Lathe Tool
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Lathe Tool


Lathe tool shape and usage

Generally used tooltip types include the following:

1. Rough turning tool: it is mainly used to cut a large number of redundant parts so that the diameter of the work object is close to the required size. Surface luminosity is not important when rough, so the tooltip can be ground into a sharp peak, but the peak usually has a small roundness to avoid fracture. 2. Fine turning tool: the blade can be polished with the sharpening light of the whetstone, so as to produce a very smooth surface luminosity. Generally speaking, the round nose of the fine turning tool is bigger than a rough turning tool. 3. Round nose turning tool: can be used for many different types of work is a common turning tool when the grinding flat top surface can be left and right turning can also be used for turning brass. This turning tool can also form an arc on the shoulder corner, can also be used as a fine-tuning tool. 4. Cutting tool: only the end of cutting work, the tool can be used to cut materials and grooves. 5. Screw turning tool (tooth cutting tool): it is used for turning screw or nut. It can be divided into 60 degrees or 55 degrees v-type tooth cutting tool, 29 degrees trapezoid tooth cutting tool and square tooth cutting tool. 6. Boring turning tool: used for turning holes drilled or cast.For the purpose of reaching the optical dimension or true straight hole surface. 7. Side turning tool or side turning tool: it is used for turning the end face of the work object. The right-turning tool is usually used at the end of the finishing axle, while the left turning tool is used at the left side of the finishing shoulder

Beijing Demina's diamond tool grinding machine can grind many types of lathe tools.

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