History Of Cutting Tools
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History Of Cutting Tools


The development of tools plays a very important role in the technical progress of human being. Throughout history, the development of tools has depended on the industrial revolution. As early as 28 BC to the 20BC in China, there have been a cone, drill and other copper tools. However, the performance of copper tools is not satisfactory. The rapid development of tools was in the late 18th century, with the development of steam engines and other machines. In 1969, carbide tools were produced by chemical vapor deposition at the Sandvik Steel Plant in Sweden. In 1972, Bosnia and Laguerre in the United States developed physical vapor deposition, in which they coated the tool surface with a hard layer of titanium carbide or titanium nitride. The surface coating method combines the high strength and toughness of the matrix material of the high hardness and abrasion resistance so that the tools have a better cutting performance. It was a revolution in the history of tools. Now, according to the needs of the development of manufacturing industry, multi-functional composite tools, high-speed and efficient tools will become the mainstream of tool development.In the face of more and more difficult to machining materials, the tool industry must improve tool materials. Research and development of new tool materials and more reasonable. machining tool
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