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  • CNC Grinder Introduction

    Introduction of CNC grinder Nowadays, many products require the corresponding grinding machine to grind the surface or internal structure during production. So that the contact with other products is smoother, but there are many products that are very demanding for grinding. And the general grinding method is very difficult to achieve the corresponding accuracy, then the best choice at this time is the CNC grinding machine, which has many notable features, which can make the grinding more simple and smoother. When the CNC grinding machine is used for product processing, no matter how complicated the shape of the product is, as long as it can write the corresponding program on the CNC grinding machine before grinding, it can complete various processing requirements. And in operation and common compared with the manual operation, it is also more simple and convenient. The use of the entire grinding machine can realize the effective control of computer programming so that the error of human operation can eliminate, so the fineness of polishing is better. In addition, when using the CNC grinding machine, it can use the corresponding computer software to achieve the precision compensation and the optimal control of the product grinding, which has the advantage that other grinding machines can not achieve.   Knowledge about CNC grinding machines 1. Which kinds of CNC grinders are more common and commonly used? CNC grinder, which is a major grinder, so, it can be classified. Generally speaking, CNC grinder can be divided into CNC internal grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC surface grinder, CNC centerless grinder, and CNC universal grinder five kinds. Among them, the more commonly used is the CNC cylindrical grinder and CNC cylindrical grinder these two. 2. What is the key part of controlling the CNC grinder? CNC grinder, to achieve control of this function, then, the key components, is for the program control system, or PLC. The grinding machine with numerical control system can automatically grind the workpiece surface to obtain a good machining effect. 3. What are the differences between ordinary grinders and CNC grinders? In addition, CNC grinder, whether there is a special grinding wheel dressing device? Common grinder and CNC grinder, the difference between the two kinds of grinder, is the common grinder for a shaft motor drive, and CNC grinder, it is a multi-axis servo motor drive. In addition, CNC grinder this kind of grinder, there is a special dressing grinding wheel device. So on question number two, the answer is yes.

    APE 40 Drill Grinding Machine Sharpening machine for the twist drills - step drills - countersink - taps - counterbore - spot drills - reamers APE40 drill grinding machine is very popular in tool resharpening. It can help the customer saving the cost. Parameter of APE 40 Drill Grinding Machine Toolholder head; Precision 6-jaws chuck; Set of no. 4 cams for a right-hand tool with 1-2-3-4-6 cutting edges; Morse Cone MC1, MC2, MC3, and MC4; Vertical wheel center electric spindle for split point and point thinning (Code EQPT 046 EQPT 060); Control panel and light 24 Volt; Equipment for grinding wheel dresser on the diameter and on the right side of the grinding wheel; Wheel dresser diamond ct. 0.5; The halogen lamp and instruction book. Technical data of APE 40 Drill Grinding Machine Sharpening diameter range: 2-40 mm; Left or right cutting edges: 1-12; Point angle: 40° - 180°; Horizontal wheel spindle power: 0.76kw; Dimensions of horizontal grinding wheel: Ø 200 x 25 x 32; Vertical wheel spindle power: 0.18kw; Dimensions of vertical grinding wheel: Ø 125 x 13 x 20; Wheel speed: 3380 rpm; Voltage: 24V/Three Phase/50Hz; Overall dimensions: 840mm*750mm*1330mm; Weight: 230kg. After-sale service of APE 40 Drill Grinding Machine In order to facilitate users to operate the machine, we also provide the instruction and parts manual, not including quick-wear part. Delivery time: 30 workdays after we received the deposit if any special requirement can be consulted. Warranty period: One-year limitedwarranty. Paymentterms: T/T, 30% down payment in advance, 70% balance payment before delivery. Package: woodencase. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.        
  • CNC Tool Grinding Machine Diamond Grinding Wheel Dressing Method

