HRC55 Above Hardened Steel Gear Hard Turning Tool -CBN Blade
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HRC55 Above Hardened Steel Gear Hard Turning Tool -CBN Blade


Hardened steel gear is one of the typically difficult to process materials, the common material is 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo. After quenching hardness hrc58-62, the traditional tools are generally not processed, not moving, is not wear or break. At present, the main processing HRC55 above hardened steel gear hard turning tool for CBN blade.

CBN blade hard turning HRC55 above the advantages of quenched steel gear

(1) The hardness of the CBN tool can reach hrc95-100, and the gear can be hard turned easily (hrc58-62). The bn-h05 material is continuous hard turning gear, and the surface finish reaches Ra0.4.

(2) CBN tool USES a special non-metal adhesive, intermittent cutting does not break. Even if the processed gear face has a group of holes that will not break, bn-h21 material is the strong intermittent hard turning gear is an ideal cutting tool.

(3) CBN tool hard turning gear life is long, but also can provide coated blade, life extension at least 35% more, cost-effective, cutting performance is stable, bn-h10 C25 coated CBN tool hard turning gear effect is significant.

The cutting parameters of hardened steel gear over HRC55 are not high compared with gray iron, especially when the rigidity of the machine tool is not good, it is easy to go too fast and vibrate the knife, and the blade is easy to collapse.

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