Lubrication Of Guide
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Lubrication Of Guide


The function of guide lubricant

(1) Make guide rail work as close as possible to liquid friction state, so as to reduce friction resistance, reduce driving power and improve efficiency. (2) Reduce guide rail wear and prevent guide rail corrosion. The flowing lubricating oil also serves as flushing. (3) Avoid crawling at low speed and heavy load, and reduce vibration. (4) Reduce friction heat at high speed and reduce thermal deformation.  

Selection of lubricating oil for guide rail of machine tool

According to experience and data, the following factors should be considered when selecting lubricating oil for a machine guide. (1) Both as a hydraulic medium and guide oil lubricating oil. According to the needs of different types of machine guides, the guide oil can be used as a hydraulic medium at the same time to meet the requirements of the guide and hydraulic system. For example, machine tools, such as coordinate boring machine guide rail oil viscosity (50 ℃) should choose high (40 ~ 90 was/s). But like all kinds of grinding machines, often will guide rail lubricating oil supply by hydraulic system, and higher requirements of the hydraulic system must satisfied. The guides rail of a hydraulic oil viscosity (50 ℃) elected to lower (20 ~ 40 was/s), namely the viscosity in the hydraulic system. (2) Select viscosity according to sliding speed and average pressure. (3) According to the actual application of machine guide lubrication at home and abroad to choose. When choosing to use guide lubricant, we can also refer to the practical application of guide lubrication of existing machine tools at home and abroad. Domestic lubrication equipment XHZ series thin oil centralized lubrication device. The device is composed of a quantitative lubrication pump, a precision oil filter, a level detector, a feed oil detector, a pressure relay, a progressive oil distributor and a fuel tank. To guide the surface of a fixed amount of oil supply. Solid lubrication is the solid lubricant that will cover on the friction surface of the guide. Forming a cohesive solid lubrication film, to reduce friction, reduce wear. According to the basic raw materials, solid lubricants can be divided into metal, metal compounds, inorganic and organic substances. The bearing capacity, aging performance and high and low-temperature performance of lubricating oil can be enhanced or improved by adding solid lubricant powder to lubricating oil.
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