    Dressing method of diamond grinding wheel The use of a diamond grinding wheel of the CNC tool grinder directly affects the normal use of CNC tools, a small part sometimes may cause the failure of the whole project. So today, we introduce the automatic dressing and compensation method of the diamond grinding wheel of the CNC tool grinder. The development of fully automatic CNC grinding technology puts forward high requirements for its supporting equipment. As one of the supporting technologies, the online automatic grinding wheel dressing technology must meet the needs of modern CNC grinding technology and develop towards the direction of high precision, super stability, and fully automatic control. A diamond grinding wheel is widely used as an efficient grinding tool in the processing of hard alloy, ceramics, CBN and other superhard materials. The dressing and automatic compensation method of the diamond grinding wheel determine the performance of the fully automatic NC grinding machine. And to a large extent determines the service performance and service life of the grinding wheel. Principle of diamond grinding wheel dressing The dressing method of the diamond grinding wheel is an important factor affecting the grinding performance of the grinding wheel. The reasonable selection of dressing method will directly affect the surface quality and grinding accuracy of the workpiece. At present, common dressing methods of the diamond grinding wheel include online electrolytic dressing. EDM grinding wheel dressing, cup-shaped grinding wheel dressing, electrolyte-mechanical dressing, and laser dressing. Since the dressing method of the cup grinding wheel is simpler and easier to realize than other dressing methods, GC cup grinding wheel dressing technology is adopted in this paper to automatically dressing the diamond grinding wheel. The dressing of a diamond grinding wheel is usually divided into two stages: shaping and sharpening. The purpose of shaping is to remove the shape error and surface defect of the grinding wheel after the initial installation. So as to ensure the geometric precision of the grinding wheel. Sharpening is caused by the passivation of the grinding wheel after working for a period of time. In order to make the cutting micro-edge highlight the binder and have an appropriate height, form enough chip space between the grinding grains and make the effective number of grinding grains per unit area as much as possible. GC cup grinding wheel dressing method of bowl diamond grinding wheel During the actual dressing, the bowl-shaped diamond grinding wheel and the grinding belt of the GC cup grinding wheel are completely staggered and fitted and rotate at a certain speed respectively. The rotational linear speed ratio of the dressing wheel and the grinding wheel is located at 8:1. The dressing wheel is fixed, and the diamond grinding wheel is fed with dressing along the axis so that the GC cup grinding wheel and the bowl diamond grinding wheel can form mutual abrasive grinding. By grinding the end face of the two grinding wheels, the diamond grinding wheel passivation grinding particles are removed. The chip space is formed, the diamond grinding wheel surface is re-sharpened, and the purpose of dressing is achieved.   Grinding wheel dressing automatic control method In the grinding process, the wear state of the grinding wheel is an important factor that affects grinding quality. The CNC tool grinder can monitor the state of the grinding wheel in the whole process of blade grinding. Depending on the size and material of the machined blade, the required grinding removal volume and grinding time are also different. Comprehensive consideration of each factor set automatic dressing interval. The number of times the grinding blade is counted and compared with the dressing interval set by the system in real-time. When the grinding number reaches the set number of dressing intervals, the dressing module is automatically invoked in the NC program to realize the automatic dressing of the grinding wheel. In order to ensure the safe operation of the machine tool, the control method also includes real-time monitoring of the life of the grinding wheel and dressing wheel. As long as it is detected that the dressing may cause the grinding wheel or dressing wheel to reach the pre-warning thickness. The machine will automatically send an alarm signal and stop the machine for manual processing. If the grinding wheel and dressing wheel do not reach the alarm thickness, the dressing will proceed smoothly. After finishing dressing, the compensation value of the grinding wheel after the dressing is output through data processing. Compensation method for grinding wheel dressing The consistency of the workpiece size is largely dependent on the consistency of the process system state. After dressing the grinding wheel once, the abrasive thickness decreases and the end face of the grinding wheel changes to the designated calibration position. This will lead to the change of the state of the entire process system and the size of the workpiece being processed will also change, so the size consistency cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the compensation after grinding wheel dressing is particularly important. The process of dressing the grinding wheel is analyzed, which is the mutual grinding of two grinding tools. Not only will the abrasive thickness of the grinding wheel decrease, but also the abrasive thickness of the dressing wheel decrease, which is a result of comprehensive action. Therefore, the method of multiple tests is adopted to determine the compensation method of grinding wheel dressing. The hardness and abrasion resistance of the diamond grinding wheel is much higher than that of the GC cup dressing wheel. It can be predicted that in a dressing process, the abrasive thickness reduced by the diamond grinding wheel is far less than that reduced by the dressing wheel. The dressing wheel is in a fixed position. During dressing, the grinding wheel advances one dressing amount along the feed direction. The relationship between them is dressing amount = reduction of grinding wheel dressing wheel reduction. In order to ensure the size consistency of the processed workpiece, the reduction of the grinding wheel after dressing should be compensated. The actual dressing test data show that when the dressing amount is 0.03mm, the thinning amount of the grinding wheel is 0.0015mm and that of dressing wheel is 0.0275mm.
  • Staff Training Of Demina

