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  • Diamond Tool Grinder Is Used For Manufacturing And Grinding Tools Of Superhard Materials

    Diamond tool grinder Diamond tool grinder is used for manufacturing and grinding tools of superhard materials such as PCD, PCBN, and CVD. These superhard materials have high hardness, brittleness, and special grinding process requirements. At present, manual operation of machine tools is the mainstream equipment of superhard tool grinding. Complex grinding process requires machine tools to be flexible enough for manual intervention by operators. Oscillation of grinding wheel The diamond grinding wheel used in the superhard tool grinding machine rubs against the tool and causes loss. In order to extend the life of the grinding wheel and minimize the number of dressing. The grinding wheel is required to swing back and forth within the specified range so that the grinding wheel can wear evenly in the direction of ring width. Grinding wheel swing generally has two ways: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and NC program drive ball screw. The former makes the motor rotate and turn into the grinding wheel to swing back and forth through the mechanical structure. While the latter is controlled through the program. The mechanical structure controlled by the program is simple and stable, easy to adjust and maintain. On-line tool setting device Using a grinding method to remove superhard tool material not only consumes time but also consumes expensive diamond grinding wheel. In order to reduce the grinding allowance as much as possible. The machine tools are equipped with on-line tool setting devices. Before grinding, set the tool, take the standard marking line on the microscope as the benchmark. Adjust the cross table to make the blade match with it, and adjust the grinding allowance to the minimum. At present, most super-hard tools are turning tools or blades. Which do not have an accurate positioning reference (cylinder) as axisymmetric tools. Therefore, the on-line tool setting device is an effective tool to determine its processing position. Heavy-duty guide Super hard tool grinding machine adopts n-o linear guide with a strong capacity to bear a heavy load. which can bear a higher rated load and bear a certain amount of torque with high rigidity. The contact surface of the two guide rails adopts the support of needle roller. Which supports and rolls between the two guide rails when the guide rails of the machine tool move, greatly reducing the friction coefficient. Even 1/50 of the ordinary sliding guide rails. The needle roller can quickly respond to the requirements of the machine tool dragging system so that the swing axis can achieve high precision and stable linear movement under high load. At the same time, the needle roller retainer will share the wear of the guide rail to each needle roller. Thus extending the service life of the linear guide rail. A superhard cutting tool widely used in the "to the generation of grinding", "high-speed cutting, dry cutting, etc in the advanced manufacturing technology. The precision of the edge and roughness (can achieve Ra0.05 microns) demanding each knife is on the machine tool through the multi-channel process carefully produced. High accuracy of NC machine tools, high rigidity, and easy operation.
  • Tips For Buying A PP-60N Drill Sharpener

