New Design Concept Of Italian CUOGHI 7-axis CNC Tool Grinder
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New Design Concept Of Italian CUOGHI 7-axis CNC Tool Grinder


The appearance and wide application of high precision alloy tools have pushed CNC tool grinder to the forefront of tool manufacturing and changed the traditional grinding process. It seems that the basic feature of the CNC tool grinder is that all grinding can complete at one time. With the widespread use of CNC tool grinders, the development trend of alloy tool manufacturing has also appeared a certain degree of regression. Recently, the seven-axis high-precision CNC tool grinder (OCTOPUS 100) and five-axis CNC grooving grinder (MODENA 200) of CUOGHI, Italy, exhibited at China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition, reflect this trend. CUOGHI has adopted new design concepts:

1.separation of functions (separation of groove grinding and cutting edge grinding)

The output power of the grinding head of the five-axis CNC groove grinder MODENA 200 is 7.5 kW. The grinding head is driven directly by the spindle. A large number of calculations and tests on the output power and structural rigidity of the machine show that the machine tool can work stably for a long time under the condition of near full load.

2.reasonable matching of structure and performance

OCTOPUS 100, a seven-axis high-precision CNC tool grinder, has five CNC axes. And the output power of the motorized spindle is 4 kW. It is the most economical and effective equipment for grinding cutting edges in the production of alloy cutting tools. As the last step in tool manufacturing, the most important thing in cutting edge grinding is accuracy. The machine adopts precise ball screw to drive the rolling linear guide rail. What is more significant is that its rotating shaft is driven by harmonic gears. Which has no clearance and wear resistance. It can effectively improve the grinding accuracy of the machine and maintain the durability of the motion accuracy. The double-end grinding wheel axle (B-axis) of the machine tool can rotate in the vertical plane. On the one hand, in the grinding process, the speed of changing the grinding wheel is faster. On the other hand, the grinding wheel axle is always at one end. Which effectively shortens the travel of longitudinal guide rail and makes the structure of the machine tool more compact.
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