Measurement Function Of China BT-560 Tool Analyzer
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Measurement Function Of China BT-560 Tool Analyzer


The BT-560 tool analyzer is ideal for tool inspection with high-resolution CCDB/W cameras (for non-contact surface and transmitted light measurements on tool edges and for surface light measurement of tooltip geometry).

Features OF BT-560 tool analyzer

1. The guide rail is directly fixed on the marble to ensure the pitch and yaw precision of the guide rail. 2. The light source, belt traction, and optical tape are separated separately to reduce the mutual influence. 3. Belt center traction, to ensure the balance and stability of the transmission. 4. Beam arch design to improve the rigidity of the X-axis beam. 5. Z-axis integrated design, easy to be compatible with 40-phase lamps, laser, and other conventional functions. 6. The control cabinet and the fuselage are integrated to reduce the length of the machine. 7. Marble is made according to the standard of measuring and measuring the length and thickness to ensure the most basic precision. 8. The headcover separate design can turn over and open, convenient maintenance and repair. 9. Increase the deceleration position switch to prevent the machine from colliding with the limit. 10. Limit reduction circuit board integrated design, easy to install and debug. 11. The main control circuit design, increase the state display of the machine, easy to monitor the state of the machine. 12. The motor power line and the code line are separated and routed to reduce internal circuit interference. 13. Control cabinet strong and weak power separation, high voltage part, multi-stage filtering, and over-voltage over-current protection. 14. Key switch, emergency stop switch, emergency treatment.

Measurement function of the BT-560 tool analyzer

1. has automatic grabbing measurement function. When placing the workpiece in the main interface of the software, just select the corresponding drawing command. And the software intelligently and accurately Drawing the lines, circles and other primitives in the real-time image of the workpiece, this drawing method is more accurate and faster than the naked eye and avoids human error. 2. High-precision optical-assisted focusing and height measurement based on intelligent image processing: With automatic and manual focus function, the Z-axis can move automatically or manually after selecting the target area to search for a clear position. The software automatically captures and discriminates, reducing human error to a low level. 3. The map function The user-friendly map navigation function can help you quickly locate local positions on large workpieces and shorten the search time required for operations. Open the map for virtual measurements or navigation. 4. Fully automatic and manual CNC measurement China BT-560 tool analyzer's CNC programming measurement is divided into fully automatic and manual mode. In the fully automatic CNC mode, when performing large-volume workpiece inspection, only one programming of the measurement process is required to automatically perform multiple automatic repeated measurements. The manual CNC model is adopted for the manual workbench, which can realize the automatic measurement function of the analog CNC and improve work efficiency. 5. Array measurement The array measurement can automatically measure the part of the array distributed on the same workpiece. It only needs to program the part of the open distribution and automatically set the measurement after the array is set. 6. The drawings are compared Open the CAD design drawing, which does not match the actual image. Use the square function in the drawing comparison to overlap the open drawing with the image. Use the squared graph to make measurements or make simple comparisons. 7. SPC statistics Built-in SPC (Statistical Process Control) function, can read the specified measurement data after measurement, generate XR, Xm-R and other control charts, and calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, offset value, Ca, Statistical coefficients such as Cp and Cpk.

Maintenance OF BT-560 tool measuring machine

1. BT-560 tool measuring machine should place in a clean and dry room to avoid sweat damage on the surface of optical parts. Rusting of metal parts, dust, and debris falling into the moving rail, affecting the performance of the instrument. 2. After use BT-560 tool measuring machine, should wipe the working surface clean at any time, it is best to cover the protective cover. 3. The transmission mechanism and moving guide of the instrument should be regularly lubricated. 4. The surface of the glass and paint is dirty. It can wipe clean with a neutral detergent and water. Never use organic agents to wipe the surface of the paint, as it will tarnish the surface of the paint. 5. BT-560 tool measuring machine instruments precision parts, such as the impact system, workbench, optical ruler and Z-axis transmission mechanism, etc.. Need to precisely adjust, all adjustment screws and solid screws are fixed, can not disassemble. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd a professional BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer, our products are of good quality and reliable performance. Welcome everyone to buy.  
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