the correct use of the grinding machine. The equipment protection is done, the grinding accuracy of the equipment and the service life will have a good effect, so this link must not be ignored! Then how to do the maintenance and protection of the equipment after the equipment is used. Let’s take China BT-150M tool grinder as an example to explain the importance of maintenance.Regarding the BT-150M tool grinder, we must first achieve the processing environment of the equipment. Because the equipment has high environmental processing requirements, and the equipment can work better only when the processing environmental conditions of the equipment are met. Maintenance can be done more thoroughly and more usefully! It is worth noting that the working environment of the tool grinder is best to work in an air-conditioned constant temperature workshop. This is conducive to the stability of mold processing and the workpiece does not deform. The second is to ensure that the workshop environment is clean so that the equipment can clean after use. The following focuses on the daily maintenance and protection of the tool grinding machine: In order to ensure the grinding accuracy of the grinding machine, must regularly maintain the equipment.Daily Maintenance Of BT-150M Tool Grinder1. At the end of each day’s work, all parts of the grinding machine, especially the sliding parts, should be cleaned and oiled.2. Use a clean cloth or a small bristle brush to clean up the abrasive debris in various parts.3. The necessary parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, such as the spindle grinding head, grinding wheel flange, dial, and other parts.4. It is forbidden to use air blowguns to clean the work surface items and grinders. As the blowgun should blow the iron filings into the track of the grinder, the rail guide is damaged, which affects the accuracy and feel.5. Please pay attention to whether the transmission cable is loose and adjust it in time. When replacing steel cables, pay attention to the winding direction and tightness of the cables, as this directly affects the service life of the cables.6. Please pay attention to whether there is oil on the oil lens on the grinder to ensure that the oil circuit is smooth.Beijing Demina is a professional BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer. Our company has advanced grinding machine production technology and a professional team, so the production equipment not only has good performance but also has high grinding efficiency. Users in need are welcome to inquire about the price of the equipment.
  • Ceramic Superhard Grinding Wheel

    The usage of ceramic superhard grinding wheel The use of a grinding wheel is dangerous. For everyone's safety, the following are the precautions: The grinder is one of the most commonly used machines and equipment in a machinery factory. Whether it is reasonable to install, whether it meets the safety requirements. Is it used correctly and in accordance with safe operating procedures? These problems concern the personal safety of every worker directly because this must cause us to take seriously enough in actual use. 1. A ceramic grinding wheel is a valuable abrasive tool, which is only used to process high hardness materials and is not suitable for grinding general steel or other soft materials. 2. After the ceramic wheel is mounted on the flange, it must statically balance before use. It should be noted that does not remove the flange from the wheel until it has run out. 3. For machine tools using ceramic grinding wheels, the rigidity is better. The spindles selection accuracy is higher (radial runout is not more than 0.01 mm), and it can be used for micro crossfeed. 4. The appropriate amount of grinding must be selected. The following data is available for reference: (1) Grinding wheel line speed: Metal bond: 110~15*/sec (dry grinding), 220~35*/sec (wet grinding). Resin bonding agent: 115~30*/sec (dry grinding), 225~40*/sec (wet grinding). (2) Work line speed: generally 10~15*/min. (3) Grinding depth: the grinding depth is small, otherwise the grinding wheel wears quickly and the grinding efficiency is not necessarily high. Generally, it is preferably 0.005~0.01 mm/oxygen stroke. The finer the abrasive grain size, the smaller the grinding depth should be, especially if the coolant is not used. Trimming of ceramic superhard grinding wheel The dressing of the ceramic superhard grinding wheel is usually divided into two processes of shaping and sharpening. Shaping is a micro-cutting of the grinding wheel to achieve the required geometry and precision. And the abrasive tip is finely broken to form a micro-blade. Sharpening is to remove the bonding agent between the abrasives so that there is a certain space between the abrasives, and the cutting edge is formed by causing the abrasive to protrude beyond the bonding agent. For multi-porous ceramic bond ceramic grinding wheels (including diamond and CBN grinding wheels), because the bonding agent is loose, usually shaping and sharpening can be done at one time. And for bonding agents with dense grinding wheels (such as resin and ceramic bonding agent), shaping and sharpening must carry out separately.  
  • PCBN Tool Processing Technology

