New Advances In PCBN Tools
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New Advances In PCBN Tools


With the development of blade manufacturing technology, the PCBN cutter made in China has made important progress. The physical properties of the cutter have changed significantly. No matter the price or the quality, the PCBN cutter has undergone a revolution. The application of new PCBN tools will definitely break the pattern that PCBN tools cannot be used in the heavy-duty cutting field and intermittent cutting state.

New Advances In PCBN Tools

1. With the development of science and technology, people through the following adjustments and improvements, improve the performance of the PCBN tool, and gradually expand its application range.

1. With the development of science and technology, people through the following adjustments and improvements, improve the performance of the PCBN tool, and gradually expand its application range.

(a) change to the base system and reduce the manufacturing cost of PCBN. By changing the ratio of bonded material and hard phase, reducing the hard phase, and increasing the bonding phase, the toughness and thermal pressure efficiency of PCBN can be improved. The hardness of the new PCBN tool has reached HV3000 ~ 6000, which can be used for rough adding of hard brittle metal or non-metal, and the effect is very good.

(b) upgrading of machine tool equipment to promote the use of more expensive PCBN tools. Although PCBN tools are slightly more expensive than carbide tools, the increase in processing efficiency created by the income enough to compensate for the impact of the price factor. The figures show that the cost of cutting tools in modern processing accounts for only 3% ~ 4% of the total manufacturing cost, but its impact on the total manufacturing cost is much greater. Even if reduce the price of the cutting tool 30% or increase the life of the cutting tool 50%, the total cost savings only 1% left-right, can be said to be a very small effect. If the price of the cutter is increased by 50%, the total cost can be reduced by 15% or so due to the improvement of the performance and the 20% improvement of the processing efficiency. This ratio has a significant impact on manufacturing costs. Many enterprises spend a huge amount of money to introduce high-efficiency machine tools, but the use of low-performance welding tools, the good horse is not equipped with a good saddle. It is difficult to play the role of imported equipment but caused greater waste.

For the generally small and medium-sized enterprises, the grinding process of the finishing process is always the bottleneck of the manufacturing process. If the purchase of a good performance lathe, the use of PCBN tools, the application of the car for grinding, and other advanced cutting processing technology, can save equipment investment, improve productivity, and greatly increase the flexibility of the processing process. In addition, due to the increase in personnel costs and environmental protection requirements. The uses of PCBN tools to give full play to its potential effectiveness, improve the cutting technology level is also of great significance.

2. In recent years, the application of PCBN tools gradually increased, the most obvious is into the metallurgy industry in the roller and the automotive industry in the automotive brake hub and drilling engineering mud pump processing. Compared with the original carbide and ceramic tools, PCBN tools have achieved satisfactory results, and the cutting parameters are shown in table 1. As can be seen from the table, the improved cutting depth and feed are very large, and the cutting speed is also high, which can obtain a higher machining efficiency. In the past, such products were processed with carbide and ceramic turning tools. Now, PCBN tools have been replaced, which is a big step forward.

3. In modern mechanical manufacturing, black metal processing is the most important part of the mechanical processing. In recent years, the PCBN tool material manufacturing process and comprehensive mechanical properties have been greatly developed, can effectively for the black metal rough finishing.

4. The development of high technology and the popularity of automatic machining technology have raised new requirements for cutting efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, a variety of new wear-resistant high hardness materials in the industrial application of increasing. This requires that the tool has good physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, and PCBN of the three high characteristics, fully meets the requirements of this aspect. Therefore, the study of PCBN tools for the development of the mechanical manufacturing industry has great significance.

5. With the development of tool material technology and the increasingly innovative manufacturing process, PCBN tool material and toughness have undergone great changes. The new PCBN tool is a revolutionary change from earlier models that lacked toughness.PCBN tool design and use of much new progress, PCBN tool can be more widely meet the requirements of special workpiece material processing process, improve processing performance, expand the scope of application. For example, the automobile industry USES the newly developed PCBN integral thick blade, which can effectively cut the hard cast iron alloy which can only be ground before. At present, PCBN tools have been widely used in turning, milling, and boring and other processing fields.

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