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Introduction To "grinding Process Layout System"


Synthetic polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a kind of super hard material. Its high hardness makes it extremely difficult to be grand accurately.
  1. 1. Ideal state
If the grinding wheel is sharp enough, the size of the grinding wheel is stable enough, and the tool fixture is rigid enough, the geometric accuracy of the PCD tool can be guaranteed.
  1. Practical problems
But above is just the ideal state, in fact,the large amount of alloy scraps on grinding wheel make it lose its sharpness quickly, or even its smooth of surface. When it just finishes grinding the first side, haven't started the second edge , thickness accuracy of grinding wheel size  has been lost.The last suitable feeding and the feeding speed lead to obvious deformation of  tooling caused by the cutter back-off.All above is not including uncertain grinding performance of grand PCD material. 3.Numerical control problem For skilled and experienced operators, it is possible to observe, interrupt and adjust in a timely manner during the grinding process. Even so, there are certain difficulties in accurate grinding.Much less,it's a program that runs automatically in chronological order.To achieve this, the application software of machine must be flexible enough. 4.Application of intelligent software The "grinding process arrangement system" independently developed by Demina can freely arrange the grinding straight edges, grinding arcs, envelope grinding, probe measurement, grinding wheel dressing, grinding wheel cleaning, automatic compensation and sound-controlled edge finding (to be developed) according to the process requirements to achieve the desired effect.The parameters of each process cycle are set as follows (except geometric definitions) : 1) Grinding straight edge: straight edge position, length, single feed, feed times, dwell time, safe distance and compensation value. 2)grinding arc: single feed, feed times, residence time, safe distance, compensation value. 3) Probe measurement: set value, set value tolerance, measured value, alarm or not, end or not. 4) Grinding wheel dressing: dressing position, dressing times, swing, dressing interval and dressing date. 5)Grinding wheel cleaning: to be determined. 6) automatic compensation: compensation coefficient, compensation interval, compensation or not. 7) Voice-controlled edge finding: to be determined. 8) envelope grinding: envelope mode, envelope points. 5.Solution of the problem When grinding, as long as the PCD material, fixture, abrasive, machine and other elements are stable, on the basis of full test, the use of reasonable arrangement of grinding process can be mass production of PCD tools and ensure its quality (precision and roughness), in which the "grinding process arrangement system" plays a key role. denima logo
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