Guide Rail
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Guide Rail


Guide rail for CNC tool grinder

The guide rail is a kind of CNC tool grinder high-precision grinding machine. It can grind linear guide rail or leading rail. It is widely used in machine tool manufacturing, mechanical transmission, and other mechanical processing fields. The guide device in the mechatronics system is generally the guide rail. The guide rail is composed of moving parts and bearing parts. All kinds of mechanical operation, by the guide pair, to ensure the correct movement of the actuator track. And the guide pair also affects the movement characteristics of the actuator.

Properties of the guide rail

The guide rail, as a guide device, shall have the following properties: 1. Guidance accuracy is mainly used to guide the accuracy of track motion. The main factors that affect the guiding accuracy are the geometric accuracy and contact accuracy of the guide. The structure of the guide, the rigidity and thermal deformation of the guide and its supporting parts, the oil film thickness, and rigidity between the static (dynamic) pressure guide pairs, etc. 2. The maintenance of accuracy is mainly determined by the wear resistance of guide rail. Wear resistance is related to the material of guide rail, friction property of guide rail, pressure on the guide rail and its distribution. 3. Stiffness includes the guide rail's own stiffness and contact stiffness. It mainly depends on the shape and size of the guide rail, the connection mode of supporting parts and the stress condition. 4. When moving guide is moved at low speed or slightly shifted, it is easy to generate friction self-excited vibration, that is, crawling phenomenon. Crawling will reduce the positioning accuracy or increase the roughness of the surface of the workpiece being processed.
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