    It is a learning society today. As an integral part of the whole society, enterprises should strive to become a learning enterprise no matter from their own development or from promoting the progress of the whole society. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has made its own efforts in this regard. Recently, Our company has held a staff training for three days, we believe that each employee can improve their professional skills very quickly through the training. At the same time, it can enhance the company's overall unity and cooperation  It is also good for establishing a nice working environment of our company. Of course, the results also confirmed this well. The training reflected the prudence of our engineers, the communication skills of our sales staff, the fluency of our operation staff and the seriousness and responsibility of our factory staff. We also learned a lot of professional knowledge and work spirit from each other through this training. Due to the good effect of this training, we will hold other forms of training irregularly in the future. Under such circumstances, we believe that the future of Demina will be better. So that we will be able to provide customers with products and services of high quality.
  • Methods Of Correctly Use The Universal Edger

    Demina company produced the PCD universal edge grinder is suitable for processing the straight bottom edge and a 45-degree angle, skirting line grinding and polishing of different sizes and thickness of the flat stone. This equipment adopts variable frequency worm gear speed regulation, and the speed regulation is linear and convenient. Each edge shape can be completed by one machine, and the surface smoothness after processing is the same as the polished stone matrix. Through the novel structure design of the equipment, it is easy to adjust the different thickness of the plate. In addition, the edging machine has the characteristics of advanced structure, high precision, simple and convenient operation, continuous processing, energy-saving, and low noise. How to use the universal edger correctly 1. Before use, move the small handle to make the knurled eccentric ball open, clamp one end of the rubber test piece. And then press the other end of the test piece counterclockwise to press the active pressure stick along with the work wheel. 2. Start the motor and turn the grinding wheel in the direction shown at the front. 3. Shake the handle of the so that the upper carriage feeds along the lower rail. The handle is equipped with a dial, and each grid is 0.02 mm. 4. The safety device is installed in the toggle handwheel. The handwheel can only be turned counterclockwise, otherwise, excessive force will damage its safety device. 5. The grinder should coarsely ground first and finely ground after working. Beijing Demina is a professional universal edging machine manufacturer. The equipment we produce has good performance and high edging efficiency. Users in need are welcome to visit and purchase.
  • The Transportation And Installation Of BT-150H Tool Grinder

    BT-150H tool grinder is mainly used for grinding Artificial Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) and cemented carbide cutting tools. The cutter can easily locate at the desired position through the cross table. The CCD and image system can conveniently determine the position of the cutter. The surface condition of the cutter can observe and the size of the cutter can measure. Transportation and installation 1. Transportation packaging: Wooden package. 2. Hoisting a. When lifting packaged machine tools with cranes, it is necessary to carefully check whether the force of the lifting rope is balanced. b. When transported by forklift truck, it is only allowed to shovel from the rear of the machine tool. c. The proper position between the hanger rope and the bed should add with square wood to ensure that the hanger rope can not touch the weak parts of machine tools such as protective cover, handwheel, and baffle. d. The machine tool should balance when lifting or shoveling, and not allowed to tilt. 3. The requirements of installation site: The machine tool should install on the cement floor with a thickness of not less than 100 mm and supported on the adjusting pad iron by three points. The leveling instrument with accuracy not less than 0.04/1000mm should adjust in both vertical and horizontal directions. The leveling instrument should place on the cross sliding table. The area and shape requirements of the installation site and the layout of the machine tools are shown in Fig. 4. Cleaning: After the machine tool is installed, the locking device of swing mechanism, feed mechanism, and rotary table should dismantle: the moving parts should clean, the rust-proof grease should clean with kerosene, the clean cotton yarn should be used to wipe off, and the lubrication points should lubricate.  
  • Select Servo Motor And Stepping Motor

