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Honing Machine


Type of honing machine

There are two types of honing machines: horizontal and vertical. The selection principle can refer to the following aspects: 1. Choose different types of honing machines in different batches, such as multiple varieties and small batches, choose the machine with low power and large versatility. If the batch is large, the use of high-power special machine tools. 2. Select the main specifications and parameters of the machine according to the workpiece aperture, hole length, and external dimensions. 3. Select the performance of the reciprocating mechanism of the machine tool according to the structure of the hole. If the blind hole, the reciprocating stroke mechanism is required to have high reversing and repeating accuracy and small overrun. So it should able to adapt to manual or automatic alternating control of long and short strokes. Such as short hole, hole accuracy requirements and high, choose mechanical reciprocating travel mechanism. 4. According to the requirements of hole machining allowance, shape error and hole accuracy, the telescopic feed method of the telescopic mechanism was selected. 5. According to the number of honing times for the same hole, production batch or production time, workpiece shape size and the number of holes processed on the workpiece, select the number of the spindle of the machine or the number of machines tools and the form of the worktable. Such as a large number of small parts, can choose vertical with rotating table multi-spindle machine. For large or linear porous workpieces, move worktable or move honing head machine can be used. Small batch optional single shaft. Multiple axes are optional for large quantities, honing a hole multiple times or several holes at the same time. 6. Choose the size control method according to the size accuracy of the hole, the size of the aperture, the structure form, the abrasion resistance degree of the oil stone, the structure form of the honing head, the production batch. 7. According to the requirements of hole surface roughness, dimensional accuracy and production time, select the cleaning method of cutting fluid and whether it is necessary to cool the cutting fluid device.

 Selection principle of honing machine

Stable performance: For mechanical equipment such as honing machines, especially those with high application accuracy, stable performance is required to ensure smooth operation. Thereby achieving better functional performance and higher processing quality levels. Convenient operation: In order to optimize the operation and simplify the use, it is recommended to use a honing machine that is easy to operate. Because the equipment is easy to grasp, simple to operate, and easy to optimize. Efficiency: The honing machine must have high efficiency in order to achieve processing and fully meet the functional requirements of use. The economic benefits in the application will be relatively high so that such equipment can better meet the needs of users. Convenient maintenance: In view of possible failures in the use of mechanical equipment products, considering maintenance, it is usually very convenient and has a good maintenance effect on the honing machine.
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