Grinding Wheel Dresser For Sale
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Grinding Wheel Dresser For Sale


This machine adopts the principle of different materials and different rotation speeds of the grinding wheel and the dressing wheel to realize the shaped dressing of the grinding wheel.

The machine itself can carry out simple and efficient dressing for diamond grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel and grinding wheel set composed of multiple grinding wheels. It can dress plane, Angle, arc and forming grinding wheel. This machine is easy to operate and accurate, with the following characteristics.

Characteristics Of Grinding Wheel Dresser

1. Precise linear slide rail and ball screw are adopted, and a digital display grating ruler is added to adjust and measure the positioning accuracy and width size at any time when the grinding wheel is dressed.

2. The two rotating shafts adopt high precision bearings, which have achieved rotation accuracy and stability.

3. The speed of dressing grinding wheel, the left and right swing speed, the size of swing stroke and the position of grinding wheel can be adjusted.

4. The speed of the grinding wheel being repaired is adjustable, and the position of the grinding wheel being repaired is adjusted by the cross slide.

5. A circular grating is added to the manual shaft so that the Angle of the dressing grinding wheel can be adjusted more conveniently and accurately. The display accuracy is 0.05.

6. CCD photographic device, with 15 to 120 times of magnification, can measure and check the arc, Angle, sharp Angle and size of the grinding wheel at work.

7. CCD and grating size device provides a simple setting and measurement of the width and position of the grinding wheel as well as inspection during or after dressing. The measuring accuracy can reach 0.005-0.01mm.

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