    Servo motors and stepper motors are now more widely used in grinding machines, so how do we choose when we choose? Demina below will tell you some tips on choosing servo motors and stepper motors. Select servo motor and stepping motor correctly 1. Mainly depending on the specific application, simply to determine. The nature of the load (such as horizontal or vertical load, etc.), torque, moment of inertia, rotational speed, accuracy, and deceleration. This ball screw has been a quick easy collection, upper control requirements (such as the requirement for port interface and communication). The main control mode is position, torque, or speed. The power supply is dc or ac power, or battery power, voltage range. Accordingly, the type of motor and driver or controller to used shall be determined. 2. How to use stepper motor driver A driver greater than or equal to the current of the motor shall be used according to the current of the motor. Subdivision actuators are available if low vibration or high precision is required. For large torque motors, use high voltage actuators as much as possible to obtain good high-speed performance. 3.2 phase and 5 phase stepping motor what is the difference, how to choose? The 2-phase motor has low cost, but the vibration is larger at low speed and the torque decreases faster at high speed. The 5-phase motor has small vibration, good performance and high speed of use. Which is 30~50% higher than the 2-phase motor. In some cases, it can replace the servo motor. 4. I want to directly control the servo motor through communication, is that ok? Yes, it is convenient, but it is only a matter of speed. The application of the response speed requirements is not too high. Generally, it has DSP and high-speed logic processing circuits, to achieve high speed and high precision motion control. Such as S acceleration, multi-axis interpolation and so on.
  • Demina Company Has Been In China For 16 Years . She Is A Leader In Special Of Tool Sharpenning Machine.

    Demina's slogan is "Honest, cooperative, enterprising and Fair" Demina company has been in China for 16 years. She is a leader in special tool sharpening machine. Our slogan is "Honest, cooperative, enterprising and Fair". It affected the whole company from a small workshop to a large company. No matter what kind of difficulties we meet, we will try our best to think of the company's slogan. Honest: The most important thing in business is honesty. Be honest and sincere to make friends with customers. Don't cheat customers. So we sell many sets tool grinding machine for the tool production plant. At the same time, we have gained the trust of customers from before to after-sales. Cooperative: Never force customers in the sales process, everything to customer requirements first. Put the customer's requirements in the contract to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of customers. We recommend suitable equipment to our customers for the type of tool customers want to grind. If we have any problem, we should discuss it together. Enterprising: We are recruiting experienced engineers and young talents to join our company and provide vitality to the company. The reward and punishment system is clear, improves the staff's working enthusiasm. Fair: The company never defaulted on workers' wages. There is a performance appraisal system. All employees compete fairly. We offer high-quality tool grinder for customers. Through years of efforts, our company's tool grinding machine is sold overseas. We have held many exhibitions, and our products are very popular both at home and abroad.  
  • The Operation Method Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder

    With the development of tool grinding machines, various types of tool grinding machines have been developed. Among them, the use of BT-150D CNC insert grinding machines is becoming more and more widespread. But for novice users, if you want to use the tool grinder better, you must first understand the use of some tool grinders. The operation method of CNC tool grinder 1. CNC tool grinder machine tools shall be fixed securely with bolts. The road should be boring, neat, safe, clean, ventilated, and excellent in light. Power cords should entangle with each other and should keep away from high temperatures and oily vulnerable places. 2. Please read the machine manual carefully before starting the tool grinder. And familiar with , handle function, smooth transmission system and safe operating standards before normal operation. 3. The power plug and socket device of the CNC tool grinder should firm and secure. The power plug should be used by a person familiar with the grinder or by a professional to stop the non-professional installation and repair of the electrical system of the machine. 5. Before starting the grinder BT-150D CNC tool grinder, check the reliability of the electrical system maintenance grounding. Before the grinder, check the reliability of the electrical system for maintenance and grounding. 6. The operator must lock the handle that should lock in the grinder machine before operation. The workpiece should firmly be clamped. Before starting the machine, the workpiece should be firmly clamped. 7. Stop wearing gloves and be careful not to touch the grinding wheel and workpiece rotating with the mold to avoid injury. Beijing Demina A professional BT-150D CNC tool grinder manufacturer, we not only have a good reputation in the market but also the performance of the grinding machine is reliable. Everyone is welcome to visit the trial machine.
  • CNC Machine Tool Fixture

