Location Of Demina Factory
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Location Of Demina Factory


Demina factory is located in Jing ‘ County, Jiangxi Province.

Jingan County, belonging to the Yichun City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, in the north of Yichun City, between latitude 28°46 ‘-29 °06’ and longitude 114°55 ‘-115 °31’. It is adjacent to Anyi County in the east, Fengxin County in the south, Xiushui County in the west, Wuning County in the north, and Yongxiu County in the northeast. Jingan county covers a total area of 1377.49 square kilometers with a maximum distance of 37 kilometers from east to west and 33.1 kilometers from north to south.

Jingan county terrain east and west long, north and south narrow, surrounded by mountains, central mountainous intermixed hills, but the southeast occasionally have a small number of valley plains, is a mountainous area.

The climate of Jingan county has a humid north subtropical climate with late spring warming, long hot summer, fast autumn cooling, and cold winter with distinct seasons. The climate is mild and the temperature varies greatly from east to west. The average temperature over the years is 17.0°C.

The non-ferrous tungsten in Jingan county is mainly distributed in the Areas from Maogong Dong to Shiyan in the Jiuling Mountains, and from Fogtang to Xinanli, which is a protective mineral stipulated by the state and is subject to the control mining policy. There are some minerals such as tin, copper, and molybdenum in tungsten. Tin is distributed along the eastern steep cliff of Jiulingshan, and three ore bodies are delineated, which are altered granite type tin tungsten bodies, mainly tin, with tungsten accompanying.

The livable environment and rich mineral resources are the important reasons why we choose to set up the factory here. Welcome to the customers to visit our factory.

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