Introduction To Four - Axis CNC Tool Grinder
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Introduction To Four - Axis CNC Tool Grinder


Introduction to four - axis CNC tool grinder

Four-axis CNC tool grinder is a powerful functional CNC grinding machine. It has a variety of grinding process means. It is equipped with a computer which can be used to input and save the tool parameters of the tool to be ground. In the process of grinding, the program can automatically choose and replace. And the corresponding data can obtain when grinding the same tool. The so-called four-axis CNC grinding machine is generally to add a rotation axis on the basis of the grinding wheel swing axis. Wheel inclination Angle axis, and workpiece feed axis usually called the fourth axis. The so-called CNC machine. In fact, is to reduce the grinding tool change, clamping and other work which originally need to be manually operated. Therefore, the can produce and grind a variety of CBN and PCD tools. At the same time, greatly improve the production and grinding efficiency. Which is very suitable for customers with a large number of tool processing.
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