    Nowadays, the market is quite chaotic, and the sharpening machine is dazzling. How to polish your eyes and pick a sharpening machine that is suitable for the customer's processing profit is not easy. Demina below will give you some tips on choosing a sharpener. Tips for buying a sharpener First, the PP-60N drill sharpener can grind drill. As a machine tool, the motor is its heart, if the motor is broken, this machine can not work and use. This is a property, but as a consumable to buy, then because of the small loss of the general. The general cheap knife sharpener is about 200W brush motor. Low power, high noise, high energy consumption, short life, more problems, difficult to protect, easy to short circuit. Second, the cheap sharpening machine generally divides the milling cutter into the red front angle. One rear corner and two rear corners, and then complete the grinding of the milling cutter after three simple piercing actions. From the purely sharpening theory, the correctness is correct. But the milling cutter that it has milled has only one shape, which can not ensure the use, can not be used, is not durable, and can not satisfy the diversification of processing needs. Third, in general, the sharpening machine on the market can only use for special planes. One machine for one machine, can not satisfy the needs of different customers. And Demina grinding machine selects the plan of the main unit plus module, one function is a sub-module group. A host is free to deploy the module, and only need to replace the module or the grinding wheel. You can add or modify the function of the machine, the customer can select one or more sub-modules according to their own needs, saving money and saving Knife money. Fourth, the general fool type sharpening machine has no technical content, and the price is cheap, so there is no technical support and after-sales service. Some customers have spent money to buy a machine, but because they have no service, they will not be used, or they are not easy to use. It can shelve in the workshop or warehouse. After purchasing a suitable drill sharpener, some sharpeners will have some troubles after using them for a while, so how do users detect these faults? Service system failure detection method of grinding machine The initial shortcomings of the service system are actually viewed directly by the repair personnel. In this respect, the power supply transformer on the detection component of the sharpener service system will actually appear. The phenomenon of disconnection. It is precise because of this, after the transformer is replaced directly, there will be a phenomenon of speeding. At this time, we actually need manual emergency parking. In addition, we actually need to pay attention to the power failure view of the drill resharpening machine service system. In fact, it is due to the damage of the power supply module on the service system. In addition, we actually need to pay attention to it. In fact, there will high-power tube cracking, and the printed board will directly burn a large hole. In the printed circuit board of the power supply module on the sharpener service system. When some components are damaged or burnt, we can not only identify and have no way to test. In terms of it, the printed circuit will also blow a lot. In addition, we must pay attention to it. Since it does not have technical information, in this respect, it will directly bring more difficulties to our surveying and mapping operations. Regarding the above-mentioned shortcomings of the drill sharpener service system. It is understood that it is a shortcoming of the sharpener service system and in terms of this shortcoming. We actually need to pay attention to what is happening from it. Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to the fact that it is most important to deal with this shortcoming in a timely manner.
  • Effect Of Minimal Quantities Of Lubricant On Dry Cutting

    Effect of minimal quantities of lubricant on dry cutting Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL), refers to the working condition of Lubrication lubricant dosage is very little. It is used in cutting, a high-speed rotating mechanism such as high-speed centrifuge lubrication. In the cutting is also called the minimum amount of lubrication, that is, the minimum amount of cutting fluid to achieve the best cutting effect is a metal processing lubrication, that is, semi-dry cutting. The compressed gas (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) is mixed with extremely small amount of lubricating oil and vaporized to form a liquid mist containing micron level, which is sprayed to the cutting area or moving pair at high speed through the nozzle, so as to effectively cool and lubricate the cutting area or moving pair. This type of lubrication is called trace lubrication or mixed lubrication. The performance of the cutting tool The cutting tool performance depends on the tool material and tool structure and geometric parameters. Different machining methods must have a different emphasis on tool design MQL trace lubrication device. For dry cutting tool must have the following aspects of performance: 1. The cutter should have high heat resistance and good wear resistance. 2. The friction coefficient between chip and tool should be as small as possible. 3. The shape of the tool to ensure smooth chip discharge and easy to heat. 4. The tool should have higher strength and impact toughness. In the actual production, according to the physical and mechanical properties of the actual workpiece material and the characteristics of the processing process, the correct selection of tool material, coating, optimization of geometric parameters and tool structure, and pay attention to the cutting properties of the tool material relative to the workpiece material, in order to design and manufacture suitable for dry cutting tools. When dry cutting tool material is more important is must have a high red hardness and high impact resistance. At present, the cutting tool materials used for dry processing mainly include ultrafine cemented carbide, coated cemented carbide, ceramics, diamond, cubic boron nitride and so on. Dry processing is the trend of future cutting, but if the dry processing supplemented by a small amount of lubricating oil will get better results, that is, we often say trace lubrication processing. Environmental benefits After the trace lubrication device replaces the coolant lubrication system, the discharge of waste liquid is greatly reduced, which meets the requirements of energy-saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction advocated by the state, and realizes the friendliness to the environment.  
  • Maintenance Tips Of CBN Grinding Machine Tool