    PCBN Tool Processing TechnologyAccording to the processing technology to divide:1.Heavy-duty cutting: turning large parts with great cutting depth, Demina PCBN blade bn-k1 and bn-s20 material with high strength, wear resistance, good impact toughness and other characteristics, compared with other tools, can obtain higher processing efficiency, widely used in the energy, mining, steel, metallurgy industries.2. High-speed cutting: refers to the cutting which is carried out at a speed much higher than the normal cutting speed. Valin super hard tool BNK30 material can be machined at a cutting speed of 3000m/min, nearly 10 times higher than the limit cutting speed of carbide tools.3. Grinding: Demina ultra-hard cutting tools are used as the final finishing hardening steel turning technology, which can replace the grinding processing to obtain the machining quality. This kind of cutting to the end has the characteristics of high hardness, strong collapse resistance, and continuous processing. It is a complete set of “hard tool grinding turning” machining solutions for intermittent, roughing and superfinishing.4. Dry cutting: cutting without cooling lubricant at all. It does not affect the environment and is convenient for chip recovery. It is a “green manufacturing” process. Valin can be cast iron, hard steel, aluminum alloy, high-temperature alloy, carbon fiber composite materials for dry cutting, to help green manufacturing.Demina PCBN tool grinding machine can grind the PCBN tools with a sharp blade, improving the cutting efficiency.The tool grinder is with good rigidity, making the PCBN tools good finish.
  • Main Configuration And Features Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder

    Demina develops Micra-10 drill bit grinder is one of the patented products and one of the most efficient devices in the world. Its production efficiency is 1.5~2 times of the bit grinding machine produced by any manufacturer at present. And it adopts a double box, double trough, and double clamping bit spindle. When the first spindle is grinding, the second spindle starts to receive the drill bit and clamp. When the drill on the first spindle is finished, the two spindles move simultaneously and begin to grind the second spindle. The drill bit, the first spindle starts to receive the drill bit and is clamped, thereby circulating and reciprocating. The grinding head is in a state of grinding most of the time, overcoming the drawbacks of the conventional single-tank feed grinding head waiting to be time-consuming, thus greatly improving production efficiency. Main configuration and features of Micra-10 drill bit grinder 1. Delta system five-axis linkage, fool-like operation (no need for factory programming). 2. The three angles on the double back angle can be adjusted arbitrarily (the angle of the back angle, the slope of the hindfoot, the angle of the hindfoot). 3. Micra-10 small drill grinder can carry out single-slot feeding single-head grinding (equivalent to other manufacturers' machine tools). Manual feeding can grind 400mm long drill double back angle, the maximum grinding diameter is 18mm. Before using the , it is necessary to familiarize and understand the equipment. Because it can know what it is and how to use it properly so that the product has good performance and use effect. Without product waste and so on. Micra-10 drill bit grinder Preparation before purchase 1. Is there any preparation work before the drill grinder is purchased? Is it important? Before purchasing the product, the drill grinder needs to do some preparatory work. And it needs to be taken seriously and carried out because if this work is wrong, it will affect the correct purchase of the product. On these two issues, what is certain is that their answers are yes. The preparation work of the drill grinder before the purchase is mainly in two aspects. One is to have a clear understanding of the product use environment and the use requirements, and the other is to understand some basic information on the product and the manufacturer. So as to carry out the multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration. To avoid wrong choices. 2. Want to choose a good quality drill grinder, what aspects of the product must be considered? In order to choose a good quality drill grinder, one must do is to choose a professional grinding machine manufacturer. In order to ensure product quality and product performance. And in turn, to ensure the use of the product, and based on this the conclusion that can draw is that if you want to choose a good quality drill grinder, the product manufacturer must consider, not the product price. 3. Do you need to master some professional knowledge to operate the drill grinder? Is there any benefit to using CNC technology on a drill grinder? The operation of the drill grinder requires mastering certain skills or mastering relevant professional knowledge. And familiarizing with and understanding the operating procedures and safe operating procedures of the drill grinder, so as to achieve correct, standardized and safe operation using the internal grinding machine. To avoid an improper or incorrect operation, to avoid danger or accidents. The use of numerical control technology on the drill grinding machine can bring some benefits. It can realize the continuous dressing of the grinding wheel, automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheel. Automatic conveying and clamping of workpieces and multiple worktables for the grinding machine to improve the working efficiency of the grinding machine. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd professional Micra-10 drill bit grinder supplier, our equipment is not only sold well in China but also exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, and other countries. Welcome everyone to come and buy.  
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of PCBN Tools

    Main Features Of Cubic Boron NitrideJudging from the use, the high-quality cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools has two main features:1. CBN has good impact resistance when used. Especially in the field of rough machining, if CBN is used, the insert will not easily break, which is the most basic guarantee for the safety of using cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools.2. CBN has good abrasion resistance. If CBN is used for efficient machining at the same time, it will cost less than using carbide tools and ceramic inserts. This is an economic guarantee for the use of cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools.Advantages And Disadvantages Of CBN ToolsAdvantages and disadvantages of cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tools from the manufacturing perspective:1. The price of cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools on the market are now uneven, mainly because CBN has high-purity raw materials, reliable and standard embryo synthesis processes. These two reasons directly determine the performance of cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools, which makes CBN prices uneven.2. Grinding. The grinding technology and accuracy of CBN tools directly determine the micro performance when used. Therefore, the use of peripheral grinding machines, although the cost of the tool has increased significantly, the quality and durability of cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools will be a class.Demina’s BT-150D tool grinder can grind the CBN tools with high efficiency. The tool grinder is reliable in performance and it is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts. This equipment not only has a wide range of use, but also the system can measure and compensate for the uniform consumption of the grinding wheel during the grinding process, so it can achieve long-cycle production.
  • Rotary Shaft Mode And The Main Purpose Of BT-200 Tool Grinder