    The present situation of CNC jig With the development of China's processing industry, jig machine tool is also constantly improved, but in the universality and accuracy still need to be improved, which to a certain extent hindered the development of CNC machine tool processing, in order to improve the universality of jig, many enterprises are constantly and optimization, the commonly used machine tool clip has the following: 1. Combination fixture In order to improve the use of special fixture, reduce its scrap rate, these different shapes, different specifications of the standard special fixture combination into one, so that it can be used in a variety of different machine tools, to process different devices, so as to improve the versatility of the fixture, while ensuring the accuracy of teaching processing. Because the combination fixture is a combination of several fixtures together, so the volume and weight are larger, in the installation and use process will cause some inconvenience, and one-time investment is high, thereby limiting its application and promotion.  2.  Automatic fixture With automation machinery processing, its corresponding fixture is to accelerate the process of automation, in the process of automated assembly line, automatic fixture can be automatically according to the processing of replacement, the whole process without human intervention, so the speed of change quickly, in the process of use of automated jig, to pay attention to the process design jigs delivery, replacement, make the jig can accurately in the process of the change to the scheduled site, using pneumatic, electric or hydraulic pressure as power to achieve rapid change, in addition, due to the fact that high speed cutting automation will bring a lot of chip, so must be on the fixture design automatic sweep device at the same time,Avoid affecting the cutting work, at the same time to do a good job of jig and jig and machine contact parts of the lubrication work, to prevent wear in the processing process is too large, and because of the pipeline type of processing process generally strong continuity, so these work need to pre-set good procedures, so that it can be completed in the case of unmanned operation.  3. CNC fixture With the rapid development of mechanical processing industry, numerical control machine tool has been widely used, the machining precision of CNC machine tools, processing speed, higher conversion processing products easy to implement, a high degree of automation, suitable for use in a variety of different specifications, and machining of kinds and high precision, multiple processes, and machining of small-batch, etc., in the numerical control machine tool, puts forward higher requirements on the fixture:First, the jig should have the requirements of high-precision processing, and be able to do their own rapid replacement and jig to the workpiece of the rapid clamping, second, the jig should have a good openness and mobility, the coordinate system of the machine tool is clear, simple data, easy to coordinate conversion calculation;Finally, some CNC machine tools require the corresponding fixture also need to assist the tool automatic tool setting function.  The development direction of CNC jig 1. Standardized Under the premise of NC machine tool fixture in the realization of generality, to reduce the cost of the jig itself, should be the direction of standardization, which should be in the current national common fixture, on the basis of modular fixture, suitable for all kinds of fixture processing standard, standardize machine tool fixture become a kind of machine tool equipment, promoting the commercialization of machine tool fixture itself and large-scale production, decrease the cost of jig itself.  2. Motors Along with the social various industries of machinery processing products precision demand is higher and higher, requires that the numerical control machine tool fixture to develop in the direction of the melt high-accuracy, the clamp motors is mainly reflected in the design of the structure, the more precision fixture structure of three-jaw self-centering chuck, tooth plate and so on, in the design of fixture structure to give full play to the subjective initiative, in order to realize the mechanical processing development in the direction of the higher precision.  3. Efficiency With modern machining industry increasingly competitive, required mechanical processing enterprises to improve the work efficiency to the greatest extent, thus puts forward higher requirements on NC machine tool fixture also, first as a machine tool fixture to be able to meet the requirements of high speed machining, and maximum reduce the auxiliary time of jig, in order to improve the labor productivity of the machine, maintain the continuity of processing and production safety, use machinery to replace manpower, greatly reduces the worker's workload. For example, the use of three-jaw self-centering chucks on high-speed lathe clamping workpiece, can adapt to the high-speed processing conditions of nearly 10,000 RPM, and such as the use of electric vise to the workpiece clamping, more than 5 times higher than the efficiency of tooling clamping, greatly improve the production efficiency of mechanical processing, is conducive to the realization of the profit target of the enterprise.  4. Flexibility Flexible fixture is through the study of the science of the structure of fixture design, will be sealed mechanism into a removable, make it can through own combination and adjust to meet the needs of all kinds of technology, all kinds of modular fixture, the representative of group fixture are flexible, but with the high precision and high speed of modern mechanical processing requirements, simple flexibility design has been ragged, so to design more reasonable structure, higher precision, and can automatically remove and replace the clamp removable part will greatly improve the work efficiency, so as to provide better support for modern processing.  Conclusion To sum up, with modern processing and manufacturing industry more and more high to the requirement of workpiece manufacturing, numerical control machine tool fixture are moving in the direction of standardization, motors, efficient, flexible, and can foresee, along with the development of science and technology there will be more advanced machine tool fixture, therefore as a fixture design staff, to give full play to creative thinking, constantly design conforms to the concept of modern processing machine tool fixture, promote the steady development of the processing industry. 
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