Installation And Maintenance Of CNC Grinding Wheel
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Installation And Maintenance Of CNC Grinding Wheel


What should CNC grinder do when installing a grinding wheel? Also, it is the daily maintenance, how should we do? This problem is very important. CNC grinder manufacturers to elaborate because it relates to the service life of CNC grinder.

Installation of CNC grinding wheel

For the new grinding wheel, carefully check before installation, whether there is any crack, scar, etc., if there is, can not be used. The grinding wheel should be balanced and adjusted once before installation and once after installation. Correct operation during installation to avoid damage to the grinding wheel. After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective door should be closed and the grinding wheel should be allowed to run empty for 5 minutes before starting to work if there is no problem.

Daily maintenance of CNC grinding machine manufacturers

After each operation, the various parts, especially the sliding parts, first clean, and then lubrication. There are some necessary parts, should be anti-rust treatment. Lubricants should be replaced after one month of initial use, followed by three to six months, and the tank and filter should be cleaned. Matters needing attention include: (1) The grinding wheel should be correctly selected and the balance should be adjusted. (2) The rotation direction of the spindle should be correct, and the oil road and pipeline should be kept unimpeded to prevent blockage. (3) Some necessary parts should be cleaned every week.
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