    Advantages and scope of use OF BT-200 tool grinder If a country's industrial manufacturing industry has to develop effectively, tool grinding machines are indispensable. If the tool grinding machine is the elite, then the BT-200 tool grinder is the elite of the elite. A tool grinder is an automated machine tool with a program control system. It occupies an important position in the industrial manufacturing base of a country. Measuring the industrial manufacturing of a country to develop. And seeing the development of tool grinding machines in the country can see. It is also called the cornerstone of manufacturing. Especially the universal tool grinding machine, it is the helmsman who can manufacture high-precision industrial products. And the BT-200 tool grinder system is the elite representative of the machine tool. BT-200 tool grinder system is a kind of grinding machine with high technology content and high precision for processing complex curved surfaces. This kind of grinding machine system is used for a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment, etc. The industry has a pivotal influence. At present, the BT-200 tool grinder system is an important means to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers. Heavy-duty generator rotors, turbine rotors, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc. BT-200 tool grinder has the characteristics of high machining precision, accurate positioning. High cutting efficiency and strong processing ability of complex space surfaces. However, foreign tool grinder software control companies have imposed technical restrictions on China. Which has affected the development of related processes in China. For a long time, China's industry has developed slowly, including aerospace manufacturing. And has gradually become a big dependence on imported equipment. Rotary shaft mode OF BT-200 tool grinder BT-200 tool grinder is a machining center with high technology content and high precision for machining complex curved surfaces. It has the characteristics of high precision, high flexibility, and high flexibility. The BT-200 tool grinder is used in a wide range of industries, so let's talk about its main uses. 1. It is a precision machining center with its positioning accuracy and indexing accuracy of the rotary table reaching the micron level. 2. Can also order and supply two-station pallet automatic exchange device (referred to as 2PC), workpiece inspection system, tool detection system and the corresponding CNC system. It can automatically measure the workpiece position and size and can detect the wear or damage of the tool to achieve tool life management. 3. After the workpiece is clamped once, can complete the roughing and finishing of milling, boring, reaming, tapping and contouring. 4. Digital control by computer, with linear, arc and spiral interpolation. 5. BT-200 universal tool grinder the center is a five-axis five-link (X, Y, Z, B, C axis) machine tool with a modular design structure. The worktable is a continuous indexing rotary table (C-axis 0-360°). And the spindle head is a continuous indexing swing head (B-axis 0-110°), which can realize any five-axis five-link machining. Tool grinding machines have a significant influence on a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries. It is widely used in the processing of complex curved parts in various types of machining industries such as blade, impeller and mold industry, and can meet the needs of multi-variety processing of medium and small box parts and space surfaces.
  • Structural Design Of Universal Tool Grinder Table

    Abrasives for tool grinders are used as tools to cut the surface of workpieces and are collectively called grinders. Universal tool grinding machines, such as PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder, can process a variety of surfaces. Such as internal and external cylindrical and conical surfaces, planes, gear tooth surfaces, spiral surfaces, and various molding surfaces, etc.. It can also sharpen tools and cut the process range is very wide. Because grinding is easy to obtain high machining accuracy and good surface quality, grinding machines are mainly used for precision machining of parts, especially for hardened steel parts and special materials with high hardness. Now let’s introduce the structural design requirements of the universal tool grinder workbench.Structural Design Of Universal Tool Grinder TableThe structural design of the PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder table usually meets the following requirements:1. Tool grinding often requires roughing of all cutting surfaces in one clamping, and the workbench should capable of multi-chip grinding.2. The tool is mainly composed of various complex curved surfaces. So the table structure should meet the requirements of multi-axis simultaneous processing to ensure that each motion axis does not produce motion interference within the working range.3. The worktable must not only able to withstand the huge grinding force generated during rough grinding, but also to ensure high precision during finishing. Therefore, it is required that the machine tool has good rigidity, good stability, high motion accuracy, and small thermal degeneration.Beijing Demina Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and research and development of various tool grinding machines. Each product has undergone strict quality management, and its quality has been affirmed by domestic and foreign customers. Users are welcome to come to buy.
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