How To Form Accurate Radius On CNC Machine
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How To Form Accurate Radius On CNC Machine


How to form an accurate radius on the CNC machine

1.  Some problems will appear if using the grinding method of the manual machine on a CNC machine. 2. One reason is that coarse and fine grinding are not properly separated. And another reason is even though coarse and fine grinding is separated, there is excessive grinding allowance, therefore, causing deformation on the fixture or uncompensated consumption on the grinding wheel. so radius offset happens. 3.Summary of the above two points: accurate radius requires even clean and sharp grinding wheel and fixture without elastic deformation. 4. In view of the above situation, taking the corresponding measures, It is possible to grind the correct radius on the CNC machine. Korea Ehwa and Japan Kyocera company both have made a perfect radius on our machine. 5. We propose to operate differently on the following two individual machines: First, for BT-150N, coarse grinding by automatic mode and fine grinding by manual mode. For BT-150D, take batch rough grinding first and then batch fine grinding. 6. So in this way, small and medium batches based human craftsmanship can be changed to mass industrialized production by machine and management which is the intendancy in this industry. Production volume of a single batch is the fundamental consideration. image of 150d  
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