    CBN grinding machine needs to be inspected before work. Grinder tools have a significant impact on the grinder, and you should not take it lightly when inspecting grinder tools. Below Beijing Demina will tell you about the maintenance skills of the 2-axis CBN grinding machine tools.Maintenance Tips Of CBN Grinding Machine Tool1. Before operation CBN grinding machine, check whether the various pieces of the cutter are used properly. Whether the handwheel handles are in the wrong orientation, and whether there are frictional obstacles in the advancement of the knife, and whether the limit switches can play a stable maintenance effect.2. Every time you start the machine to start each moving part, pay attention to whether the cutting tool and each handle are on the scale of the operation. When you move the handle easily, first move it slightly to see if the moving part and orientation match. It is strictly forbidden to drive suddenly to move the handle.3.2-axis CBN grinding machine the toolbar, bracket, washer, indexing head, vise, knife hole, etc. should be rubbed on the parallel surface, and the milling machine should be free of dirt and dirt.4. Before the grinding tool is started, check whether the cutting tool is firmly installed and the workpiece is firm. The pressure plate must undulate. The horns supporting the pressure plate should not too high or too many pieces. The shank washer should not use for other pads.5. The tool must be parked during the continuous uneven work, cutting tools, tightening, adjustment, speed change and measuring work on the tool. When replacing the toolbar, cutter head, end milling head, milling cutter, should stop it first. Open the power door and take care to prevent people from being damaged by the tool after the lever screws are loosened.6. When disassembling and assembling the end mill, the countertop must slab and check the trays by hand.7. When installing a flat milling cutter and using a wrench to pull the screw nut, pay attention to the proper selection of the wrench’s mouth. And do not use too much force to prevent slipping.
  • Grind Carbide And HSS Non-standard Blades

    BT-150J PCD Tool Grinders Causes of Guide Wheel Jitter The guide wheel of BT-150J PCD Tool Grinders can not be used for grinding. It only gives the workpiece positioning and gives the workpiece a frictional rotary motion. The grinding must also give the workpiece an axial movement. If the workpiece is not worn well, the shape of the guide wheel has a certain relationship. In operation, we may find that the deflection of the guide wheel is very strong, which is generally caused by the following reasons. 1. It is a centerless grinder for the drive structure of the inverter. In this structure operation, the phenomenon of guide wheel jitter occurs when the inverter is out of phase or the inverter module is burnt out. This kind of jitter is generally displayed in the state of being stressed. Sometimes a kind of knocking sound is transmitted at the worm gear, which is easy to misjudge that it is a problem with the worm gear. 2.BT-150J PCD Tool Grinders the worm gear is worn and the gear bite is not neat. 3. It is caused by the loose coupling between the motor and the guide wheel. 4. It is the BT-150J PCD Tool Grinders with gearbox structure. This kind of structure is more complicated. The PCD Tool Grinders are mainly due to the wear of the main shaft and sprocket, chain, chain and gearbox bearings and various transmission mechanisms. There is a gap and the adjustment of the bearing bush is too tight. It is also clearer in the state of low speed and force. It brings great inconvenience and quality degradation to production. Grinding forms and features of PCD Tool Grinders Grinding First, the grinding form There are many different types of grinding, which can be classified into different forms according to different methods. According to the shape of the surface to be ground, it can be divided into cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, surface grinding, thread grinding, gear grinding, rail grinding, deep hole grinding and so on. Second, the grinding characteristics 1. Grinding can achieve high precision and low surface roughness, usually can reach IT6 ~ IT7 dimensional accuracy. The obtained surface roughness is Ra1.25 ~ 0.08um, and super-fine grinding and mirror-grinding surface Roughness can reach Ra0.05um. 2. Can grind all kinds of hardened steel, and hot alloy steel and hard alloy and other difficult materials. 3. Grinding is convenient for forming and processing. Since the grinding wheel can be trimmed into various profiles according to the processing requirements, it is once ground for complex boring. Widely used in precision forming grinding to reduce the intermediate process. 4. The grinding allowance is small, suitable for the subsequent processing of precision casting, die forging and precision stamping parts. In order to further improve the precision of precision blanks and reduce surface roughness. 5. Grinding is suitable for automation equipment and optimizes the grinding process.
  • Cubic Boron Nitride Material Application

