How To Use The The Drill Bits Correctly?
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How To Use The The Drill Bits Correctly?


Precautions of drill bit

(1) Check whether the equipment is installed securely before drilling the drill bit and whether the workpiece clamping is firm. (2) When installing the fixture on the workbench or directly mounting the workpiece, the chip and dirt on the tabletop must be wiped clean. Otherwise, the fixture or workpiece cannot upright place. (3) When drilling, pay attention to the operation, and wear protective glasses when drilling. In order to prevent the cuttings from falling out to hurt the eyes. (4) Do not wear gloves and use cotton yarn ends. The cuffs must tight to prevent the drill from getting caught in the gloves and hurting the fingers. Do not directly support small workpieces and thin workpieces by hand to avoid injury accidents. (5) When drilling the through-hole, the iron should place under the workpiece to prevent damage to the workbench. When the hole is drilled, the feed force should be minimized. (6) When the spindle of the drill press is changing speed, changing the drill bit and assembling and disassembling the workpiece. It must stop after stopping. (7) Remove the chip and apply the brush. Do not wipe it with your hand or with your mouth, and it must be done after parking. (8) The head is not allowed to be too close to the rotating cymbal spindle. When stopping, the spindle should stop naturally. Do not use the hand to brake, nor reverse the brake.

Drilling method for a drill bit

(1) Two-hand grip: Hold the head of the drill with your right hand and hold the handle with your left hand. (2) The relative position of the drill bit and the grinding wheel: the angle between the axial line of the drill bit and the cylindrical busbar of the grinding wheel in the horizontal plane is equal to half of the apex angle of the drill bit. And the main cutting edge of the sharpened portion is in a horizontal position. (3) Sharpening action: When sharpening, the right-hand makes the state mouth contact the grinding wheel. And rotates the drill bit from bottom to bottom around its own axis and applies appropriate state grinding pressure. The left hand cooperates with the right hand to make a slow synchronous downward swing, and the angle of the swing is the back angle of the drill bit. In order to ensure that the drill has a large relief angle near the center, an appropriate right shift motion should also be made. After grinding one main cutting edge and grinding another main cutting edge, the two main cutting edges are required to be the same. And the length of the cutting edge is also consistent. (4) Bit cooling: When the bit is sharpened, the two-handed action should be coordinated and natural. The applied pressure should not too large, and it should cool frequently with water to prevent the hardness from being lowered due to overheating.
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