    Application Of Cubic Boron Nitride MaterialCubic boron nitride has high hardness, high thermal stability, is inert to iron group elements, so it is most suitable for making cutting tools:Cubic boron nitride has high hardness, high thermal stability, is inert to iron group elements, so it is most suitable for making cutting tools:1. Cutting various hardened steels, including carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels, high-speed steels, bearing steels, die steels, etc.2. Cutting various iron, nickel, cobalt and another hot spray (welding) parts.3. Diamond has higher hardness and other excellent performance, it makes the tool, the application range is more extensive, can process a variety of difficult to process materials, blame processing materials.4.For nonferrous metals, mainly copper, aluminum and their alloys, for ultra-precision cutting. Because the cutting edges of diamond tools, especially natural diamond tools, can be sharpened to the point where the radius of a blunt circle is at the nanoscale.5. Cutting pure tungsten and pure molybdenum.6. Cutting engineering ceramics, hard alloy, industrial glass.7. Cutting graphite, all kinds of plastics.8. Cutting various composite materials, including metallic and non-metallic, fiber-reinforced and grain – reinforced.9.Various medical instruments and tools used in dentistry and orthopedics.10. Used for various wood processing tools and stone processing tools.Diamond and cubic boron nitride monocrystals are widely used in making abrasives, abrasives, abrasives, emery cloths, and sandpaper.Diamond is also widely used in the production of wire drawing dies, grinding wheel correctors and drilling drills in the petroleum and geological sectors. Also used for various wear-resistant parts.Cubic boron nitride tools can also be used for most of the hard materials that can be cut with diamond tools, such as hard alloy, ceramics, glass, composite materials, etc., but generally, the service life of cubic boron nitride tools is lower than that of diamond tools. Diamond tools cannot process iron-based materials.Superhard tool material is a tool material that is harder than ceramic material.Beijing Demina is making BT-150H can grind Cubic boron nitride material with high efficiency. Welcome to visit our factory.
  • PCD Tool Grinding Method

    The main task of the Beijing Demina PCD tool fine grinding is to control the final dimensional accuracy accurately and stably. Grinding wheel wear, accurate positioning of the grinding point of the edge tip, and grinding resistance will ultimately affect the machining accuracy. These factors have nothing to do with the motion accuracy of the machine tool but are related to when to start grinding (that is, to the tool point) and to what extent to finish grinding, etc., and are closely related to the monitoring of grinding state. Although the grinding wheel wear is difficult to measure, and the blade height (which affects the grinding point position) is also difficult to measure within a certain range, the control system with a voice-activated device can always easily record the exact position of the tooltip and grinding wheel surface at the moment of contact. As a starting point, the relative feed can accurately control the dimensional accuracy, we call this "knife grinding method".Of course, the premise of the "knife grinding method" is that the last process has accurate datum, or can accurately measure the size before grinding, which can be done with the CCD system online measurement system. In the industry with manual machine tool grinding, the PCD tool's first back Angle (also the polishing edge) grinding process is: on the basis of the coarse grinding size and then grinding down 0.02~0.03mm, to form a 0.05~0.1mm edge belt. This and the "on the knife grinding method" also happened to coincide. In the grinding process, the grinding wheel is still constantly worn. The system can detect such wear-in time and compensate for it. The time of "grinding air" is compressed to nearly zero, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency.  
  • Features Of APE-40 Semi-Auto Drill Grinder

    The sharpener has the characteristics of high grinding accuracy, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, novel structure, flexible rotation parts, low noise, and small vibration, and the knife holder part has bearings, which is durable, wear-resistant and easy to operate. It can also be used to grind various engraving tools, so it is indispensable supporting equipment for tool sharpening in the machining and engraving industry.Features Of APE-40 Semi-Auto Drill Grinder1. APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder adopts advanced technology, adopts precision linear ball slide rail, stable bed and light operation. It can improve the user’s grinding efficiency to a certain extent.2. The drilling angle of the equipment can reach a drilling angle of 40 ° -180 °, which increases the function and grinding range of the machine.3. The equipment can be equipped with various grinding accessories to complete the grinding of various tools according to different needs.4. Simple setting.5. Easy to operate. And in order to help customers become more familiar with the machine, we also provide equipment manuals.6. Accurate and fast grinding. The tool grinder is equipped with various fixture energy grinding turning tools, three-sided edge milling cutters, hobbing cutters, drills, taps, and other mechanical cutting tools.The type of APE-40 drill point grinder is a drill grinder with a weight of 230 kg, precision machining, diameter sharpening from 2 to 40mm, pump motor power of 0.06 kW, machine size mm 1040 x 750 x 1330, and the control form is manual. The scope of application is to grind a variety of drill equipment, and the grinding efficiency is high, which can improve the user’s operating efficiency.Beijing Demina specializes in the production of drill bit grinder equipment, APE-40 UP-sharpening machine for sale. Users in need are welcome to visit the test machine.
  • Application Of Software Technology In Tool Grinder

    The wide use of numerical control equipment. Such as machining center makes young workers get rid of the shackles of manual skills to produce high-precision. And multi-variety industrial tools in large quantities. The manufacture of PCD tools, an emerging tool that is increasingly used. Relies too heavily on human skills. With the increase of labor cost and the change in people's lifestyle. This kind of labor skill is more and more difficult to master. And the labor cost is higher and higher. Numerical control in this industry will be the general trend. Application of software technology in tool grinder CNC tool grinding machine not only reduces the operation difficulty of the machine but also has the innate relationship with the technology. The complexity and diversity of tool can satisfy with the flexibility of software. So the control unit of tool grinder should give up many common features of equipment to meet the special requirements of tool grinding. The adoption of software technology can reduce the complexity of the machine structure. And these mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle, which greatly shortens the development cycle of equipment, and even reduces the cost. Secondly, generally speaking, the user group of tool grinder is not large. The manufacturer's enthusiasm to store spare parts is not high, the simple mechanical structure can reduce the risk of equipment operation in the future. Product upgrading caused by competition requires certain "flexibility" of equipment. And software maintenance and upgrading can just meet their needs.
  • Structural Characteristics Of Superhard Tool Grinder

    Diamond tool grinding machine is used for manufacturing and grinding tools of super-hard materials such as PCD, PCBN, and CVD. These super-hard materials have high hardness (such as the hardness of PCD is HV6000) and strong brittleness, so there are special technical requirements for grinding, so this kind of tool grinding machine has special structural characteristics. In addition, manually operated machine tools are now the mainstream of ultra-hard tool grinding equipment. Because their complex grinding process requires machine tools with enough flexibility to allow operators to carry out the manual intervention. According to the grinding technology of super hard cutting tools, this paper explains the remarkable characteristics of this kind of machine tools.Structural Characteristics Of Superhard Tool GrinderThe special characteristics are that the grinding wheel swings back and forthThe grinding tool used in the superhard tool grinding machine is the diamond grinding wheel. In order to extend the life of the grinding wheel and minimize the dressing times of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is required to perform reciprocating swing within the specified range, so as to make the grinding wheel evenly wear in the direction of ring width.In order to realize the wheel swing, there are generally two ways: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and NC program drive ball screw. The former is through the mechanical structure so that the motor rotation into the grinding wheel reciprocating swing. The latter is controlled programmatically.Program control is not only a simple and stable mechanical structure but also easy to adjust and maintain. Figure 2 shows the control panel of the bt-150j ultra-hard tool grinder made by a domina company. The three knobs control the frequency, amplitude, position, and amplitude of the wheel shaft swing respectively.
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